The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1965

Parent's Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Leader's Address
April 2, 1965
Washington, D. C.
Translated by Mr. Bo Hi Pak

There are many days of celebration in the world. Throughout history, we and all of our ancestors have lived the same days. Have you ever thought which day is most precious? In the future there will be thousands and thousands of days. Among those days, which day would you set aside as the most precious day? There must be an unchanging day, that one day that all people throughout all generations for all history can celebrate and set up a as the most precious day. Since God's ideal has not been fulfilled, I know there must be a most precious day for which God has been longing.

Individually speaking you might say that the most important for your life is your birthday, or maybe the birthday of your lover, or perhaps the birthdays of your children. Maybe in speaking of a national day it would be the founding day or independence day. Or, you might say that the most important day is coming in the future; that it will be the day that the ideological differences of the two worlds are ironed out and freedom of the world is won, a most victorious day. All these days mark historical events. Yet, after the fall of man all mankind was destined to search for the true day.

Yes, it is true, as an individual your birthday is very important. Your birth gave joy to many. You were born into the realm of imperfection. All men are. destined to be born again. God acknowledges your birthday as an important day. Have you ever thought about what the most important day would be other than your birthday? Yes, if man had not fallen, the most important day after your birthday would be the day you welcome your mate, the day you unite with each other to be a complete pair in the sight of God: your weeding day. The next most important day, of course, would be the birthday of your own children. What day is next? The God-centered family, the day you really accomplish or establish lordship over all creation should be a precious day. But since the fall of man, no matter how much you celebrate your birthday, your wedding day, your children's birthdays, they are not historical. Because of the fall of man, none of these days has much to do with God.

Let's expand the scale from your family level to a national scale. All the days that are set aside have Satan at the center. Therefore, the more you celebrate, the more heart rending and painful it is to God. God is sad. This is the circumstance in which we live. If man had not fallen we wold have been born of God and God could have celebrated that day. He would have rejoiced on the day that His own son or daughter found a mate and united as one. And when their children were born they would have been born of God, so God would have been Joyful. God's family would have been united and the whole world would have been as one big, family. When Adam and Eva were created, God announced, "It will be good." Yes, God remembered the day of Adam's birth. This was not only a day of joy for God but also a day of joy for Adam and Eve themselves. On this happy day, when He said, "Behold, it is good" He gave them blessing. God said to them, "Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it". What was the essence of the blessing of God? God gave three major blessings. First, God blessed them in perfection, based on Individual performance. Then God blessed multiplication of children. Then God blessed the lordship over all the creation of the world. If Adam and Eve. had fulfilled these blessings, today the entire world would be under God, in His Kingdom.

The important thing is this: If man had not fallen, the important day of your life, your birth, would have been celebrated by the entire universe. Likewise your wedding day and your day of lordship would be celebrated. God intended that the family should multiply to form a society, and, finally, God wanted His own sovereignty here on earth. He wanted to create one kingdom.

Do you think God has achieved that day? No, that day has never come. God could not announce your birthday. God could never be a guest at your wedding. He could not announce your birthday and your wedding day to the universe, nor could he announce your lordship over all creation. What is the fall of man? That is the day Satan celebrated his wedding with man. Man gave birth to a child and that child was born of Satan. And that child multiplied and his children multiplied in numbers and numbers. God was denied His right. He turned around and started looking to start a new history in the form of religion. God keeps saying: 'Let's return to the original home, the original world, the original ideal. In order to return, the present world must be cut off before we can really freely turn around; otherwise, we cannot go back to God. What we are all agonizingly waiting for is the day of the true liberation, of resurrection. We are longing for the liberation of sadness in our hearts. People of the world are desperately longing for a true world in which to live. We feel homesick, we feel we are gypsy-like.

The basic teaching of Jesus Christ can be summed up in one word: love. In order to proclaim greater love you have to deny the love of the world, love of your father, love of your parents, love of your children. Jesus' disciples were left with a lifetime battle. They fought for more than their own cause. Yes, they were hoping for the best -- hoping for new desire, new horizons -- but they could not accomplish, they could not fulfill their hopes.

The history of the disciples is nothing but the battle plan blurted out, and up to now this battle has been confused. The purpose and the untiring journey and goal can be summed up as the journey of going home; a homeward journey, God-centered. All men are searching for the day when God can say, "This is the day my son or my daughter was born. This is the day my son was the best man. This is the day my son inaugurated the kingship of the universe. And these days are the goal, not only for humanity, but also for God.

We want these days here on earth, but the order here on earth is Satan's. Satan has already occupied earth. Therefore, God has been deprived of the history of restoration and history of salvation. We must steal our children from the bosom of Satan and bring them back to God's heart. Man fell from the position of the son of God till the way down to the servant of a servant, the slave of slavery, and God cannot restore all things at once. Therefore, God goes down to that place to restore man from the slave of slave position, step by step, bringing mankind upward. God is planting seed. He gives seed to those whose consciences are clear and for whom the road is very narrow, but God is reaching through that narrow gate toward right. This world is already occupied by Satan. For anyone who attempts to turn around to God, Satan immediately appears and tries to block him, heads for him, cuts him off. If you really want to turn around to God, Satan will never hesitate and will even try to kill you. This is why a religion, heading for God, has to emphasize conviction and commitment and has to seek the highest virtue and martyrdom.

And what is religion? Christianity. The goal of Christianity is not churches. The true goal of Christianity is liberation of the individual from Satan. The true goal of Christianity is the true joyfulness for the day of the wadding, the day of man's kingship over the universe. Those who are heading for the Journey toward God must go beyond, even to death. We must solemnly realize that there is one more big. step, one more big hill that all Christianity must overcome, even if payment by sacrificial death is required. It is the responsibility of all Christians to absolutely unite as one, judge Satan, and bring the entire sovereignty to God.

Do you think there are many Christians who can really dedicate themselves so that they can go beyond death and use their own lives as sacrifice? Do you think there are determined ones who can win the battle for God? Are there many? The true kingdom must be established on earth. There are many whose religion is centered upon themselves. Leaving it to these, the will of God will never be fulfilled. You can envision the responsibility of the Divine Principle Movement. The Divine Principle brothers and sisters have to be the spearheads of the great battle, ready to die for the cause and win over Satan, so that Christians may know accomplishment. We have to go this way.

If there is disbelief, let us go back and reexamine history. When the dispensation for Adam's family was started, Cain and Abel were summoned by God. The central figure, Abel, when he started his journey, had to risk his life. Noah suffered greatly and had a difficult position. Noah had to endure 120 years and he was left very much alone to keep his commandment. Can you imagine that situation? One hundred twenty years is not, a short time for a man to fulfill a commandment of God, to build an ark. 120 years, not at the seashore but on a mountain. I am a crazy man. No one could even endure this much.

Abraham's dispensation commanded the same endurance. When God chose Abraham, He did not say, "Well, all right, you go ahead, build your house, live peacefully with your family". Hardship came to him and suffering struck him. Nothing could shake the love of Jacob for his: nation, for his home and his own people.

Let us examine Moses' situation. God asked Moses to lead 600,000 people of Israel, across mountains and sea to the land of Canaan. What a situation Moses was in. Egypt was the strongest country at that time. The Israelites disregarded everything, left everything, and followed Moses. They never knew that this was a command from God. They didn't realize the trials and tribulations that lay ahead of them. When they faced the difficulties and hardships in the wilderness, their hope faded and there were complaints and groaning. They rebelled against God, and they were destroyed in the wilderness. It is one of the fundamental principles of God and His way of doing. When God chooses an, individual, he pushes him up to the trials and difficulties of battle. When He chooses a family he lets them suffer for the nation. When he chooses a nation he lets the nation do the full suffering of the world.

When we examine all the patterns of the history of God we come to one conclusion: Unless you can clear your thought of your own entangled situation, unless you can forget yourself and really push onward in the hope of the future, you are not eligible to participate in the new dispensation of God.

The disciples of Jesus without their Lord, marched toward the Roman Empire and finally won out in the 4th Century. They had to march toward Rome with Jesus Christ as a living center. At that time the Roman Empire was something like the world within one nation. This army of Christ was to conquer the entire world for God. The crucifixion on the mount of Calvary destroyed the entire foundation of 4,000 years from Adam to Jesus. Jesus, by his own death, barely laid the spiritual foundation for the Christian movement. It was Jesus' mission to raise the Second Israel and lay the same foundation for the new work upon a worldwide scale. Moses' twelve tribes were to unite as one to be a disciple of Jesus, but this did not occur. A Second Israel was promised by God and the new dramatic day would mark the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent. The Roman Empire surrendered to the responsibility of the world and Christianity.

The coming of the Lord of the Second Advent will be a worldwide operation. Christianity, which has been spread to every corner of the world, will be the foundation upon which the new Lord will operate. What country will it be? Who will the center of the Second Israel be? It is the very country you are living in -- the United States of America. God has been working so that when He came upon a so-called Democratic camp, this foundation, unlike the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago which crucified Jesus Christ and later was conquered by his disciples, would be ready to accept the coining of the Lord without killing. him. This form of government, form of society, is known to us today as Democracy. God divided the world into two. The Bible predicts that when the time comes for the Lord of the Second Advent the world will be divided into the goats and the sheep.

What is a goat? A goat is born and grows up without a master. What is a lamb? What is a sheep? A sheep is born with a master and knows obedience. So, the true world belongs to one example or the other; goat or sheep. The sheep represents the Democratic world which knows a pastor and accepts God's ideology. The goat represents those who have never known a master. They deny God and are known as the Communist camp. Fighting between the two camps is inevitable.

The root of the struggle between goat and sheep is the same as the battle of Cain and Abel, but has been expanded into a worldwide struggle. You reap what you sow. The seed was sown in Cain and Abel; therefore, the resulting harvest must be the same as the Cain and Abel battle but on a worldwide scale. Good did not destroy evil. Evil attacked good. Good has been suffering and submerged. So those who represent good are always in the dark side. Abel was killed by Cain. Noah was persecuted by the world. Abraham was given a hard time. All Christians of today are persecuted by an ungodly world.

Human history is the record of vivid persecution and destruction. Evil is offensive whereas good is defensive. Look at World War I. Those who attacked first were evil and they were defeated, World War II, those who attacked first were also defeated. We frequently speak of World War III. Now you must realize that those who are being attacked are in a position closer to God. The free world is being attacked by the Communists. It is most important in a crisis that we all stick together. God must be found in this moment of crisis. All the religions of the world have to be united into one, fervently arresting the group and the power that would deny God. We have to prepare for the final battle -- a showdown between Cain and Abel on a worldwide scale. We have to overcome the Cain power. And there is something God is desiring from you: Unity. Unity into one, nonsectarian and nondenominational. God wants us to march toward the one goal.

There are great numbers of the Jewish faith even after the appearance of the Son of God 2,000 years ago. Let me ask you this: Do you really believe Jesus Christ was the Messiah? And have you really thought that Jesus was the one crucified by the Jewish faith? Unless you are really open minded, unless you are really waiting for the greatest desire of mankind, unless you are really ready for the future, you might be the ones to make the same mistake when the Lord comes that the Jews made 2,000 years ago. When the day of the Lord of the Second Advent arrives, the present churches must realize the importance of this solemn event or they will be in an awfully sad condition. We have to repeat the history of the Jewish faith 2,000 years ago. And God said, "I will judge my home, your own home first." So, judgment starts from the nearest point and God will judge his own home, Christianity, first. When the Lord comes he will declare one faith, one unity, and one purpose. I have explained that this is not only the desire of God but of the Messiah, and of all men.

God is giving us new things, a new movement. We must move, move on from where we are. It may take a physical or a symbolic move, but either way we have to move. Jacob moved. Abraham moved. Moses moved, and the Christians moved. In order to accomplish His will we all have to move. And at this moment this movement is not bounded by one nation. The boundary Is the entire world. Your nationality is not significant. What is important is this: This new movement has to be organized and launched on a worldwide scale. God has never said that He loves only the United States.

After World War II we witnessed a very interesting and significant development. of history. After World War I and victory, great history was made. Have you ever wondered why, after World War II, the country which won the victory must serve and support those whom they fought? America, at the top of civilization of the 20th Century, has to bear the burden. America may not realize it, but from God's point of view it was inevitable she must take up the burden. And God blesses America because of His love for Jesus Christ. Jesus' will and mission were God's also. Why is America blessed? In order to give America His blessing, God has to gather many things withheld from other lands. This is not a cheap thing. God earned this blessing with His sweat and blood and gave it to you. Therefore, we must come to the realization that America's material conveniences and technological development are not given for pure enjoyment. No, even greater. You must realize these things come from God and cost His blood, sweat, and tears.

Your ancestors, Puritans, the Pilgrim fathers who came to this new and unknown world fought for God, risking their lives. Are you ready, if God calls upon you, to stand up and leave what you have; give it to the worldwide movement? Are you ready to respond to this call of God? In other words, God will order you to leave where you are and go to the land of Canaan, which is the Kingdom of Heaven. This journey is your homework, your task. If all Americans are as brave as their forefathers were and if they are really willing to respond to the call of God, then the Kingdom of God is very near.

You may be sorry, you may regret my saying this. We have such a stylish movement, we are settled down, where should we go? Then let me ask you: where are you and what do you have and what are you doing? Do you think you have the elements of the Kingdom of Heaven? In your society, what you have, can it be entered into the Kingdom of Heaven as it is?

After World War II more nations got their independence; nearly 110 nations claimed independence. Those who are advanced, those who are more famous in the sight of God must fulfill more blessings and assume more responsibility. This is Father's heart. If a parent has many children and some of them are suffering, the parent wants to save the suffering children but the parent has no power to do this. He might even deprive his elder son of things in order to give more to his younger son. If our Negro brothers stand in that position, how would you react? We might see with our eyes the differences in color, but God is color blind. He can't see colors, white or Negro; He sees differences of Heart. God might command you to save yourselves by giving to them because they are suffering.

It is common sense that God is really the Father of mankind and His command must be done. And when that call comes to you, ask your heart, Are you willing, are you ready to go? I One way or another, you have to give yourselves.

We must search for that individual in perfection, the family in God, nation in God, world in God, who can be leader over the world. This is our destiny. This is the destiny of those who claim to live a religious life. In order to lead mankind toward this one inevitable goal, we must find one man for this position. This is the purpose and objective of God, the objective of the Lord to come, and the objective of all man who follow. This is truly the hope of mankind, that we find a true individual, family, nation, and world in which God can be the true Master so that He and you may be unified in the parent and son relationship. This is the goal of all men. This day is inevitable.

However, God never works in violence. This day will not come as a typhoon or hurricane. Maybe this day will come in darkness as history reveals to us. Hardly anyone knew Abel's mission. People knew about the mission of Noah. Everyone knew that God blessed Abraham as the father of mankind, but no one knew that Jacob deprived Esau of the blessing. No one comprehended God's commandment to Moses. The people, did not know the reason for the birth of Jesus Christ. As history reveals, the turning point of the history of God is not like a thunderstorm on a worldwide scale. It begins with one man. Those who can realize who he is and what his mission is, they are the blessed. What a precious discovery to find that person and that day! That is the day of hope for God, hope for the Lord, hope of man.

That is the day of hope, the day of the True Parents. Why? Because all mankind has been without True Parents. Satan has been the parent. Have you ever considered that God's blood is not running in your veins but the satanic element is. Have you ever hated this thought? The basic teaching of Christianity begins with denial. Don't do this! Don't do that! In other words, our blood came from the wrong father. Life came from the wrong father. If human sin had not been involved it wouldn't have taken 6,000 years. Jesus signified symbolically, "You are the wild olive tree, and I am the true root." What does a wild olive tree have to do with his mission? The first thing the wild olive tree has to do is cut off one branch and be grafted to a true one. Have you been grafted to Jesus Christ? Jesus alone was the true child of God. The blood of God thrived in Jesus, His ideal. Jesus was worthy of the manifestation of God. You should be grafted to this true vine to make a new return, a homecoming. But this returning could never be made. The tradition of Christianity does not govern the Principle.

In a true marriage, where do you belong, who owns you? Decide! You must be sad. You must react as one body with Christ. When he is sad, you are sad. When he is joyful, you must be joyful. All things must be parallel with Christ. Have you been a good wife? The New Testament clearly testified that we are not yet the sons of God in direct lineage. The only name given to us is adopted sons. We are known as adopted sons. We are not born of God. We do not have His blood or His lineage. Two thousand years ago Christ came, and what day has he been longing for, do you know? He wants to celebrate Parents' Day so badly. The Israelites demolished it. Jesus frequently announced his relation ship with the people. I am the bridegroom, you are the bride. I Yes, he has been seeking his bride. The day he secures and inaugurates his bride, they become the True Parents of mankind. But this hope was prolonged until the time of the Lord of the Second Advent. Revelation clearly announced to you that the Marriage of the Lamb was ready and the Bride of the Lamb made herself ready. Those who participate in the marriage supper are the blessed ones. This is the true world of God. This is the day of fulfillment of the Lord of the Second Advent.

If Jesus could have achieved Parents' Day, after enjoying his marriage supper, his children would have never known the Bible and would never have heard of the Second Coming of Christ. This would have been unnecessary. Generally, we think of Jesus as a holy man, the Son of God who could never marry. Have you ever thought that if Jesus truly took a bride and they were blessed by God in marriage and gave birth to children, what would happen? Have you thought about it? Let me ask you, would you prefer an adopted son or would you like to bear your own son? I must answer: It is obvious that God did not want an adopted son to be one with. He wanted a direct son. Christians are known to God as adopted sons, adopted children. if a true son, the direct son of God appeared, it is apparent that this son's name would never be exterminated, crucified! As long as there is a true son of God, a true generation of God, there is no adopted sonship.

As I stated before, you want to celebrate your birth, your own wedding, your lordship of all things. If this is your desire then God's desire must be the same,, and Jesus' desire certainly was the same. God is repeating 2,000 years. In order to celebrate Parents' Day, all conditions must be met and all the victories must be won, so that this day can be inaugurated. We are indebted to God for 6,000 years history from Cain and Abel to Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and Jesus. This history must be paid.

No, Parents' Day cannot be inaugurated until clearance is made. In order for Parents' Day to be established, all elements of sin must be exterminated and all the accused days of Satan must be free. Upon this victorious base alone can this day be born. Why? Because world evil has been performed and parents have failed their responsibilities. Adam and Eve had every chance to fulfill the mission. So, new True Parents have to be inaugurated in the Adam and Eve restored position. The new Adam bas to go through all the entanglements of human history. He has to clear the deck before he can appear as the True Parent. Satan infiltrated the Adam -- Eve true parent relationship so the True Parent has to overcome and win over Satan. Otherwise this day will never come. By paying restitution, the True Parents feel the heart of the Father. The Parent must comfort the heart of the Father who has been suffering. He must be able to comfort the heart of the Father of the past and the present; the agonized heart with an uneasy future. All these things must be done. Then we can say, "Father, I have overcome all your burdens. What is your hope? I know and I Will fulfill."

Upon this enormous base, this foundation for victory, this tremendous, incredible, incalculable foundation of victory alone, could Parents' Day be inaugurated. I don't think any one of you has ever even thought it in your dreams. You have enjoyed some curiosity about Parents' Day. This is very easy and cheap and simple. You are in this room today, ladies and gentlemen, and you must know the background of this day. Unless you know the significance and meaning of Parents' Day as well as I do, then this day is mine alone and it would never be for you. But I do not want a Parents' Day of my own, all by myself. I am concerned with this: How can I give this blessing to all people so that this knowledge can be shared by the hearts of all brothers and sisters? I want it to be historically perfect. I want you, the center of this universe, to be related with the entire universal historical background so that you can truly be the lords over all creation. I want you to have the power which subjugates Satan; then I want you to be free of Satan's accusations. I want you to be able to comfort our Heavenly Father so that you can really appreciate and celebrate Parents' Day. This is what I want. I do not wish to be, a perfect alone. All of you must be true parents so that this day will come to a new generation, your own generation, from which all children of the world will spring up. The center of the Divine Principle Movement is to create a person who can deserve Parents' Day.

Of course, when you have Parents' Day, then you are entitled to have the celebration of Children's Day, which we. have. After that, man is able and entitled to celebrate World Day in which the world glory of all creation is celebrated. We are proud of this day. These days were never known by other religions. God had hoped to bless Adam with these days but Adam lost them. Now we have recovered and restored the these days for God. There is one day left. We have Parents' Day, Children's Day, and World Day, but there is one day we have not yet come to. That is God's Day. Do you know what that means? That means all men of the world will become His. All men in the world will be restored to the level of perfection so that all people of the world will be under the one sovereignty of God.

God's Day means this. We become His people and the land becomes His. In order to create a nation we need three elements: people, territory, and sovereignty. This world has not placed God at the center. In order to restore the sovereignty of God, many prophets and righteous persons came to this earth to suffer, and they died for this cause. If He becomes your center, God is not a stranger to you. God will be like your Father. In the heart of the true Father, I am His beloved son. So those who belong to the Father belong to the True Son, and in turn the entire cosmos belongs to them. History ends there.

People are longing for one world. All people are longing to be one, equal. The world needs to be under one ideology, one Father. There are so many who are desperately fighting for this day. The war has begun. Many battles have been fought. The situation will be better by degrees, but, from the point of view of God, this is all one battle. Since the world is coming to this level, an ideology that is good for only one people or one nation cannot be tolerated. Religion that is confined to one territorial area or another will not be accepted by the entire world. A new world will never spring up from what we have at present.. The whole world seems to have a tendency to get away from what it has. It grows tired. The world needs to be one family. I heard your beloved President Kennedy talk about how the world has to be one family. He claimed the new frontier spirit and he created the Peace Corps. He may not have known, but something, some inspiration pushed this leader to live up to the new age even though he did not know the essence of this new age.

The one who comes with the essence of this new spirit, that new world, comes with the title of the Lord of the Second Advent. He does not bear many titles from different religions, but is a universal figure. You cannot compromise the struggle between those who govern and those who are governed. There can be only one solution; Level out. Many struggles occur between employer and employee, strikes, etc. There is only one solution -- to level the gap. The one who governs is my Father. Those who follow are my sons. The Father-son relationship is the only way to level this out. We are longing for that individual who knows the heart of Father, the family led by the heart of the Father, that tribe, nation, world which lives In the heart of the Father. This is our longing.

The Divine Principle movement holds a unique position. The Divine Principle movement is the history of the heart of the Father. In order to return we must repent. Repentance cannot come from knowledge. It must come from the heart, tears, and feelings. This new history must spring from the heart, not from knowledge or will. This we are doing. Compared with the love of people, the love of Father is much stronger and greater. When you come to know the heart of the Father, all else is nothing. What do you really have to exalt?

All right, since time has passed quickly, let us make a quick conclusion. In the Divine Principle movement we say we are a family; we call each other family members. Among you there are two different nationalities, Japanese and American. Before 1945 you were killing each other. Now you embrace each other. I have seen white men and Negroes do the same and they are not doing this just for personal credit. Something tells them from the bottoms of their hearts to do that. They can't help embracing each other. I do not have any personal relations with you. Yet, how strange It is that you have been asking me, begging me in tears, to come here. A strange young man whom you have never seen asked me, "Why do I feel this way?" There are many people who want to travel with me, even though they could not leave their work and homes. There are many who will sit with me until midnight because they want to be with me. They are so anxious and they are afraid I might stand up and go. I have traveled 48 states of the continental United States within 40 days. There were American brothers with me during this travel. We have traveled 870 miles in one day, and for days, we didn't get to bed. We just kept going day and night.

During my travel, even though it is my first time in this country, my love grows for this country and this people. I have more love than those ancestors who came to this land and started your foundation. I am confident that I will never be behind anyone through all history in loving this country and this poor people. The reason: Before America belonged to the Father, God. And I know God, how He will lead you, lead America. God sees the mission of this country, and when you can serve this mission then you are the true patriots. The true master of this country, the true master of all your people is God, so those who stand closest to Him are the true lovers of the country.

I wanted to cry. I see many cars on the freeways, highways, and superhighways. I cried out, "All those cars should be running for the Kingdom of God." It would be wonderful. If these cars could run for the problem of God, then the problem of men would be solved in God. All those cars, if they were only running for the burden of this country, for the task of this country.

I have seen many countries within America. I am not saying this because of the many people gathered in this melting pot. There is the problem of segregation. There is a problem of the rich and the poor. I don't think it will be leveled off, ironed out, by any man's power. I often warn my American brothers that their high civilization might work against your country in your search for God. I have seen many young men and women in racing cars. There are young people racing in pleasure and joy; shallow, earthly, within their hearts, within their minds. There is not even the slightest concern about God. The destiny of this country and future of this country will be decided by the youth of America. Are they really capable of assuming the responsibility of world problems? No, they are not yet. What they have is not nearly enough. When I see this in America, I feel the great responsibility of the Divine Principle movement. I must be dynamic with America, otherwise I haven't enough time to turn this country, or turn this world to Him.

Yes, I am searching for young people of America. If I find them I will train them and let them assume the major responsibility. If you do not do this yourselves, there will be other people who really love America most. You will have to yield to them. I said. to my young people everywhere, "Do not be discouraged; do not say, 'I have no country, no nation, I have no pride, I have no civilization.'"

The important thing is whether you have an ideal, or ideology. It is important that you have that ideology within your spirit; then you are the master of history. My goal and my purpose is to lead the youth of the entire world to move from here to there.

I tested many members of Divine Principle in this country and I have asked, "Can you give up all the things you have and go to Africa?" And they answer, "Will you send me first?" I My life of the past 40 years has been thorny and a struggle. I may appear to be an aged person, but innermost in my heart I am keeping my compassion, my love, my youth for humanity. I will go without compromise and hesitation.

Yes, I have come to establish World Day, Parents' Day, and Children's Day, and I will still go until the victory of God's Day. What am I going to do? I will use all of the members of Divine Principle, those really committed ones, as a stake to drive into every state of the United States; I will wind a net through them, then I'm going to fish for all men. God has come searching after you in His blood and sweat. He didn't have an easy way and He came all this distance to you to give you blessing. After you know Father's heart, what will you do? You must turn around and do for Father what He has done for you. Go to the world in your sweat and blood. Do you know what 'love of the Parents' is? It is love that you give and forget. You sacrifice and you do not recall it. This is your goal, With this spirit we will launch the great movement. I have tested whether this ideology will work. I have tested in Korea and I was persecuted by three governments consecutively. There was no retreat. The Unification Movement in Korea is immovable and invincible. We have won the victory.

As you know, if I command the work to be done, that work cannot be duplicated by dozens of millionaires together. I know youth in all places who can go beyond their death to obey the order. How many of you can really commit and dedicate yourselves. "I can die for President Johnson; I can be ill without pain; I can lodge anywhere I go. I can let you turn around to even greater things. It will not be too long before our movement will be known to the world as a hurricane. And there is no selfish purpose whatsoever on any part. My desire is for the ultimate purpose and goal set forth in the day of God, the day of victory. Many followers have protested to me, "Why didn't you give this to me earlier? Why didn't you tell me earlier? I came too late." Why are they protesting? Simple. From this time on there are hundreds of miles of superhighway ahead and they want it, they taste it. They taste the persecution and agony of the wind over the cold floor of the prison. They want to suffer with God but they protest that since they are go late they lost all this opportunity to suffer. This is their problem!

And the young people know that I have lived many years in prison and known hard cold floors in prison camp. If they had known earlier they would have participated in my suffering. These people are the backbone of Parents' Day, the backbone of Children's Day, and they will construct God's Day. Therefore, you are not really American, you belong to God. If you had a choice between God and America, which side would you take? In order to embrace the side of God, you must have a Parents' Day, you must control Children's Day, you must infiltrate into World Day. Then you will become the pioneers of God's Day. Today is a day of recommitment, a day of rededication, a day of reawakening. We must commit ourselves to even greater strides and march toward the greater victory of God's Day.

Do you want to go with me on this road? This road is the road of fear. And those who follow the road have to fear. Those who follow the Leader, Master, Teacher, must go the stony path. You must be ready to walk. On the way, you may be killed. The world you live in is unfortunate, but this is not the true world. The farther you go, the greater the hope that comes to you. The more you fight, the greater the courage that comes. The greater the enemy appearing in front of you, the greater the message God will provide to you. For each step you take, the taste of victory is greater. Live like a man, live like a lord. Bear the fruit of victory. Be a hero. That comes from me! Be a teacher. That comes from me. I Know love. That comes from me! The true nation, that comes from me. And the true God, He comes from me. And when you think of this, how valuable you are as a group tonight, then we'll be wedded and will become one. If you feel today as if you cannot go one year, I will go ten years. If you cannot go one year of your life, I will go even after death. I never quit,

You are the true victor in the history of God. I have one hope. Not the hope that I command the world, but the hope that at the day of my death, I may reflect back to my past and say, "God, I am dying without any regret. I have done all I can and this is my victory." I hope to die without leaving any regrets behind me. I carry on in my place of death. I carry on my will. This is not written, it is I do not want anyone to cry after me when I die.

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