The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1965

I Must Be The Victor For God, Standing On The Borderline Of Good And Evil

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Leader's Address
Dallas, Texas
Circa March 1, 1965

God Requires Us To Shed Blood And Tears

Many people are quite satisfied when they have received such testimony and study the Principle once or twice. But that is not all there is to it. No matter how difficult it is, you have to accept the Principle and work with it with determination until we reach our goal. I do not want people who merely become spectators of good and truth. I want people who stand on the side of good and fight for it. To become victorious for good on the individual level, you must fight individual battles. But that is not enough. You must go on and become victorious in the battles of the family level and the national level. But we have now come to the age when the whole world is working internationally. God is also seeking those who will fight and conquer and overcome on a worldwide level. For this great purpose God wants us to shed many tears in order to fulfil His mission. He requires us to shed blood and sweat. It will not be only for a short time, but throughout our lives we must travel the way of the cross, shedding our tears, sweat, and blood.

Do Not Observe As Third Persons

Why isn't the whole world aware of what is going on today? Only a small group of people in the world are aware of it, and are shedding their tears and blood to establish this foundation. In the future the world will be theirs. If you cannot undertake this mission and responsibility yourself, you must be able to follow and support these people and be with them in heart. Have you who are here now ever thought of these things? If you have thought of such noble things, that thought will remain forever. In our short life of 70 or 80 years, if we live for the good, for God, the value of our lives will be an eternal one. Therefore, the members of the Unification Church are dashing through worldwide trials in order to fulfill this divine goal of restoration. In other words, I am looking for those who live the ideology or the truth. Therefore, you should not be the ones who just observe as third persons, but be the ones who show the work of God to the world. I want you to be the ones who live with the testimony, not simply receive it.

The Theme I Will Speak On Tonight Is, "I Must Be The Victor For God, Standing On The Borderline Of Good And Evil."

We Are In The Buffer Zone Between Good And Evil

Because of the fall of man, heaven and earth have been divided. Man and God have been separated. God's hope and man's hope have been divided. Man's view of the universe and life became different from God's because of the fall. From the smallest to the 'largest, between God and man and between man and the universe, there have been great differences. When we examine ourselves, we discover the great division within ourselves. The hope and desire of the flesh has been different from that of the mind. The hope of good became different from that of evil. There have been two kinds of families and nations. Some have belonged to good, some to evil. Each of you is standing on the borderline of good and evil, on the individual level, on the family level, and on the national level. We are in a buffer zone between good and evil.

To Establish A Firm Foundation Of Good, Internal Must Subjugate External

To take examples from the history of God's providence, there were Cain and Abel in Adam's family, Cain representing the evil side and Abel the good, The inner side (Abel) must overcome the external (Cain). If Cain had subjugated himself to Abel, God could have restored Adam's family and made Adam the father of mankind. Abel had to subjugate the external, Cain. and thus establish the firm foundation of good. Abel had to cut off the evil front line, On the contrary, Abel was overcome by Cain, Therefore, the dispensation of Adam's family was transferred to Noah.

God Wants To Govern With Good

Through Noah's family, God wanted to establish the family he could govern with good. He executed judgment by the flood, However, Ham, the second son of Noah, failed again, and God's dispensation was extended to Abraham.

God Wants To Separate Good And Evil And Expand His Dispensation

God commanded Abraham to offer a sacrifice, by which he was to separate good and evil, Through Abraham's offering, God wanted to show the separation between good and evil. After Abraham, God worked through Isaac and Jacob, and establish a foundation of victory through Jacob. He gave Jacob the new name of Israel, through whom He wished to establish the new nation of Israel. Through this nation, which represented victory through faith, God wanted to enlarge and extend His dispensation to the universal level through Jesus.

God Sent Jesus To Unify The World

Jesus came with the responsibility of taking back the whole world, after separating the evil from the good. God sent Jesus for the purpose of bringing to Him individuals, families, nations and the world which had been so long divided. The purpose of sending Jesus was to unify the world and heaven and earth. God wanted to unify man's perspective of life, man's hope and God's hope, the love of God and the love of man through Jesus, If the people of Israel had become one with their religion centered upon Jesus, God could have challenged the Roman Empire.

We Must Achieve A Victory For God By Challenging Satan

After Jacob received the blessing of his father Isaac, he went to Haran, the satanic world. to fight, After Moses received his call in Midian, he went back to Egypt to challenge and fight Satan, After God blesses anyone, He wants him to go out into the satanic world and fight until he achieves victory. After the Israelites entered Canaan, they had to fight the seven tribes of Canaan. If the Jewish people had become one with their religion centered on Jesus, they would have had to [missing end of paragraph]

The Jews With Jesus Should Have Conquered The Roman Empire In 40 Years

As you know, the Christians fought and suffered for nearly four centuries under the Roman Empire. If the Jews had become one with Jesus, they could have conquered the great Roman Empire within 40 years, Jesus could have become literally the King of Kings and could have ruled the world with truth and love. With this great hope and great providence, Jesus came. But he could not disclose his innermost intention to his countrymen. Jesus had come with the purpose of uniting the spiritual and physical worlds, and establishing the Kingdom of Heaven both spiritually and physically. This could not be accomplished. Therefore, Christians succeeded the Jewish people and carried on the mission of the first Israel as well as the undertaking of the mission of the second Israel, that of establishing the Kingdom in spirit. In other words, Christians had to carry both responsibilities, that of Judaism and that of Christianity. The great work of Jesus could have been accomplished through the Roman Empire, not only spiritually but physically, But because of his crucifixion, it has been carried on only in spirit. The dispensation of Jesus, or the will of Jesus, could not be accepted by the satanic world. Wherever Christianity went, it met inevitably with persecution.

The Cain And Abel Relationship Is Now On A Worldwide Scale

Through Christianity, the foundation of democracy was laid, While democracy was playing the role of Abel, Communism appeared to play the role of Cain. This relationship of Cain and Abel has been developed beginning with two individuals, through families, clans, tribes, nations, and now on a worldwide scale.

God Is Separating The Good And Evil Now

I want you to examine yourself and know were you are standing. God is now operating the separation of good and evil in the whole world, and I want you to be sure on which side you are standing. In this divided world, God is seeking individuals and nations who will stand on the good side and win the victory. To reach the goal, you must understand how hard and in what way God has been working.

One Must Separate From Evil And Combat It

God strikes flesh when he wants to restore the minds and hearts of man. To restore the inward, he strikes the external. In the Bible it is said, give up your lust, strike your body, and release your material possessions, etc, The higher the religion is, the more merciless is the striking of the physical side. Sometimes, God doesn't allow us to belong to a family or a nation. We can see examples in Buddhism which teaches its followers to give up everything and retreat from the whole world. When one withdraws from the world and separates himself completely from the world of evil, God will send him back to the world of evil to overcome it. After one separates himself from the world of evil, God can recognize him as one who will fight as God's representative against evil.

In Order To Judge Evil, You Must Know Its Idea, Its Identity, Its Cause

Have you thought that such an individual who could represent God in fighting against evil, one who could judge the world -- have you thought that such a man has appeared to the world? To judge evil, you must know its idea, its identity, its cause, its whole picture. For this purpose, God has sent the Messiah to make the standard or measurement by which God could judge. Through Jesus, God wanted to separate families from evil. God wanted to institute a God-centered family on earth. But Jesus could not fulfill His will and establish such a family. Therefore, he promised that the Son of man must come again in order to fulfill the task. Since then, God has not found one individual who could establish this individual foundation of separation from Satan.

The Lord Of The Second Advent Is To Separate Good And Evil On The Individual Level

The first task of the Lord to come is to separate good and evil on the individual level. His foundation should be extended from the individual level to that of the family, the nation and the world. The Lord to come is to bring the Divine standard by which he can execute the judgment of individuals, families, nations and the whole world.

There Will Be Great Migrations Physically And Spiritually

These days, many people are aware that this is the Last Day, and that the Lord will come soon. When he comes, there will be worldwide migrations centered on him, just as the children of Jacob migrated to Egypt, and the people of Moses moved from Egypt to Canaan. In that way, there will be great migrations physically and spiritually.

We Must Go The Way Of The Cross, The Universal Calvary

Therefore, at this time, it is requested that many people who are waiting for the Second Coming be ready to adjust themselves to this new situation. By uniting those who have accepted God's dispensation we must establish the new view of life, new hope, and love and truth. Many Christians believe that when the Lord comes, he will come with glory and blessing. But this will not be realized literally. God has been sending His beloved ones to field of battle. When the Lord comes, he too will send his loved ones to the fields of battle. There will be a universal Calvary to pass through for both the spiritual world and the physical world. Jesus and his disciples were to pass through the way of the cross, Calvary, but they could not. The nation and the people of Israel as a whole were to go the way of the cross. Since they didn't, the way is still left for us to pass. Therefore, those who have been called for the Last Day Dispensation must go the way of the cross, the universal Calvary, with the Lord to come. In order to subjugate evil, represented by the Communist bloc, we must be ready to go even to the Kremlin, to subjugate them to God.

All Religions Must Unify To Subjugate Communism

We who represent God must be able to exceed, not only philosophically but in practice. We must exceed the satanic ideology, philosophy, and practice In order to subjugate them. A typical sign of the last day is to see the division of evil. We see these things today. Therefore, the democratic bloc must strive to achieve unification centered upon Christianity. Realizing that the Communist regime is the 'enemy not only of Christianity but all religions. The denominations of Christianity and of all religions within the democratic bloc must be united and become one, The power of this unification must be greater than that of the communist bloc. In practice, in hope, in ideals, the democratic bloc must be able to subjugate the Communist block.

We Of The Unification Movement Must Hold Up The Motto Of Unification

We of the Unification movement must hold up the motto of unification. In Paradise there are many other groups and societies besides that of Jesus. One must have decisive power and authority to unite all these groups in the spirit world. Reflecting the many divisions in the spirit world, there have been many divisions within Christianity and all other religions of earth. In order to bring about the unification of all religions on earth we must have unification in the spirit world first.

Spirit World Must Testify To Our Movement Or Be Stricken By Heaven

Through this unification of the spirit side one has to receive the Divine approval and sanction with which one can start the unification Movement on earth. One must gain victory on the spirit side first. When This was done, many founders of great religions were subjugated. When These great founders of all other religions were subjugated to the Unification movement in the spirit world, I could start the same movement on earth, In obtaining victory of the spirit world, our movement has a unique value and meaning In comparison to any other movement. Those who are spiritually gifted and communicate with the highest realms of the spirit world must testify to our movement. Otherwise, they will stricken by heaven, Through these people, throughout the world, our movement has received testimony. If you cannot believe this, I want you to work with the spiritually gifted people to find out if this is true or not.

Our Leader Believes That Unification Is Possible

I firmly believe that there are many hidden groups throughout the world who will testify to us. Since I know that there are many potential groups, I started this Unification movement. I know too well that there have been many people in the past who have attempted unifying religions and Christianity. They only concluded that it was impossible, I do not believe so.

We Must Go Through Severe Battles To Achieve The Goal

Until I gained the victory in the spirit world, I had gone through many severe battles. So the members of the Unification Church will have to go the same way in order to achieve the goal. I know very well how one, as an individual, can subjugate Satan spiritually as well as physically. This is the difference from the teachings of all other great religious founders. I know how families, nations, and the whole world can be restored to God, separating themselves completely from evil. This is not hypothetical, but the truth. We in the Unification Church do not teach hypothesis. We only teach facts, We often say that, if God is living, ask Him in prayer.

We Cannot Believe Anyone, We Must Ask Who Is On God's Side?

Today you cannot believe what anyone says. Today you cannot believe your husband or wife, your teachers. your pastors, or your leaders in the nation. Great revivalists known throughout the world, great leaders are not enough to believe or follow. The question is this: Can God believe and trust in them? That is the great problem. Whom can God believe and trust? Who is on His side?

Many Outside Our Movement Receive From Our Leader

Therefore, our movement is destined to, draw the attention of the whole world. There are several in the United States already who have not seen me, but who are receiving words, messages and orders from me in spirit. Although I was far away in Korea, they have been receiving what I want them to do. There are people outside our group who are also having the same experience.

He Forms A Triangle With People On Earth And The Spirit World To Make Connections

We do not have the same organization as the Communists. They use people only to make connections. Our group makes connection with people in the spirit world, making a triangle. In other words, we make connections with people at a distance through the spirit world. When I began, I had nothing with which to develop this movement worldwide. I had just one body, But I am doing greater work than ten millionaires can do with all their money. If I need money, I never need to say so. The spirit world tells those who have it of the need, and money comes to me to do God's work. I have had numerous experiences of this kind which will surprise you when I tell you of them. I do not have time to tell you now.

We Work With Joy And Feel Gratitude In Our Cause

But the more important thing is, how can we live with God? How can God directly rule us and work with us? This is more important than any other thing. After one really understands the Principle and the will of God, he will see no value in all the things he cherished before. No matter how difficult it is, one will not see the difficulty but will do the task with joy and gratitude in our cause.

Our Leader Prayed To God "Do Not Worry About Me."

I myself have suffered under three nations -- Japan, the Communist regime, and the Korean government, Sometimes I received very severe torture, under three national governments I was put into prison and lost consciousness. When I was in such a situation, I realized very clearly how God loved me and knew how much I was suffering. Since He knew it, I could not ask Him to relieve or remove the suffering. Unless there is a condition made for God to save one from such difficult circumstances He cannot do it. Therefore if I had prayed to God to take such suffering from me, it would have given Him more pain. I did not pray for this. I prayed, "God, do not worry about me." I did not say, "Help me, Father." Therefore, under any circumstances I could not betray God or deny Him, but only trusted Him and never worried Him. I examined myself to see if I could be grateful under such circumstances, and could carry on the high ideals of establishing His kingdom on earth.

His Sole Desire Is To Obtain The Victory

Under such circumstances, one might long for the worldly things, an easy life. Those things could come into my mind, too. Although I had a family who loved me and whom I could depend on, I always looked for greater things. My sole desire was to obtain the victory in the battle of good and evil. To achieve this. I was willing to pay indemnity, to take upon myself all suffering on the individual level, the family level, and the national level. Because I knew the secret of overcoming evil, let the evil strike me first. I could overcome it later.

Out Leader Pays Indemnity According To The Scope Of His Mission, The Principle Of Indemnity Holds True For Us Too.

To take one individual back to God, I had to receive that much suffering. To take back one family to God, I had to subject myself to that much indemnity. The greater the scope of my mission, the scope of my suffering also increased, This is called indemnity. Payment of indemnity must be made according to the scope of your mission.

To become the leader of the Unification movement, I had to go ahead of all other people. Therefore, when you are struggling at an individual level, I had to struggle at the family level. When you struggle at the family level, I have to go a step ahead and struggle at the national level. Now our dispensation is in transition from the national level to the universal level, I am commanding our members to be ready for this great task. To fulfill this, our members are doomed to pay indemnity. The greater indemnity you pay, the greater will be your blessing. Until we make one world, uniting the two divided blocs, our members must not get tired. They must pay the indemnity for the whole world. The nation which pays the greatest indemnity will determine which nation will receive the highest blessing.

America Has A Great Mission. It Must Give To The World Its Most Precious Thing!

I consider that America has a great mission. You consider yourself as the leader of the democratic world. You may be proud of your civilization and wealth. But how many are there who will take the responsibility and are willing to pay indemnity for the whole world? You will not be qualified for this noble mission unless you are willing to give to the people of the world the most precious things you possess. I have seen many things in your country which represent the high civilization of our century, I see many beautiful houses, and wonderful highways on which one can drive 80 miles an hour. Cars run like streams of water. My heart is heavy when I think whether these things are being used for God or not. I long rather for those in Korea who are crying out to God in order to bring His blessing to earth under the most miserable circumstances and physical environment. If this country is the place where God can abide, then you will be greatly blessed. Otherwise, what will happen to you? You must realize where you are. You must realize that you are on the borderline of good and evil. Where are you going with all your possessions? Where will you go with the civilization of which you are so proud? Where will America go as the leader of the democracies?

Can The American Youth Take Heavenly Responsibility?

With these questions in mind, I thought of American youth. Do you think your young people are ready, to follow the heavenly troops to fulfill this noble task? You have great ancestors who pioneered this great continent. They have laid the foundation of this country with sweat and blood. Are the young people of today ready to receive this noble inheritance?

The Unified Family Must Make The People Think Of God!

I have read in books that many church leaders are leaving the church and changing their occupations. Therefore, the people God is seeking now are not those who are in leading positions in the churches. The religious life of Americans and the ethical life of the young people will be the focal point of God's judgment. Considering all these things, I see the great mission of our Unification movement in America. It is our responsibility to make young people think of God in the midst of this lavish civilization. God is seeking those who will serve Him with what they have. If there is no change, if it goes on as it is now, everything will be self-centered. What would be the end of such a life?

Americans Must Awaken From The Deep Dream

Communism centers upon totalitarianism -- that is, their families, nations, and civilization stress the state rather than the individual. Can you cope with the challenge of Communism? Can you fight against it? You must be aware, you must wake up from your deep dream, and prepare yourself to bring all things to God and work for Him with the dedication of yourself and all your possessions. You must bring unity to all denominations and religions centered upon God.

God's Policy Is Sacrifice And Service To Subjugate Satan

What is the secret of Unification? To realize and fulfill it, you must receive God's help. To receive God's help, you must know His policy. His policy has been to sacrifice His beloved ones for the sake of the world. It will determine the destiny of this nation -- how you bring yourself to the point at which you can dedicate everything to God and work for Him, devoting your life, your position, and all you own. Just as God has sent His only begotten son and scarified him in order to save the world, you must prepare yourself to give up and dedicate your most precious possessions in order to restore the whole world. Any individual who sacrifices for his family will become the lord of his family. Anyone who is willing to sacrifice for his tribe will become its leader. Those who are willing to sacrifice in order to save their nation will be the leading group of that nation. Any nation which sacrifices and serves in order to restore the world will lead the world. This has been the way of God's work throughout the ages. The Almighty God did not use His force and power to subjugate Satan, but through the means of sacrifice, service and love of his children, He subjugated Satan.

Only The Unification Movement Can Build This Kind Of Person!

I know that the late President Kennedy formed the Peace Corps. This movement sounds good, but actually how many young Americans can take up such a responsibility through actual service and sacrifice? Can they leave their comfortable houses and all its pleasures and go to the most needy country and serve the people? Can they leave their lovers behind? Can they leave their people and nation and go to the miserable ones to be their friends? This is the policy God has been using. In America, what movement can make such young people? There is none. I believe only the Unification young people can take up such a responsibility. We are training the warriors who can save the whole world, and we are changing their ideas and personalities in order to send them out for this great task. We don't use force to train them, but they come voluntarily and accept this responsibility through truth.

We Have Such A Great Responsibility, We Cannot Live As Others Do

How many of you have determined to take up this responsibility? I know and I believe that someone has to go this way. If this is truth, and you don't accept it, will God's blessing be with you? There will be only obstacles and hindrances in your life. God will take away His blessing from you. Since we have such a great responsibility, we cannot live as others do. People seek pleasure; we have to cut it off. People seek comfort; we must give it up. If you want to live as others do, you can never do your own work. In the beginning, this might make you sad. Sometimes you may lose all your friends. Your families may desert you. Your nation may reject you. But your Leader -- I -- have gone this way before you. Therefore, your way will be easier than mine. You have someone with whom you can share your sad experience. I didn't. You have friends and family from whom you can receive food for your stomach. You have sympathetic friends and relatives. I did not have friends. Always I was alone. The only one who knew me was God. In many cases, I had no one to consult with. Even my disciples were not adequate. I have seen many young people in Korea sell their own blood in order to carry on the work of saving the world. They strove to do their best. But they never complained to me or brought me any bitter feelings, because they knew I had traveled a more difficult way. Although I give you the command to go a difficult way, I do not feel bad because I have lived and practiced these things myself. I know that you must go the way of suffering in order to restore yourself and the nation. Therefore, it is only natural and right that I command that you go the same sacrificial way. Only by these means can God find His beloved children in the world.

Do Not Look At Just The Present

Therefore, our mission is not only a few people within our group. Do not look at just the present. Think what will happen ten years from now. It is our responsibility to bring the whole world to good in this battle between good and evil. Since God has been shedding His own tears and blood in order to restore His children, we also want to shed our tears for mankind, our sweat for the earth, and our blood for heaven. In that way, we will restore all things to God.

Our "Ism" Must Be "God-Ism". The Time Will Be Shorter If We Strengthen Our Determination.

Although we do not have sovereignty, we do not have a nation to support us, if our movement is indispensable by the 21st century, then it will be the leading movement in the whole world. That movement will rule the world. We have arisen with this solemn and noble mission, We are supported by the Divine Principle. We have the power to practice the Principle. We must look at the world and determine to bring the world to God through our united effort. Our "ism" must be "God-ism". To fulfill such a mission, we must realize that we have an enemy. Satan is against us. To subjugate this enemy, we must strengthen our determination. The more determined we are, the shorter the time will be. We must be determined to pay indemnity until we make the people of the world God's people, the sovereignty of the world, God's sovereignty, and the whole earth the territory of God. Thus the hope and desire of God will be fulfilled through us. God alone cannot do this work. You know this through the Principle. You should know that we have five percent responsibility. Our church, our group has this five percent responsibility in order to fulfill this mission,

If You Love God You Will Love All Lands, All People

I am still young. I have courage and determination to subjugate Satan which is, I believe, greater than anyone's. Transcending national borders, racial borders, we must rise again and determine to fulfill this great task. I'm not commanding you to go alone. I am going ahead of you. I am standing in front of you and marching ahead of you. I love your country more than any American patriot. Before Americans loved this land. God loved it more. God loves it more than you. The one who is with God loves America(more than the American people, In this case, color of face makes no difference Those who love God and love any nation or people with God will be the ones who love your country more than you do.

Leader Wants To Make Us The Most Important, Indispensable Members Of This Country

I want to take a few American young men with me on my trip, but I do not want them to seek comfort and ease. I am traveling throughout the United States to find places and to teach these young men to love these places which I will select more than any other Americans. The purpose of my trip is to leave some noble new traditions to this land. I want to make American young people who love America more than any others, and who will become most important and indispensable members of this country. Those who love God most and the whole world most will love America most.

Find Capable People For God And Serve Them As Servants To Win Them

I want you American young people to determine to take up this responsibility. Standing on the borderline between good and evil, you must realize how great this responsibility is. Whatever you do and wherever you go, you must be aware of this responsibility in order to bring people to God. I want you to be the people who find capable people for God. When you find them, serve them as servants, pouring out your wholehearted love. Do your best in order to take these people back to God. If you find one whom God needs, serve that person for a month or a year, dedicating yourself to that person. When you raise four person to Perfection, to God, you become victorious on the individual level. When you raise a family to God, you become victorious on the family level. When you lead a nation to God, you become victorious on the national level.

The Great Ideology Of God Is Truth, Wisdom And Deep Heart

You must have both truth and wisdom, You must have a deep heart, like God's. You must have the great ideology of God. And you will not do it by yourself alone, God will be with you always. Therefore, with God with you, the victory will be yours if you fight, You must open your ears to hear the crying voices of people all over the world, seeking God, seeking hope, and seeking the goal and purpose of life. Pray to God and ask Him to send you to such and such a place. "Send me to the world to save it. Make me the one who can save people."

We Must Hasten God's Victory And Bring The Glorious Day Of The Kingdom On Earth

When such a movement spreads all over the world, then you will see the establishment of the Kingdom on earth, We must drive Satan out of the world, and bring the entire earth to God, Then will be the victorious day for God, and God's hope and man's hope will be fulfilled. In this way, God wants to establish His Kingdom and live with His beloved children who have obtained the victory in these battles. There will be complete liberation from evil and an end to the battle. Then we will have the homeland which God originally intended to establish on earth, and will live with our True Parents, our true brothers and sisters, and True Family together. On that victorious and glorious day of God, it will be God's Kingdom in which He will live with His people forever. It is our mission and responsibility to hasten the day when we see the entire victory for God.

The Will Of God And The Ideology America Must Follow

I am grateful to come to this famous Dallas in the famous state of Texas. I know that you have been waiting and longing to see me in your prayers and in your dreams. In my heart, I missed you so much and wished to come to see you much earlier, but the circumstances in Korea simply didn't allow me to leave the country so soon, I am very sorry that my coming has been so delayed.

Americans Are Proud Of Big Things

This is the fifth state I have visited -- California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas -- and I have now realized how huge this country is! To love one's own country is to love the land, to love the people and to love the sovereignty. You have a huge land, you have such a great population, and you are a leading nation. To live in such a country, I suppose you must have a great heart, great hope, and your activities must be great. The characteristic of the Americans is to be proud of big things.

America Is To Follow The Ideology That Originated From God

Having come with a new idea and new philosophy, I have been thinking how much my new idea and new philosophy can contribute to this nation and its people who are in the leading position of the world. No matter how huge and great America is, it is still within the globe, No matter how great the earth is, it is still under the heavenly sovereignty, Our ideology is not to change only the world, but the entire cosmos including heaven and earth. (Translator's note: 'Ideology' means new religious thought and philosophy.) Therefore, America is to follow this ideology in order to be in accordance with God's will. This ideology did not originate from one individual, but from God. To me, this ideology would be very splendid for the American young people to adopt. I'm wondering how many of you have realized that this ideology can make your country really great before God's eyes.

An Ideology Does Not Start Great In The Beginning

An ideology does not start great in the beginning. The greater the ideology is, the greater difficulties the ideology will face and overcome. Jesus was not a great figure in the eyes of the people at the beginning, but the ideology he cherished was very great and changed the whole world, The greater the ideology is, the greater the length of time it will take for it to be adopted by society.

We Cannot Accept The Established Systems Of Society

Jesus saw the world differently from the ordinary person. With the will of God, he saw the world from a unique angle. Therefore, Jesus had to start, not in an affirmative position, but in a negative position. He didn't affirm what existed at that time, but denied everything. First he denied eating and fasted for 40 days to start his mission. With God's eyes, he could not accept the world as it is. He did not accept the established systems and customs of society. For instance, he overthrew the tables of the moneychangers in the Temple. With the question of death, he had a different attitude from other people, He prayed in Gethsemane saying, "Thy will be done." To deny an existing formality of society, to deny eating, and even death, he had to have an even greater and higher ideology. He considered the words of God greater than food. He regarded dedicated and eager prayer as much more precious than the selling and buying in the Temple. Even facing death. he prayed that God's will be done.

Jesus Could Not Fulfill The Will Of God By Compromising The World

Inwardly, Jesus felt and thought that he would do everything in accordance with God's will, but this noble and sublime heart and motive were not visible to others. He looked like one of the common people, and was not recognized for what he truly was, Jesus realized that he could not fulfill the will of God by compromising the world. Because he knew that the world he saw was not the world God had originally intended, in order to fulfill God's will he had to deny the world. Since Satan was ruling the world, Jesus had to cut off Satan, which meant he had to deny the world of Satan. Since his rejection of the world was so great, the protest of the world was also great.

It Is Harvest Time . . . Now Is The Time That We Must Struggle And Fight

From that time on, wherever Christianity has gone it has met with strong resistance from the world. Christians have been forced by their environment to deny their lives in order to fulfill God's work. Since Christianity has traveled such a path, Christians today are required to deny the world rather than just follow it blindly. As far as your environment is concerned, you have freedom of belief. In comparison with the former times when Christians were persecuted, today it is easy to believe and follow Christ. Today Christianity has expanded. The Gospel has been spread throughout the world. The time has come for the harvest. Now is the time that we must struggle and fight even more than the previous generations.

Do You Have The Revolutionary Spirit To Establish The Kingdom?

Although the Christian religion is well protected by the constitution in this country, your society is not prepared to be accepted by God as it is. In particular, the young people of this country seem to face great problems. They do not seem to know the right direction to go. Your young people today are more worldly. They love material things so much, This makes it even more difficult than, in the time of Jesus. The will of God is to establish His kingdom on earth. Jesus came for this purpose, Today we have more difficulty, more obstacles than we had at the time of Jesus. To fulfill God's will today, we will have greater battles to struggle through. Even at Jesus' time, he had to deny eating, the established formality of the society, and his life. How much more do we have to deny in order to fulfill God's will today? How many young people are there who can forget to eat because they love the will of God? How many of you have the revolutionary spirit to overthrow the existing formalities in order to establish His kingdom on earth? How many of you are prepared to give up your lives as Jesus did for his cause? If you are not ready to do this, then where is God to find the young people to whom he can give the inheritance of Christianity?

We Must Train Young People Throughout The World To Reap The Harvest

Now God is reaping what He has sown in past generations. If there are not prepared young people here, God will find them somewhere else. Our movement is to look for such young people throughout the world, and train them to reap at this time of harvest. By denying the world and worldly things, we want to establish a new world. Since Jesus set the example, we must follow his pattern, The purpose of our movement is to train young people to receive the inheritance of Jesus and fulfill God's will. The power and the truth of our movement will be demonstrated in training and showing the ability to train young people who will deny the world and work for this cause beyond national barriers. Because of the power by which we can train young people and make them so that they can be international workers to bring about His kingdom on earth, I would like to know how many of you have the conviction to do this work.

You Should Know How You Can Work In Accordance With The Principle

Those who have studied the Principle should know how Satan works in reality and how God works in reality. You should know why Jesus had to work such a way in his time. The world and activities and work Jesus did are related to us today. You can relate the work and life of Jesus to your own. By understanding why Jesus lived in such a way, and how Satan rules the world, you should know your actual mission. You should know how to subjugate Satan. God's will cannot be fulfilled in this world as it is. Therefore, you should know how you can work in accordance with the Principle. Through the Principle you should know how Satan has been acting as our enemy. By subjugating Satan, you can fulfill the will of God, the will of Jesus, and your own will which should be in accordance with God's. Therefore, you must know very clearly who Satan is, what he has done, how he has been active on earth and with you. I want you to have firm conviction based on the Principle, and hope to be able to bring about the kingdom Jesus and God have been wishing to establish. In order to subjugate Satan sometimes you must give up your own life. This is the requirement to be a member of our movement, That is why I have been struggling all my life in . . . [missing page(s) to end of speech]

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