The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1965

A True Man -- A Man Of Truth

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 12, 1965
Probable Translator Young Oon Kim

Miss Young Oon Kim: When I Left Korea in 1959, the Leader said to me, "If you find ten people, I will come to America." Later, his last words were, "If you find even three persons, I will come." I believed his words literally, and worked as hard as I could with the sole hope of seeing him on this land.

In the spring of 1961, he truly intended to come to America but, because of the political upheaval of the Korean government, he was unable to come. Since then, every spring, every fall, winter and summer, we have been waiting and waiting for his arrival. I know that many of you have cried out to God asking Him to send the Leader to this country. In fact you spent all last year praying for his coming every day at high noon. The three persons have multiplied many times over, and have now scattered throughout the United States, England, Germany and Africa.

The great significance of his caning to this country you may not fully comprehend at this time, but it marks a turning point in the new history of God's providence. Words cannot explain my feelings at this time. At Long last., my promise to you is realized. I am sure you all are eager to hear his voice.

Our Leader Apologizes For Suffering

I am very grateful to those of you in America who have been waiting for me to long, and who have expressed the warmest greetings to me upon my arrival. I know too well that you have been praying and longing to see me. I know it very well. I longed to see you more than you longed to see me, but the situation in Korea simply didn't allow me to depart the country. The great indemnity I had to pay for the country kept me from coming, for which I apologize to you. My coming and meeting you has been fulfilled because heaven, the members in Korea and the members in Japan all prayed for this. This meeting has been arranged because of the tearful prayers of the members of heaven and your great ancestors.

The subject on which I am going to speak will be "A True Man -- A Man, Of Truth."

Man And God Are Both Necessary For Each Other To Exist

After God created all things, heaven and earth, God set man at the very center of the entire universe. Through man, God wished to live with him, loving and enjoying His creation. Man was absolutely necessary for God to exist, and God is the absolute necessity for man to exist. Therefore, the hope of God was to be man's hope. The problem of God was to be man's problem. The love of God was to be the love of man.

A True Man Desires To Know The Problem Of God

Since man fell from his responsible position, everything has been nullified. Because of man's failure to become one with God, His hope, His problems, and His love must again today become our hope, our problems, our love. We must be concerned. In such a fallen position, mankind has been coming to this point where we have come to desire in our hearts the love, the hope, and the problems of God.

People Must Seek The Heart Of God

All people on earth, without exception, are seeking something. They are not sure what it is. Throughout their lives they wish to establish a certain relationship with God,. They wish and seek rest in living, in life. They want a life of rest and peace. People have different desires and hopes, even though they all desire and hope for something. It is so among individuals, among groups, among nations. Although all individuals and groups seek and desire different things, they all eventually have to come to one desire and one expectation. They have to seek living within God, a life like God's life. In their hearts they must seek the heart of God.

Neither God Nor Man Have Found The Lost Heart

God and man both seek one heart, one hope, and one love. As we study history, we realize that mankind has been seeking the very thing that God has been seeking for man. When you examine the present situation of men and history, however, you see that the very thing mankind has been seeking has not been found. The thing God has been seeking, has not been discovered. Since man has not discovered the hope, he has not discovered the love in this hope either. Consequently, the very heart God has been seeking has not been discovered. Therefore, it is very difficult to achieve these things at once. They must be achieved one after another, stage by stage.

God Wants To Achieve Divine Love In Man

In the beginning God intended to plant hope in man's heart. In order to fulfill the hope, God wanted to choose a man. Through the man, God wanted to achieve Divine love. Throughout history, God has been working very hard to show hope to man. God was not able to manifest the hope in its fullness all at once. He has been revealing it little by little, through individuals, families, groups and nations. God promised to send a man to fulfill the hope.

Jesus Tried To Be The Substantial Reality Of The True Man

He sent Jesus in order to fulfill the hope universally. In this hope, Jesus attempted to introduce the love of God through his life. As we study the history of restoration, we see that God has been working through fallen man to restore the hope and the reality of the hope and the reality of the hope and heart, By reality, I mean someone who can reveal the love of God by living it in his life. Substantial reality means a true person. That person was Jesus Christ, through whom God wished to manifest His heart, His love, and His inner situation (hope), not in abstract, but through man himself. Through the medium of this man, God wanted to reestablish the relationship with man.

The True Man Seeks A True World

When you restore this relationship with God, you become a true man. All fallen men can be united with God through this person, this substantial reality, and be able to enter into the circle, to become one with God, living in love and hope. Whatever this true man does, or faces, or confronts, or lives, or loves, must be all Truth. The God which this true man conceives must be the God of Truth. The parents of this true man must be parents of Truth. The brothers and sisters, family, and nation which this true person deals with must be people, family and nation of the Truth. The history he will deal with must be the history of Truth. So it is with society. When we look around the world, this world is not the world of Truth for that person. There is no nation of Truth for that person. Therefore, we seek a nation of Truth. There must be people of Truth, land and sovereignty of Truth for this person, this true man.

God's Providence Is Towards Unification

God's entire providence has been to establish a world for such true people. God's providence has been operating in order to unify the culture, social life, and philosophies of man. When these things form into one, then the end of the world, which God wishes to bring about, will come. Religions must be united. In the light of God's dispensation, the thoughts of man cannot be unified unless we unify religions. You cannot unify all the religions on earth unless you unify them based on the one heart, one hope and love of God. This was the very hope of Jesus. Since he was crucified, this hope was not fulfilled. Therefore it must be fulfilled at the time of the Second Advent. The Lord to Come must unify all the religions and philosophies of the world. In order to accomplish this, Truth is needed. The personality who is able to conquer Satan is needed. A God-centered family is needed to give rest, or Sabbath to God. One truth, one person, one heart is needed in order to fulfill the hope of God and mankind. The truth must be able to introduce the world of Truth, the nation of Truth, the family of Truth, and true love.

The World Awaits The True Man

Therefore, what our Unification Church proclaims is to introduce to the world the true man who represents God and fulfills all these things, The whole world, all creation, heaven and earth have been eagerly awaiting such a man. The mission of the true man is to unify all thought, lives and loves of all men, and make into one. This can be done by Truth, but such a truth cannot be created by man's brain. It must be revealed by God. Unification on earth cannot be realized without the unification of the spirit world. Until this Truth is revealed, the hope, the heart, and the inner problem of God cannot be known to man.

Truth Must Be Sanctioned By God

In order to discover the truth which will bring about the solution of these fundamental problems, I had to go through many battles and had to receive the final approval and sanction of God. The victory had to be won on the spirit side first. It was useless for me to say, "This is Truth." In order to emancipate mankind, it had to be sanctioned and approved by God. Then I could bring it to earth.

His Mission Is Fought On Many Levels

In the operation of this dispensation, I must go through the levels of individual, family, society, nation and the world. The long battle started on an individual base, and is even now continuing. This period of my mission may be compared to the Israelites' period in the wilderness after they came out from Egypt and before they entered Canaan, This is the transition period of the mission.

Significance Of Four Nations

It is absolutely necessary for me to have four nations accept the Principles, although only a few individuals may represent each nation. This is to form the four positions, to step into the international mission from the national mission. We have four nations -- Korea, America, Japan, and Germany. Therefore, there is great significance in my coming to America. The handful of people in this room not only represent the 180 million people of America, not even those in the whole world, but all of those in heaven and earth.

Truth Has Become One With The Divine Heart

The Truth I have been revealing, the ideal in flesh, and my outward realization must be revealed at this time, The Truth which can unify the spiritual and physical worlds, and the substantial reality which has become one with the Truth, has become one with the Divine Heart. By making these three (love, hope, sajun) into complete oneness, the fulfillment of God's will is made possible,

Spirit World Must Witness To The True Man

Centered upon that very person will be a new heaven, a new earth, a new nation, a new people, Because this center has been established, the spirit world has to witness to me and testify to the truth I bring. Since this has been established in the spirit world, the hearts of people on earth are moving in that direction without their knowledge. From now on, things will move rapidly without people realizing it. When we speak of the true man, it is singular in the beginning, but it will multiply into many people. Whether I use the singular or the plural, I want you to understand the meaning.

We Need God To Join Us In Daily Living

With such a view of the universe, and with such a view of life, one must be able to realize the value in living, in the practical daily life. It is not enough to know God philosophically or intellectually. You must establish a realistic relationship with the living God in your daily life, finding value in life before God's eyes. We absolutely need God to join us in daily living, not just as an abstract concept. When you come to that point, Satan will lose power with you, and your heart will be one with God's heart.

God's Will And Our Desire And Hope Will Be Fulfilled

From that point, we want to form new families and establish entirely new living. We want to create new hearts, a new world, and the heavenly lineage which is different from Satanic lineage. You are a product of history. All the relationships of the past (ancestors), present (generation), and future (generations) must be reestablished through this Truth. By doing so, God's Will will be fulfilled, the will of Jesus will be fulfilled, and our desire and hope will be fulfilled.

You Will Find The Kingdom

Anyone, or any people, who take upon themselves such a responsibility will be the people of Truth, the true people. Our members are the true people who are undertaking such a great mission, Those in the Divine Principle Family have the most significant meaning and mission in the history of the entire cosmos. Wherever such individuals live. there you will find the Kingdom of Heaven. When all mankind joins in this mission, the restoration of heaven and earth will be complete.

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