The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1965

Men Are Destined To Go The Road Of Restoration - Returning Home

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Leaders Address

What Are People Really Seeking? Money? Power? Knowledge?

Everyone, regardless of age, is seeking something better. What are they longing for? Everyone likes money, everyone is eager for power, everyone is longing for knowledge. We know that every individual upon this earth is seeking these three major essences.

If you want to have money, how much do you want? Man's goal is not cheap; it is not small. Everyone is eager to have enough money to buy the whole world. And how much power are you seeking? Man is a greedy creature in a way. No matter how much power he has, even if that power seems good enough to seize control of the entire world, something within him is not satisfied. Do you know how greedy man is? Man is seeking and longing to possess God as his own. Have you ever thought where this desire and this longing originated? There must be an origin of desire. There must be an origin of longing. Without this origin there is nothing.

Who Deserves To Own These Things? Are You The Owner?

Do you think there is a real treasure on the earth? Are you the one to be the owner? Do you think there is any individual who really deserves the power of the world today? Do you think the master of the White House, President Johnson, deserves the power of the entire world? It is not the men who are presently leading the nations of the world who deserve the power. No. The owner of the knowledge and power is someone else.

No One But God Can Be The Owner Of Money, Power Or Knowledge

When you think of all this, why are you seeking more money? For what and for whom are you seeking power? Why search for knowledge? No matter how you try you will never be the true conqueror of these three. No one living on earth can be the owner nor can he claim the ownership of these three. Man probably can be the temporary holder of these things. Man has been struggling in human history for money. Money, in many cases, is the cause of fighting, struggle, and battle. In many cases this battle is within the family, within the notion, within the world. The same with power: Power has been the cause of struggle in human society. The search for knowledge is also going to battle with assumptions and logical theories.

The Struggle Today Involves All Three With Worldwide Significance

Now, everyone comes to the point of a worldwide struggle. All three aspects come to the point of struggle on a worldwide scale today. People are realizing that they might have the wealth, money, and treasure that can buy the entire world, but these things are nothing compared to their own happiness. Power, too, they are seeking, but they suddenly realize this power is not the source of happiness. Now, economically, the world is unsafe. Knowledge cannot bring a solution to the problems of the world in which we live. The world is struggling within two worlds: a bloc of Democracy and a bloc of Communism. The two are struggling for something. Do you know who is going to be the winner? Between the two, that one which is closest to the real owner will eventually be victorious. Human history is moving, not arbitrarily, not by the wind or the ocean tide. History is definitely taking up a cause. The economy of the world must have a goal. Power has certain objectives. Knowledge has a certain purpose to serve. It is victory in the struggle of the world today.

Those Who Know The True Destiny Of All Three Are The Ultimate Victors

Those who know the true destiny of all three will be there first; they are the ultimate and final victors. There must be a time of struggle for all three ultimately to be restored. The hour will arrive. Everything is headed toward oneness; the economic oneness, world economy; power, world power; and even ideology, world ideology. Every one of us is seeking the true goal and the definite objective that all three are heading for. We are the ones. if there is a way, then truly you can possess and secure that goal. Would you like to?

The True Course Of History Is Determined By Inward Things

But that goal will never be achieved with what we have today -- economically, power wise, or through knowledge. The value of man is not predicated upon appearance. The value of man rests upon the value of the mind. Suppose you are very successful in obtaining money, wealth, power, and world knowledge. If you have failed to have that world mind that controls you as an individual, your entire cause is lost. The people of today are seeking outward things. The true course of history is not decided by the outward causes of things. Rather the inward things have ultimate impact; the inward world of mind. The true owner of money, owner of power, owner of knowledge is not man. You can't deny that all of creation belongs to the Creator. This land is His. The power and sovereignty are His. Ultimate knowledge is His. God is not asking you to seek the outward things but rather God is asking you to contemplate, to concentrate on the inward world of mind.

God Is Preparing Inward And Outward Things Together

You know what God is eager to have? God is not seeking money or power or knowledge. All of these things are already His. God is seeking the world of mind which was destroyed because of the fall of man. Everyone has to start from zero to get back to the road of restoration. Because the world of mind has been destroyed, God has not had true control over man. Now, God is preparing inward and outward things together for the ultimate day of achievement. If, as I said, the true owner is God and if man had not fallen, then man and God would be as one and the true owner of money, power, and knowledge would, automatically be His sons. You can really claim this knowledge. The world was originally yours. The reason is simple: Father, who created this world, is my Father. Therefore, Father's world is my world. Father's power is my power. Father is mine; therefore Father's things are my things. Father's knowledge is, truly owned by me because I am His True Son. But the fall of man jeopardized everything. A gap was created between God and man and. God's things were lost because. man lost God. Therefore, God has to ask you to deny and pay indemnity, you know all things that originally belonged to God, now belong to the evil power. All things are out of God's hands. In order to restore all things to His side, God has to deny Satan. God works for restoration through the world of religion, the world of mind, and if you, prepare yourselves then you become a true unity with God; outward things automatically come into proper position. This is why world religion does not pay much attention to the materialistic world.

Your Value Is Decided By The Greatness Of Your Mind

The world of religion is operated in the world of mind. God is urging us to see the value of the inward things. God is not concerned about what you have physically and materially; God cares about your mind and what kind of mind it is. Therefore, in religion the word "judgment" has to be spoken. God has to judge. Why? Because there is a true owner, but many false owners are making a claim. God has to judge and winnow the false ones out. Those who promise, in the name of the Lord of the Second Advent, are, the ones who will come with the ultimate solution to the world of mind, and will unite God and man. This is your work; this is your mission to come. Your value is not decided by the treasure or wealth you have, but by the greatness of your mind. God is seeking a man or an individual who has found the true value of the world of mind. Since this value is so great he cannot have anything material that he cannot give up. God is seeking the man who will put value into the world of mind. God is asking, hoping, and anxiously waiting so He can really pour out His love.

The Religious Battle To Find God Is The Final War We Must Struggle To Win

When we look at the course of history there is a definite stage that has passed. First is the economic struggle, the Bill of Rights for the individual dignity of man. Then, later, the ideological struggle occurs. Do you know what kind of war is left? The only war that will come is a war of religion; the battle in the religious world; the battle of searching for God; the battle of giving ourselves to God. This is an open struggle of bringing the state of mind up to the level where man was originally intended to be. Do you think God is less knowing? No. Everything you have, put together, doesn't even come close to the true value of the greatness of God, the truth of God. God is the ultimate value of man's life. Nothing can surpass God because He is the highest value. Physical life is no longer significant when you find life in God. Unless you restore the true value of God, no goal of humanity will be completely achieved.

Man Is Seeking The Flowing Love Of God

What kind of characteristics is God seeking in you? Now, let's examine. If every one of you has a desire to possess God, are you longing for the dress or the suit that God wears? Are you longing for the diamond that God might have? No. Man is not really seeking that. But many are greedy. (I am not using this word in a bad sense.) Man is seeking something nobler than all these things. Man's ultimate search is focused and centered upon the love of God, the heart of God. Once you truly taste the flowing love of God, even though you might be given the power to control the entire world, the world you live in today becomes but a grain of sand. In the sight of God the power of the President of the United States is not much.

Man Was Born For God -- God Wants To Be Possessed By Man

The essence of man's life -- do you know what it is? Man was born to be in love, live in love, die in love, of God -- this is the essence of man's original creation. When you are born you are longing for the love of the parent. As you grow older you long after your mate. And you seek love of your neighbor, love of your family. Do you love God to a degree that matches your love for your wife? No love can be compared with the love of God. It is agony and almost heartbreaking; God has this love but has no one to give it to. This love has not been given out to all humanity. Therefore, God is seeking children upon whom He can pour out this love. God is seeking the container that will be good enough to contain His love. But no container is good enough to hold the love of God. Since the fall of man no one is capable of restoring himself to be eligible for the love of God. So, God has to find one mediator between Himself and man, to bridge the gap. This is the Messiah.

God had prepared for 4,000 years to send this promised one to do that job. The mission of Jesus was to restore the original characteristics, original essentiality of man so that there could be a container good enough to contain the flowing love of God. Jesus came with his secret to give God to man so that man could possess God, but this ultimate purpose of the coming of Jesus was not met. It is obvious. Therefore, Christianity and the Bible promise the second coming of the Christ.

What Is The Evidence Of The End Of The World?

When the time comes for the return of the Christ, the historical pattern must be a repetition of the time of Jesus Christ, a historic parallel. There is one evidence of the end of the world. Instead of God being the center, man has a tendency to put himself in the position of God and tries to relate himself to the rest of the universe. That end of the world, when it comes, will find that God has prepared a small group who can really deny this old type of life and go after something genuine. The Divine Principle Movement is heading in the opposite direction from the world.

The Spirit World Is Assaulting The Earth, Those Who Have The Most Will Struggle The Hardest

You can expect from now on a great and serious war, a religious war. A war of religion is a war of spirit, a war of soul. It was originated in spirit world. You might be amazed when I say this, but many millions of spirits originated this war of religion. They are assaulting the earth. This assault of spirit world will hit the lowest level first, since God is patient. God waits until last. He starts from the very bottom. When you come to the stage that the hope of money, hope of power, hope of knowledge is abandoned, you will feel the vast vacuum created. When your mind comes to this vacuum area, you will be ready to make a relationship with the spirit world. At the end of the world, those who have money, those who have power, those who have knowledge will have more pain than those who have less. You will never know, but all the control is being conducted behind you from the spirit world, the world of thought. Those who are really keen, in the civilized sense, on the pursuit of knowledge can sense the spiritual coming.

We Must Pass Through The Spirit Subjugating The Low And Contacting The High

Since the spirit world is assaulting today, there are very mysterious and unusual phenomena, such as mental sickness, disturbances, and nervous breakdowns. This all becomes common in the world. It is not confined to a particular area. Outward medicines cannot treat them. The only true way for treatment is to seek a solution from the world of mind. You may not know, but when God sets his timetable, the most phenomenal spirit communication is relevant. The more you are agonized and anguished, in spiritual anguish to the point of fear of the unknown, the more you must overcome the spirit. There is a lower spirit, a disturbing spirit coming first; the high spirit, good spirit comes after this. So you must pass through the spirit. Today, man must be capable of preventing disturbances of the lower spirit so that we may be capable of making contact with good spirits only.

Spiritual Phenomenon Comes To Those Who Are Middle Grounders -- With Low Religious Goals

This way has to be tested by religion. Religion has to give the solution, but today religion is not doing what it is supposed to do. In this helpless world at this particular time, the Divine Principle Movement, known as Unification Church, has been installed to fulfill the mission of preventing disturbance from lower spirit, and enabling you to counsel with the high spirit for your faster growth. Later, some of you might see the phenomena. Some may talk with spirit. Spirit may make you tell things against your will. Other people will observe that you appear to be crazy. These are the people who will remain in a middle ground, half-normal. For those who set the religious goal low, this phenomenon has to come to them.

You Can't Always Judge Accurately Those Who Speak Prophecy

How can you solve the problem? Only true power can do this. Diagnose the true cause of the problem and give the prescription. You can expect among the members of the Family there will be those who speak prophecy. But you cannot be sure because sometimes they are quite normal. Sometimes that same person is doing something unusual. You cannot judge which.

But, Man Is Seeking The Ultimate Relationship With God, Not Phenomena

But, man is not seeking after that. Man's goal is not those phenomena. The search of man is for a true relationship with God. The hope of God, the love of God and God's desire is 100 percent parallel. The one who has the ultimate solution and diagnoses for the diseases, and sickness of, the world is known as the Lord of the Second Advent. You have to struggle and win through this difficult period before you get to the ultimate relationship with God. This ultimate goal cannot be achieved without treading a rugged path first.

The Lord Of Authority Is Not Different In His Visible Form

Now, I am limited to one physical body. I have nothing different from you If you want to try to determine something different in me, it will not be visible because that difference is in the world of mind. Knowing this different, universal consciousness is where you find the difference. May I make, a tremendous declaration? Will you allow me to say this? I am speaking to you with authority, and this authority was not created here on earth. This authority was decided by the spirit world You may not recognize me, but the spirit world does. They have to recognize me, because there the battle was decided and a showdown was made. Mr. Voelker mentioned testimony from Arthur Ford, who doesn't know me, and I don't know him. That is the insignificant part. You know, sensitives in a way are like microphones or speakers. They speak what the spirit world speaks, but they never know the principle behind it. Those who are in the position of sensitives need wisdom. The sensitive must control the spirit instead of letting the spirit control him. Do you know how to control spirit? There is one way to do it: know the Principle, know the fundamental Principle. In order to know the Principle, you have to know the Divine Principle.

You Need Authority In Spirit To Unite Physical World

Unless you have the authority you cannot unify the physical world. Unless you have authority and power to unite the spirit world, you cannot unify the physical world. This is the world of shadow. I have known the path. That path was never known to human history, so my path was not an easy one. I was born in Korea, which in a way is an underprivileged country, where my path was blocked by the chains of prison. Yet, the prison chains could not really block my path. Through physical experiences I knew that God was sending me even more followers. Do you know why? Because those ancestors who dwell in spirit world have to work through their generation, which is living in the physical world today.

Our Leader Met Jesus But Did Not Trust Him

I have studied science. I am a very scientific person, and I do not want any blind faith. I do not want the God of concept. I want the God of life -- and God is life, life itself. That God I seek. The God who can govern life itself and who can be the real, true backbone of the world. Arthur Ford's testimony was made available tonight. Individuals spoke about their experiences. Doris (Walder) spoke, and Miss Kim spoke tonight. These spiritual experiences can never be a scale for measuring. No. You must look to the truth behind them. You never knew me. Well, I met Jesus Christ and many disciples. I did not trust them. I was analyzing them. I was analyzing their revelation of truth. Through this period of analysis I came to know the situation and heart of Jesus more than anyone else in this world. The Bible says that Jesus once spoke to the disciples, "I have so many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now," and it became relevant and crystal clear to me.

We Must Live With The Lord To Know The True God

Because of the fall of man, man lost the things of creation, lost ultimate knowledge and God Himself. God gave lordship to Adam and Eve and asked them to love all of creation. God wanted them to live with Him. Did they live with God? No, they did not. And even Jesus Christ in a sense did not live with God here on earth. How do you know the true God unless you live with Him here on earth? Without living with Him, how do you know His true life? Therefore, there is room for the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent.

Man's Desire For Money, Power, Knowledge Reveals How God Has Been Working From Outward To Inward

As I said, man is destined to go the road of restoration. Since man has a desire for physical ownership of money, power and knowledge, restoration has been from outward things to inward. But that does not mean that God is neglecting the inward world. God is establishing the religion of the world and cultivating the human heart. I mean the world of mind for the ultimate day. Do you see the secret? If you have a commitment and a real mind, you can willingly give up everything for God. God is not willing to let you "go for broke." God restores even more.

History Is Made By Those Who Go Against History

Do you know what God requested in His commandment? He asked that you love your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul. The man who does this seems to be losing everything. But, no! The more you really live the commandment, the more God is restoring what is needed. God can't give to you from the front. God cannot give this way. You must go His way. God is bringing things from the back of you. History is made by those who were going against the trend of history. In order to go the adverse way, man has to suffer and the one who made history is the one who suffered most. When the ultimate day comes, you may think that the Lord comes from the front, but no, he cannot. The Lord is not coming heading forward or in front of the current history. The Lord is coming toward those who deny the world and are seeking the true love of God. Somewhere the Lord is coming to them.

Don't Move With The Current As Everyone Else - Listen To God!

Do you know that many of these people who are searching for God are the victims of the world? There are many who are living in a miserable way. Have you had many people say to you that you should not go the road of the Divine Principle? When you are heading toward the current of history have you ever had anyone say you should not go that direction? But you should not go the same direction as everyone else. Have an open mind! Listen to God! Love Him! When you are in the position of a millionaire, can you treasure Him more than the wealth you have? When you have power and you receive this prophecy, can you value this message more ?

Decision, Recommitment Is Made Between God And You

When Jesus was going the road of death he did not appear in public. He was not preparing his road to death among the multitudes. He was even segregated from his disciples. All by himself he had to prepare for his ultimate course. Decision and recommitment came only between the two: God and Jesus. Do you think Jesus would have changed his course for a million dollars? Nothing, no value in this world could change his way. No, he would not even exchange death. He took death because he knew the true ultimate Will of God. He realized he was responsible even to the smallest one.

Love Is The Truest, Greatest Value Of All

Let's make a conclusion here. Where are you now? Where are you? Are you on the road to your money? Are you seeking power? Or knowledge? The truest value is not these things. The truest value is love. When you see a friend, you embrace in love. When you see the things of creation, love them as much as the Creator loves them. This is the greatest value of all. Parents want to be proud of the paintings of their children because their children painted them. God wants you to pick up even the smallest creation of His Kingdom and be proud of it as if it were a masterpiece of art. God wants you to do that. One individual is more precious than the entire universe. God is longing for man, and He has said that man is more precious than the entire universe. God has sought one individual who is pouring out his sweat, toil, and blood. When you see that one individual, do you have the feeling of God toward that one man? Do you have that feeling for him, for his life, for his welfare without reservation? Can you give up everything you have for him? Where there is a woman there must be one who loves her. Maybe there is a man so miserably defeated and so miserably "knocked out", but you know that behind him there is a woman who loves him with all her heart. No matter how miserable looking or miserably defeated a man or woman is, so that there is no value to be found in that man -- as in a garbage can there is no value -- there is someone behind them who loves them; yes, have you ever thought that there is a mother who loves that man deeply? That there is a father who has a painful heart for that son? Have you ever thought that man might be yourself? Have you thought that defeated one is your own self? Everyone is seeking for another. Those who are closest to you want to stay closest.

A True Religious Leader Is Crying Out To The Miserably Defeated

Wherever the misery, there God is. When you see an injustice to a person, you have a certain anger within yourself; that is the mind of God. God is seeking a man whose heart is so overflowing with love that everyone will find in him a real eternal resting ground. You know the story in the Bible where Jesus spoke to someone who almost knocked down the woman who had committed adultery. Do you know on whose side God stood? God stood on the side of the harlot. Jesus felt toward her as he would feel toward his own sister or his own aunt. To Jesus, all women were related to him as sisters, mothers, or aunts. This spirit, this ideology was what God wanted Jesus to bring to this world so that everyone could live in the center. God did not intend to have Jesus be a shepherd or religious leader who only spoke in glowing terms from a big pulpit. The true religious leader is crying out to the multitudes of people who are miserably defected in this world. That Leader is here. This is why to be a true religious leader I have to go the road of tears. If you don't have it then you weep because you cannot get it; you are sorry and you have nothing. This is the path of God and the road of Jesus, who are always one step ahead of your misery. Even before misery and hurt hit you, God already tastes the hardship and He is one step ahead of you. When you see some unfortunate thing happen in the road you must have such a loving heart that you cannot just pass by. You must physically experience, physically feel and live as if this world is waiting for your hand and your service.

My Work Has Been Concentrated On These Lives, These Types Of People

My work has been concentrated on these lives, these types of people, not in those who are at the top. My work has followed in the message. Whether you like it or not you have to have feeling for it. The road of restoration is rugged and complicated. You cannot respond to this road because you are not capable. In order for one man to be capable of his own restoration, he goes through dozens of problems. In this respect man has been longing for Heaven. You have been longing for the individual, clan, tribe, nation, world. Your aim is always higher. You might sacrifice your own family to save the nation. You might not be welcomed by the family, but you are rewarded on the national scale. You, as Americans, must not simply ask for help for America. Go beyond your nation and your own people. Go beyond the world and embrace it with world humanity. Then you are the blessed ones. Humanity is waiting for the pioneers on a worldwide scale; pioneers that center and focus upon this world. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, abandoned the crown and lowered himself to the bottom of the misery of humanity. The Bible explains very little about Jesus' life, but he was the one who wept most. He poured out tears. Jesus came with the mind of a parent and the heart of the True Parent. He examined everything from the viewpoint of a parent.

God Is After The Same People You Are

Those who "get with it" without reservation for the world and for humanity are the ones to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. We must realize that God has been living all through eternity with His heart. Your life may be 100 years at the most, truly just a spark of life and a short period compared with what our Heavenly Father has been bearing. Have you ever followed your fellow man, even though he be a stranger in the street, and thought, "Oh, how I want him to be in God's world, in God's Kingdom!" and because of longing without even realizing it you have been following for miles and miles after him? God is also after that man. He's been looking for him for Heaven. He's been seeking him for 6,000 years.

There Is A Problem In The World

How can man transform himself into understanding the heart of Christ so that every individual related with him is his responsibility? I was tortured in prison and I lost much blood. At that critical moment, I could not pray to God for myself, since I knew so clearly that God loved the one who was in my position. I knew He understood my miserable situation. Every time I was in difficulty my word to Father was this: "Father, don't worry about me. Since the rugged path of the restoration of the world is still far away, I want to carry the burden. Father, let me go first, before you, Father." If you are parents and have children, I think you understand this feeling. If your children really hit your heart deep in love, tears of gratitude flow. You can really feel the heart of the Father in love. God is looking for that man who can touch His heart, who can give God joy. The universe will focus upon him. This is one reason the Divine Principle Movement is known as "Family". It is a "Family" movement, no matter how big we might become.

After You Know The Divine Principle You Realize That We Are Destined To Go This Path

Have you ever felt persecuted, then seen a persecution greater than yours? You see that you are not persecuted, but God is persecuted. When you are persecuted you must forget yourself and think from the position of God. Then you see that God is there. God is al I ready to comfort you. So far, it has been man's tendency to follow God and leave his trials and difficulties up to God. When man prays, he asks, "Please do not deal me hardship." We must change our prayer 180 degrees.

God Loves The World And The World Is Greater Than The United States

God loves the United States, but He also loves the world. And the world is greater than the United States. When you cry for the world, then you will become the man of vision. You are the man of the world, not confined to any one nation. By knowing the divine truth of God, this realization is automatically evolving and forces no one. This is the way to become a true son and daughter of God.. When you have faced the love of God, then you will taste the love of God. The love of God is not apart from your country, not apart from the world; it is not a separate thing. Love of God is not found up above, or somewhere else, but here on earth.

The Important Thing Is Whether God Trusts You. Other Things, Such As Money, Power, Knowledge, Automatically Fall Into The Right Position

True, in your lifetime you realize God is living in your life. You must recognize that you are my son here on earth. It is not important that you believe God. The important thing is whether God trusts you. Saying that you love God is not important. The words "God loves me" are important. After long experience with the spirit world, I realize one thing: The heavenly way of the heavenly Kingdom has to go underneath hell. You taste hell first. If you recognize this circumstance, there is no problem. Other things, such as money, power, knowledge, automatically fall into the right position. If you cannot believe my word, please do ask a sensitive or ask in your prayers. If you live life like that, then you are sent to hell and you must take all accusations. After the tragedy of the fall of man this was known to all humanity. There is but one way to go to heaven.

Thank you for your enthusiastic listening and patience.

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