The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 1964

Fight on using your conscience as your teacher

Sun Myung Moon
December 10, 1962
To workshop graduates
Headquarters Church in Korea

You came from all different provinces to attend this 40-day workshop here at headquarters and we have already come to the end.

You are all about to return to your hometowns. Before you go, however, you must know the difference within your environment as people who now know God's will compared to your past selves that didn't. You must realize this.

Establish the True Standard

Considering the view you held when you came here and your view as you leave now, have you become individuals that can stand on Heaven's side representing the world and your past selves? Unlike your past selves, which could not be trusted, have you become people that can be trusted now? Can you now reveal yourselves in front of the world and Heaven unlike in the past, when you could not do that in all environments?

Considering this general problem, you should now have the conviction to reveal yourselves in this light. There is a big difference between your past selves when you came here and your present selves as you leave now. You must understand that the path you take will greatly depend on how much more you realize, the standard of your realization, the scope of your realization or the degree of your realization. You must first understand that.

Now back to the point.... You lived as you pleased before you came here. However, you did not know how indescribably unfortunate you were. Yet, you certainly lived with the heart desiring to entrust your life, to believe what others do not believe in, to possess what others do not have and to give something to others through you within life.

In the past, when you didn't know God's will, you may have thought of a faith you wanted to believe in, something you wanted to boast about, leave behind or show to others; you may have had such thoughts. Were you able to achieve that? You were not able to do that.

You will now be able to fathom a bit more about the world when you look at it. You will realize that the world you lived in before was one that you could not trust. That faith you asserted as great and trustable changes with time and circumstances. Even something you wanted to show and boast about changed with time and circumstances. They all ended up going away because they were incapable of leaving an eternal life connection behind as time flowed by.

You may learn more, desire something and completely dedicate yourselves into something. Yet, when you realize that you cannot find anything that relates to the eternal immense value within you that brings joy to the mind and surroundings, you will understand how unfortunate you are.

However, the mind endlessly instructs us to move higher because we are in a low position -- to a place a bit better than here, a better place.... The mind keeps instructing you to become a person that many people in a town can respect, to go beyond the standard of what is considered good there and if living in a township, to become a good person within that township. Even if you had attained the standard of what is considered good in that township, your mind would instruct you to become a person that can go beyond that standard.

Even if you were to pass the standard upheld in a district -- let us say you already did that -- your mind would keep instructing you to represent the country and furthermore the world. It keeps growing. It infinitely grows. Such a mind will stimulate you, secretly giving you directions, even if you are unaware of certain definite truths in life, and thereby a surging feeling develops within you. We cannot deny this and we know that we have led a life following a destiny that we cannot get away from no matter what.

You must understand how precious is that connection of the mind that longs for us to become better individuals or ones that shine both in heaven and on earth. You must know how precious this is. You must understand that the conscientious being that admonishes you through the mind is precious.

Father prays at the seventh childhood Sunday school commencement, which indicates the church began its Sunday school program in 1955.

The Conscience and Betterment

What should you take with you as you go back to your hometowns? How will you fill the difference between your past selves with which you came and your present selves as you depart? God's will is great. Ideology is great. Of course you must stand on that standard, but for God's will and this ideology to become yours, you must unite God's will and the realization of this hope on the foundation of your conscience, which is deep in your mind. It will not work if you do not set up this standard first.

A place where the mind is alive and giving instructions is where God's will and ideology are alive. In the past, you were not even aware of such actions of the conscience and you did not know how to listen to the instructions of this desire that we were supposed to listen to as people born in the true image. You did not know what this was.

You did not know that it is endlessly instructing us in this manner to make us grow into the people we are supposed to become.

As you are about to leave, what must you fill that difference with? You must fill it with your conscience. You must set up this standard through it. If you can properly love the world based on the conscience, you can become friends with the world. A person that can love the country based on the conscience can become friends with a patriot that loves the country through the conscience.

If you can become people that can love heaven and earth through the conscience, you are in a position that can move God. In other words, you can be a friend to God based on that conscientious standard. This is us and the immense blessed foundation we have is the foundation of the conscience.

Then how long have you lived with this foundation of the conscience? When you think about it, you realize that you do not have any memories of having lived centered on your conscience in the past. You do not remember any.

Then, what was your past life? You respected your own value, but what was it about? We look hack and realize that we deviated from the conscience and that we were traitors to the conscience, which is a leader among leaders and a friend that guides us toward the immense ideology of goodness. As you now leave, it is important that you have the firm conviction that you will mercilessly start admonishing your past selves starting from here. You must be able to discover this difference.

You must widely diverge from your past selves centered on the mind and the conscience. From now on, the world I am going to is not the heavenly kingdom. Based on the standard of the conscience measured here, if you have quite a difference from your past selves, the path that I must find is not one that goes to a life in the kingdom of heaven.

When you do wrong, no leader will say, "Hey, you swine" and punch you or punish you. Everything around you is wide open. You can go to the east, west, south and north. All directions are wide open. It is like going to a place where a door to freedom is opened.

It would have been great if the open environment in all directions protected us and had a friendly relationship with the conscience; however, the problem is that it doesn't. At every single door stands the face of an enemy ready to push you and knock you down. It may seem as though you have paved the way well, but as you go along, you get caught and die.

You probably see this quite often in a farming area. In order to catch a duck.... Many ducks will be coming because it is now duck season. In order to catch a duck, you must set up a bait ducks like. You must pave well the way to catch it.

That is how it is. The environment that we see appears to be more than just what it is naturally. It appears to be more than the reality that we relate to. If you continue moving in that manner, however, know that you will end up hitting a trap and get caught in it.

We must now understand what the conscience is. What is the conscience?

[Recording problem]

What happens here is that this connection between me and others does not become stronger; instead the relationship becomes distant. A person that keeps living centered on the mind cannot help but be in such position. A person that calls for the conscience and goes out to look for something true centered on the standard of the conscience will find the complicated relationships of the world.... No relationship has the internal condition that harmonizes with the conscience; each brings pain to the conscience and only has elements that destroy the conscience. For this reason, conscientious people feel the original desire to avoid people of the world.

A person that has attended someone that cannot change for eternity is a happy person. What will you do? The conscience maneuvers from behind to push you to look for a position in which you can believe, in which you can be truly taught and one in which you can lead a true life. You will know from now on.

We struggled until now having such a conscience with us. However, has our conscience been able to find that true and trustable something that it has longed for? Please answer that yourselves. Until now, from behind in our lives, the conscience has been pressing us and ordering us countless times to find that one thing we can believe in. Despite such efforts, our past selves were unable to find it then. Now, that we have been able to set up the conscience and look through it, have you found that something the conscience is looking for as its hope and as something it can trust? Have you found it? A person that finds it is a happy person.

The conscience is looking for that path of learning that becomes even greater the more you hear of it and the more you learn about it. This is the best thing that I wanted to learn. What would have happened had I not known this? Not knowing this is even more fearful than death. All of you here can learn about this. Have you ever learned about it? If you haven't, you should learn it.

The conscience wishes to live such a life. You must take responsibility to live that life. Based on this, you will want to fight in this manner. You must take responsibility over an environment in which you can fight.

If you have an unchanging center of hope that you can trust, learn from, live with and fight with, you are a happy person. You are certainly not a lonely person. You are not lonely even when you are alone. Do you understand? Did you find that? What is it?

Participants of the fourteenth workshop, I have met people from all the provinces. Even though you have thought until now that you have attended your parents, you did not believe them. You lived with your siblings, but you did not believe them. You would be a happy person if you could become one with a person that your conscience longed for and trusted, a person that could teach you, a person that could live with you, fight alongside you and walk with you for eternity toward the immense ideology that would delight the world and move the world to achieve the true purpose of goodness.

Who is that person? The person is not a historical figure. It is neither a historical figure nor the head of any religion. Of course, there are aspects that correspond with religious founders, but it is God, the first center of the existence of the universe. The best central being that you have wanted to live with and believe in is God. The best central being you have wanted to learn from is God. It is God, the best being, with whom you want to judge everything that is evil and establish the ideology of goodness. Do you understand what this means? We have discovered God. Now your conscience has what is needed to assert that it has discovered this.

Seeing that we have established a relationship centered on the conscience, which we can trust, which can truly teach an individual like me, which can live with me and which will always be with me for eternity for the sake of the purpose of goodness, we are now absolute beings. We are beings that evil cannot violate. How great would it be if that were so? How great it is that we have discovered this God. By discovering this Heaven, the center, in resolving everything, also came to be established.

In January 1962, True Parents adjust Ye Jin nim's birthday cake, while the first church president, Rev. Hyo Won Eu stands by.

God and Humans; Mind and Body

You have discovered God, but how is your relationship with God? We have an inseparable, father -- child relationship with God. Can you understand this conviction? God is the father and you the children. This instruction comes to you through your mind. When your mind instructs you, the instruction of your mind is like a father instructing a child.

This is related to the body -- mind relationship. If the mind is the father, the body becomes the child. Then the mind and body are like a house in which both father and child live. The body is in the position of the son in front of the conscience, which is in the position of the father. Do not forget this relationship. Do no forget this wherever you go.

As you establish a relationship with God, you must know that our Father is with you in everything you love, where you want to live and in your fight for goodness. The owner of my mind is our Father and the center of my mind is our Father; hence, you must become one with our Father. You should understand that the mind is in front of me representing our Father. Within this ideological realm, I am receiving instructions from the position of a son; hence, it is the heavenly way for the son to obey those instructions. If you only do this well, I can confidently say that no one will be able to snatch you away.

Set up your conscience, preserve it, build our Father's house. Once the conscience, which is completely one with our Father, loves you like a child, you will gain victory wherever you go. What hope has the mind longed for? Beyond the standard that can truly understand God's hope and circumstances is the deep heart of the conscience. This heart is not loved by the conscience alone, but also by the body, the entire creation within my surroundings and even the tiniest, most insignificant creatures. That a heart remains. This is an absolute element.

True Parents holding Ye Jin nim during her birthday celebration, about a month after Father gave this speech.

The Deep Heart of God Must Remain

What should remain even if all the numerous principles of the world were to disappear or the present system of civilization were to all disappear or all systems of a so-called great society were to disappear or we were to disappear as individuals? The hope on which God created the heavens and earth must remain. That hope must remain. Only the circumstances that relate and unite with God's circumstances as he placed hope in heaven and in those on earth must remain.

Once God's hope and circumstances can be felt and understood fully, only the deep heart by which God can live in joy as a God of happiness must remain. In other words, these three main elements must remain for eternity.

From the view centered on God and the individual, the conscience and I become one and then this conscience, which is united with God, will be in the position of a Father to the body, representing God. Hence, when the mind instructs you, the body must possess the principle that it is receiving these instructions from the position of a son and fight using that principle. When you fight from now on, hope exists when you look at it through the conscience, the body and even through God. Nothing that exists on earth does not have hope centered on a purpose.

That is why there is hope. Though the hopes of God, the conscience, one's life, the world and creation all differ, they all possess a connection binding all creatures, which were created through one unified ideology or one emotion of the creator.

The world exists within one realm of the universe. Seeing how they became entangled with one another through connections, we may not be aware of it or the recipients themselves may not be aware of it, but the purpose of their hopes is all connected through the connection of Heaven.

That is why the hopes of God, of my conscience, of my body, of my life and of the world must all be one. When the hope of my conscience is achieved under such unity, God's hope becomes fulfilled too. When my conscience is joyful, my body also achieves its hope. That is where the fulfillment of the hopes of all existing creatures on earth takes place.

Hence, what must remain for eternity is God's hope to achieve one world. Centered on one world, God has this immense ideology of creation, one in which his circumstances and that of the entire creation are naturally united and one in which he wants to love them. Therefore, what is that something that must remain for eternity, that something that we must leave behind even if we are to go? Hope. What is that something we must leave behind? Circumstances. What else must we leave behind? Deep heart. These three must remain for eternity.

From this perspective, what we must ponder as we go hack.... If we ask, God, has your hope been fulfilled? God will say, no. If we ask, Are your circumstances now understood? No.

When it comes to your deep heart, God, are you in a position through which you can be joyful? No.

In this way, we come to understand what God is like. God has become such a God. God wants to fulfill his hope, but he does not have an environment in which his circumstances can be understood and be relatable. Nor is he in a position through which he can enjoy glory from a true life through his deep heart. What kind of God is God? He is a miserable God. God is miserable. God is indeed miserable.

The sorrowful and bitter historical connection of the providence of restoration and salvation has remained as it is; God has not been able to dispel it; he couldn't dispose of it as he pleased and had to move forward with it. How miserable is that? The contents of the God-centered hope, circumstances and heart must remain in comparison to the conscience and body. Has the hope of the conscience been fulfilled? No. None of the hopes have been fulfilled.

How did all this happen? The Divine Principle teaches us about this. It teaches about what God's hope, circumstances and deep heart are. What should happen, then, to you as people who have learned the Divine Principle?

What does your conscience want to say? What does God want to say? What words does the body or the entire creation long to hear? Achieving God's hope is what all of them want, the same thing. What will happen after achieving God's hope? Everything must then become one with God's circumstances. Following this, all beings must understand and unite with God's deep heart. That is the final answer. The person who is one with God's hope, circumstances and deep heart is the most precious person.

Then who is the most precious person to the entire world and to all existing beings? What is the most precious thing? When we consider this, we realize that no other person can be more precious than the person who fulfills God's hope, relates with God's circumstances and has God's deep heart within him or her. In relation to such a person, the Bible says that one life is bigger than the universe.

A person that is in this position is a great person. No matter how great the past may be, this person cannot be exchanged for history. No matter how great all the thoughts that appeared on earth may be, this person cannot be exchanged for those thoughts, even if all those thoughts were offered for him or her. These principles and thoughts do not have the content that can exist for the sake of God's hope, nor do they have the content that can comfort God's circumstances and deep heart. Hence, even if they were given in exchange, the swap could not be made.

What kind of person is Heaven looking for? What kind of country is Heaven looking for? What kind of world is Heaven looking for? What kind of universe is Heaven looking for? God is looking for a person that can become one with God's hope, circumstances and deep heart and he is looking for a family that can unite with such a person. He is looking for a society, country and world that can unite with such a family. Achieving such things is the path life must follow and is what God must do.

Considering this point, what kind of world do we live in? It has fallen. The ideal world could not be achieved because of the Fall. A world that has not reached this ideal should be cut off and the continuum must be adjusted to reach a world that can attain that ideal. In order to turn it, the direction that went that way must now be turned this way.

What was the reason behind God's existence until now? God has existed for the entire world. Imagine how difficult it would have been for God, who existed for this entire world, to try to change the world.

Just because God is powerful does not mean he can act as he pleases. There should be no basis on which God can he accused. Simply put, since God has established the laws himself, he must not be caught breaking them. Even if one were the president, he or she must act within the laws that as president he or she enacted. Otherwise, the president would be caught and accused. The citizens would all rise and say "Who do you think you are?" The president will be quite helpless.

Isn't that correct?

In the same way, for God to fix what has been going in the wrong direction so that it goes in the right one, he should have a heart that can resolve and remedy what had been formed while everything went in the wrong direction. In order to turn back all at once everything that had formed and piled up from one age to another for six thousand years as a result of going in the wrong direction, a sudden power must be implemented. However, this power must be greater than the power that had led the past six thousand years in the opposite direction in order to have some kind of effect.

God is doing work of this type. Isn't God miserable? We now realize that it is God whom we must believe in, who truly teaches us, lives with us for eternity and allows us to live in the garden of love for eternity. Then what kind of Father is he? He is a father experiencing in full the vicissitudes of hope, circumstances and deep heart.

How, then, has God been living until now? God's heart has never been free of these two syllables -- worry. God has always lived in anxiety and has always carried worry with him. Even if you are a man carrying God's will in your heart and having hope for God's will, you cannot avoid worrying until the environment in which this hope can be fulfilled is prepared.

True Mother and Hyo Jin nim in late December 1962.

Let's Resolve God's Anxiety

As unified soldiers, you now face your destiny of marching to all parts of South Korea. As your teacher, who is guiding you, I am also responsible to march forward.

Then what is the substance of that destiny to which God, you and I must go? We are all going to bring liberation from this anxiety. When we get to liberate Korea from this anxiety, we'll see that the substance of that anxiety is God's anxiety. God's anxiety is conveyed to the human conscience and the conscience ends up being anxious. We have longed for a true person that has become one with the conscience. Because this person stands on the standard of the conscience that the body yearns for, the body, which relates to this standard of the conscience, cannot help also becoming anxious. This then spreads from one family to a nation and then to the world. We should not forget that we live in a world of anxiety.

What kind of person is a patriot? A person who is more anxious about a country than any other person is a patriot. What kind of people are God's sons and daughters? A person who thinks of only living well despite God's suffering is not God's son or daughter. A person who worries from the same position as God's and fights to resolve problems at all costs is God's son or daughter.

When it comes to a principle or thought, what kind of person can lead that principle or thought into its future? The person that is the most worried about that principle or thought is the kind that can lead it. The same applies to Korea. What kind of person do you think will rule this country among future descendants? If through you comes a descendant that worries about the Korean people more than any other person does, your descendant will rule this people.

When a country has many people who look at the world from the point of view of God's will or look at heaven and earth from the point of view of a particular ideology and worry more than anyone else does, based on such views, taking the initiative to resolve these global problems themselves, the country will never collapse. Even if sovereignty was to be broken at once and Korea's territory violated, as long as a people with this ideology remain alive, the country will reverse history. The time for such people is coming.

With such a conviction, you have the responsibility to take the first step for this people. After this day passes, when you keenly become aware of your destiny to head toward such places the next day, what kind of position will you take? Knowing this solemn mission and knowing that you have pledged yourselves to your part of the mission, as you become increasingly convinced, you should be able to say, I will become this kind of person and become part of a group that can worry about the whole cosmos.

If you cannot fulfill it, ensure that you educate and teach your children from that standpoint. If you cannot fulfill it in your generation, you should leave it as your will to the next generation, the following generation, all the way to the tenth-generation. You should be able to leave a will to your future generations asking them, as their ancestor, to fulfill that mission. If you can leave behind such conviction and ensure that it is accepted and authorized, your descendants will not fail. If this happens, the world will obey you. Why is that? It is because God is a God of worry. From the point when a person takes on God's work, holds on to it and worries in the same way that God does, everything else starts. The place I live in is the actual field where one can resolve God's worry

You now have to all return to your hometowns. When you do, God will say, If your body is not in the right state, worry about your body. If your mind is in a bad mess, worry about your body. If this is not set in your life, worry about it. Here, you should be able to say, Father, do not worry about me. From now on, I will worry about this village instead of you. I will take care of this village.

Before this forty-day workshop, you were unaware of this anxiety. Please go to your towns with the conviction that you are a different person from now on. God's hope is also here; only if his circumstances can also be felt here and his deep heart can dwell within us... When our Father comes to my town, God will make it into a hopeful town. The place I go to within my district will become a place God will visit based on hope, a place his circumstances can be fully felt, a place in which his deep heart is completely immersed and a place where he can rest well for the night. How happy would God be if you had such an ideology.

What, then, does God worry about? God's worry is about how to make you all into his sons or daughters. This is his worry -- how to make the people that were nothing as they lived amidst sin into sons or daughters that can understand the deep heart of the immense creator. Isn't this a cause of worry? It is a cause of worry.

What should be done about me, my family, my town, my township, my district, my province and my country? Going beyond the country, what should be done about the world? You should not forget that we are living on the stage of God's concern.

Even I, as your teacher, have lived for forty years and not once have I forgotten about God's concern. I met numerous enemies in life for the past ten to twenty years. Yet, Heaven looks for people that can worry in accord with the heavenly way.

When looking at this country, which needs to be rebuilt, we need a person that can worry about this country, a person that can worry about it more than a leader and a person that looks at humanity in the same way as God does and that worries about it from God's side. When looking at the world, instead of looking for a global-scale leader, God is looking for a person that can understand God's concerns and care and feel concern for the world for eternity. God is looking for that type of person.

A person that knows how to worry about a family is a person needed in a family. A person that sincerely worries for his neighborhood is a person needed within that neighborhood. In order to become people that are needed, you must be able to worry about those environments. When I say worry, it is not for you to ruin things, but to worry about how to make things stand on the good side. You should become people that know how to worry. Starting from now, you should be able to stimulate yourselves when you see such bitterness and anger and be able to shed tears.

Father, how can you live when you feel this much resentment? This land is in this state now, but a few years from now, I will be able to liberate this land so it is what you have hoped for. God, I will be able to liberate Heaven after a few years. I will take away all your worries about me and resolve everything you worry about regarding my family. I will also resolve what you worry about through my people.

If you can become people with this type of heart, you will never fail even if you are not educated; even if you are poor or are wearing ragged clothes. From here, we need people who can receive permission to feel God's resentment, resume the work and move forward.

The way we each sees things differs -- what we feel, how we speak and act are all different. Then, is there a way to bring about a solution by holding onto or by believing in them? Is there a way to resolve this worry? If there is a way, we must put everything else aside and practice following this path. Isn't that so? If there isn't any other way, you should take on any suffering to connect to that path.

How will you resolve this? Since Heaven has worked hard until now to resolve this, we should be able to be in the same position as God and resolve all bitterness by taking over God's worries. God's hope until now was for humans on earth to fulfill this responsibility and mission. You should become soldiers that resolve God's worries centered on the conscience

Unified soldiers do not need anything else. We do not need anything we have learned or possess, no matter what form it comes in. They are all secondary, in a second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth category. Even if you are naked, what is most important is for you to become children first that can worry instead of God and comfort God saying, Please be patient!

After comforting God, what comes next is living a life of practice -- practice at resolving resentment. If you live a life of practice from there, you will not hear any accusations from Satan on your way.

Be infuriated and lament in front of Heaven and lament over your town saying, I will take the burden you have carried until now instead and will go to that place of hope you desire; please send me!

God will answer, Okay. Go save your town. Save this place. Good! Save your township, your province and your country.

You have learned this from this position. Heaven will set up people that worry about the world, as partners to resolve these global worries. Therefore, we must be determined to become people that can fight for this. We can only advance for this. You must practice your faith based on this standard.

Then, where did this worry arise from? It was caused by the enemy. This damn enemy! This enemy's top stage is the body. Since the body is centered on the self, you must first start by conquering your own selves. This enemy, which is widespread -- in the family, society, nation, world and even the spiritual world -- has been slandering God for six thousand years.

This enemy has been violating Heaven until now; hence, on learning the truth about Heaven's bitterness and worries, we must have the determination and conviction to charge into Satan's general headquarters all together. You must have a strong spirit and become heavenly soldiers that will not falter or retreat when confronted by a fierce battle. If you can become people that practice and train in preparation for the great battle that is to come through daily drills and workouts, starting from the place you go to, as I mentioned before, you will certainly become a person that can understand and feel God's hope and his circumstances and become a foothold for his deep heart.

A lot of time has already passed. I wish I could talk a bit more.... You should raise your conscience and centered on it, believe in our Father, learn from him and live with him; from there, attend Father with whom you will tight. That Father and the conscience must become one. When the two become one, the conscience will order you instead of Father, and the body, as the son, will connect with the deep heart of the father -- child relationship. From that day on, you will embrace God's worries. I am asking you to become soldiers that fight to liberate him from this worry and leave behind for eternity God's hope, circumstances and deep heart. This is the message I want to give you before you depart.

From now on, no other thing than this will remain in you. Please do not forget what I have said today -- please become people that can take responsibility for God's sorrow and fight centered on the conscience.

First Korean church president, Hyo Won Eu and his wife Gil Ja Sa, one of the first three blessed couples, holding Hyo Jin nim in December 1962

True Father's Prayer

Father, people had become so evil that you had to put creation in front of them, to offer as offerings. How painful were your circumstances as you gave those orders? How wounded was your deep heart?

We did not know that your hope was in such a disconsolate position. We realize that we have been carrying with us historical sins. Father, we now realize how shameful we are when we look up to heaven, look at the earth and even when we look at ourselves. All participants that have come here have completed their forty-day workshop; soon, they will be heading toward the perilous wilderness. We now understand that everything in the world is in a position that only precipitates aspects of death caused by the enemy. As we must push our way through such an environment, please enable our minds to become one with you, God. We have also learned that we should become concerned people that can resolve this sorrow and resentment centered on the mind. Father, please bless everyone here that are about to go. They may look humble as they go, but please, Father, allow their determined minds deep down to be strong and bold and for them to become owners of their minds. Father, this is our sincere hope and wish.

With 30 million people still asleep and humanity lost within the dark, please use your whip of goodness here.

Please allow us to become sons or daughters that can establish a connection to your hope, circumstances and deep heart and light and defeat the enemy to resolve your unjustified sorrow and bitterness. Please allow us to become heavenly soldiers that can get ready for the era when fights will occur to resolve the sorrow and bitterness of earth, the sorrow and bitterness within the heart of humanity and in that of heaven.

We are sincerely grateful for your grace, which has protected us until now. Father, please accept these substantial selves, who have offered and pledged their remaining lives to your will.

Please stamp your seal and protect us, so that everything may live, die, move and become tranquil amidst the glory you request. I pray this under the Lord's name. Amen. 

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