The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 1964

Let us become children who remain faithful until the day of victory

Sun Myung Moon
April 14, 1964
Third Divine Principle Lecture Competition
Daegu, South Korea

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… Mankind violated the global foundation that God had wanted to establish. We, today, must therefore be aware of the immense sadness God felt. God's desperate heart when he set up historic figures such as Noah and Abraham cannot be expressed in words. God did not set up a historic figure to represent only a people. They were set up to take responsibility for the restoration of not only a people but also for the world. God chooses a central figure from a stance based on history, the era, the future and world history. However, if the chosen person errs, the foundation for global restoration is lost.

If such a mistake were committed, God would have to choose another figure from another generation in order to indemnify the mistake of the previous chosen figure by passing it on to the new figure. God chose people with such a sorrowful heart. We must, therefore, understand that whenever God had to choose a figure under such circumstances, he had to undergo infinite internal pain and external suffering.

In the Bible are parts that forbid us from making pledges. Why does the Bible say so? Furthermore, in conducting his providence, why did God not teach mankind a clear boundary concerning the responsibilities a person can take? You must understand the sorrowful heart God had for not being able to teach this to mankind.

Let us say that a person pledges, I will take this and that responsibility and will complete them within a particular time.

If this person fails to keep his word, the person's failure becomes God's failure. In addition, it becomes the failure of the person's descendants and that of humanity today. Even the purpose of history, in connection to this mistake, becomes a failure.

When it comes to setting up people and conducting the providence, God should be receiving pledges. Yet, he is in a position where he has not been able to do that. Even though he can teach everything and give advice, he has not been able to do so. Can you imagine how great God's predicament has been as a result? You must understand this.

Therefore, when it comes to people that are loyal to God's will, God, more than anything else in the world, wants to live for the sake of such people, wants to boast about them and wants to give everything on earth and in heaven to those people. Unfortunately, God could not do that. Why? When

God chooses and sets up a loyal person, the particular standard God aspires for must be established completely by and only by the standard that God gave to the person. However, the love God bestows is global love; hence, no matter how loyal a person may be, God cannot give anything to the person, even if he wanted to, until the person completely realizes this standard. Therefore, we should be able to attend God, who has been working with heartrending sorrow. We should be able to know God, who has been relating to us with so much pain in his heart.

Then, in what kind of place will we meet God today? This is the problem. Where will you meet God? Most people desire to meet God in a glorious world, in a world filled with happiness and a blessed place where heaven and earth is bestowed on them and they exercise governance over them. This has been the typical desire and hope people have had until now. However, one cannot meet God in such a place.

True Parents with Hyo Jin Nim, celebrating his first birthday on April 17, 1964

Where We Truly Meet God

For instance, let us say a father is building a big house. Neither is this father rich nor has he abundant house construction materials. However, he completes the construction after going through all kinds of difficulties; now he has a house everyone envies. On this great day, the father would reflect on his past and think of the difficulties he experienced. The happiness the father feels on this day would be in proportion to the degree of difficulties he had faced; the greater the difficulties, the greater the happiness he feels. His children, however, did not help their father during those hard times; they did not understand their father and distanced themselves from him instead. Now let us say that these children join their father to celebrate this great day together. How would the father treat his children? Would he say, "You are the children I love, so please join me in this celebration today?" On the contrary, he would reminisce on his sorrowful past upon seeing his children. Even if the children were to regret not having helped their father, we already know that they would cause the father much pain and sadness on that great day.

In order to complete the purpose of the entire providence, God, just like this father, immensely suffered and went through infinite pain as he advanced the providence. Unfortunately, the numerous people in the position of children did not collaborate with God. As God overcame hills of difficulties, one after another, he hoped that mankind would work with him. God needed companions.

God cannot surmount those hills without companions. God cannot go beyond a hill representing an individual cross without the companionship of people. In the same way, he cannot go over hills representing a family, a people, a national or a global cross without a companion. God, who is carrying the responsibility of the global cross, cannot go over this hill without a sacrificial substantial being that invests maximum effort with the determination to fulfill his or her filial duty toward God. We must therefore know that God has been hoping for sons and daughters who can work with him because of such a course of restoration.

Someday the purpose of restoration will conclude and God's will for the providence will be realized. When that happens, the day God can truly feel happy will come. How would God feel when he ushers in this day? Not only would he look pathetic from the numerous hardships he had to go through but he would also look wretched and miserable from the pain he received as he suffered by bearing millions and trillions of crosses. You must understand that God had to go through this process in order to welcome this day.

If you are to join him on this day, you must be able to feel God's heartrending sorrow as he underwent hardship all throughout history in order to usher in this one day, to liberate all human beings and to enable human beings to have happy lives, even if you did not directly collaborate with God's work.

You must ready your hearts to weep and be contrite in front of God who has ushered in this day. You should feel angry and repent saying, why didn't I get to know you? How was I unaware of your worried heart?

If you truly repent about your past lives, a condition for God to sympathize with you may materialize. In other words, you should not join God on this great day if you do not have such a heart. That explains the Bible verse Matthew 7:21, "Not everyone who says to me, `Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only lie who does the will of my Father who is in heaven."

We are heading forward in order to meet God. Everyone hopes to meet a God of joy; however, we should never forget that God had to go through all kinds of hardships and sorrow to appear as the God of joy.

What God did you attend as you followed the path toward the crucifixion? You should be able to do anything to share in God's sorrow when he is sad, comfort him when he is lonely, lament over his misery, comfort him for the persecutions he suffered, and do everything to carry the cross along that path instead of God. If such sons and daughters exist, God will call them and set them up in front of the entire creation and the entire universe when this joyful day is ushered in. Instead of making this joyful day his, lie would want to make it into his children's. We must be able to understand that this expresses God's heart.

God has been looking for such sons and daughters for this reason and has been hoping for siblings, families, nations the world and the cosmos= to fill with such children. As people who understand this and stand on the frontline of restoration work, we must know the immensity of the responsibility we carry. To become children that attend such a God, humanity must desire to attend God and we must treat all human beings as brothers and sisters. Become models in attending God and set up at least a condition by which humanity can comfort God and have the desire to dissolve God's sadness. A person with those qualities is God's son or God's daughter.

On March 2, 1964, True Parents, Ye Jin Nim, and Hyo Jin Nim with Anthony Brooke, the British former king of Sarawak, who was briefly enthusiastic about our movement.

Toward the Day of Accomplishment

No greater prize, hope, praise or happiness is possible than when meeting God. When God conies to me when I am sad, that meeting place is one of infinite happiness. To go to the position where God suffers and meet him there is to be in a place of infinite happiness.

When Jesus died on the cross, God came down to the cross and heavenly soldiers and angels bowed their heads, participating in the sorrow. However, Jesus knew that God overcame internal pain in his heart to usher in the day and set Jesus up in that position. He was well aware of how great God's sorrow was as a result of God's having no other choice but to send Jesus to that place. That is why Jesus prayed in Matthew 26.39, "My Father.... not as I will, but as you will." Through this, Jesus understood God's internal heart and established the standard of that heart on earth.

Therefore, we do not meet God only in joyful circumstances. To meet God in sad circumstances is truly meeting God. We must be able to comfort God in sorrowful circumstances, protect him realistically and in his place eliminate the environment of the cross. What God, who has been looking for his children, has been hoping for is that. We can understand that position after God has realized everything.

Everyone looks forward to the time God will call his sons and daughters and usher in this joyful day after having accomplished everything; however, God desires to meet people in wretched circumstances, which is not an aspect that all people desire. Today, as you follow the path of restoration, you must bear in mind that you live to attend God. No matter what happens to the world -- one's environment, one's body one's circumstances -- you must be determined to attend God and think that it is your fate.

No one on earth has fought hard with a mind determined to resolve the sorrow and resentment that our ancestors, who had betrayed God, carried alone. Therefore, God is trying to save human beings who are becoming Satan's prisoners. In other words, God is protecting us from Satan's arrows. You must be able to experience this truth. When receiving an award at a particular church event or receiving praise for something, you must not delight in it. You must understand that God, who relates to the countless people on earth and in heaven, desires to bless all people. You must think of creative ways that can enable all people to receive blessings. You must be able to say, "Even if I have something worth praising, I do not want to receive any praise. I still have to head forward because the path of restoration is still not completed. I hope to see God happy and God's face filled with smiles on the day his will is achieved."

There is no higher prize, hope, praise or joy than seeing God. Only a person who has followed this path can be called a person who has fulfilled the responsibility of a true devoted son. Hence, we all act, walk and fight in order to meet God. Wouldn't sadness exist along the path over which we remove all crosses in front of humanity and comfort God's sorrowful heart? This path is the course of restoration on a global level. You should yearn to meet God. God's hope and intention is my hope and intention: the path God wants to follow is the path I must follow.

How God Views Humanity

You must be able to experience God's sorrowful heart when mankind became separated from God six thousand years ago because of the Fall. Looking back on our history, full of sorrow and resentment, we realize that humanity has been groaning in sorrow. However, we must realize that God has been suffering in more sorrow than has humanity from seeing human beings acting sinfully within the satanic realm.

How did our ancestors end up forming a history with so much sorrow and resentment? Has there been anyone who grieved over the fury and injustice of this history or anyone who fought alongside God against this historical resentment? From the beginning, God and our good ancestors have fought against this resentment. I was born to convey the tradition of God and the good ancestors. I was born to convey that ideology and thought. Hence, you must have a heart yearning for this new world. Whenever you look at the wretched reality, you must realize that God had to carry the responsibility to pave the way in this unfortunate and wretched reality. So this way was God's path.

When you see something sad, you must be able to feel the heart of God who had shed tears before the person suffering in sadness. When you go to a certain city to witness, you must be able to ask with tears welling in your eyes, "Where am I going, Father? What kind of person will I meet? Will I meet Satan? I will go as your child and take responsibility over the district. I will advance as your soldier. I will go to preserve the duties of true life." You should be able to have that attitude. You must be able to pave the true way.

The weeds within the satanic world must be pulled out. Based on the victorious condition you establish on earth, you make them into people of Heaven and must be able to offer those results. We are now living in an age when words such as offering God an entire city can come true. Hence, you must desire, representing this people, to save people that can become offerings through your efforts. When God relates to a person, he does so from this perspective. Externally you may look insignificant and valueless, but from the internal perspective that admires God's heart, your every move carries grave significance.

For 120 years, Noah was completely loyal to God, going up a mountain regardless of what people thought. These acts of Noah's became a condition by which eternal happiness could be returned to Heaven. Even though he worked alone and shed sweat, his hard work, from the perspective that the grieving world has been hoping for that one day of liberation, brought about indescribable happiness. God comes to man- kind with such a hopeful heart and tells us to prepare for that one day of hope.

For whom are you following this path? It is to meet God. How should you follow this path to meet God? You must start with God, go with God and live in a place you want to stay with God.

Have we ever been able to meet God or attend God in our lives? We have not been able to attend God in our lives. God, however, is not one who has eschewed the world. He is working to save the unfortunate people in the world and the numerous children, moaning within the bosom of the enemy. God has been conducting his pioneering mission in this death-like world for this one joyful day. You must therefore be able to have the conviction that you are living in such an arena. You must not only live with such conviction, you must also have the heart to live a life that brings the enemy to submission and resolves God's resentment and sorrow. Only people who live and fight with such a mind- set can meet God and attend God in their lives.

On December 16, 1964, True Parents, Ye Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim and church members seeing off the first missionary to Japan, Sang Ik Choi (Bong Choon Choi -- Papasan Choi) (to Father's immediate right) who had started his mission there in 1958

God Gives Our Lives Value

If you meet God after you have worked hard and achieved a certain goal, God lawfully becomes your authorized Father. For this reason, you must live and attend God within the living realm of coexistence with God, even in places where you shed blood and tears. You should be able to work with God, fight with God, eat and live with God.

God's cross does not sadden him, because he does not live self-centeredly. He lives for all people and for his children. Therefore, you must not feel sad because of your cross and must not live for yourself. You must live for all people.

Therefore, in the process of following God's will, you must not feel grateful and happy alone regarding opportunities ahead of you and welcoming environments. Instead, whenever you come across that type of environment, you must be able to yearn for those days when you tear- fully prayed in front of God in narrow and gruesome places. By doing so, God can dwell with you. The more you advance in this manner, the more you will find helping hands and help from prophets. God dwells in such places. The time you work under such circumstances will remain valuable throughout your lives.

When you pledge that you believe in God, you will long for those days when you appealed to God in gruesome places and held on to God with the conviction that you have not come all this way alone and will certainly not fail. Whenever I faced an ordeal through which I confronted Satan, I pledged in front of God and prayed with an earnest heart. Despite my circumstances, God could only comfort me; he could not teach me or accept my pledge. How miserable would God, who had no other alternative, feel? Let us say there is a person that had been completely loyal but then betrays God. God cannot even say, "Hey, why have you betrayed me?" You must be able to understand this sorrowful heart of God's. That we have now met this sorrowful God is precious, but to meet God in joy, we must become his companions until we meet him in joy. Our eventual meeting would then become completely natural.

Today, we are directly attending God within our lives, taking actual action and fighting against Satan. We must feel infinitely joyful for living in this age and having such a bond. The work we are presently conducting is significant work that can affect the pride of a people. The world today is spiritually under confusion. However, we have received the incredible benefits of being able to change the world by living in this age.

You must be able to experience great satisfaction over having chosen this path to making such a world and that you are paving the way and shedding blood and sweat for it. I know you have all come here to experience it. Regular people all run away once they understand that there is no support whatsoever that protects us in everything.

On December 16, 1964, True Father with Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Won Eu, the first church president, sending off Rev. Sang Ik Choi (Bong Choon Choi -- Papasan Choi) (center)

Be Confident, Win the Final Battle

If Satan chooses you for his work, and you start a particular task, a guardian will take all responsibility to support you and will take care of all your living issues. This is what people in the satanic world do.

When they see us take on suffering, they pity us. God is well aware of that, but cannot take any responsibility behind the scenes. How broken and sad would God's heart be? You must be able to go ahead no matter what difficulties you face and help all exhausted members to move ahead too. How sorrowful would God, who is well aware of your difficult situation, be? You must be able to put the environment in order by not giving up. This is the type of person God desires.

The more serious and the grimmer the stage on which is waged the final battle, the more God will guarantee its historic value. From this perspective, we realize that God is backing us up in order to give us heaven and earth.

You and I each have responsibilities within our respective fields in the Unification Church. I carry responsibilities within my field and you have responsibilities in yours. Hence, when it comes to responsibilities, our circumstances are the same. However, a big difference exists regarding aspects of our lives and the field in which we conduct our missions. In the same way, the field in which God conducts his providence differs greatly.

God has not failed. He does not take his fight to bring Satan to submission lightly. He is continuously fighting. He cannot stop this fight, even if a people or all humanity does not fight. God continues because he can set up many members around the world if he can set up one family and he can set up a people if he can set up a tribe. That one finds a way to survive if only a center is set up is consistent with natural law.

If a center flourishes, others flourish alongside it. Such principled standard must be set up and expand starting from a family to a nation and the world. Hence, the family should push forward based on this cosmic principle. In this way, a plus and minus automatically form.

It is the same when relating to God's will today. Based on this principled standard, I have to strike satanic world traditions. Being more important, more thorough and more complete than the satanic world, I will attack the resentment-filled history. You are the ones who must do this work with me.

You must be able to say, "The pain inflicted on mankind must end within my time. I am certain we can win this ongoing fight on the Korean Peninsula." Are you all confident you can do that? The fight into in which we are pouring our dedication is a battle that we must fight with all our strength despite the miserable circumstances. It is the final decisive battle. Historically, the world went through numerous rises and falls, but our battle must become the very last in history. This resentful history must come to an end.

The Path of a Devoted Child

You must advance because the day will come when victory will be won in the final battle to put this sinful world back in order. You must advance because the final ordeal of this battle centered on God will come. You must advance because the final ordeal of the battle for the tribe will come. You must advance because the final crisis of the battle for the people will come. If you cannot partake in this battle, how much sorrow and resentment would you feel? How resentful and sorrowful would you feel if you do not win this battle, nor wave the flag of victory, nor rule the world?

You should hope in your hearts for that one day of victory. You must fight to usher in that day. Victory does not simply come without fighting for it. You must undergo a fight with the determination to live or die, to perish or survive.

In the process of this actual battle, what have you done to carry the individual cross? What have you done to carry the family cross? Do you know how much God had to fight, how sorrowful he was, how heartbroken, and how much he had to struggle to go beyond this hill? This hill of sorrow could not be overcome within a generation.... The Unification Church must be able to overcome the heartrending hill of resentment God has tried to go beyond throughout six thousand years of history within one generation. In the future, the enemy of the individual will disappear from world history. The enemy of the family, the tribe and the nation will all disappear from world history.

Under these circumstances, one must be able to fight together with God while attending God. You have been studying the Divine Principle but you have not been able to fulfill your responsibilities. The Principle and your lives have been two separate entities.

Today, something divine is unfolding in front of us as we advance and hold the first flag of victory in relation to this people. Now that I have offered my blood and flesh to God, you must advance with the determination to defeat the enemy camp completely, for that one glorious day.

Even if this takes ten years, a hundred years or your entire life, you must be determined to go forward at all cost. The problem now is how completely loyal we are. It is not a matter of whether the city of Daegu accepts us or not. In other words, the problem is whether we are completely loyal or not. It is not about receiving something or not. Whether we have more members or not is not the problem. The problem is how much our members have given. When giving, you must give to the extent that the recipient would want to reciprocate.

You have understood God's will and have shown true loyalty in your three-year course. While working for God's will during those three years, you probably saw many disappointed people that blame others. However, once God becomes present in their minds, they will change. The pain that they received and their fight against world-level suffering is all for that one victorious day.

The true path of a devoted child is one on which you lead a valuable life, wanting to attend God and move closer to God. Do you understand? Let us all start anew as though today were the first day. 

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