The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1963

Our Direction From Now On

Sun Myung Moon
December 1963

The Leader spoke to Unification Church members at Seoul at a service marking the official close of the three-year course.

Three years have now passed since the time when I had you make a pledge before Heaven and drove you out into the wilderness of Korea. Both young and old have fought bloody battles. In spite of many obstacles and hindrances, you have triumphed because of your single-mindedness for the Will of God. You have poured forth your tears, blood, and sweat on this soil. Three years ago, we started walking as sinners, even though without sin, receiving scorn, rebuke, and persecution unjustly.

I know that you have fought well in order that Satan might not take what you have gained. Some of you sold your blood when there was no other way to fight. Although you have labored in a very limited area, your work has laid the foundation for work in a new direction. Although you performed your work on the individual level, you have done so on the foundation of past history in order to pave the way for a new history.

Having ended our three-year course, in which direction do we head now? Up to now, our goal has been to lay the national foundation and to demonstrate to the 30 million people of Korea that there is no other way to go but that which we have set. From now on, we have to start a new campaign for the whole world, based on the national foundation. God carries out His dispensation initially for one individual, then for one family centered on that individual then for one nation based on that family, then for the whole world centered upon that nation, and finally for the whole universe centered upon the world.

The dispensation of God has not ended with this day, but instead the way has been opened for greater trial. The Israelites perished in the wilderness because they had not prepared themselves for greater trials after their exodus from Egypt. We Unification members have laid the foundation of victory in the past three years.

Now let us lead this nation to lay the world foundation. Then let us lead the world to lay the foundation for the restoration of Heaven and Earth. We must not be proud of our past loyalty but instead realize that God is expecting us to demonstrate even greater loyalty. In the past, when you met your friends on the street, you felt the pressure of their condemnation, but now you no longer need to keep your heads bowed in shame.

You are standing on a foundation which God will never forget, but if you do not rearm yourselves for the future battle, sooner or later you will perish. In a period of transition, it always happens that some people prosper and others perish. Then where are you going stand? Are you going to be those who are wiped out? Or are you going to be those who will sing the new song of the new creation, bathed in the glorious way of the sun!

In the course of restoration, one reaches Heaven, starting on the individual level. If the individual cannot progress to the family level, then God allows some other individual to lay the family foundation on the foundation which the first individual has laid. If the family does not lay a foundation for the restoration of the nation, then God another family to do so. If the nation does not lay a foundation for the restoration of the world, then God allows another nation to do so.

If you do not progress to the point of laying the world foundation, someone else will do so standing on the foundation you have laid. Until now you have dedicated yourselves and fought to restore this nation. From now you must have greater dedication for the world than that which you have had for your sons, for your families, for your nation. Every morning when you wake up, don't look upon your nation, but upon the whole world.

If the members of foreign countries outnumber us and their dedication is greater, then the movement will tend to go in their favor. When you hear the news from abroad, you must not allow yourselves to be bettered by them but must resolve to work even harder in order to keep the spiritual force with you.

From now on the work will center upon the heavenly families. Therefore, those who have been blessed will have to suffer more. Although you are not equipped in a worldly sense and are considered as insignificant people, you must make the world surrender to you

The most blessed ones are the forefathers, and those who become forefathers are those who become people of history, chronologically. Those who have contributed throughout a long history will be the forefathers of that field. In the past three years there have been given to all types of people the blessing starting with the Marriage Feast in 1960. Then in May the ceremony of the offering of all things took place.

I blessed the various types of people so that all the different types of people of the world could go through the gates of heaven. To do these things, we had to obtain holy land and place there for those who represent heaven and earth. Even those communicate with earthbound spirits will eventually go there, because that piece of holy land is the place where both heaven and earth are joined together These things cannot be done without sons and daughters of Heaven. I believe that our way will be wide open after this ceremony. 

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