The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1963

Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity

Sun Myung Moon
May 22, 1963
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han plant trees to
help reforest Korea, 1960

Why was the name of the Unification Church originated? It became necessary because of the Fall of Man. By the same token, this is why all sorts of religions were born throughout history. Today, you experience a distorted sadness in your environment and heart because man fell. Therefore, the root of all kinds of suffering and sorrow was the Fall of Man. You know this fact very well.

Right Lifestyle of the Members of Unification Church

Now, since you are a member of Unification Church, what should be the focus of your thoughts? You must think what will bring about unification in history and the world; a Heaven and Earth divided because of the Fall of Man.

You must long to see harmony and unity. With your hearts filled with longing for this unity, if you will be heartistic shields and protection for this world against the attacks of billions of Satans, you are qualified as members of Unification Church.

The member of Unification is an individual and the Unification Church represents the whole. Thus, each member must have conviction to annihilate Satan -- the enemy who opposes Heaven 's will to unite this world and whose work is to divide this cosmos -- and each of you must unite together as one sharing the same heart of sorrow and anguish as God. This band of Unificationists must be like this.

Heaven wants to gather not just one individual, but numerous tribes of humanity throughout the world. If we glance at this world from God's view, our hearts will be filled with an unbearable sorrow. Religions were born not just for the certain age when they came about. However, there are so many religions, while separated and disintegrated, are proud of only their respective historical backgrounds, and wield power that influences many nations, and has separate traditions firmly established. This is the sad reality seen from Heaven's side who wants to unify the world.

How can the one unified religious body for Heaven's purpose be achieved? We must resolve and remove the root cause of this disunity; thus creating one unified religion. Unless we are able to achieve this, we cannot establish one nation. Unless we can restore this nation, we cannot restore one Heaven and earth.

Therefore, the members of the Unification Church, who would represent this history of restoration, must put importance on the word, unification and demonstrate the value of unification throughout their life. You must be the group who welcomes the emergence of the unified world in your lifetime even in your dreams.

Any people who try to divide and destroy this movement that promotes unity are our enemies. You must engrave in your heart the fact that Satan uses such people as arrows to kill you.

Until now, we have been shot with all kinds of arrows, such as arrows of the individual, family, church, society, nation, and religion. Despite these attacks, we have remained strong until today. We have developed the standard of goodness centered on the name of Unification Church -- this name being the point of our battle cry.

Now, where is the ultimate goal toward which we must go? Our existence will not end just leaving the name, Unification Church. Even if it is God's desire to establish the Unification Church at one point, it is not His ultimate desire. This may become an interim desire, to reach one point of the process as we move toward the goal, but not to become the ultimate goal in itself.

This is what I think. The purpose for which Jesus returns on earth is to offer the entire cosmos to the Father (God), not just bring about unity among churches or offering one nation to Him.

We must build one unified nation beyond the unified church; and then, we must build the unified Heaven and earth beyond the unified nation. After that, the church will have to welcome the true master who can manage this unified Heaven and earth. This self-propelled leader, who can represent heaven and earth, is the Lord of the Second Advent. He is the one whom God has been waiting for.

Then, who are the most difficult people for you to unify in the world? They are not the people who are fighting and arguing, insisting on the superiority of their own denomination. These people are small people who can be pushed around, easily influenced by the teachings or opinions of others. They do not know heads or tails about real conviction.

The most difficult ones for you to unify are devoted religious people. They are convicted in their paths and faiths. When you try to bring unity among the religions, you should know that these religions are not under the control of any political powers and influences.

At many points in history, political powers persecuted a religion with spears and swords. However, the descendants of these politicians and policy-makers regretted and repented this fact and wrote letters of surrender to the very religions that their ancestors had persecuted. Religions have such a history.

Today, what the members of Unification church should know is how we can bring the unity among these religions? We are not talking about temporary unification. We are talking about the eternal unification. Starting from, creating unity in our daily living, unity in our actions, unity in ideologies, and then bringing about the unity in our hearts: these are the things that we must accomplish. Unless we can show something better, it is impossible to bring about unity.

First, you must show your characters. Second, you must show your lifestyle and deeds based on true religious conviction. In order to do these, you must develop your character that can represent historical ideology and idealism. Thus, you must live a life that can be remembered for eternity. Moreover, your deeds must be publicly recognized by the entire world. Your lifestyle should not be a facade or masquerade; but your life should be truthful and stand on the foundation that your action follows your thought and determination completely. Otherwise, it is impossible to bring about the unification.

Then, who is the person that is fully equipped with all these characteristics? He is the man of character who can recognize all human conditions and situations. He is not a man who can recognize limited situations of humanity. He is the man of character both internally and externally; and he can understand all conditions of mankind and represent the historical situations of man before the Heaven even if he had to face and overcome twisted historical challenges, pains and anguishes of the ages, and difficulties of the future. 

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