The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1963

Ways of Avoiding Final Judgment

Sun Myung Moon
New Age Frontiers - January 15, 1963

The Master's remarks

We know that human history has been the history of restoration through the ways of restitution. Through this course of restitution and restoration Satan has been constantly accusing mankind. On the other hand angels, prophets, all servants of God and our forefathers have been helping us by all means.

However, the time has come when the Satan, who has troubled mankind so long, will not be able to accuse us any longer. But from this time on you have to be careful with saints especially the members of our Family.

There is a time when the angels, prophets, saints and our forefathers will accuse you in place of Satan. Then finally there will be accusation of the members of our Family, namely, they will accuse you by the standard of heart with which they served God to fulfill the final dispensation.

The only way of avoiding this accusation is to suffer for the cause. Your suffering must reach the point that angels sympathize with your tears; prophets and all saints and forefathers cannot see you suffering any longer and hold you to stop suffering; that our Family members humble themselves before you because of your great suffering.

This is the reason why your Leader set a three year period and sent you out to suffer. With the condition of three years suffering in its utmost on behalf of this nation and the whole of mankind your Leader is to lay a foundation by which he is going to subjugate in one stroke the nation of Korea and the whole of mankind, particularly, all of the adepts and masters who have devoted their lives to the good of humanity and self-mastery.

In this way I want you to inherit the Cosmic Heirship without being accused by anyone. God will not able to give you the Cosmic Heirship as long as you are accused by someone even though God wants you to have it. This is the reason why the providence of restoration has been delayed for 6,000 years.

Since Adam and Eve, the forefathers of mankind, were alienated from God at the crossroads of life and death, man cannot meet God until he passes the crossroad. Since mankind deserted Jesus, the Messiah, on the hill of Calvary man cannot meet the returned Messiah until man reaches the hill of Calvary.

Therefore in the remaining period of the three year course until the end of May 1963, you must climb the Calvary and pass it bearing the cross of atonement for the sin of this nation and the whole of mankind, and inherit alive the kingdom of God as final victors.

Hence the remaining period is the historically most significant and unprecedented time.

News from Korea

As the last project of the three year course of national restoration, workers were sent out to 4,000 places covering all of South Korea. The 40 day movement began December 26th, 1962 and will be formally closed on the 28th of January 1963. However the work will continue. 

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