The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1963

Remarks on New Years Day

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1963
New Age Frontiers – February 15, 1963

The motto for the year 1960 was "Let the year be that in which we make the highest achievement of our lives." The motto for 1961 was "Let us be the representatives of the Father." The motto for 1962 was "Let us be the ones whom the Father would like to show off and be proud of." On the foundation of these previous mottoes, the slogan for this year of 1963 is "Let us be victorious rulers," which will be the slogan for the next four years.

The past three years were an inevitable and necessary three-year period to make restitution in the course of restoration. The highest and the greatest achievement could not be made without going through the greatest suffering. Accordingly the unforgettable, sad condition of restitution had to be made in 1960. Then, to become representatives of the Father, your hope, experiences and hearts had to be identical with those of the Father. Only under this condition could we subjugate Satan at the universal level.

Only by subjugating the universal Satan can you be the ones of whom the Father can be proud before heaven and earth. Then you will be victorious rulers with God's blessing. In 1963, we must lay the foundation for the restoration of all things. Namely we must buy holy lots and expand them. With the blood-money of Jesus a lot was purchased to bury the bodies of foreigners. The Jews sold their True Father, Jesus for 30 Denarii. To make restitution we must buy the land back at the cost of our blood.

We must begin to merchandise goods, make money, and buy holy lots, so that we may be buried in these lands. Abraham, Jacob, Moses and Jesus were concerned with the land of their burial. We must follow their example. We must be ever more thrifty than the Israelites, so that we can restore the things of the world to God in order to make a foundation for the liberation of this nation and all of mankind. When the holy land is prepared, we must dig up and destroy all monuments of the satanic world, clean the land and sanctify it. Then we must replace these with things precious to the hearts of people of all nations.

With the birth of a male child [Hyo Jin Moon born 12/3/62 lunar] in December the foundation of our Church was completed. The year 1962 was a most complicated year and saw many events, because the trend of universal force turned in another direction.

It is not an accidental coincidence that the Korean government has allowed political activities from this year, 1963. The Korean government started from 1962 a five-year plan of economic development, which parallels our four-year course of material restoration. We must start wit the new resolution to give up personal adornment and return to nature in this stage of material restoration.

From this year on we must inherit the suffering of Jesus on Calvary and pay back the price of his blood and the Father's blood. (The blood shed by those who have throughout history been working for the Divine restoration of mankind.) For the Father cannot avenge His blood, but only the sons can avenge the blood of the Father.

Our Church is the place where all people come back to their adolescence and the adolescent boys and girls meet each other and marry. That is, all members are brides before the Lord, Bridegroom. Therefore those who are going to marry must cut off their bonds with their own parents and brothers and sisters and unite themselves quickly with in-laws and have more regard for their in-laws than that which they had for their own relations.

The custom of Korean marriage reflects the heavenly laws of adornment of a bride to the Lord. A Korean bride takes her bridegroom's house everything which belongs to her when she marries. This is done to introduce her past history to her husband. Likewise, as a bride you must confess all your past history to the Lord. When a girl marries she brings gifts to each one in the bridegroom's family. This is done to establish a bond of affection wit the in-laws.

The offerings and tithes we bring to the Lord have the same meaning. They are gifts and sacrificial offerings which demonstrate the bride's desire to be a member of her husband's household. The blessing in marriage is the entry of your name in the husband's family register. Once you are entered in the family register, you have made the final step. If you are rejected by this family, there is no hope for you.

Last year I gave prizes to a man and three women in order to make them examples in history and to open the way of salvation to the first generation, who are parallel to those who perished in the wilderness. Therefore they were chosen from among those who have married in the satanic world and who have been willing to bring about a revolution in their family lives. The first generation must become one with those who received the prizes and must pass the standard of suffering that they have gone through.

I will soon bless about 21 couples who have been following as couples for over three years. Then I will choose 120 bachelors and the same number of virgins who are all pure. Since the UN has not yet obtained members of 120 nations I will choose and engage them for now, and postpone the actual blessing until later. The UN has already representatives from over 70 member nations; therefore I had to bless 72 couples last year.

My 7-year course has been extended to 21 years. The year 1960 was the 14th year since I set out on my mission. I have had to marry and make a home according to Jacob's course. The remaining years are the period of the restoration of all things. When the 4-year course is over, my 21-year course will be completed. 

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