The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1962

The Master's Words On Children's Day

Sun Myung Moon
New Age Frontiers – November 15, 1962

People celebrate various feasts such as birthdays, weddings, and Christmas, and enjoy themselves. But heaven has not had such festivals to rejoice. But this Day is the one that heaven celebrates and rejoices. Individuals, families, societies, and nations may have things to be proud of. But would heaven be truly proud of them and would like to crown them? No! Now is the time when we must examine their value. This is the time when the typhoon of Divine Words are going to blow up toward the corrupted atmosphere You must endure in this typhoon of great judgment and must survive it. We are tares who have inherited Satanic elements. We are prisoners confined inside Satanic barbed wire. There were all kinds of ugly and dirty events in our lineage. Hence a religion required denial of oneself.

Ultimately we have to deny our parents, wife, and children and long for the world of true liberty. We must courageously break the barbed wire and kill the guards (the devil) and run away to the great judge and demonstrate ourselves to be members of the original world of God's creation. Thus we must be recognized and admitted by Heaven. As a matter of fact, the great judgment will not bring mass slaughter by fire. Judgment is separation. Therefore it is the day in which all mankind and spirits will be set free. Then each person or spirit will go where he likes. The first result will be that; all people will be divided and gather together according to their traits, backgrounds, or professions. Then finally they will end up according to their spiritual or status.

The two conflicting ideologies will be coordinated and the realization of one world is imminent. Human history is being directed and will conclude where it originally started. Blessed are the people who have a broad and great view of history. Heaven will directly, coordinate history through the sharp eyed leader who has Christian background and thus bring one world.

The Unified Family! What an affectionate title of heart! This family is running along with the forceful trend of Heaven which is now in climax. Your goal is not far.

Jesus made such bold statements with full conviction: "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." (Mt. 11:28) "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! (Mt. 23:29) "I am the way, the truth, and the life" "He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. He who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me" (Mt. 10:37) He declared himself to be the Bridegroom. Jesus required the greatest love and service of his followers. He called God his Father and called himself His son. He also hinted that he came as the father of mankind. For these reasons he was fully qualified to become the Savior of Mankind.

No philosophy, no trend of thought, or no religion has ultimate value if it does not appeal to hearts, does not have the element of feeling. This is because hearts are originated from Heaven and eventually return to Heaven as their Father and Mother. The relationship of sons and daughters to the Father and Mother as the representation of heaven and earth is the core of Christianity, and because of this Christianity is superior to all other religions.

The Unified Family live with this idea, that of the True Parents. If you cry out to the Father with hungry stomach and in rags, He cannot but come to you rather than to a comfortable bed and full stomach. The universal masters were those whose ambition was to possess Heaven itself. Isn't it magnificent! When the brothers and sisters who are united by hearts attentively serve the Father and endeavor to fulfill His will enduring hunger and cold. His blessed family and His blessed nation will be formed with them.

Up until now the Father has been seeking His children who were covered with boils in their slavery in Satan's world. The Father has been teaching that He was their Father but they would not easily recognize Him. Still worse, when they would be recaptured by Satan, the Father bitterly cried and suffered for them and with them. This is our Father. Those who cry painfully enough with the Father are His true children and true masters of religion.

The religion which teaches to the core how sorrowful and how lonely and how painful the Father is, is the true religion. This religion reaches the heart of Heaven. The true and ideal sons and daughters are those who know the situation and heart of the father and mother. Do not stay in the status of servants or even adopted children. A real son or daughter would inherit the spite and grief of the Heaven and would eliminate them for the Father.

To seek such real and ideal sons and daughters is the ultimate goal of God's providence. To become this cosmic fruit you have to be grafted to the Heaven. To be grafted there is a process of cutting off from the tree, which is the three years ministry through hardships.

Having endured the three years suffering you will become ripened fruits to be accepted proudly by the Father. What a self-centered prayer it is to ask God to bear your worries and burden when you are in a comfortable place. Don't remain in such a state any longer. When you come with whole-hearted devotion and undivided love and faithfulness, the Savior will come to such children and such a nation.

He will come to you as your father and give His heart to you. Where can we meet such a Father? You can meet Him in the Garden of Gethsemane, and on the hill of Calvary, and inherit His spiteful tears, His blood, and His sweat. In turn you confront Satan with this inheritance and knock him down. The Father is seeking such children, the cosmic harvest, the victorious fruits to plant on the New Earth.

Even the fallen parents wish that their children would become better and greater than themselves in all aspects. This is the heart of the parents. How much more our Father would like to see wonderful children who resemble His perfect image, and see the children multiply generation after generation. This is my prayer for this Day. 

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