The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1962

Prayer at the Joint Wedding of the 72 Couples

Sun Myung Moon
June 4, 1962
New Age Frontiers – October 15, 1962

… We did not realize that there were enemies. We did not realize that the enemies were standing against heaven and earth. We did not realize the whole world was in their hands. Father! Now we know this. The enemies are trying to control mankind continually, and will do so even in the future. They are standing against Thee, against the True Parents, against the true families, and they have also been standing against your faithful servants throughout all ages. Father! How long have you been waiting for those who can and will conquer and subjugate these enemies!

Father, I give the responsibility to those who are blessed today. We are even at this moment amidst the enemies' camp. Hearing the enemies shouting, we must march on to the enemies' camp. Our whole being is completely ready for the command to rush into the enemies' camp. We know, Father, what sorrow and grief came to Adam's family when sin was repeated on the alters of Cain and Abel!

We must restore that in which Adam failed. We must unite the entangled and complicated history of evil and straighten it out. We must feel indignant about the fact that Cain slew Abel, and we must go through the bloody way for Abel. The rebellious descendants passed 1600 years under enemies' control. Then Noah was raised and judgment exercised by flood. But because of Ham's failure you r dispensation was delayed another 400 years.

You raised Abraham, but he also failed and brought about 400 years of slavery in Egypt. Let us realize, Father, how deeply, you have been grieving and suffering in all these events. We must follow the sorrowful path which our predecessors have gone through to fulfill your Will. When Noah heard the voice of God, he obeyed with gratefulness and awe. His family laughed at him. Other people mocked at him and said he was crazy. Noah cried and shouted that there would be 40 days of flood judgment, even when there was no sign of rain. No ears listened to him, no eyes paid attention to him. The flood judgment came upon them without delay, but on one responded to Noah's tearful appeals! Alas, this foundation was also destroyed.

Why did the Israelites suffer for 400 years in Egypt? What a sorrow it was! When their suffering was over the Israelites were anxious to see the land of God's promise. But the way to the land was not an easy one. You sent four major prophets and twelve minor prophets, but no one listened to them or received them. In order to straighten out all these crooked paths, the Messiah came. Who knew that the baby in the manger of Bethlehem was the Messiah?

We have gathered here, Father, to make this nation prosper, to make whole mankind prosper, and to make you, Father, prosper. We dedicate ourselves to this cause, to Your Will. We are willing to bear hunger, hardship, despite, because we have such a mission to fulfill, such a task to untie the complex entanglement of history.

Their fathers and mothers did not receive them. Their intimate friends turned away from them. Their whole society despised them. Fellow Christians condemned them as heretics and rejected them. However, you have raised them and led them with most loving care, for which I am only thankful.

People have rejected Your Word despite their earnest witnessing. I am afraid that this will bring disaster upon them. I have now married these people through You and centered upon You Father. Let them make it their daily task to become true husbands and wives before you and most obedient sons and daughters to You, Father. Let them make it their life's goal to become truly good men and women on earth.

Today is June 4th, May 3rd according to our lunar system! Who knew that this would be the Day for which you had been waiting so long. To see this Day how much You have endured and grieved throughout all ages! I now dedicate, Father, these seventy two couples to You. With them I will lay a foundation and make a new start. Make them the foundation of Restoration.

If you wish us to endure further, we shall do so. We are determined and resolved; nothing can stop us. The Day of Promise is very near at hand. I didn't think that I would be able to live this long, but You have sustained me though all hardships. You said to me once, "The way to death is calling you, will you still go on?" Father, this voice is still fresh to me. I do thank you, Father, You took hold of me when I was weak and stumbling. You encouraged me and strengthened me over and over again, saying, "Endure, Endure!"

When I was beaten, You were beaten with me. When I was reviled, you were reviled with me. If there is anything I can be proud of, it is all yours. From one to thousand, all things are yours Father!

I am now closing this ceremony. Father, remember this Day, June 4th, 1962. Please now liberate all angels, the twenty four elders, and all saints, and let them sing and danced with joy because of this Day.


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