The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1960

Prayer and statements at True Parent's Blessing

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han
April 11, 1960, Monday, (3.16 on the lunar calendar)
Former church headquarters
Seoul, Korea
From an audio recording

True Mother:

Nothing can fully describe God's heart now. To this one place which encompasses the entire six-thousand-year providence, you have sent your daughter; I feel indescribably awed in front of your call as you found and established me to realize your will. I pledge to become one with everyone here in all aspects of deep heart until the day your will is achieved.

True Parents giving the Blessing Prayer at their Holy Wedding on April 11, 1960 (3.16 on the lunar calendar)

Father's Prayer at the Blessing:

With earnestness piercing and flowing from our hearts, we are aware that this is a time when this echoing, beating pulse and this one streak of the movement of blood and flesh felt in our hearts can replace the original heart.

Father as you brought about this one day that you sought, over and over again, for six thousand years, we thank you for bringing about this day in history, and for allowing your daughter to be able to set up the new course of a mother in front of the cosmos. I express my gratitude as this is a time -- being a victorious day today -- through which you have appeared in front of all things that have perfected their heavenly nature in the universe that you created and that this time is one through which you have been able to claim victory for the first time in front of the satanic world by being equipped with a condition for liberation by finding this one day.

I know that now is a time through which we claim victory and Satan carries the sorrow of defeat; a time when our lives and satanic people's lives will be transposed. Oh Heaven, please raise the banner of victory. Oh earth! Please offer joy in return to the Father.

Glory glory unending glory. I know that this hour is one in which heaven and earth come together in joy May all descendants and the entire universe delight in this joyful time for eternity Father, even if we are to die, allow us to march on toward the satanic world and invest our heart and soul in establishing your children as heroes within restoration as soon as possible and to make this pledge to you.

Please accept your daughter, who has been established today. Crown her with a laurel of victory and allow her to become a daughter that can cut off all your sorrow and resentment. May the time ahead of us, as of this day, become one of victorious glory alone and I sincerely hope that you are always present within the lives of all members. I pray this under the name of the person you have sent. Amen.

True Father spoke:

What happened here today may seem simple in your eyes. If seen as just a ceremony it may look like an event that just lasted (or a few dozen minutes. Yet, when you look at it from Hearer's standpoint, all the vicissitudes of the six thousand years are encompassed here.

Hence, knowing this and for you to achieve the will, you must be able to take after Teacher's heart, accept the will as an unfinished work and work on achieving the immense will by cooperating with it.

True Parents during the benediction prayer for the Holy Wedding's second phase, the Ceremony of the Glorious Parents; most weddings in Korea include some part in hanbok and another in yon gbok (Western clothing). --

God's history is the history of restoration. However what kind of restoration does it require? It requires complete restoration. Complete restoration! It asks for complete restoration. During Adam's era, Cod tried to bring restoration through the brothers. In Esau's time, Gad triad to do so through the twins. He did it again through Perez and Zerah while they were still in the womb. By passing this standard, the next standard to be passed -- based on the previous standard -- is the bride-and-groom standard. We must pass through the bride and groom.

In that case, what should be done in order to pass through it? A one to one indemnity condition must be set in its intact form, just as in the era when Adam fell. You are following a course through which you can indemnify a lot with smaller conditions. However, if one has responsibility over the whole, one must pay the same amount of indemnity; one must be able to set such conditions and pass through them from a difficult position.

Hence, if established churches and the Korean people had supported me when I first set off on this course, I wouldn't have gone through such suffering. I set off on this path at the age of twenty-six; if they had supported God's will, Mother would have been chosen at that time.

To attain the stage where Mother can be chosen, all the vicissitudes of the six-thousand-year history must be resolved. However, for this to happen, a bridge must be laid, a solution found and one must be able to break off from all of Satan's conditions first. As a result, my entire youth passed while trying to follow this course. Now I am over forty. I have passed forty hills. Even if I am over forty, the principled standard cannot be ignored; as a result, young Mother was chosen. The standard requires the bride be under twenty.

From a secular point of view, I could grieve about many aspects because I have aged and face major tasks ahead, and to think that I must advance with a young person must be somewhat sorrowful That doesn't mean it is actually so though. The time has already come and we have accomplished this; there is no such thing as face saving or the likes of that here. As of now, whatever you hear and whatever it is, it won't be a problem anymore. Please know that, understand why Mother was chosen at such a young age in this providential age and give her your great support in the future.

Please bear this in mind; absolutely remain humble as we still have a long way to go in the future. Do not assume that fire will come down from heaven and finish everything at once. You should have the conviction, "Father, we are okay even if you do not help us. We are confident that we can move the world just by being equipped with the words of truth and our experience of the deep heart. We are certain." Do you promise to live with such confidence and determination? [Yes]

True Parents during entertainment that followed the Holy Wedding 

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