The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1960

Becoming an Offering

Sun Myung Moon
March 27, 1960

True Father said the following on March 27, 1960 (1960 3.1 by the lunar calendar), the day he and True Mother were engaged:

There is something the church members need to know. As I've already told Mother Hak-ja this morning, once we have gone beyond a certain stage in working for God's great providence, there will be people who can claim to be in the position of the children and others who will be given responsibilities from God as leaders.

The people who are given responsibilities as leaders, however, have their own birth parents. Be that as it may, God does not regard the birth parents as the parents. He is hard-hearted when it comes to establishing this new heavenly providence. In other words, we need to march forward with a standard of heart never before seen in history.

Therefore, there may be people who are close to those established leaders, like their friends or parents, and whether they are Unification Church members or not, they may come and ask for favors to place their sons and daughters or their relatives in high places. I will not allow that to happen. I will not allow anyone to come in through the back door.

That is why I summoned Mrs. Soon-ae Hong today and told her to make a solemn commitment. She has pledged that she will live from now on as if she has no connection whatsoever to Mother Hak-ja. I may also make others commit to the same. This is because Mother Hak-ja must first be established in her position in order to set the condition for the generations to come. So I told her to be prepared for anything because she may be asked to do anything during the next three years. As you can see, you need to be prepared to go to such lengths to establish God's will.

That is why you, the other members, should not think of Mrs. Soon-ae Hong in secular terms as the mother of some# body or other. From God's viewpoint, He does not recognize her as the mother at present. God has to stand in such a position. Therefore, I hope you will not think of her in those terms, and treat her accordingly. Only when such a standard is set up from the beginning can it serve as an example to the coming generations and the people who might wish to come in through the back door. Soon-ae also needs to be prepared for that. Do you understand? [Yes.]

We have come a long way and suffered much to find the path of our faith, but all our suffering has been for the providence. Now that we are on the way to achieving God's will, no matter what hardships may come our way, we need to face them with grateful hearts and do our best to go beyond the standard set by God. Do you understand? [Yes.] You have promised to move forward with gratitude no matter what you are asked to do, and I hope you will keep your promise. 

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