The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1960

Prayer from "Please Let Us Become Children Who Do Not Leave Behind Grief"

Sun Myung Moon
January 17, 1960

Father! We will go. We will be proud. We will overcome. We will collapse embracing this will.

No matter how many people there are who oppose us, please allow us to become sons and daughters who are able to say,

"Who could possibly destroy your and our relationship which is united heartistically or the fact that we are your sons and daughters, and you are our father? We want to be confident of this honor alone. We want to leave behind this honor alone for a thousand years."

Father! We are in awe of the grace you have told us about. We are ashamed in front of our ancestors who were ignorant but obedient, and we are in awe of the martyrs. And we are in awe of Jesus, your only son who died. Even though we are inadequate and have no qualifications, you have given us such grace that it is difficult for us to be equal to it. Please bear with the fact that we have not been able to shed tears of gratitude.

We have realized that we must become your children while we are living, and we have realized that before we die we must praise your love highly. Therefore, please allow us to be able to die not having left behind any grief, and having attended you, at least one time, Father, as those kinds of sons and daughters.

Please let us realize that this is our hope, and it is your hope, too, Father, and we earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to realize that this is the way to avenge you and to wipe Satan out of existence.

We earnestly request and desire that you will let us become sons and daughters who go forth and fight while praying even if we collapse enduring, sacrificing, and yielding until the dominion of heaven is established, and even if we face grief which chokes us up for the sake of the day in which this will is realized. Please be with us personally so that we can unite and be more than equal to the responsibility that you have given us in front of the world.

We have prayed in the name of the lord. Amen. 

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