The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1960

The Standard of Determination in the Course of Restoration

Sun Myung Moon
"Origin Source of the Loyalty and Filial Piety?" Volume 1
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han at their marriage
March 16, 1960 by the lunar calendar.

When you stand for God's will after accepting His call, even if you are beaten and your arm is amputated, you should consider it a symbol of happiness. If your body is left with marks from injuries, your whole body will be in light in the world of eternal light. You will be praised because of your injuries. Rev. Moon thinks about things like this a lot. So, if I am put in a prison where I am beaten mercilessly and vomit blood, I think I cannot avoid this special opportunity. If I do, history is lost. All good fortune accumulated by the sacrifice of good ancestors will be gone. My People's historical foundation will be lost in vain.

I am always serious about my position. Therefore it does not matter what happens around me -- in my environment. This is not a problem. How I deal with the environment I am situated is important, so I must be very serious at all time. Under any circumstances, I must follow God's standard absolutely. With this determination, that I push myself to be greater than all historical figures, who faced similar situations, the victory is guaranteed. If in dashing forward I meet the place of my death, then the path I went will become the path of peace.

Therefore, in order that I complete my course of restoration, I must determine to face death at least seven times. You must go through such a course. Once you understand God's will, you must go through this path. I must go this path as part of accepting my mission, then I will give my whole being as an offering to blow away all world level problems -- the gravest problems -- with my sincerity and heart of loyalty to Heaven. If you can be in this position, you are in the most wonderful position as fallen man. I think this way. Even if you die going this path in front of God, you will go to the destined place.

Who will be the first martyr of the Unification Church? We are going to engage in the worldwide battle to restore the world. We must get involved in the fight for goodness. In the process, we are attacked -- then some of us may die unexpectedly. This person will become the first martyr. Stephen was the first martyr of God's history of martyrdom. Stephen was not a man of wisdom. He was adventurous, yet not quite smart. However, he was a passionate person who willingly risked his life when he was going the path. He had this element in his character. Then, he became the first martyr of Christianity. From the history of Christian martyrdom, Stephen who was the first martyr was situated in a higher position than other apostles.

Editor's Note: "Origin of The Loyalty and Filial Piety" is several volumes of books compiled Father Moon's speeches (many of them spoken in Japanese) from later 60's to early 80's by Rev. Kamiyama. The volume 1 book contains speeches given in Japan during 1960's. 

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