Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

Please Let Us Become People Who Console and Comfort Jesus

Sun Myung Moon
October 18, 1959
Prayers: A Lifetime of Conversation with Our Heavenly Father

Oh Father!

Today, this time is a time that has a historical distance from Jesus. But we know that even though there is a distance in history, there is no distance in the world of heart. Therefore, please do not let us become people who believe in the historical Jesus; please let us become people who are able to know and believe in Jesus directly through our hearts.

Please allow our minds and bodies to be filled with awe-filled minds, earnest minds, moved minds which are able to hear the voice of that time which appealed to us, and to bow down our heads before him and feel sorrow through our minds while imagining the anxious majesty of Jesus who spoke.

Please let us become people who call you "Father" without even realizing it, and who, without knowing when we do it, thank you while feeling the ecstatic grace of the Lord. Please let us feel sorrow over the ghastly road he went after appearing on the earth, even though the messiah whom you sent was a being whom heaven should have protected and supported, and please let us be concerned over his toil and angry over his anger.

By our heartistically taking over today all the things that our ancestors of that time could not do, please let us become people who console and people who comfort Jesus in their stead, and please let us become objects of hope to him.

How pitiful a person was Jesus? His mind could not help but lament when he looked at the people, and there was nothing for his heart to do but weep aloud when he looked at the religious bodies. Humankind could not understand his situation of having the responsibility of the providence of heavenly destiny.

There was no one who understood his heart as he wandered in the mountains alone at night, putting behind him humankind, with whom he should have communicated his heart, the religious bodies, with which he should have shared his heart, and the people, with whom he should have lived together. Today, please do not allow us to become like the people who follow Jesus without knowing him, and who believe in Jesus without knowing him. Earnestly hoping that you will allow us to become people who cling to his pitiful heart, who are able to weep endlessly for it, who are able to be endlessly concerned about him, and who are able not to mind even the place of death for his sake.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

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