Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

The Toil of God as He Tries to Raise up His Beloved Children

Sun Myung Moon
October 11, 1959
Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea

11 Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony. 12 I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things? 13 No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven -- the Son of Man. 14 Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, 15 that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him." 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God's one and only Son. 19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.
John 3:11-21

28 But if you do marry, you have not sinned; and if a virgin marries, she has not sinned. But those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this. 29 What I mean, brothers and sisters, is that the time is short. From now on those who have wives should live as if they do not;
I Corinthians 7:28-29


Father, we know that we all have different situations and that the intensity of our faith is also very different. Father, even if our situations are different and the foundations of our minds differ, please let us understand that they are all centering on the world.

Please let us understand that God longs for us all to have the same situation and same foundation of mind during this hour. Please let us understand that God wants our situations to be based on Heaven, not on human beings. He wants the foundation of our minds to be connected not to human emotions but to the emotions of Heaven.

Each of us stands at the edge of two worlds. When we look to the left, we find that worldly relationships tie us down. When we look to the right, the infinite movement of goodness is pulling us. We know all too well that we are struggling between these two worlds.

Please help us understand deeply that God cannot raise people up in that situation and bless them. Nor can He call them or entrust them with a heavenly mission.

I pray that our situation and the foundation of our minds will tilt to one side so that they are not of the world but of eternal Heaven. Beloved Father, this is our sincere wish.

Now we lie prostrated before the Father. Please allow us to reveal the innermost parts of our hearts and to search for ourselves based on the Father's teachings. With a new vision, please allow us to recognize our situation once more. Please allow us to realize our powers once more.

We sincerely wish that You will allow us to remember how we have been struggling, under what ideology we have been struggling, and for what value and standard we have been struggling. Then please allow this to be an hour when we can think again about how we were like this and that in the past, present and future. Beloved Father, this is our sincere wish.

Relationships and situations centering on people split into many relationships and conditions. Relationships and situations centering on Heaven have a more unified shape, and they form something new, unique and clear. We lie prostrated, longing to be unified in a unique way. Please extend the hands of love. Please sway us with Your powers. Please do not allow anything here that does not belong to Heaven, and move us with the original heart and mind so that we can become a group the Father can recognize as His own. Father, this is our sincere wish.

Father! Please build a bridge between minds and hearts now so that this may be an hour when we can connect to the Father's situation and experience the Father's heart. Father, this is what we sincerely wish.

Although many saints and sages have come and gone in history, they did not know the situation of Heaven and were ignorant of Heaven's heart. As the Last Days grow closer, we should be discussing and solving the problems of the situation and heart of Heaven.

Please help us understand once more that to solve this problem we have to be happy even after sacrificing everything. We have to be determined to become sacrifices and bow before Heaven. Please let this be an hour when we desire the Father's powers.

Please preside over everything in this hour. Please do not let us be entrenched in God's grace. We know that there are many sons and daughters who have built secret altars and are shedding lonely tears out of concern for the will. Even if they may be in difficult situations, please bless them with the same grace. We have entrusted You with this hour. Please command this hour from the beginning to the end and let it be an hour You can recognize.

Even though God may have made all preparations, we know that we have to prepare the foundations of mind and body in response. Please do not let anything of the past remain in our minds. Allow us to return to the heart of a child and build a relationship with God again through the calm heart of the Father.

Please let this be an hour when we can be drenched in the grace of the Father's commands and be united with the Father. Let this be an hour when the Father can personally talk things over with us and make a new promise to us.

I am about to speak the words. Therefore, Father, please be with us. I know that there is no need for a lot of words. I know that what we need more than words is to experience You through our hearts. Father, please open the gates to our minds and take care of our situations. We know that Jesus is the original heart who connected with You, and we have gathered our hearts to come together. Please let this be an hour when we can build a deep relationship with the Father's original nature.

Please let this be an hour when we can make a new determination and pledge before the Father through new words of promise. Please let this be an hour when we repent for all our sins of the past and establish one purified standard before the Father.

Please do not let the heart of the speaker and the hearts of the listeners be divided. Let this be an hour when we can connect to the one heart and unite with the one grace. Otherwise, legions of demons will target this gap and drag us to the shadow of death. Please help us be aware of this and abandon all of our situations, concepts and thoughts. Let us return to the heart of a child to unveil our hearts and listen to the Father's commanding words. Praying that You will bless us to build a relationship with the Father's heart, we prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

What All Created Things Need Most

The title of the speech that I want to reflect upon together with you is "The Toil of God as He Tries to Raise Up His Beloved Sons and Daughters." I will speak upon this topic.

Love is what every existing thing in Heaven and earth needs the most. It is true that the one love is most important in Heaven and true love centering on men is most important in the human world.

In Christianity they talk about God's love. They believe that Jesus is someone who showed God's love to human beings. We know very well that if there is any love worth longing for in the human world, it is the love of Jesus. If there is some love worth longing for in Heaven, it is God's love. Likewise, our hope is to connect with God's and Jesus' love. The problem is, what is that love like? The original purpose of creation was for the first human ancestors to live centered on God and to live by God's eternal love. However, we learned through the Principle that due to the Fall, they could not build a relationship of love with God. Instead they built a relationship of love with the enemy Satan.

If we recognize that the center of life, ideals and value for all created things is the love of God, people who cannot experience the love, ideals and life of God do not have any relationship with Heaven. This is true even if they talk about love, life and ideals. Why is humanity living in such a miserable state? It is because they lost the life, love and ideals of God. We have to experience this deep in our minds.

If someone longs for God's life, love and ideals, no matter how sorrowful he is, he has the hope of revival. Given that God works to save people who are disconnected to His love, life and ideals, what providence would He conduct? We have to understand that in His work God moves the heart which longs for the true life, the heart which is thirsty for love, and the heart which is deprived of ideals.

How much have you longed for the love, the life and the ideals of God in your mind? If you do not have such a heart, there is no way to find God's love. If such a shock does not explode from your mind, you cannot connect to the life, love and ideals of God, no matter how abundant they are.

The Last Days are nearing. People say universally that the end of the world is coming. There is no one in this world you can cling to and say that he or she can satisfy the hunger of your mind and give you life. There is no one who can be the only one you longed for in your heart, the only one who can fill you. The same thing holds true even in the sphere of ideals. We have to build a relationship with God's life, love and ideals. Otherwise, we can only conclude that in the Last Days of history we cannot become a person of true love, life and ideals.

The Degree to which God Loves Human Beings

What is the purpose for which we are seeking a religious path and life? It is to possess the life, love and ideals of God. God and Jesus seek this kind of a person. Only when someone appears with this quality, a person God and Jesus can bless and recognize, will true love, life and true ideals be established in this world.

God loves human beings infinitely. He has been seeking them since the day they fell. To what extent does God love them? You cannot fathom this based on your own concepts alone. Even in the fallen world, parents love their children. If their beloved children are threatened by death, parents will overcome any pain or fear to save them. They do not hesitate to do anything, even to die. Even fallen people have such deep love for their children. Moreover, there are people who do not spare their own lives for the sake of their beloved.

Then would God's love be only as great as a parent's love for his children? If love is something which emboldens one to overcome any difficulty including death and brave any kind of sacrifice, then what about God's love? You cannot compare it with fallen people's love toward their children. We have to understand that the love God had for the original human beings was incomparably greater than the love found in the fallen world.

Human beings today feel pain and mourn when their beloved children or people precious to them die. Some even lose their sanity. In some extreme cases, people may die. If people mourn even on the earth, if they can lose their sanity and even die over the loss of their beloved, what about God? Think about it.

The Reason God Created Human Beings

God created Adam and Eve as the heroes who could govern all things of Heaven and earth. God is the motive of love and the origin of love. He created Adam and Eve to invest all His love in them.

God did not create human beings to have them rule the entire universe. We have to understand that God created human beings to give them His love.

If God's love is the power that motivates all things of the universe, why did God create and bless Adam and Eve? God created Adam and Eve as the people to whom He would give all the love which flows in Heaven and earth. You have to understand that God created our ancestors centering on that love.

God, who established the ideals and created the universe, must have rejoiced when He thought about how the creation of the universe would reach a finale with the creation of Adam and Eve. Moreover, God must have been indescribably happy as He watched Adam and Eve grow up. He looked at Adam and Eve with incredible joy and happiness. Don't you think this is how it was? That was Adam and Eve.

God wanted to love Adam and Eve to the extent that He forgot about His dignity as the Creator, He forgot about all His powers and His omnipresent existence. You have to understand, then, how it must have been for God to look at Adam and Eve after the Fall.

Although you are children born of Satan's lineage, you still love infinitely. You know how to love your beloved without limits. If human beings had not fallen, and good children rather than evil children had multiplied on the earth, then you could have looked at your children and felt the same intense feeling of love that God felt toward Adam and Eve after He created them.

The Sorrow of God Right after the Human Fall

However, there has not been even one person who loved his or her sons and daughters with the same heart of love that God had toward Adam and Eve. There has never been a couple who came together with such heart and love.

Sinning daily and making a lot of noise is love below the level of the angels, love which is a product of the Fall. People are distant from the love of God who exists as the center of ideals and as the ideals themselves.

You have probably not given much thought to the fact that Adam and Eve fell. You are unclear about the significance of what you have vaguely heard. There is no deep response of the heart in you. That should not be so. The moment Adam and Eve fell, God's heart was torn so painfully He almost went insane. You should never forget about the Father who was shaken so thoroughly as to almost forget Himself. Have you ever thought about that?

Even when fallen people on the earth watch their children die, they feel their bone marrow melt. They want to save their children even at the cost of their own lives. How must the heart of God have been as He watched Adam and Eve walking the path toward the Fall and crossing the line of death? Unless you understand that heart, there is no way for you to become God's sons and daughters.

If someone has experienced the sorrow of God as he watched the Fall of Adam and Eve, nothing of this human world will pose any problem for him. Even the greatest love in the human world cannot comfort the sorrowful heart of God. We understand the history of restoration through indemnity. To return to the original world, we have to go through God's heart and build a relationship of love with Him. Only after that can we become God's sons and daughters. Have you ever felt the heart of God who mourned while watching the Fall of Adam and Eve? For six thousand years, God has been ceaselessly struggling to liberate the grieving heart of the Fall. God sent many prophets to liberate it. He sent His beloved son. God sent His beloved son to execution to liberate the grieving heart of the Fall. It is to liberate this that countless people are in pain.

To Possess True Joy

If a day of joy were to come to the earth, what kind of day would that be? The day of joy is the day that the grief which is rooted deep in the heart of God since the human Fall is removed. However, today that grief in God's heart remains unresolved. The universe is surrounded by sadness. For this reason we are struggling in the sad and painful course of history. In the meantime we are struggling to find happiness. We have to understand this.

Why did we come to have this sorrow? It is not because we do not have money that we are sad. It is not because we do not have prestige that we are sad. It is not because we do not have people to love. What is the pain? It is not the pain that you experience when you are wronged. There is no greater pain than not being able to love one's beloved.

What is true joy? Becoming a millionaire does not make one happy. Making the universe our own does not make us happy. We have to understand that true happiness is finding love and living in attendance to God.

We fallen people live in sorrow. We fallen people experience pain in our lives. Although we have thirsted for the ideals of goodness for six thousand years, nothing of the kind has emerged. You know very well that the society we live in, the world and current trends of thought cannot build the ideal garden of goodness where God's love and life can dynamically flow. Yet, to our grief, we cannot deny this world. It is our fate to cross this pass of grief.

How can we cross this pass of grief? We have to go through the love of God. To do so we have to understand the wound in God's heart and comfort Him. You have to understand that; otherwise, there is no way to usher in the time of hope.

God has sought for us to accomplish this goal. In the Old Testament of the past, God established offerings as the condition to build a bridge to fallen people. God placed nature before human beings and they came to Him through it. Even when God came through nature, our ancestors did not worship Him sincerely. Many prophets in history did not know that by making the offering they were to build a relationship with God's heart of love. They frequently made mistakes. Using the offering as the sacrifice, God tried to place human beings higher than nature. By doing so He pushed history forward. He sought an individual and connected him to God's heart, then expanded it to the family and national levels. On that foundation of a nation, God sent a representative whom He could love.

The Heart of God Who Is Restoring Fallen People

God's goal is to raise up individuals and people and to send one embodiment whom He can love and do His work of liberation through. God has been guiding history toward that purpose.

After the Fall, even though human beings betrayed Him so many thousands of times, because God considered them His children, He did not hesitate to do any difficult work or face the risk of death for the sake of achieving His goals. A parent cannot abandon a child just because he is committing sins. Original human beings are the direct children of God who are connected to God's heart. Even if human beings were to abandon God, God cannot cut off this relationship and abandon people. This is what you have to understand.

When we think about this, we see that we are descendants who deserve to be mistreated by the universe and labeled as violators of filial piety. The same is true for every single person in history, including our good ancestors. From the standpoint of a nation, God is the king. We should serve God as the king and become loyal ministers. Because we are unable to do so, we cannot protest, even if people label us traitors and expose our sins to the world. This is what we are.

If such a relationship existed between two people, they would surely be the bitterest of enemies. How can God overlook these facts? It is because God has a never-ending desire to see people as sons and daughters who will live with Him eternally. Thus, even if God were ostracized today and tomorrow, turned away from this place and that, He could not turn away from His pursuit of the true child.

I have thought about it like this and have cried, "People on the earth! Before you long for your children and cry, long for God and cry. Before you become indignant about something, you should look toward Heaven and feel its indignation. If there is someone who is crazy about something on the earth, he should forget the earth and become crazy about God."

God is an infinitely sad person. These are not abstract words. With whom will God share His heart? To whom will God reveal His pain and bitterness? There is no such person. For this reason God yearns for sons and daughters to appear on the earth, sons and daughters who can cling to God's sorrow and pain and comfort Him. This is the highest standard we should aspire to.

What kind of person is God? He is not a ruler but a Father whose relationship with you is inseparable. That Father struggled in relation to the earth with a heart as desperate as if He were going crazy for six thousand years. Nevertheless, people repeatedly caused that Father pain and betrayed Him. If there is someone who recognizes this sin and becomes crazy about God even now, God will not abandon him.

God's Desire and the Highest Standard Human Beings Should Hope For

When a beloved child falls down in the human world, some parents go crazy. The same must be true for God. The same is true for God. What about God's love? God's love is the love of the subject partner which encompasses the love of parents, spouses and children. Before you think about this love, before you yearn for it, before you long for it and seek it, Heaven has already been yearning for it like a crazy person until today.

On top of this, Satan mocks: "God, You should be loving Your children in Your bosom! Why are You sighing and mourning?" You have to understand this situation of God. Although through our faith we may have thought that God is omnipotent and is resting peacefully in some palace, that is far from the truth.

God has been seeking for us throughout history with this heart. He has sought us for six thousand years. Look at Christian history. God came seeking us, taking a beating before our ancestors were beaten. He was persecuted before our ancestors were persecuted. He crossed the pass of death in His search. Every time a faithful person climbed the hill of martyrdom, God experienced the same pain. God as the subject partner of love suffered all the pains and difficulties of His sons and daughters who were living for His sake.

Will God give all that up? God cannot give up. Is He going to turn around in His footsteps toward the people on earth who deserve to be judged and eliminated? God cannot turn around.

Ladies and gentlemen, isn't that so? No matter how evil and sinful a child in this world may be, parents cannot turn their footsteps away from them. Their hearts are drawn. No matter how evil they are, and no matter how many wounds people have put in God's heart, God cannot help but come seeking for them. We have to look at the God who longed for human beings in the past. We have to look at the God who held onto the many prophets and sages and mourned over them in the six-thousand-year history. We should look at the God who is struggling and mourning over the 2.7 billion persons of humanity.

The Way to Comfort God

If this is what the God who sought me is like, then how about tomorrow? Is there any way to comfort this God? Even if human beings were to experience pain, there is no greater pain than God has experienced. No matter how unsolvable a problem human beings have, there is no problem more difficult to resolve than God's.

Do you think that God yearns for the appearance of a son who will say to Him, "Father, how much You have suffered," with a heart more sorrowful than His? Have you ever thought that God sought sons and daughters who can say, "Father, how much have You suffered, how many times have You fallen down, and how many times have You struggled?" He wants sons and daughters who can endure many sufferings, persecutions and difficulties and cast away all sorrows, bitterness and indignation. The God we believe in and should serve is such a person.

Where are the true sons and daughters who understand the sorrow of God, who is seeking us even while going the course of the cross? We need such sons and daughters. You have to understand clearly that the group, the people, the nation and the world which can unite centering on such sons and daughters is the world that God is hoping to realize, the ideal world of creation.

I know God as a miserable being. Misery is the only word to describe God's situation. No matter how miserable a person may be, compared to God, he is not miserable. No matter what kind of sorrow there may be, it is not comparable to that of God. No matter how bitter one may be, compared to God, he has no problem.

Upon creating Adam and Eve, God desired a garden of goodness. God created them in order to embrace them and love them and rejoice while all things of the universe reciprocated in harmony. Yet when we look at the Bible, where does it say that such a thing ever took place? The heart of God over losing Adam and Eve is the heart of sorrow over losing one's only son and only daughter.

The Mission of the Only Son

It is said that Jesus is the only son. What does the only son refer to? It refers to the only son who can receive God's love and comfort God. Since Adam lost God's love due to the Fall, Jesus was sent to recover it. He is the first son and the only son born of God's love. That is why he is referred to as the only begotten son. What was Jesus supposed to do on the earth? He should have shown us what the love of God is like. He was supposed to show us what life centering on God's love is like, what society centering on God's love is like, and what the world centering on God's love is like.

When Jesus came to the earth, did he clearly show what the love of God is like? He passed away without showing it fully to us. Did he show what the family that God loves is like? Did he show what the people, nation, and the world that God loves are like? He could not.

If Adam and Eve had reached perfection without falling, God would have raised two arms and blessed them, "Oh, my beloved sons and daughters, I want you to inherit My work and govern all the things of the universe and live together with Me eternally." However, this will of God was completely undermined. For this reason God longs for the one day that He can bless two people like Adam and Eve, giving them all of Heaven and earth. This is what you have to understand.

What is salvation? It is to restore what has been lost. This is why while going through the historical course of ups and downs, God held the people up every time they became tired and fell down. After four thousand years passed, God sent Jesus.

By sending him God wanted to unveil the sorrow and unload the suffering of the four thousand years. Through Jesus God wanted to restore and complete the ideal of the creation of the universe. Jesus was the person sent as the one responsible for that. Jesus was the one sent to complete the ideal of creation.

The Situation of Jesus

Jesus was supposed to walk to the end of the path of suffering while he was on the earth. He had to walk to the end of the path, no matter how difficult it might be. He was born in a barn. No matter how difficult and miserable a person's situation may be, no one was born in a barn. The providence of salvation begins from the lowest point. Jesus was born in this lowest of situations and did not receive love while he was growing up. Christians should understand this clearly. In the thirty years of Jesus' life, there were many sorrowful events. Although Jesus was born into Joseph's family, to Joseph he was a stepson. He was a stepson of no blood relation to him.

The children born between Joseph and Mary looked down upon Jesus. Think about it. Jesus was a stepson. Jesus was a miserable person who was mistreated even by his younger brothers and sisters. He did not have parents he could depend upon emotionally, and he did not have a family where he could find a place of rest. That was not all; yet Jesus grew up under the direct instructions of Heaven. Because Jesus possessed a heart of hope for the future, even in such circumstances, he looked at the people, the nation and the world.

Why didn't Jesus resent the situation he was in? It was because he understood God's heart. He knew that the Father he believed in and worshipped had walked a bitter path for four thousand years. He knew that he had the mission to take responsibility for and restore through indemnity all the mistakes of his ancestors who had repeatedly wronged God. Therefore, he could not be resentful toward those who opposed him. Because he had the same heart as God, even when he was dying on the cross, he blessed the people who opposed him. Christians today think that Jesus came to die. It may seem simple because they only look at the outcome. However, they do not understand the situation of Jesus up to his death. They do not understand the heart of God as He looked down at the dying Jesus.

Ladies and gentlemen, what kind of people are loved in this world? Do people love those who understand others' situations or those who do not understand them?

To whom did Jesus say, "I came to cast fire upon the earth, so if it is already on fire then what more would I wish? I am to receive baptism, so how distressed would I be until that is realized?" (Luke 12:49- 50) Although he did speak those words, he did not have anyone who understood them. Although he spoke the Gospels, no one understood him. Is it true that people say all you need to do to go the Kingdom of Heaven is to believe in Jesus? Although you may believe in the words, you do not believe in the heart and the embodiment. Looking at history, was there anyone before Jesus who responded to the sorrow of God and comforted Him? Was there anyone who became His beloved son or daughter? Although Jesus appeared on the earth as God's only begotten son, where did the sons and daughters who should have become the only begotten sons and daughters go? Have you ever thought about that?

The Purpose for Sending Jesus

For what purpose did God bless the original Adam and Eve before the Fall? It was not so that they could eat good things and be happy by themselves. God gave them the blessing on behalf of their descendants, their family, their people and the world. What was the purpose for sending Jesus? Since he came as the only begotten son of God, it was to find sons and daughters who could become only begotten children to him. Because Jesus struggled to find these sons and daughters, because he was connected to the heart of God who was seeking sons and daughters like Jesus, even though the Jews were to perish, he prayed on the cross, "Father, please forgive their sins." You have to understand that the motivation of heart came from Heaven.

Believers should not just be descendants of Jesus. They should become his sons and daughters. Where are the sons and daughters to whom Jesus can reveal all things, to whom he can entrust all ideals and whom he can bless, just as God could embrace him? God revealed all that was inside of Him and safely entrusted His works to Jesus. Had such sons and daughters of Jesus appeared on the earth, the Second Advent would have been realized a long time ago. It did not have to take two thousand years. Have you ever seen such sons and daughters? Although there were those who died believing in Jesus' words, there was no one who understood the heart of Jesus, believed in the embodiment of Jesus, and died for him.

It is said in John 3:16, "Since God loves this world so much He sent His only begotten son that whoever believes in him will never perish but will attain eternal life." It is said that whoever believes in him will receive eternal life, but what are we to believe in? We are to believe in the only begotten son whom God loves like the world, and we are to believe in the world that God loves like the only begotten son. These are what we are supposed to believe in. That is the main theme in all sixty-six books of the Bible. Those who believe in the heart of God who loves the world like the only begotten son and who loves the only begotten son like the world will be saved.

For this reason, faith, hope and love will always be there. But among them it is said that love is the best. Love is what will remain eternally, be victorious eternally, and what will come with the eternal, glorious Lord. No matter how sinful the world may be, those who can love the world as God loves it, as He loves the only begotten son, and love the only begotten son as God loves the world, will receive salvation.

Do not think that by believing in Jesus you will be saved. Such people are thieves. Thieves. When Jesus came to the earth, he considered this world more precious than his own body. Since it is said that God sent His only begotten son because He loved the world so much, Jesus knew that God sent him because He loved the world so much. He could not deny this when he fathomed the heart of God in history. Moreover, since the Jews needed the embodiment of God's love, he knew that he had to stand before the world.

For this reason, Jesus did not live three years of public life to elevate himself. The purpose of the three years was to find disciples. Jesus worked hard to raise up three disciples to be like his sons and daughters and to make the twelve disciples into his children.

You probably understand this through your study of the history of restoration through indemnity. God worked through the three sons lost in Adam's family. He worked through the three sons lost in Noah's family. He was the God of the three generations of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the three generations of Saul, David and Solomon. This is according to the universal principles of restoration which seek this number three to represent the whole. Therefore, Jesus had to raise up three spiritual sons.

For this reason, even if Jesus were to abandon everything else, these three disciples should not have separated from him. Although Jesus wanted to bring the three disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane and the hill of Golgotha, they betrayed him in the Garden of Gethsemane. This was the beginning of a sorrowful history.

Everything Would Have Been Realized on Earth

Had the three disciples been willing to die with Jesus, he would not have had to die. Everything would have been realized on the earth. Since the Holy Spirit came and there were spiritual sons and daughters, the father and mother spirit could build a foundation on the earth, at least spiritually, and fulfill the will. Some people may say that we cannot find these words in the Bible.

Why did Jesus who came to save the earth ascend to Heaven, and why did the Holy Spirit, the mother spirit, come down to the earth on his behalf? The earth is the symbol for the mother. Since the Fall took place because of Eve, who was the mother, it is the mother who must cleanse the fallen world of sin. The Holy Spirit and believers were to join together to cross the line of death and rise to the position to serve Jesus in the spirit world.

Although God sent Jesus on the basis of the four-thousand-year history, He could not embrace him and love him fully. Although human beings received the beloved Jesus, they could not embrace him and love him. When Mary Magdalene tried to hold Jesus right after the resurrection, Jesus told her not to touch him. Why did he block her? This is sorrowful. When God was sad, Jesus was sad. Because the situations of Heaven and earth are tied to this, you cannot move forward without unraveling this. How distressed must Heaven have been since He had to resolve the situation?

God is looking for those who can substitute for the lost Adam and Eve. It is said in I Corinthians that Jesus was the last Adam. It is said that Adam is the tree of life. Jesus was the one who came in place of the lost tree of life. Did God ever elevate beloved Jesus on the earth and praise him before the believers? Did He ever boast about him before the family which is looking for the one person God loves? Although two thousand years have passed since then, God could not boast before any people or the world.

You have to understand that God was indignant when He had to witness the death of Jesus whom He had sent and would have to send again. He was more indignant than when He had to chase Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. Although he was sent with the mission of a son, Jesus could not complete the mission. Because in Jesus' time there was not a moment when God and his son were happy together, there had to be a Second Advent. The day will come when God can rejoice with Jesus. This will be the moment He can reveal the grieving heart of the six thousand years and connect the sons and daughters with God and the Lord who is to come.

If Jesus Had Not Died

Ladies and gentlemen, please think about it. If Jesus, the only begotten son of God, had not died after coming to the earth, what would have happened? Since it is said that Jesus is the only begotten son, God would have sent his only begotten daughter. The two-thousand-year history of God after Jesus is the history of seeking a bride. It is the history of seeking a bride. Do you deny that?

Although Jesus came as a true son, since there was no true daughter, God's will was not fully accomplished. For this reason the two-thousand-year history is the history of finding a daughter. The fights in the Unification Church will also center on this issue. The Holy Spirit came as God's daughter.

God raised Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and blessed them not only to love them; it was to love their descendants too. Are there any such descendants? Have there ever been sons and daughters whom Jesus could love? If there had been sons and daughters of whom Jesus could say, "He is my son that I love infinitely and eternally, and he is my direct descendant," then this world would have already become God's nation.

As God's son Jesus died on behalf of God's heart of the past, present and future. The Lord who is returning will come to inherit the will and realize it on the earth. When he comes, what should the countless believers on the earth do? Just as Jesus was a son before God, you should become true sons and daughters before the Lord. Don't you think that is how it should be?

The Three Things Which Should Be Resolved

What kind of person is a son of filial piety? To become such a son, one has to attend one's parents well, and one should bear children. No matter how pious someone may be, no matter how great one may be, no matter what one may have given to one's parents, one cannot be a child of filial piety if one cannot have children. Jesus was born as God's historical son of filial piety. Even though he realized the glory of the only begotten son and fulfilled everything, without children he could not stand proud before God. Do you know why Jesus has toiled for two thousand years?

Jesus knew that God worked like a crazy man to find His beloved son, so Jesus spent thirty-some-odd years of his life with the same intense heart toward the people of the earth. For two thousand years, he worked as if he was a crazy man, as if there were no Satan. You have to understand that Jesus longs for people on the earth to the point of madness. Even if you forget all the words in the Bible, all you need to do is to connect with that heart of Jesus. Jesus has to resolve the most sorrowful, the most indignant and distressful as well as the more joyful things. There are those who want to be a member of the 144,000 chosen people or boast that they are the chosen people, but they have to resolve these three things.

What were the most sorrowful, indignant and joyful events of Jesus' life? Although we know of the times he was indignant and sad, we do not know of any joyful moments.

To become a friend and someone who is loved, one has to understand the other person's sorrow and pain and comfort them. Only then can one become the other person's friend. If you connect to someone's heart and build a relationship of love, then you can move that person as you wish, and you will also do as he wants.

Jesus understood the sorrows and joys that God felt during the four thousand years. Yet Jesus passed away without revealing them. You have to understand the sad heart of Jesus who said, "You cannot believe in the things that I say about this world, so how could you believe in the matters of Heaven if I were to speak about them?"

Since Jesus understood the sorrow, pain and joy of God, we should also understand the sorrow, pain and joy of God. Moreover, since we have an additional two thousand years of history during which God has worked laboriously, we have to understand that as well.

What is God's sorrow and pain? It is having lost His sons and daughters and the struggle to find them. This is His pain. The moment God can love his sons and daughters with a heart of love which can forget about all sorrows and pains of the past, joy will begin.

For this reason we who believe should become crazy for the sake of Jesus. To what extent? We should become more crazy than the intensity of the love between any couple. Christians are those who have the mind-set, "How could my loyal heart toward you ever change, even if my bones are crushed and my life is lost?" They should do everything for the sake of Jesus, including eating, seeing and hearing. Isn't this true? Many among all those who claim to believe in Jesus only go sight-seeing. Even though there is a deep-seated sadness between parents and children, they go sight-seeing. These people have nothing to do with God. They can never become direct children. Why did God struggle so hard? We have to understand that He continuously carried on the toil of history for the purpose of raising up beloved children.

To Become God's Sons and Daughters

Ladies and gentlemen, do you sincerely want to become God's sons and daughters? Does unquenchable sorrow shake your heart? Does unstoppable sorrow move your minds and bodies? You should feel something similar to this.

You cannot become sons and daughters, no matter what you have to offer in this human world. Only when you never forget to think solely of the Father, only when you fight and run forward in your daily life do you have a possibility of becoming His sons and daughters.

You have to have this mind-set and be able to shed tears even over a simple branch. You should be able to say that you have finally come to know that all existing things are mourning and longing for the day of liberation. Bowing your head, you should apologize for human ignorance. This is not some abstract concept. When we see a colleague struggling to find the path, we should hold him and cry, "You are my brother."

No matter how sad and lonely you may be, you have to understand that it is nothing compared to what God is experiencing. When you look at nature, you should see traces of God's tears there. When you see water flowing, you should see God's tears. When you are lying down, you should see that where you are lying down is a river of God's tears and has traces of the cross of Golgotha. God is looking for sons and daughters who can cry out, "Father, who had to let the Lord bear the cross on Golgotha!" You should declare, "Although Jesus left grief on the earth when he died, I will not die but will alleviate Your sorrow as a living person."

The six thousand years have been a history of God's efforts to find His beloved sons and daughters. Therefore, we have to become people who feel that we are indebted to God, who has toiled for six thousand years. We have to feel the culmination of God's tears of six thousand years and pay for the sacrifice at Golgotha.

When we then repent of our past sins, pay indemnity for our present sins, and cherish hope for the future, calling upon our Father and going to Him with open arms, the Father can say, "Oh, my son, my daughter." Forgetting about His dignity, He will shed tears of joy and sorrow. Only those who can achieve this will become sons and daughters of the Father. Only when you understand that God and Jesus are like that can you become God's sons and daughters.

God can elevate these sons and daughters before Satan's world and all things of the universe, saying that they are the lords and sons and daughters He has been looking for. Only when these sons and daughters appear can God finally forget the labors of the six thousand years. He can entrust Heaven and earth to them and rest in peace.

Just as Jesus cried over this history of sorrow and died, if there is a way that God's will can be accomplished, you should pursue it obediently. You have to remember that you must live such a life of devotion.


Father! We are so ashamed. We have learned that this path is an awesome path, a path of inextinguishable sorrow.

Father, You sought these children out not for one day or for several years, but for six thousand years! Please let us understand now how much trouble we have caused for You, how much we have angered You, and how much we have wronged You. Before we entered this relationship, we fought over the things of the world. Please allow us to understand how sinful we are.

Father, Your sons and daughters who are gathered here do not have to know everything. Please let them at least understand the God that we believe in, the Jesus we should attend, and the sons and daughters we must become.

What is our hope? We did not come seeking for well-dressed people or people with power or to satisfy some desire. We came only because we long for the Father's love and a relationship with Him. Father, if the Father has tears, please let us possess those tears. If the Father is experiencing pain, please let us feel the pain.

Please let us understand that we should not become princes who are seeking joy but princes who bear responsibility for sorrowful and painful history, and let us pay indemnity for it. We have learned that You yearn for sons and daughters who are victorious under such circumstances, sons and daughters worthy of God's pride before Heaven and earth. We have also learned that Your labors for the six thousand years have been to elevate Your beloved sons and daughters.

We pray sincerely that You will allow us to fulfill all the responsibilities entrusted to us and to fully cope with the missions given to us. Please guide us to become the most exemplary children of filial piety, and patriots.

Until the day that the Father of history, the Father of the present era and the Father of the future becomes our Father and mobilizes the entire universe to sing songs of joy, please protect these people. We prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

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