Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

The Two Worlds I Relate To -- Part 1

Sun Myung Moon
September 20, 1959
Headquarters Church
Seoul, Korea

I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. Now if I do what I do not want, I agree that the law is good. So then it is no longer I that do it, but sin which dwells within me. For I know that nothing good dwells within me, that is, in my flesh. I can will what is right, but I cannot do it. For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do. Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I that do it, but sin which dwells within me. So I find it to be a law that when I want to do right, evil lies close at hand. For I delight in the law of God, in my inmost self, but I see in my members another law at war with the law of my mind and making me captive to the law of sin which dwells in my members. Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, I of myself serve the law of God with my mind, but with my flesh I serve the law of sin. -- Romans 7:15:25


Father, though we know we should naturally follow the path our life must take, we continue walking without realizing what path we must follow. Please enable us to realize it through this time.

Some people live centered on the body and some people live centered on the mind. We also know that some people live centered on Heaven and not centered on either the body or the mind. Please enable all of us, present here today, to realize the importance of knowing where we belong.

We feel deep inside our minds that we are each truly precious and that we have to become central beings that can resolve all happiness and sadness. Father! Our minds are yearning for that "I," the "I" we can truly be proud of, and the "I" that can criticize everything as a subject. Therefore, please enable us to restore the "I" that can subjugate the body. You have struggled and fought until now to restore that "I." However, the fight is still going on today. Therefore, please enable us to realize today that it is our fate to fight for this at the risk of our lives.

Father, please look on us in gentleness. Father, please command us. Please enable us to understand that the purpose and center of life is to find the instance when we can be completely enraptured by your voice, the instance when we can accompany you and the instance when we can enjoy everything with you. Thinking of how our ancestors could not experience a time, an era, or historical moment when you enjoyed everything with every single person, enjoyed everything with us, and with the Apostles, we cannot help lamenting.

Father, we kneel down and lie face down in front of the heavenly door with our two hands clasped in order to restore "I." Please enable us to become people that your delicate heart can permeate. I sincerely pray that this time can become one in which you can unconsciously hold our hands and say, "O my loving sons and daughters!" and advise us.

Everything in the world that we believe, is temporary; however, we realize that the world in which we fight with firm belief within our minds, in which we sing centered on the mind, and in which we connect ourselves to you through the mind is infinite and eternal. If asked when we can perfect ourselves to the precious self, the "I" whom we can be proud of, imagine how sad would Heaven be if we were without confidence.

We are so appalled that we cannot appear in front of heaven or earth, and in front of the entire creation. We sincerely pray and hope that through this time we can resolve the past when we lived without purpose and without sensitivity. We sincerely pray that you enable our minds to become close to your mind and that your innermost heart' and ours be connected through this time.

The world is filled with things to feel and experience; however, nothing has existed through which we could have feelings and experiences centered on you. Therefore, this has been our hope. Loving father, we sincerely hope and pray that we may get into your bosom and that you may begin a history of recreation.

We know that without the word, we cannot understand circumstances and without understanding circumstances first, we cannot understand the innermost heart. Therefore, please enable us to have the word, which can pass through circumstances and elevate our innermost hearts. Loving Father, we sincerely hope and pray that you can guide us through the word in order to become one in our innermost hearts.

Please let this time become one in which we can all listen to your soft voice calling us amidst tranquility and when we can bow to you in the delight of hearing your voice. I sincerely pray that today's word can cause our innermost hearts to surge.

Please, may your touch be in every single place that truly attends you today, particularly the lonely members who are offering bows to you in the provinces. I sincerely pray that your consistent touch of grace reaches every one of them.

I leave everything in your hands from the beginning to the end of this service. Please conduct this service and enable the hearts of the conveyer and the hearts of the receivers to become one. I sincerely pray that this time can become one in which everyone can move when Heaven says move, and become tranquil when Heaven says stay. I pray all this in the name of the Lord. Amen.

True Father with members in a train station in 1960


Even if a person happily lives on earth, we clearly understand that no one has reached the level where the person can say that his or her mind is happy, joyful and blissful. Therefore, we can conclude that if our minds cannot feel any happiness or joy, neither will the subject being that is guiding us, whether it is Heaven or any heavenly law, feel happiness or joy.

Humanity, Existing Within Two Worlds

It is a big mistake to think that you are to live in this world centered on yourselves. Our minds pursue the purpose of life and a certain destination that wants to live in accordance with an ideology. We are clearly aware of this through our own lives. Therefore, we cannot deny that "I" am connected with a certain other, purposeful world. Hence, "I" am not living for my own purpose or for myself, but "I" am born and must live for another purpose. We must clearly comprehend this. Therefore, when we look at our individual self, "I" can be quite big or quite small. We must realize that we are linked to history through such a connection.

We find reciprocal and contrary phenomenon that we cannot ignore within the emotions "I," as a being, feel; within the world projecting from "I," and within the entire social life of "I." In other words, when it comes to living for a certain purpose, we find an incompatible, contradictive side to it, but we also cannot deny that there is the side that lives corresponding to it. This is today's social phenomenon, today's world trend, and the phenomenon of a certain heavenly act. When we analyze heavenly law and the heavenly worldview, we cannot deny that a being is stipulating these to us in detail -- a being we cannot feel with our own senses, a being that does not move from our singular selves, and a being transcending our senses.

In this light, we clearly realize that the position where I stand, the position where I am presently at, is not limited to one world, but covers two worlds. There are two worlds projected from me, the world our minds desire and the world our bodies desire. Hence, we cannot deny that our minds desire happiness, joy and a certain ideology, while we substantially experience pleasures and touch them through our five senses centered on our bodies.

The Heavenly Mind, Human Mind and the Fall

We often say that people have a mind. When we say that, we mean people have a human mind. Going a bit further, people say that there is a heavenly mind. Even though we have to become people whose human mind and heavenly mind correspond and who live in accordance with the law and order of heavenly law, we have not had any order until now that could reveal the standard of life of a united heavenly mind and human mind. This is a result of the Fall and our grief.

We often call any act that goes against the human mind, heaven, and our good conscience as emerging from our "evil" or "material" mind. Even when we look at our own selves, the heavenly mind enters into me through the mind and the evil mind penetrates me through the body. We cannot deny that saints and sages, for a long time, have mourned when recognizing that they are in such a conflicted state. Even Paul, who found the law of his mind and the law of his body in conflict lamented saying, "Wretched man that I am!"

What kind of world, then, is the world I have enjoyed until now and the world I continue to live in? You cannot deny that the body and mind cannot live in happiness in the world and that the world cannot live in harmony with the ideology of the mind. You yourselves are struggling and worrying right now within this kind of environment. Bearing this in mind, the principle is that the heavenly mind should move the human mind, but we can say that not once until now has the heavenly mind and the human mind appeared within our lives in a paired united form, nor has there been a moment in our lifetimes when the paired minds have manifested through joy.

If Heaven exists, do you think Heaven would want to live in our minds for just a day? It would want to live in on our minds for eternity. However, our minds and bodies are fighting within ourselves. If asked whether Heaven can live centered on the mind in such a conflicted state, the answer is that it cannot.

Heaven is good. Goodness is eternal, unique and unchanging. However, we continuously fail to enter the mind that heads toward goodness, because we do not have a living concept that is eternal, unique and unchanging. As a result, Heaven can affect us through our conscience but cannot do so within our view of life. Because man could not be elevated to the point necessary to embrace a cosmic ideology, evil has dominated history until now. That is why we cannot firmly say that the world can have an eternal connection with heavenly law. Hence, the world must be judged. Those living in the world must be judged, too.

Religion Pursues the Heavenly Mind

If there is a movement that transcends the human mind in its pursuit of the heavenly mind, what is it? It is religion. Religion has been investing much effort in order to hold on to this. Religion is making great contributions within humanity's cultural sphere. Religion raised a movement that has stimulated the human conscience to head toward the heavenly mind, thereby conducting a new revolution and a new contribution to history. However, when the human mind united with the evil mind and the materialistic mind in an effort to cut off the heavenly mind, religion failed and was destroyed. We cannot deny these historical facts.

That is why the universal expression, "Live a conscientious life" exists. However, can everything be resolved through this alone? Even if we have lived conscientious lives, we have not been able to live in joy with the cosmos, nor have we been able to live in joy with Heaven, if there is Heaven, centered on the foundation of this conscience. Hence, we must recognize that our individual selves need to be changed. Is that right? If you live with your true conscience, however, phenomena that will stimulate your minds will arise.

Though humans have a conscience, they are not in a position where their conscience and the purpose of the heavenly mind can joyfully coexist. Humans, who carry a destiny resulting from the Fall, hope to relate to the purpose of heavenly law. The Fall caused the conscience to lose its purpose and freedom. In other words, you must understand how lamentable and sad it is that our lives and conscience have lost their purpose and freedom.

If the first ancestors had set up a foundation on which we could all live and enjoy ourselves centered on the purpose of goodness in that place, their descendants would have had joyful experiences with their minds and the heavenly mind. However, the Fall caused the purpose of our lives not to become connected to the purpose of our minds. This descent is what we call having fallen. Then, what was the descent or fall centered on? It was centered on the body.

That is why your bodies and minds are fighting within yourselves. You are standing in such difficult positions. Even if you each have a true mind within yourself, you need at least one instance to resolve it. However, have you been able to find a connection with this history? Have you been able to connect to this history for even a year, or ten years, or for your entire lives? Even if you haven't, you stand in positions of having betrayed the heavenly mind.

When a person cuts off the heavenly mind and falls in the direction of physical enjoyment, the person will naturally destroy him or herself, which explains the two types of belief in the world. One looks for an ideology pursuing the joy of the body and another looks for an ideology pursuing the joy of the mind.

Humans can be said to be small universes. Hence, when it comes to the mind, this fighting phenomenon also contains a world form. Something needs to appear with the answers to resolve it, but nothing has emerged so far. Furthermore, a model that can bring a solution going beyond the individual self to the people, nation and world has not yet appeared.

True Father speaking to church members sometime in the 1960s

The Person Who Will Survive In the Last Days

We must bring great changes in the world by betting our lives as we continue living with our bodies and minds in conflict.

A person who fails to be victorious centered on the mind in relation to body -- mind conflicts cannot become a citizen of heaven. The person who is ambitious to conquer the world will receive judgment with that world. The person who tries to move the world centered on one's ideology will perish together with that world. However, the person who holds on to the heavenly ideology and keeps looking and looking for that ideology will survive.

The world of the mind can connect with the infinite world because it is unchanging and unique. Under the connection that the mind alone has become the foothold that can correspond with the heavenly mind, we must clearly understand that a person who holds on to this mind will be able to avoid the Day of Judgment.

Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is in our minds. This kingdom of heaven is infinite. If there is heavenly law or a heavenly mind, the person that can bring this heavenly mind within his or her conscience, use it as the driving force of one's life and conduct one's life centered on it, will become a prince that can construct the kingdom of heaven.

Heaven is waiting for the Day of Judgment. It is looking forward to that Day of Judgment. It is waiting for the day on which the universe will be judged. Heaven is also conducting historic judgment and even at this very moment, you must be aware that heaven is also judging every single one of you.

Saints, who face the Last Days, fear the day of the great judgment. What kind of person can avoid the great judgment? A person that has resolved that conflict within and holds the flag of victory can avoid the great judgment. However, people today are not aware that this fight is occurring on the family level, on the level of people and on the global level in the same form.

Why has this situation arisen? It is because we live in a time when the heavenly mind, the evil mind and conflicts can be successfully dealt with. Hence, we have come out in our desire to have authority over the great judgment. We all yearn to become people acting in the tough judgment passed over the enemy.

In order to become such people, you must be able to conquer yourselves. You must completely conquer your bodies centered on your minds. You must destroy completely all elements that may instigate actions opposed to the mind. If you cannot knock down your bodies with a faith-based ideology, you cannot become people that act on the Day of Judgment.

A person that is victorious in judging himself or herself on the individual level will be able to judge the family. A person that is victorious over family judgment will be able to judge society. Likewise, a person that is victorious over the judgment of society will be able to judge the cosmos. That person has the authority'.

When we look at our own individual selves, "I," as a being, stand in the midway position between the two worlds. Centering on the mind, the kingdom of heaven is occupying the upper portion of the mind while hell is occupying the lower portion. Hence, these two worlds are parallel to each other in our minds. Heaven is on top while hell is under the parallel line of our invisible spiritual mind.

Brothers and sisters, the nearer we approach the Last Days, the more frequently we will find some people completely ensnared in fear while others are completely enthralled in happiness. Such developments are inevitable phenomena. We may think that only extremely evil people exist, but extremely good people also exist. Extremely evil people cannot invade extremely good people and extremely good people cannot get involved with extremely evil people. Even God cannot hold on to this society. The time is coming when combining these two can no longer be done by anyone, no matter how divine a person is or what kind of heavenly grace the person may have.

When that day comes, people living in extremely evil worlds and people that are in a position unconnected whatsoever to Heaven will certainly all be tried on the Day of Judgment. A time will come when this reality will take place in your minds. Your minds will want to go in a certain direction while your bodies will want to go in a different direction. Those that cannot find the condition that can connect their bodies and minds and that suffer as a result will all certainly go to hell.

Who Decides Where I Go?

What decides whether a person goes to the kingdom of heaven or to hell? The individual decides. If one lives a life suffering from pangs of conscience amidst the conditions one feels through one's five physical senses, that person is living in hell. The person whose mind feels joy from living a life centered on the mind is in heaven. Hence, it is right for a person to throw away one's evil mind and materialistic desires and follow heavenly law centered on the conscience. You must clearly understand this.

History did not start on a day of happiness but on a day of sadness. A time will come when what started in sadness will end in sadness, what started in pain ends in pain and what started in despair ends in despair. You reap what you sow.

Our ancestors betrayed the heavenly mind. They violated the way of our conscience and the laws of the heavenly mind, committing the Fall and feeling infinitely sad as a result. Because man fell in this manner, the world has not been able to obtain anything the mind could enjoy.

Therefore, one must defeat or hit all these in order to train oneself spiritually. You must clearly recognize that this battle is occurring within you. Any action one does is either good or evil. You must be aware that our lives today are a course deciding the value, whether goodness-oriented or evil-oriented, of every perception coming in through our five senses -- every single instance of perceiving through touch, sight, sound or smell. If this standard of good and evil or concept is not exhaustively established and this concept set up thoroughly even within the emotional world of our five senses, even a person going through the spiritual training of Tao cannot differentiate between the two.

The world is undergoing a fight in the manner I have described. Though evil usually attacks goodness first, it does not last long. Evil does not last long while goodness lasts for a long time. When we look at the long historical progress, this gradually expanded from the individual to the family, people, country and world to the cosmos and is now entering an era of world ideologies. Even if the era of globalism has been ushered in, the individual remains an individual. The scale, however, has been expanded as the flow took shape.

A conscientious person in the past and a conscientious person today is in the same position; however, relatively a broadening has occurred. In the past, people found satisfaction in an individual-oriented life style. However, must we follow that? No. Must life then be family-oriented? No. Should it be society-oriented? No. Should it be nation-oriented? No. Should it be world-oriented? No. It must be a heaven and earth oriented life style.

The trend, form and range of history expand as it flows; however, the standard of the mind alone does not change.

If the standard of the mind aligns itself with the direction of heavenly law, everything will be under the dominion of heavenly law. Hence, we will not lose the purpose and direction the mind must pursue. That is why we say, "Live according to your conscience. If you live according to your conscience, you will be blessed." When we realize that the Day of Judgment depends on us, receiving blessings will be an excess. One may feel as though one is receiving immediate blessings; however, when the time comes, the person will be punished and those blessings will turn out not to be blessings. You do not receive blessings on earth. You receive blessings when the time comes. A foundation for blessings will exist for the person who survives in the Last Days; hence, people say you will be blessed if you live according to your conscience. You must understand it in that way.

The Last Days Will Be Heaven and Earth Oriented

Today is the Last Days. The era we call the Last Days is ushering in the age of globalism. That does not mean, however, that we are becoming distant from the world. If there is a heavenly mind, we are entering the age of cosmos-ism centered on the heavenly mind.

In light of these circumstances, where should our minds head? The era when one lived for oneself has gone. The era when one lived for the family has passed. The era when one lived for society and for the people has gone. The era when one lived for a country has gone too. We are now in the age of globalism. We have entered a stage where we can only accept a global ideology.

Humankind has two paths: the external path and the internal path. I am standing at the center of these two paths. We have hoped that a time would come when these internal and external paths would unite and become one path, and the era of ideology is the time when this path will appear.

Now, we must find individuals, families, people, nations, the world and the cosmos that desire to relate with the heavenly mind. If we do not understand this, our efforts will merely be a repetition of the course followed by great people or saints in history.

For this reason, the direction of the human mind emerges improved through the heavenly mind; the direction of the body is heading toward the heavenly mind; even the stimulating materialistic world is moving closer to the heavenly mind. As they all come closer, they enter into great tumult from inside and outside, internally and externally. They all end up clashing. When clashing, what do they clash over? They clash over the Earth. After this, what will they clash over? They will clash over people.

History has been overturned and moved in order to remove the external global ideology and to establish the internal global ideology within this conflicting course. Placing the innermost heart in the middle, the two sides are divided into the left and right, thus causing great troubles, a phenomenon of the present day. This phenomenon is certainly happening within each individual and around the world.

If God exists and conducts the providence for humankind, you must understand how much God worked hard to guide it all the way to the era of globalism. Please think about this. When it comes to the body-mind conflict, we (as did our ancestors) allowed the mind to surrender to the body instead of the body yielding to the mind. Under such an ancestral foundation centered on the mind, imagine how hard Heaven worked to bring this foundation to transcend the individual, the people, the nation and come all the way to the world.

When we look into history, that we see and feel how Heaven has struggled all throughout that time is important. Have you ever experienced that? If anyone prays to Heaven, "Heaven, take care of my pain and please remove it from me," that person cannot go to the glorious kingdom. Those, who pray "Father, please bless us" centered on the family, people and nation will only survive until then. When globalism is ushered in, people-ism will collapse. In the same way, globalism will break when cosmos-ism, based on the heavenly mind, is ushered in.

True Father with members in 1959, the year that mission work began in the United States; it had begun in Japan in 1958.

The Last Days and Satan's Target

Heaven has guided the providence until now toward the major goal, the final goal. We have looked forward to that day when this final goal will be achieved. We must prepare ourselves for that day. It is on this basis that the Last Days will come. What kind of days are the Last Days? The Last Days refer to a time when heaven as the mind and earth as the body meet, globalism and ideology meet, and one's body and mind meet. What should they sing about once they meet? They must sing about a mind-centered life and a world that is connected to the mind. You must sing this song together with the cosmos.

Unfortunately, that world did not appear on that day on Earth.

Heaven is moving toward that world. That world is Heaven's final goal. It is man's highest goal. In order for one to stay alive until that day, one has to go through indescribable conflicts with the body. In addition, once one makes a promise, one must keep it at all costs, and once one makes a determination, one must not change it.

If there is a person that emerges with such a determination, the body will naturally defy the person to bring down and change that determination. His or her family will oppose it, society, the country and even the world will defy it. You must know that the whole world is rushing in attack toward that person. Hence, this is pointing out that as we gain a more in-depth understanding of this major ideology, a relative traitor to that ideology is also prepared against it.

Christians say that they are heading back to their heavenly nature. They consider themselves to be finding the kingdom of heaven. However, they have forgotten that when one walks toward a big goal or a major ideology, large enemies are also prepared to counteract that. Remember that you have formidable enemies.

Under those circumstances, what is the enemies' final goal? It is our bodies. Their target is our physical bodies. They are making their way into the body by life threats, social threats, national threats and even heavenly and earthly threats to the body. Paul experienced this lifestyle. If he appeared in front of his own people, his people became his enemy. When he went overseas, the people in foreign countries became his enemies. When he approached a certain religious group, the religious group became his enemy.

Whether they adhere to Christianity or any other religion, judgment must also come to religious people. They cannot pass through freely. The individual will have to defend himself or herself exhaustively. When it comes to the course of finding an individual centered on the mind, global difficulties will occur, crashing and invading because of one's connection to the global will. As the Last Days come ever nearer, worldwide fear will not enter only through one direction, but will come in from different directions. As Last Days approach, fear will surround and enter people of conscience. You all clearly know what this means, because you have heard and seen it. Therefore, a time will come when a trend that is characterized by fear of not being able to live as one wishes will sweep through people of conscience, especially artistic people within the literary field. This is already happening. It is appearing in the form of fear or with similar symptoms.

We, who are in the Last Days, are different from the past when we had risked our individual selves. We are now living in a global age; thus, we must risk everything global, defeat the external side through the heavenly mind and separate it. A person that can say, Father, I have won! must appear. Do you agree? Heaven has worked toward making this one person. Satan has worked to oppose these efforts by Heaven.

The world is not a heavenly world but one under evil dominion. If such a victorious person appears in this evil-dominated world, seeing the phenomenon of the world taking up arms to defy this person is inevitable. However, the attackers will be defeated instead if they try to attack this one person. The day when final judgment is passed is a time when an individual surrenders after attacking the person, the family surrenders when opposing such work, the society surrenders when it opposes the person and the nation and world surrender when they oppose the person. From this perspective, we can understand that the different abstract aspects conducted around the world in relation to this extremely small individual are historical acts. 

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