Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

The Two Worlds I Relate To -- Part 2

Sun Myung Moon
September 20, 1959
Headquarters Church
Seoul, Korea

From the beginning until now, humans have not been able to experience happiness. Mankind has not been able to sing of joy centered on the earth. Not once has a conscientious person, throughout the six thousand years, been able to boast about heaven or earth. Have you ever done that?

The more a person lived according to his or her conscience, the more the person lived a wretched life and was looked down on with contempt by those who ripped the person's life apart, stepped on the person's life and even killed the person. What was the hope of these people as they underwent all these hardships? They hoped for the day when they would enjoy living centered on the conscience for eternity. This is how our ancestors built this foundation of blood. Whenever they were knocked down, they stood up again.

When individuals collapsed, God rallied other individuals and connected them to the ethnic group's level. When an ethnic group' collapsed, a different ethnic group rallied and so on until the whole world rallied. This is God's providential history.

I will be clearer. When Adam failed, the providence continued centered on Cain and Abel. When Cain and Abel failed, the providence went forward centered on Noah's family and then centered on Jacob's family (having passed through the three generations that included Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). The life of the Israelites in the wilderness can be seen as following that path, starting as a family and heading toward becoming an ethnic group and world. Moses, the Israelites' representative, rallied all the Israelites and led them as an ethnic group out of Egypt, their enemy's land, to Canaan in order to form their nation.

The individual has to fight to find the family. Once the individual has found the family, the family has to fight to find an ethnic group. Once that is done, the ethnic group must fight to find a country, and the country to find the world. The range gradually expands in that manner. For an individual to set up his or her own standard of victory is not a simple matter. For someone to become a historic individual, the person has to gain victory amidst historic pain and attacks. Look at Noah. Noah received more persecution than we have received, and that persecution continued for 120 years. Noah had to go through 120 years to discover himself as an individual.

Jacob also went through the same thing. Jacob had to fight through suffering for twenty- one years before his blessings were achieved. As he fought, he did not have even one friend, nor did not he have any siblings or parents with him. He had to realize his family alone. Based on this family foundation, the path to find the ethnic group was the course of entering Egypt. The four hundred years in Egypt was a period to marshal the Israelites as an ethnic group. Moses, who then emerged as the ethnic group's representative, had to build a national foundation through the people's foundation.

Jesus and the Mission of the Returning Lord

What kind of person was Jesus? Based on the national foundation that was set, Jesus was supposed to discover a global foundation. Even though he came with that mission, the country and ethnic group betrayed Jesus, who then had to go through crucifixion. Hence, the path from the individual up through the family, ethnic group and nation to the world had to be conducted again.

To Jesus as he died on the cross, Israel was the enemy, Jews, whom God had chosen after four thousand years of hard work, were the enemies. They had the responsibility to bring restoration to the world, to restore the land of Canaan (worldwide) based on the ethnic group's foundation, but once this ethnic group's foothold collapsed, four thousand years of historical effort dissipated into thin air. Then, historical efforts from the time of Adam had to begin all over again. You must come to understand that Jesus has been setting up that foundation again for the past two thousand years.

Though, around the world today, many Christians exist, not one family centers itself on Jesus. Is there one? Jesus, himself, could not welcome the day when he could have a family after passing through the bride-and-groom position. Do you know what this bride and groom refers to? It represents the second family standard, on which one can stand in front of heaven. In order to make restitution for the failure to establish the family standard, which occurred because of the Fall, the second family standard had to be set. On this foundation, Jesus had to become the head of Heaven's household. Did he become the head of the household on earth? The most important goal for Jesus on earth was to become the head of a family. Only by becoming the head of the household could he have children and only by having children could an ethnic group emerge. Only through an ethnic group could a nation or country emerge. Isn't that correct?

The time has come for all Christians to wake up. Presently, Christians in the world do not collectively comprise a country. They are not part of a tribe or a family branch. For Jesus to become the head of the family, the twelve Apostles had to become one and form a foothold that would have made it possible for Jesus to establish a family on earth. Unfortunately, the Apostles failed to do this. Hence, the global-level providence of salvation could not end.

For this reason, Jesus and the Holy Spirit underwent adversity, shedding tears and blood, for two thousand years. What was the purpose? To find the first standard, the family standard, was the purpose. God had to find a new Israel, a new Jacob's family and based on that family standard, set up an ethnic-group-based standard. He then had to set up a national standard and then a world foundation based on that. At that point, we must raise a heavenly-kingdom revolution and liberate even hell in the spirit world based on this global foundation. This is the returning Lord's ideology. The returning Lord does not come to enjoy glory easily or through devious means. He comes with the mission to realize a cosmic kingdom of heaven and to eradicate even hell in the spirit world based on the earthly foundation. Only after this is done can God rest too.

They did not know what was waiting for them beyond the seas, but they risked their lives to go. As a result, Britain, a small island nation in the Atlantic, came to possess colonies on all the continents and oceans and built an empire. -- As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen p. 297 (Among a group of Korean members are Father and Anthony Brooke, the last son of the British hereditary ruler of an island in Malaysia, who came to Korea in the 1960s to meet Father.)

The World of the Mind and of the Heart

Even though we have a mind, we do not know the direction of the mind. We are at a loss when looking for the right direction because confusing ideas bind us. Because of the biases in our lives, our minds keep changing. We do not know what is true or what is right. In the beginning, the mind moves in one direction. The mind starts in one place but divides toward the end.

This is our present state. Even if you have a normal start, your direction divides in the end. Division means it has been broken. We have been living in this way until now.

Today, communism and democracy are fighting each other. The world's problems cannot be resolved between these ideologies. Our minds cannot find the right direction. Today's world is facing the same problem in reality. We see that trend today. Isn't that correct?

At what moment do you decide your mind's direction? The moment when your mind connects to the heavenly mind, through which you can experience joy for eternity. Why did God give man a mind? To unite with man through the mind and find joy were the reasons God gave it to man. With that purpose, God created man. For a mind that has not decided its direction, what it needs is to experience a joy permeating it that it cannot deny. Only by feeling undeniable happiness through the mind can a world of happiness unfold.

The body is finite. The mind, however, is infinite. Hence, the world of the mind does not have any particular outlook. If you go a bit deeper, the world of the heart is bigger than that of the mind. The world of the heart is unrestricted while the world of the mind is restricted. The mind can be restricted depending on relative conditions, but no one can restrict the world of the heart. Who can restrict a mother's heart of love flowing toward her children? Even a great wall blocking the way cannot cut the world of the heart. The world of the mind can become restricted because it is in the position of an object, while the world of the heart is in the position of the subject. The mind tends to be multi-directional and becomes restricted as a result. However, the world of the heart is different.

What do you think Heaven's hope is? When Jesus comes in the Last Days, he will say that the kingdom of heaven is in your mind, the kingdom of heaven is to be realized from your heart.

Will having only the mind be enough? You must be able to conclude that the kingdom of heaven is to be realized from the heart.

Why do you think you feel unhappy? You feel unhappy because you are in a position where you cannot harmonize with your mind. No matter how many external hardships you may face, if you were in a joyful position through having harmonized with your mind, you would be a happy person.

In light of that, why do you feel unhappiness? You feel unhappiness because you do not have an unchanging heart at the center to move your mind. The reason lies there.

Finding the Garden of Happiness

Brothers and sisters are trying to find happiness in holding on to earthly things, but that will end one day. No matter how good a mind or heart you have, without a doubt, all earthly things are meant to end. As long as our minds do not find a clear center, they are open to both sad and happy emotions. In addition, if our bodies do not each have a clear center, we will experience joyful physical emotions alongside sad and happy emotions. All this is relative. Our minds have gone through a sad life course and have not been able to experience a happy life course. Therefore, you must clearly know that people of the Fall are unfortunate people, people that have to be cursed and people that have to receive judgment for not finding such a life course.

Hence, the time has come for us to find this path. Even if Heaven's purpose in the Last Days is not to bring judgment on man and destroy man, we need to have the owner of the original homeland, the family of the original homeland, the society of the original homeland, the country of the original homeland, the world of the original homeland and the cosmos of the original homeland. However, if we do not have these things, God will cast his judgment on us.

Even though we see in the world individuals, families, societies, nations and the world itself centered on the body, our minds cannot find satisfaction here. We need the owner, family and world where the mind can be happy for eternity, a world that our minds hope for. If that world were nonexistent or unobtainable, why do our minds feel this way? Our minds head toward goodness not because they have certain creative powers. Power cannot be applied independently. Power cannot be applied if it does not have an object. We can find this even when observing chemical and physical phenomena. When you observe the state of the application of a clear conscience, you cannot deny that it tries to remove the sad aspect from it and pursue the happy aspect. Humanity hopes for a day when everyone can be happy. Therefore, all problems must be concluded there.

Today, so-called democracy and communism are fighting each other and are finding ways to strengthen policies to rule the world. However, this must not be the outcome. How should that be resolved? We must all go back to the ways prior to Adam and Eve's fall, to where they were happy, listening to God's voice and sharing joy with God at the center. We each must have the standard where God is our eternal owner, the head of our family, the owner of our ethnic group, the owner of our country and the owner of our world. This must be a standard where we can each call God "my God," whom none of us would exchange for anything in the world. Only after establishing this standard can the realization of a garden of happiness on earth occur.

The One that God Sought for Six Thousand Years

The world of the mind can be joyful, can harmonize and be moved, but it cannot be forcefully obtained. Moving and agreeing with one another may be possible but they are not obtainable by force.

Love originally is not human love, but love characterized by the essence of our eternal and unchanging God. The moment I encounter God's love and start attending God as my owner is the moment I become one with God. Once I enter a stage of happiness where I can interact with God, I can conquer the world. A scene where someone shares joy with God is a scene of happiness even greater than the happiness a person feels when possessing all of heaven and earth. If man were able to experience this, all the sensations we feel through our five senses within the body would be nothing in comparison.

What then has Heaven been conducting centered on the mind? Heaven has been conducting the history of developing the universe. We have forgotten that Heaven nurtured the pioneering history of the universe and that he is guiding us. What is Heaven's goal when instructing our minds? Heaven wants us to become universal beings. Heaven wants us to become people that can embrace the universe and grow further based on everything in the universe. He has been guiding us to become such people.

That is why Heaven tells us to love evil people, good people, the creation and all of heaven and earth. How delightful would that be? We, human beings, have lost the essence of that fundamental ideology'. The mind must now be able to become delighted. When our minds are happy, our cells should be happy too. When our minds become intoxicated, our cells must become intoxicated too. The sensation of this intoxication must be able to move the world that I relate to. You must clearly understand that God has been looking for six thousand years for the one man that could realize these expectations and raise these effects.

Imagine there is a mind. What kind of person does the mind yearn for? What kind of person does the world, nation and the entire universe hope for? A person like the one mentioned earlier. Even if the person developed into a conqueror, we would still be infinitely grateful.

Brothers and sisters, you just have to do as your mind directs. You must be delighted in infinitely sacrificing. If we have many of these people, Heaven's kingdom will come on earth. The sons and daughters of God are people that endlessly give and still want to continue giving, people that endlessly sacrifice and still want to continue doing so.

Isn't parental love that way? God's love is this parental love; only, it is a dozen or a hundred times greater. The world that your minds look for and dream of has not arrived yet. The day must come when the world of the heart and human minds on earth become connected. Based on that, once the absolute standard of judgment is set on earth, it will be the end. Judgment will take place based on this heart.

That is why Christianity transcends religions of the mind and is a religion of the heart. God is not the owner of the mind. God is the owner of the heart. No villain of any kind would be able to stop God's love from emerging from the heart. Everyone likes it when love comes in waves. Satan, the devil, also likes this love. You must be keenly aware of this. We love God's love but stand in a dark position where we cannot receive it. Being in that position, mankind has the destiny to pioneer the mind at all costs. The question now is, How can mankind pioneer the mind?

The path you must follow has become clear. Some connections will enter through your minds, some through material things, people and the word. Some connections will also unconsciously enter through your heart. The mind is deliberately trying to avoid the world and is yearning for that place. The person that hopes, looks and yearns for this connection to appear in one place and at one time must not forget that Heaven, which has been working alongside history, will find that connection for us.

They did not know what was waiting for them beyond the seas, but they risked their lives to go. As a result, Britain, a small island nation in the Atlantic, came to possess colonies on all the continents and oceans and built an empire. -- As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen p. 297 (Among a group of Korean members are Father and Anthony Brooke, the last son of the British hereditary ruler of an island in Malaysia, who came to Korea in the 1960s to meet Father.)

The Course to Develop the Heart

Since a person following the path of path of Tao is someone that heads toward the heavenly mind, the person does not ignore a single word. Nor can you ignore an enemy that tries to stab you with a knife. Yet, you must let it pass, thinking that you have a certain fate connecting you to the enemy. However, the person that complains is wrong. What appears as good in this erroneous world is not from Heaven, but what is from Heaven appears as bad in this erroneous world. Only a person capable of tolerating even these kinds of problems and a person capable of exploring the value of the fate hidden within these problems can take the first steps toward the development of the heart.

Hence, a person can differentiate between good and bad through the mind when one relates to people living in the neighborhood or when one weighs everything one hears, sees and feels. At times, your mind will feel a strong attraction after listening to a certain sermon or meeting a certain person. I may unconsciously be attracted to a certain truth, church or religion that I had never before considered. The mind does this naturally.

Just as a magnetic needle always points to the south and north, our minds also work in that way. Even when it comes to our minds, when a plus mind appears, it always draws a relative minus mind toward it. If you did not feel a sensation drawing you into the religion you now believe in, you are not true believers. For example, if Tao does not draw one's body, mind and heart toward it, one cannot say that one believes in Tao. These people will one day stop believing in Tao.

In light of that, what is humanity today looking for? Modern people are looking for an ideology. How should that ideology be explained? It must base its explanation on the truth. What is the truth? It is the word. The truth is something my mind can eternally delight in. If a person finds eternal delight in a truth, he or she will always find something new in the truth no matter how many hundreds or thousands of times the person has heard it before. Brothers and sisters, the truest truth among truth is like the taste of rice. Whether I ate it yesterday or today, or eat the same rice for seventy or eighty years, it is always tasty. The same applies to the truth. You must be grateful. Now, through what I have said today, you know that a person lives in two worlds. Jesus said that man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from God. Therefore, this truth must be one that intoxicates both my body and my heart.

Therefore, this is not a time for us to sit still. The time has come for us to reverse direction. We must move toward one subject and one direction. Since you will find hindrances if you look to the side or follow a side road, you must cut off everything else. You must completely reject diversions.

Find a Universal Hero's Standard

We are living in a time when we should reverse direction. Heaven will become earth and vice versa. Man must become the subject. Now is a time of change; therefore, I must become a central being in heaven and on earth and the main character of the entire universe. Heaven is not the main character of the entire universe. You must clearly understand that the purpose for which God created man was to establish man to represent Heaven's authority as the main character of the entire universe.

In order to reach this standard, I must resolve problems within my own center and must have a foundation enabling me to have experiences from the center of my heart. In order to resolve my mind and the center of my heart, I must find one direction.

What must you do once you find that one direction? Centered on that direction, you must look on every side. After exploring everything around you and familiarizing yourself with your surroundings, you must look to your heavenly nature. By doing this, one can know his or her own status.

Today's religions and ideologies cannot become the complete standard of a person's mind, heart and philosophy. Why? Since a new era is said to be dawning, all of those will pass. The time has come for something new to become my center, because today's religion, ideology, mind, heart and philosophy have not had a complete standard. Now is such a time. You and I are all in the same position. Just as Jesus said, we are not servants but friends; we are in the same position. The universe is not something high up there. The universe and I must be able to put our arms around each other's shoulders.

Denominations are not equipped with multi-directions but are one sided. Therefore, those who want the heavenly mind as the center of their hearts must be able to criticize their own one-sidedness and become multi-directional people. Should our minds and bodies continue to fight? The mind should be able to draw the body completely to itself. Based on that, a standard with which the mind can lead the body anywhere it goes should be set. It must become this way. If not, a complete solution will never emerge.

For that reason, this is not a time for you to sit still. Just try remaining still. What do you think will come out of that? Do not brag by saying, I am great or I am some kind of scholar. Today, there are many kinds of scholars, but among them, a scientist is a bit better. The high position of scholars other than scientists will begin to decline. Do not brag because the more you become such people, the more important your responsibilities become. If anyone were to connect the human mind to some false scheme and affect Heaven's way, that person would be accused eternally when he or she entered the spirit world.

Brothers and sisters, you all want to become heroes. Nevertheless, when someone on whom the qualities of a hero were not bestowed tries to be a hero, a great calamity will befall the person. You may all want to succeed greatly in life, however, if you try to do so without Heaven's permission, you will surely fail. The descendants of that type of person will surely fail....

It is now time that we put our ambitions aside and find "me." God is yearning for the individuals whose bodies and minds are in a harmonious state, finding delight in each other and singing songs together. Have you ever felt God saying, "Hey! Let me touch your hand" and feeling so much delight as he touches your hand? Are the minds of all those present here today in such state?

God created the real world to enable our minds and bodies to be active. Become people that bet the whole creation and sing, bet all people and sing, bet the future world and sing, bet all of the spiritual and physical worlds and sing. Become people that can welcome God when he takes notice of your delightful minds and visits you. This is neither fiction nor fantasy. This is fact. I, the speaker, am young, but I have certainly felt and experienced that. Therefore, even if heaven and earth were to do a complete about-face and oppose me,

I would follow this path for that reason. What is the current era? It is the Last Days. However, as long as no one has established this standard, the last judgment will not be passed. In other words, the Day of Judgment will not come.

I never complained about or felt ashamed of the small or humble church building we were using. -- As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen p. 135 (Father emerging through our Daegu church gate)

The Truth and "I" that the Last Days Require

What kind of truth should a religion have? We do not need a truth that just explains things. It must be a truth the body agrees with, the mind agrees with and one that the heart agrees with. We need this kind of philosophy or ideology. If you hear of this kind of ideology from your surroundings or become connected to this type of belief system, your mind will be drawn to it. If your body demands that you go somewhere else because of something you must attend to, even if matters of this type were facts, you must deny all of them, throw them all away and go where your mind is drawn. If there are teachings that give you a sensation transcending time and space and leading you, you must pack your things in a rucksack, put it on your back and go toward them. You will not fail. History will remember a person of this type.

You cannot become an individual like the one I just described by following your old ways. Take off your inappropriate masks. Religion must take off its religious masks. Conscientious people must take off their conscientious masks. All the different religious signs must be taken down. You are coming to the Unification Church now, but I am looking forward to the day when I will take down the Unification Church sign. The reason the Unification Church sign has been put up is because of the existing relative conditions and because opponents have appeared with intentions to fight. Brothers and sisters, do you think the world of our minds needs a sign? The world of the heart does not need a sign either. Even if you remain still, you will come to this realization and take care of matters yourselves. This is the first standard that can bring a solution.

Brothers and sisters, how have you been leading your lives until now? Where do you stand today? You must remember that you are suffering within two worlds and that the only way for you to find delight is to follow the direction taken by your mind and not the direction of your body.

When we look at today's world, we can give a grade of nearly a hundred points to the courses led by the body and external worldly conditions. Today's world is completely equipped with them. However, the courses led by the mind cover only a few percent. When we think of the world, Heaven cannot help wanting to bring judgment to it. What can we do about Heaven's sorrow? Knowing of this sorrow, we must look for and follow the course that brings delight to the mind.

That is why those people that believed in Tao in the past persevered even though they were risking their necks. That you come to the Unification Church is not my wish; if your bodies, minds and hearts submit in front of the truth and the teachings spoken here, know that that is the end. What kind of being is God? He is the eternal owner of my body. He is the eternal owner of my heart. In the original world, no matter how much a couple might have loved each other, the husband would have loved God more than he loves his wife, and his wife would not resent that. It is supposed to be like that. In the same way, the wife would have loved God more than she did her husband, and the husband would not have complained about his wife loving God more than she loved him. A world that sees this behavior and likes it is the kingdom of heaven. God who is in a subjective position transcending any love or any worldly concerns is the eternal owner of my body. Dying would be nothing if I could just be within God's embrace and within his garden. What more is there to wish for other than to be with the eternal owner of one's mind and heart?

What kind of place is the world your heart dreams of? It is not a world resulting from sensations coming through from something outside through our five senses. Our heart is dreaming of a world imbued with God's love, a world of compassion and emotion. It is a world of affection where one can feel God's love even through one tiny particle. Brothers and sisters, you must understand this. Jesus said, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear." One cannot feel the subjective, the archetypal, world of ideology with conventional sensitivity.

Sublime Happiness

We must be able to sing through our bodies. We must also sing through our minds; our heart must be able to sing songs of praise. To whom? To our owner. Who is the owner? God is our owner. God is our father. He is our father.

We are God's sons and daughters. Therefore, when we talk about God and say -- Oh! What is there in the world that we could swap for God? -- we must answer Nothing in the world can make us sever our connection to God.

The love that humans like, the ambition humans like and the wealth and honor humans like do not cause a problem at all. What greater happiness is there than having God as our father, the eternal owner whom the entire creation and all living beings want to serve? Women usually make a big fuss about becoming the wife of someone important. Big fusses are made out of something little. But now, God is my father. Nothing in heaven or on earth could be exchanged for this happiness. You must understand that Heaven is looking for sons and daughters that can be comforting at this stage asking, God, since you have followed the arduous path for six thousand years just to find me, how difficult has it been?

You Must Be Able to Judge Yourself

Heaven has moved our descendants thousands and tens of thousands of times for centuries in order to produce such a son. Yet, do you know how often a member of the human race has betrayed Heaven? You must know that we are the ones that have betrayed our human minds and heavenly minds. Furthermore, we are the ones that have betrayed heavenly law and our Father's heart. We must repent of these sins.

What has hitherto been violating the heavenly laws? Our bodies have been doing so; therefore, they are sinful bodies. The enemy is not something that will appear in front of you. Your bodies are your enemies. You must suppress your bodies. You must be able to judge yourselves. That is why those people, following the path of Tao, are walking in the reverse direction. Buddhist teachings also employ counteracting methods. They are emphasizing reversal, following a reverse course and looking for a counteracting ideology.

Where, up to this point, have you been risking your necks whenever you fought? Many among our members fight in the name of the Unification Church. However, you must be able to fight in your own name. While carrying the cross, Jesus saw women wailing and lamenting the loss of Jesus. Jesus told them, "Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children." (Lk 23.28)

The problems within me must be resolved. I am the problem. One must not curse or blame someone else. One must curse oneself. One must remove one's false self and receive Jesus, our friend of the original, innermost heart, as the father of our minds, our innermost hearts and our bodies the father of the universe. Only by following this path can you avoid judgment in the Last Days.

In order to do this, you must find the condition of happiness that can make you forget about worldly aspects of life. To follow this path, you need the teachings that can lead your mind. You must clearly understand that whether something is true or false will be decided by whether you have the truth that can move hearts or not, or whether you have such a religion or not.


Father! How hard have you worked? It took six thousand years only to find and establish one person. You prepared everything needed in a household to establish one family. Now, even the external environment of the world is developing into a garden that you can find delight in. Principles and opinions are also in a position where one must be chosen.

In the same way, we must bring the fight between the two to one conclusion within the world of our minds. Please enable us to defeat our enemies and hold the flag of victory in our march toward the world. Enable us to boast of becoming your sons and daughters on the day that Heaven's enemies receive judgment. I sincerely pray that your grace deeply penetrates the hearts of all your children that have come here today.

Until now, our enemies have used us. Please enable us to eradicate that past, where we could not fight for the original ideal that our minds find delight in and for the original world and for the original owner. Father, I sincerely hope and pray that you let your children, from this time on, rush toward the heavenly mind.

Father, I know that the world will surely mature as a world based on one ideology. Please enable us to realize that the kingdom of heaven and the ideal garden is the place where your heart and our hearts become one and sing together. Please enable families that can sing of your heart to appear all over the world.

Please enable us to be more intoxicated by our love for you than by our love for our parents. Let us be more intoxicated by your love than by our love for our children. Enable us to sing of this love, to delight in this love and to feel happiness in this love. That this environment forms is your will and our hope. Please enable us to realize that will and hope. Please enable us to realize an everyday life environment in which you can be happy and we can be happy, before our lives end. I sincerely pray that you let us realize this from this moment on.

Please enable us to pursue and run toward that place that moves our minds and hearts, whether it is through all our connections or through the word, whether it is through people, or even any material thing; enable us to become sons and daughters that realize that we must pursue and run toward that place instead. Father, I thank you again for always being with us. I pray all of this in the Lord's name. Amen. 

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