Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

Please Let Us Go Forth Clinging To the Sorrowful Heart of Jesus

Sun Myung Moon
July 19, 1959
Prayers: A Lifetime Of Conversation With Our Heavenly Father -- Sun Myung Moon

Sun Myung Moon, July 16, 2011

Today we know of and believe in Jesus who was born and died in history, but there is no one who knows of and believes in Jesus and his heart when he was rejected and driven out, and wandered to that town when he was driven out of this one and to that village when he was driven out of this one. We have not been able to find in history a person who knew Jesus, who appeared representing the heart of heaven.

The people of Israel, who were awaiting the Messiah, had the hope of meeting the Messiah in their hearts, and they struggled and endured through several thousand years, and they anticipated wondering in which age the Messiah would appear. But we cannot help but recall that when that goal appeared in reality, they were fast asleep, without knowing the heart of heaven because they leaned towards the environment they were in and their own situations.

If today we have the responsibility of resolving the enmity that has penetrated your heart, as we recall that there was that kind of lamentable history, please allow us to be able to cope with and resolve, in their stead, the sins of Israel which did not recognize Jesus who came. Please allow us to be able to take responsibility for the mistake of Israel which caused Jesus such sorrow and to repent in its stead. Jesus had a life of more than 30 years of sorrow.

Furthermore, there were the three years of his public life, but who knew his heart and who knew his situation? There was not even one person. And more than that, the disciples who attended him as their master, who shared his joys and sorrows, who were sad together when he was sad, and were lonely together when he was lonely, they did not know, either.

The disciples, who should have clung to heaven and appealed with earnest hearts, concerned that their master might go the path of death, were instead in such a state that they were asking who Jesus was. Therefore, if it is the case that there was sorrow in the heart of Jesus who felt that his three years of devoted work were in vain, where could there be sorrow greater than his, and if he felt pain, where could there be pain greater than his?

There are Christians who know how to adore and attend the Jesus who wielded power, but there are no Christians who seek to hold onto and live the footsteps of Jesus who was stepped upon and driven out. Father, we cannot help but appeal with bitter tears that among the people of the world many sons and daughters who are able to come forward will do so, holding on to the heart of Jesus who was so miserable.

Oh Father who lives controlling the background of history! We know that you quietly teach us the way to go. Oh Father, please do not allow us to become people who long for the Jesus of the past; we earnestly hope and pray that you will allow us to become able to struggle in order to testify to the Jesus of this age.

Now please let us be able to sympathize with the heart of Jesus, who should have gone before you, and bow our heads before that heart, and if there is something that Jesus wanted and which would make him happy, please allow us to become able to realize it for him. We earnestly hope and desire that you will guide us to become sons and daughters who are able to be filled with and form a relationship with the heart of Jesus who should have resolved the problems of life of humankind two thousand years ago.

We have humbly prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

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