Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

The Original Heart for Which You Must Seek

Sun Myung Moon
June 28, 1959
Excerpts from "Longing for Eden"
The Selected Speeches of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 6
(Unofficial Translation)

While gazing upon nature, you must think there is nothing God has not worked on with His own hands, including even a negligible tiny patch of grass growing in the field. When looking at a growing tree, you should realize that such a place testifies to the history that is bonded with God's infinite inner heart, through which the tree has been formed. Not only trees and grass, but animals and insects jumping and hopping in the field or birds flying in the sky, none of them is created without His meticulous care. You must feel once again that all are created in a way quintessential to God's inner heart and through His substantial hands.

If God loves all things He created, how should you think about them? When He created all things in creation, then God said that "it was good." What was it that He loved most among all the creation? You should ponder, among all the grasses in the world, which does God love the most? If you remain in the space where you contemplate deeply about these without concern for the passage of time, you will be touched by the grace of God's heart that rejoiced relating freely with All Things before the creation of man.

You should rejoice holding a blade of grass, after knowing that it represents the object of the hope for the day. Furthermore, you must realize that the grass was indeed created by the hands of God. Such a person will stand as a friend of God in the world of the heart when He created the Heaven and earth at the beginning, even though he is a fallen person.

You must consider which grass God would love the most among all the grass. Out of all the flowers, which flower would God love the most? Out of all the trees, which tree would He love the most? Including of course all the birds and flying insects, all living things from lower to upper animals were created through God's heart. So, you must also think about which one Heavenly Father would love the most.

Among people who respect and long for God's heart, who anxiously wait for God's ideology and have the true mind of gazing upon God's garden of restoration, many may labor hard in order to experience bliss by exalting God from a glorious and joyful position. However, only a few rejoice evoking and recollecting the bond of God's inner heart that extends from the tiny patch of vegetation to insects and to the widespread natural world. The lord created an insect, pouring out all of his energy and passion. Nothing will be more satisfying for the lord to find a person who determines to love the insect from the bottom of his heart with more intensity than that original energy and passion.

What did Jesus seek to find, before his striving to find and offer the people to God, two thousand years ago? For what did his heart struggle to find? Jesus embraced his people, anxious about if they remain in the realm of Heaven's lamentation. Jesus must have prayed throughout the night, shedding tears for them.

However, unless Jesus had also felt sorrow and shed tears all through the night as he looked at all things being placed in the realm of lamentation, because their connection with the original heart was trampled by the fall of the human ancestors, he could not have become the Savior who could rule over and save the entire cosmos.

Without receiving elements from all things, no human would be able to sustain his life. For that reason, as long as he stands at that noble and precious position, he should be a mediator who can give joy and happiness to all things which provide the elements for his essence. If he puts forth this heart throughout his whole life, he will be equipped with the right way with nature everywhere he goes. Thus, he will be able to return glory to God under any circumstances by standing in a position of righteousness and a position of connection with all things.

When Jesus looked at nature, he would have pondered what flower God loved most among all flowering plants, and what God loved most in nature – which tree, or which mountain. I want all of you to reflect upon the loving heart of such a Jesus once again.

How have you related with the heart of responsibility in your life to all things – the mountains and rivers that God created by pouring into them His heart and love? Holding a handful of soil in your hands, have you ever thought, "How was God's heart oriented in creating this soil"? If you have not, you are a person who has nothing to do with the heart of God who established the ideal of creation. 

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