Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

The True Person for Whom God and All Things Long

Sun Myung Moon
June 28, 1959
Longing for Eden
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 6
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon circa 1960

Jesus prayed for his enemies to be blessed. He prayed for blessing upon those who hammered the nails into his hands and feet and who put the crown of thorns on his head. He prayed for happiness and blessings for the ignorant soldiers who pierced spears in his sides. Why did Jesus do that? He did it because he understood well that they are human beings, who were created as a result of the greatest investment of God, through His earnest heart and a process of enormous toil.

Jesus had a perfect relationship with God in prayer and meditation, during his thirty-odd years of life on this earth. Therefore, he was the original true person. He was the person for whom all things and God longed.

A human being naturally desires to complete his unfinished work the next day, if the work was not completed the day before. It is the same for God. If a person entered into the realm of God's heart and experienced how much joy God felt after creating human beings; he could dance for tens of years, yet even this would not be adequate to express his experience.

God does not need the kind of human beings who happened to appear by a simplistic law that some religious people talk about. The value of the human being is immeasurable, for he was created through absolute principles with an infinite flexibility that cannot be measured by any law. When God looks at such a person, He feels all the attributes of His whole inner nature and the emotion of the entire cosmos. God is infinitely joyful upon seeing him.

Adam and Eve were God's objects of love, in which God rejoiced, and for whom He longed and hoped to see become the owners of all things? What happened to Adam and Eve, for whom God and all things longed? Because of the fall, the longing turned into resentment and bitter sorrow; happiness and hope turned into lamentation and despair; life turned into death, and love turned into wailing and mourning.

Many of us still do not know the source of this miserable reality, how it came about and how we are related to it, even though we are in a position to lament having such deplorable ancestors. God is looking for a band of people who can sweep away the sorrow and resentment, and who can go in search of the original realm of heart and raise the sound of joy.

Human beings, who possess the value for whom God and all things have longed, are in this miserable state. They must face judgment. So, whenever you want to avoid facing judgment you should pray, "Father! I sincerely hope to be qualified as a person who longs for the Father's heart. I want to be a victor who does not need to face judgment and can sing, passing the test with respect to the heart of God when He rejoiced after the creation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and with respect to the heart of God longing to go and see them." God hopes you will be such victors.

You should become a person who longs for the Heavenly Ethic and who longs for the people. You should think how great the grace of God is in creating a son and a daughter to be able to experience His heart.

Man and woman on earth represent God's total nature and character. Therefore, you should become a man who loves a woman completely and a woman who loves a man totally. Humankind today does not know God's will. He desires to see the appearance of a husband and wife who love each other freely and embrace Heaven together after possessing the standard of the heart which Adam and Eve wanted to achieve through God's heart. Then, God's will is to turn the whole cosmos over to such couple.

Humankind is struggling with infinite longing in the realm of the heart, because they have defiled the law of the heart. The reality of fallen humankind is constant struggle in an unsuccessful attempt to fill that longing through hobbies, art, knowledge, and even objects of love on earth. Thus, the fallen humanity has been wandering vaguely unable to fill this longing. And this is the historical tragedy and sorrow.

If such a longing is surging within your heart, you should become a person who can long for that original garden together with all things, and who can obtain the original form of the human being and sincerely long for God. If you become this person, God cannot help but welcome you with open arms, saying, "Oh! My son! My daughter!" Then God will embrace you in His bosom. 

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