Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

Fallen People Should Feel Both Joy and Sorrow for All Things

Sun Myung Moon
June 28, 1959
Longing for Eden
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 6
(Unofficial Translation)

Just as God has His own most favorite among all things of goodness that He created, you should have your most favorite flower among all flowers. If you don't feel such a feeling, you are disqualified in the world of Heart. You should be able to say with confidence, "I love this flower most among all flowers and this tree most among all the trees. This is my most favorite plant while looking at all plants in the world." Only, then, can you feel a loving and longing heart towards God's creation.

If you feel your own vibrant life and are inspired to embrace the life of others and attract nature, then you will have ambition and will never live without purpose.

When you look at nature, you should think of the sorrow and grief hidden there. Also, you should know the earth you are stepping on has untold stories accumulated through its history. Unfortunately, it became a sorrowful land instead of becoming a joyful land. When you look at all things, you should feel joy and appreciate the goodness; but at the same time, you should recognize the sorrowful background of their having remained in the realm of lamentation. Even though you enjoy looking at a famous beautiful place, you should have a limitlessly sorrowful feeling for this nature and want it to connect back to God, the Father. This is the position of fallen mankind needing to recover such feelings.

From now on, you should weep over a handful of blades of grass, feeling the sorrow instead of just enjoying holding and looking at it. You should be the ones who weep holding a tree feeling its grief, and who moan with a deep sigh looking over the beauty of mountains, rivers and all other nature. Why? It is because you have a heart longing for Eden. God's heart is filled with such longing. We should know that this mind emerges out of a longing for Eden. God is filled with such a heart. Therefore, humanity cannot escape from that relationship of heart with Him. You should know this.

If you hold such a heart, you will long for Eden while gazing at nature. When talking about this "longing for Eden", you should long for nature. While longing for Eden, you should also long for the original person who would have had dominion over all things with love. 

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