Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

The Grieving Father, Son and Daughter as They Try to Establish the Kingdom of Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
May 17, 1959
Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea

1 "Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. 2 My Father's house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. 4 You know the way to the place where I am going." 5 Thomas said to him, "Lord, we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?" 6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7 If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him." 8 Philip said, "Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us." 9 Jesus answered: "Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, 'Show us the Father'? 10 Don't you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. 11 Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. 12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. 15 "If you love me, keep my commands. 16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever -- 17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you. 18 I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 19 Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. 20 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. 21 Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them." 22 Then Judas (not Judas Iscariot) said, "But, Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?" 23 Jesus replied, "Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them. 24 Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me.
John 14:1-24


Distressed in the stormy sea of death, we human beings are sinners who cannot be trusted. We realize that we cannot raise our heads in front of Heavenly Father, who has striven, been wronged, and fought on throughout the providence for countless years to bring about the day of glory. Please liberate the six thousand years of history, a period like that of Israel's slavery and suffering in Egypt.

Thank You for the promise of the glorious moment. We have learned from history that You have taught us the way many times and have guided us through the courses of so many saints and sages who have gone the bloody, tearful path before us.

Forgiving Heavenly Father! Loving Father! We know that this world cannot be held together by compassion alone. Although we are disloyal and inadequate, we stand in front of You and ask for Your acceptance because we admire Your compassion and long for Your love.

Have pity on those of us who subsist in this world of grief and sorrow. Have pity on those of us who languish amidst this life of reality. Anyone with God's heart and concerns would undoubtedly look at the world with tears and sorrow. Our hearts deeply regret that this reality calls for us to cry for Heaven. Father, please rid us of the difficult six thousand years of the historical realm of sorrow that bind us and make us long for the land of Canaan as we suffer in Egypt. Humankind has longed for, trusted in and followed You. We know that every path is a course of suffering, and every step hastens sorrow; but we committed the bitter act of the fall and, therefore, have no choice but to walk such a path. Humankind, struggling in the pit of despair, has been striving to come out of this pit of death since the day they have known of the promise of Heaven. Yet we know that they have not yet escaped from Satan's dominion. We know better than anyone that we are in that dominion.

It is time to call on the living Father so that we may live. It is time for sons and daughters to come forth who will be loyal to the Father, who has established the will of the providence. Thus, loving Father, we pray that we can resent our inadequate selves, grieve over our inappropriate selves, and push our faithless selves, praying that we may possess a heart desperate to establish the nation.

Now we have taken such a path and have raised the battle banner. Therefore, please allow for the power of Heaven to be present in our daily battles and foretell the victorious day. We cannot go through the course of suffering and pioneer the desolate course of the wilderness, if we do not re-determine ourselves with new conviction and resolution.

Father, we know well that our ancestors, the 600,000 Israelites, were jubilant about escaping the Pharaoh's palace, yet grieving and resentful toward Heaven when the chariots chased after them. Do we have joyous hearts today as we come in front of You? I am afraid that our resentment might outstrip our gratitude. We should be proud of the day we were ecstatic and hope for the last day when all humankind can sing happily with Heaven. In spite of any reason, any sorrow or enemies awaiting us by deep pitfalls of sin, loving Father, I desperately pray that we may persistently fight and never lose our integrity as heavenly soldiers.

There will be hills and valleys, stony fields, desolate lands, and even enemies who pursue us on our paths. Yet we have already determined ourselves. Therefore, I sincerely pray, Heavenly Father, that we may feel the responsibility in our minds and be the heavenly warriors who will charge forward to pioneer the path of battles until we liberate the promised land of Canaan.

Please have pity on Your sons and daughters who have gathered before You, Father. Please allow these sons and daughters to renew their promise before You. Allow them to have new determination and conviction. Father, I desperately pray that they may be worthy in preparing their mind and body for the promised day.

Many saints in heaven! Please bless this time. Please rid us of whatever is inappropriate in our minds in front of the Father, our selfish assertions and concepts, and anything that is not justified in front of the will. I pray that we may be drowned in a desperate heart which Heavenly Father can guide, dominate and use, so that our hearts can be connected with Yours.

Please do as You will now, as we leave everything up to You. Please separate out all evil elements through the spirit of the Trinity. Upon setting our conditions of victory, I desperately pray that this may be a time when we can be enraptured in the glorious realm of Heavenly Father.

Father, please be with Your sons and daughters who are fighting far away and who are concerned for the will. Please bless them. I also pray that You may grant the blessing of life to this gathering.

Father, this is a holy day. Please allow every gathering to hoist Your flame of love. Allow the blessing of glory, and the flame of blessing, for all to sacrifice.

Please do as You will, as we leave everything to You. I pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.


Humanity does not yet realize that endless sorrow is rooted in Heaven. We did not know that the history of Heaven has been an eternally painful one, although we have followed and believed in You.

Father, although You have given us words that are difficult to bear and have longed to find worthy people, I feel truly unworthy that You have foretold to us the moment of hope that never came about before. As inadequate people, we cannot help feeling ashamed in bowing our minds and bodies before Heaven and calling on You.

We thought that the path You called us to follow would be a path of joy; yet we realize that it is a path of endless tears, a sad, lonely, difficult road that calls for us to vindicate Heaven and earth. We cannot help experiencing this path through our flesh, which allows those who want to give up their lives to win, but not those who want to live.

Father, please have pity on Your lonely sons and daughters here. Does the heavenly ideology live within their minds? Please allow them to realize that this is not self-centered, but is a historical ideology. Are their hearts moved by that ideology? Please let them know that such a heart does not cease with their generation.

Now that they have received and felt all the blessings there are, please let them understand that the Kingdom of Heaven is not realized or lived in by self-centered individuals. Because You are the beginning of this task, Father, I sincerely pray that we may become people who will be willing to offer everything for You.

When we undertook this path You called us to follow, we already gave up everything for You. We have offered all our possessions and even our hearts to You.

You are looking for those who can be grateful even after offering everything to the Father. Please accept us, although we have become people who are disheartened after our offering. Please allow us to want to give up everything with infinite joy. We know that one with such a heart can own all of You. With a desperate heart toward Heaven, such a person will wind up victorious.

Father, we know that our giving up everything is not to please You but is a providence for You to be able to hand down everything to us. We now know that You had no choice but to look for us, to call us, and to bring us forth because of this. I know we still have self-centered thoughts and feelings. Please allow us to give it all up before You. I sincerely pray that You will fill our minds and bodies with eternally grateful hearts for Your giving us everything that exists in this world.

Please allow us to be grateful when we are saddened for the sake of Your sorrow. Help us become grateful when we can work harder after observing Your endeavors. Please help us be grateful when we see the course of Heavenly Father's battle, when we are placed in the same circumstances. I sincerely pray that You may take these individuals into Your bosom and raise them.

Father, we have gathered here. Please have pity on us. I pray that this can be a time when everything can be connected to You from the beginning. We have gathered here after overcoming lonely paths. Please receive us, comfort us, guide us, and open the hands of Your blessing upon us to heal all the scars inflicted upon us this last week.

Father, today is a holy day. We know that this is a time when Heaven wants to connect with earth. Please hold onto the millions of saints in heaven and the numerous people of this earth who are striving toward goodness. Help us through the works of goodness to reach every place people have gathered and knelt in front of You. I earnestly pray that You may exercise Your authority upon this land where death storms so that this day may be one when victory is won and Heavenly Father's glory can be sung.

Heavenly Father, the source of life, please pour down the blessing of glory at this time. Hoping that You will guide everything with direct authority, I pray all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.


Heavenly Father, You have worked through the providence to receive the desired and awaited day of hope. You could not desert unfaithful humankind, but have given the blessing called "Israel" and have led history up to now to embrace the lonely multitudes. The day the promised one was sent was when Your glory should have filled heaven and all humankind's ecstatic hearts should have filled heaven and earth with joy. However, Father, we know that the historic indignation of four thousand years of sorrow came about due to what happened to Jesus.

From the time of his birth in a barn, Jesus' thirty years of life was ever so miserable and lonely, with no one to depend upon. We know that Jesus had no one to trust on this earth. He bared his soul and had to pass away as the embodiment of deep sorrow without being able to share his desperate heart.

Please forgive humankind, which does not know the sorrow of Jesus. Two thousand years ago, people should have received the heavenly words he was to utter. Yet they did not have faith in the one. We have heard the words and prayers of advice and pleading spoken to the disciples who followed the will of Heaven. Heaven's joy should have been realized and the new nation established on the earth the moment when the fate of Heaven merged with that of earth. We know the reality of the historic indignation over the fact that the moment the two collided, lamentation and sorrow began that opened the way of the vindictive cross.

Father, although our ancestors were indebted to Heaven and we are also greatly indebted, please accept us, even if we have become people who do not indemnify our debts and struggle only for our individual concerns. A lonely multitude has gathered in front of You. Please give us words of guidance. I have given them many words up to now. As I was sharing, we realize now how much of Your sorrow shows and that we have not united centering on Your concerns. We realize that Heavenly Father's sorrow is manifested in history, course after course, century after century, and period after period, as He worked through humankind.

Father, how many sons and daughters are there in this world who have felt Your painful heart and have a heart of consideration for Heaven and earth? We realize, Father, that there are extremely few. Father, You who have tried endlessly to save miserable humanity and have guided us throughout time, please give us the new promise. Knowing that there is a heavenly will, please work through us, since You want to deliver to us the new promise and bestow the mission of the new age upon us, Father.

Please have pity on the people of Korea. Please have pity on the nation of Korea. The people are miserable, and they have nowhere to go. They have no history to show for themselves, nothing of which to be proud, no national characteristic to put forth in sight of Heaven. No one is responsible for their lives, so please have pity on these miserable people. Please open the way for their lives and have concern for their destiny. They are lonely people. Please have sympathy for where they stand.

Father, these people have nothing to hope for in this land. Yet I sincerely pray, Father, that You may pioneer the way for their lives on the condition that they feel Your heart.

Please let there be more who will appeal to Heaven and earth on behalf of the people's misery. Please help them so that they will not fall down and give up when they confront barriers, but will instead plead with and appeal to Heavenly Father in their confrontations. I sincerely pray this.

Father, please have pity on Your sons and daughters who have walked onto the persecuted path of the Unification Church. Father, we did not want to take such a path, but in realizing what no one has realized before and taking responsibilities unlike any other, we realize that we must. Father, now we know Your heart in leading us toward the lonely path and trying to realize the will. Please guide the ones who are following me.

If there is someone in a miserable place who pleads to Heaven with a longing heart, the ones who follow him are in a similar situation. Please sympathize with and hold on to them. They are not here because of human or earthly reasons. They are starting to take new steps because of Heaven's love. Therefore, I sincerely pray that they will not lose their path because of other people and that they will not be discouraged.

When we reflect upon the courses of history, people who have established new ages and new eras of history were persecuted during their time. They withstood persecution after persecution. Father, please have sympathy with this movement. I sincerely pray that because this is Your will, no matter how much pain rushes toward these sons and daughters who have taken in the will of Heaven and who possess a loyal heart for Heavenly Father, they may overcome death after death to realize the will and fight until the end.

Today is April 10 (lunar calendar). Father, please bless these people. Father, please do not withdraw Your loving, open arms. Please send apostles of truth to all of heaven and earth. Send down apostles of love to all lands. Please send apostles of faith and righteousness so that they may attend Heavenly Father.

I sincerely pray that we may receive the love of Heavenly Father who has searched, longed for, desired, and fought throughout so that we will become people who can disgrace Satan in the final place of judgment. What can I say at this time? Father, please take dominion. Let the hearts of the speaker and the listeners be one. I sincerely pray that we may be overcome, even unknowingly, by Your will, Your heart, and Your circumstances so that we can pledge and determine ourselves to fulfill Your dream. Please take dominion. I pray these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The Reason Humankind Seeks the Good Purpose

The topic of the speech I want to share with you is "The Grieving Father, Son and Daughter as They Try to Establish the Kingdom of Heaven." I will speak briefly upon this topic.

We know that ever since the human ancestors experienced the sadness of losing Paradise, there has been sadness of mind, sadness of body, and sadness of life. That sadness permeated the world and Heaven and is in every human being.

Because humankind was put in a position to deal with dual purposes instead of one, we have been in a position to relate with Satan rather than God. We experience the reality that fallen humankind was put in a position to deal with a world of dual purposes. No one can deny such a fact.

From the perspective of the will of God, the Creator of humankind, people were supposed to live centering on one purpose and one ideology, with one Master. Yet from the day they fell, they became people who served two masters and lived with dual purposes.

We know that the existence of both good and evil lies not only in my environment but throughout the world. Furthermore, we know that such a reality permeates not only in this world, but heaven as well.

Now our destiny is such that we have no choice but to walk toward the world of one purpose. We have no choice but to accept that our conscience aims and urges us in a certain direction. Therefore, when people today face society's contradictions, their minds naturally seek the world of a new ideology that transcends the complex realities of this world.

What is the source of such a desire that pulls me in that direction through some inner sense? It started from the one Master who possessed the original ideology. We should realize that He intervenes in our lives to re-establish one world and a people who will hold onto one ideology and seek one purpose.

Today humankind is building a new world of culture. They are seeking the ideology of the world of the mind relating to that culture. Once you realize that you cannot deny this fact, you will not be able to live a comfortable life. The emotion of sadness has been passed down to us today ever since the day our ancestors painfully experienced the sorrow of Paradise lost. This significant reality is verified throughout history. How can we deny what we experience in our lives through our hearts? If anyone seriously thought about this and wanted to take on the will, he could not help opening his arms wide to Heaven, pleading and struggling to resolve such a sorrowful and sad reality.

Therefore, you must realize that this is a time to reflect upon the purpose and ideology and the focus of our lives as pioneers. To bring forth such an age and to realize such a will, God has worked the providence of having our ancestors seek goodness and seek the ideology of goodness through their consciences. It is a holy moment when you feel an impulse in your heart to pursue goodness. It is a holy moment. It is a moment when our many ancestors are trying to raise us and lead us in the direction of goodness which all humankind desires. Furthermore, it is truly a moment when heaven is trying to give us confidence.

The Moment Humankind Feels the Impulse to Seek Goodness in Heart

Therefore, when someone feels the urge of conscience directing them toward a true ideology and the will of a true center, that person has to think about how much he has tried to take it into the center of his heart, the center of his body, the center of his life, and the center of his ideology or purpose.

The path of the sorrowful heart which has continued throughout history would have seen its end if humankind were to criticize themselves, criticize the world around them, and be concerned about the fact that everything in the world is connected with the invisible Creator. If God cannot solve this problem, God is not fulfilling His responsibility.

Thus, Heaven has no choice but to work through the providence and reveal His intention to certain individuals at certain points in history, to certain congregations, and to certain nations. The traces of this are visible throughout history. When we look for those traces and study them, we can see that the works that liquidate the history of sorrow are never logical or theoretical. Religions had to come forth. We had to enter the world of heart to pursue the ideology of goodness and to relate to other human beings by releasing the spiritual or supernatural level of emotion.

We are to realize through religion that the one purpose, the one ideology, and the one center should never change from the beginning of history to the last days. That should be passed on as a consistent belief. Why is that?

How would you measure the standard of goodness? What is the standard for a good nation, a good person, and a good deed? When the start and finish coincide, something is heavenly and good; that is the standard of judgment. It is an everlasting truth that true goodness, Heaven, never alters its purpose, it's ideal, nor its course of direction. Therefore, the ideal of a religion should never alter once it is established; the religion should move forward consistently regardless of how time and history change.

When the Substantial Body of God Appears

The sorrow of humankind began when the fall occurred. As Heaven's sorrow was also manifested due to humankind's fall, there surely has to be a certain will that will foretell the day of liberation from this sorrow, and there must be a method to realize this will, as well as someone to carry it out.

From the religious perspective, a person sent to take on and be responsible for this work is one who is responsible for the teaching of truth. From the Christian viewpoint, it is the advent of Christ. He comes with the mission of the Savior with a teaching that will encompass the world.

If such a central person is to come to this world to liberate the sorrow of Heaven and earth, he could never come as a glorious being. The manifestation of the substantial body of God cannot deny the course of history, the circumstance of time. Because Heaven experienced a sorrowful course of history, Jesus had to undergo a similar path to stand as the center representing the heavenly ideology, purpose and life.

To exist is to have experienced life and relationships. That is the foundation for existence. Jesus had to experience all those hearts of sorrow associated with history. He had no choice but to experience such, representing humankind as well as God.

The worldly and religious perspectives are different. People typically consider someone good if that person denies himself and bears everyone else's suffering in their place. Yet it is different from the religious viewpoint; that person should not only take on worldly sorrows but Heaven's sorrows as well.

We have to realize that this is a requirement demanded by Heaven and by all of humankind. It should be fulfilled by human beings. They will untangle the twisted and distorted course of history caused by the fall.

Jesus came to liberate such sorrow and break down the distorted history built up since the fall. He had to walk the course of experiencing God's sorrowful heart, which was never experienced by anyone throughout the four thousand years of the human course. Therefore, Jesus had to feel the emotions of sorrow that were deeply engraved in God's heart more profoundly than any who had appeared during the four thousand years. If anyone in this land felt the sorrowful heart of Heaven, he would have no choice but to look at this world with tears. He would be struck with the greatest of sorrow and would be reduced to a state of unstoppable tears and sadness. Such was the heart Jesus felt.

For whom was that? First, it was for Heaven. Since Heaven had sent Jesus for humankind, it was for the sake of human beings too. Thus, Jesus was someone who had to cry and plead with humankind while bearing the sorrow of Heaven. He was also someone who had to implore and cry to Heaven for the misery of humankind.

If the moment God's sorrowful heart is uprooted and the sadness deeply etched in His heart is liquidated does not arrive, humankind will never find peace. The ideology of Heaven will never come to fruition in this world.

The time has come for all of you who are faced with this reality and all of today's humanity struggling with this dilemma, to newly determine yourselves. With the sound of the tolling of the bell, we know that the time has arrived.

The moment today is more formidable than any fearful moment in history. It is more sorrowful than any other. This is a time when parents do not recognize their children and children do not recognize their parents. People have willfully given up and destroyed their precious relation of heart with their loved ones. This is the greatest of sorrow for them as they wonder how their pained sadness can be comforted.

The Situation of Today's Humankind and the Direction and Attitude We Should Take

Sorrow is deeply embedded in my heart. A world of fear is also taking me by surprise. Struggling with such a reality, where is a peaceful garden of heart within me? Where is a garden of serenity and freedom? This is a serious and immediate question that has to be solved by today's humankind and by those of us living in this time.

You are placed within such a realm. The time has come for you to realize this. The time has come for you to raise your right hands and shout, "Heavenly Father, please hold onto our arms." Then raise your left hands and shout, "All of humanity, let us march forward together." What are we then to do in this world when we cannot feel such a drive in our mind and cannot receive such a stimulus even when we want to?

Although people have searched, fought, struggled and done all kinds of things, not only did they not find the solution, the result has been despair, death and destruction. It is time for us to understand that our human effort does not bring about any result.

Knowing that heaven exists, humankind should search to find Heavenly Father with the conviction to link ourselves with heaven. When such a day springs forth within an individual, he or she will revive. When there is a congregation, a race, a nation, and a world striving to find that day, no one will be able to deny that this congregation, race, nation or world has the cause and the ideology to establish a new world of destiny.

We will be more fearful when we realize that Heaven is looking down on this world. In the world of heart, the effect of the fear you did not know you had will intensify as days pass and ages are ushered in.

Therefore, you cannot continue heading toward that world, that direction. If you take that path, you will surely feel danger toward your life. You have to realize that such a path is not to be taken by people of the original heart and should go back. You have to have such a heart. Greater than any loyalty you have demonstrated toward Heaven and earth, greater than any suffering you have endured, more intense than any fervor you have shown, you must give loyalty, receive suffering, and be passionate.

The Original "I"

Your heart must be captivated by a subject of goodness, a purposeful entity of goodness, and the world of ideology. You must be enraptured by it. When you have become so, it is certain that you may search for the world of the purpose. When someone is content to lead his whole life according to his concepts, derived from his subjectivity and understanding through rationality, he will surely fall into his trap.

Once you realize, looking deeply into your heart, that this outpouring of emotion is itself an undeniable truth body and a real, existing entity, this is cosmic evidence, historical evidence, and ideological evidence that you are connected to the cosmos. It becomes certain that you are becoming an objective being in relation to one subject.

Believing in the existence of Heavenly Father, we should strive for the day when our subject, Heavenly Father, trusts in us, His objects, one hundred percent. We should strive to reach that goal with one hundred percent faith. This is the last significant problem that humankind has to solve.

Because humankind has had to overcome such a sad reality, it is certain that God has put forth many conditions that will solve the problem. How did God work the providence in the course of history? You know very well that the human ancestors fell because they could not trust in God. They fell because they could not have faith. Looking at it more closely, it was because they could not love God. They fell because they could not attend God. In Christianity, we call these "the three elements of faith: faith, hope and love."

The Believers' Standard of Hope

What is our last hope? It is to attend Heavenly Father. Humankind absolutely has to find how to recover the heavenly link. If there is one historic condition, a providential condition, a condition of the future, how can those conditions find us? Because of the failure of our ancestors to have faith, love and attend, we know that there have been faith movements and love movements. They are finding us through these means.

Before the time of Jesus, humankind struggled to establish the foundation of faith. Although Jesus then came to this world and toiled to love humanity, his will could not be realized. He established the ideology of the bride and the bridegroom. Therefore, a champion of love must come who can embrace and love humanity.

What should we do after receiving him? We should attend him throughout our lives. That is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The world of Heaven, the world in which we live with him in eternal attendance, is the believers' hope and standard. The providence of history is moving toward that direction.

Heaven had to find and establish rational and lawful conditions through paradoxes and contradictions to find a person who, engulfed with sorrow, can carry the will. This is where the secret of Heaven lies. Although the sorrow of humankind is great, the sorrow of Heaven is much greater; yet people do not know of the sorrow of Heaven. No one knows of Heaven's sorrow in trying to bring back ignorant human beings through a logical and lawful process.

Therefore, history after Jesus is a history of faith. We know that human history has established the standard of faith and has been raising that standard while accumulating the results of goodness. Because Jesus could not fulfill the purpose of his coming, although he came to this world as a center of love, the age of faith has had to give way to the age of attendance. That is why Heavenly Father returns to save the individual who is in the midst of the sad environment.

The Conditions which Allow Humankind to be Connected to God: Faith and Practice

Throughout history, God was able to find humankind through conditions of faith and practice. Allowing humankind to establish the conditions of faith, what else has God required of people? He requested practice. In order for God and me to be connected and to establish the foothold that will rid me of my sorrow, the path of practice has to be opened centering on faith. That is the only way to bring about the historic connection.

This is because my existence is not for myself; rather, I am destined to deny myself and follow the direction of Heaven. Because Heaven sets its course for the sake of the world and the cosmos through sacrificing individuals, the direction of goodness never focuses on the self; nor does the standard of goodness. All is for the purpose of the nation and Heaven. Due to this, Heaven has led the providence for humankind through emphasis on faith and practice.

It has already been a six-thousand-year history of emphasizing faith and practice. Looking back, we can see it was a history sad beyond imagining. Yet you today must realize that the sorrow of Heaven in trying to hold onto humankind was much greater than the sorrow of human beings. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect to Heaven. No one has realized this until now. Humankind created a historical precedent of driving Heavenly Father away and murdering the saints and sages.

Although Heavenly Father wanted humankind to come to Him through eternal faith and practice, humanity does not have the heart to relate to God and could not acquire the foothold that would allow it to have faith and to practice it. Even if people acquired that foothold of faith, the only way for God's faith and humankind's faith to unite and liberate all human sorrow would be for humankind to practice their faith. This must be done with faith derived from emotion great enough to encompass God's sorrow, with a heart that can connect with His emotion. Yet the truth is that humankind has not reached such a state.

As you head forward today with a new ideology and a new will, do you have confidence in your faith? You probably do not. When you have not attained to a life that allows you to accept the historical destiny with confidence, there is a course of practice left for you to pioneer. Even if you can put what you believe into practice, if the emotion of Heaven's sorrow does not emanate within you, if you are not captivated by God's faith and God's practice, you do not have a bit of relationship with the heaven that God is trying to find and establish; not a bit.

Even in human relationships, mutual faith lasts longer when happy and sad aspects of it form a relative relationship. Upon the foundation of that faith, promises can be carried out over a long time. When it comes to a course of faith and practice toward Heaven, it is the same. You should be able to have faith and carry on, feeling both God's happy aspects and sad aspects. You should first seek and find the sorrowful self to become the happy self.

Jesus, who came as the champion of faith, wanted to stand before God as a true believer, possessing the heart of the center of faith, the representative of all humankind. God also wanted Jesus to have a relationship of faith with Him as humankind's representative and to create that relationship with all people; but His desire was not fulfilled. The relationship was made between Jesus and God, but the desired relationship between Jesus and humankind did not come about. Therefore, although the faithful ones say that they practice their faith, they have not seen the day when they can say that faith and practice are perfected in them.

True Faith and Practice

Heaven is a place of true faith and true practice. Therefore, when people today cannot analyze and empathize with the suffering and sad heart of God, they should realize that they are not yet in a position to welcome the world of the heavenly ideology with both arms.

That is why the footsteps of Jesus were precious. Jesus knew that when his words were established, heaven would be established. When he carried out his words, the will of Heaven was also carried out. Jesus was living up to this standard. His concern for humankind was great; his concern for Heavenly Father was great; and his capacity to experience the sorrows of Heaven and earth was great.

There is no verse in the Bible portraying Jesus dancing with joy. Why? Because God could not yet speak to His children, humankind, in the garden of happiness, Jesus could not speak freely, with joy, even if he sometimes felt personal happiness. The words of Jesus should have been introduced with a heart of joy. Yet in reality, they were uttered with a heart of sorrow. You should be filled with the same emotion and realize the dignity of Jesus' words.

Jesus and I should connect with one another, transcending history. When words are not capable of connecting with the ideological realm of life's reality, those words are not of Heaven.

The True Nature of the Believer and God's Wish

We must urgently rekindle the course of faith by taking the path of truth. We should first know where the final line of faith, which Jesus talked about with a sorrowful heart, lies. We should then go beyond that limit. Because Jesus stood in the middle, trying to liberate both the sorrow of Heaven and the sorrow of humanity, his heart was inexpressibly sorrowful. He experienced hundreds and thousands of human sorrows and thousands and millions of Heaven's sorrows. Therefore, the only way to restore the blocked relationship between God and humanity is for every person's standard of faith to rest on the words expressed through Jesus' sorrowful heart. This is the true nature of the believer.

Christianity was not a religion of laughter. It was a religion of tears. That is why when you understand one thing about Jesus, your heart wells up. When you understand two things, you will involuntarily wail and lament. When you understand and realize more and more, you cannot help feeling that you should give yourself as an offering. You can bring life to the dead if your faith and practice arise from such a heart.

No matter what sort of great accomplishment is achieved in sight of Heaven, that achievement is not because of the individual. It is because of Heaven.

Where did the complex thread of the providence start to untangle? We should realize that the new history of the providence was pioneered and built the moment humanity's heart connected itself with the sorrows of God.

Heavenly Father spent the six-thousand-year course of history urging humankind to walk the path of faith and practice. He desperately wanted all individuals to do so. He wanted someone to completely manifest Him in sight of all of humanity.

Heaven is looking for someone who can endlessly believe and act, yet who can also forget all he has done. That is the standard of Heaven. He is looking for someone who can not only fulfill the words given through Jesus and establish a new history of practice, but who can move Heaven. There has been no one who could go beyond the limit of God's expectation.

The Person For Whom God Is Looking

Although there may be numerous Christian believers, where is the one who can go beyond such limitations of heart and be proud of his or her course of action? Where is such a child of Heaven? This is where the problem lies. Today you should desire and establish a bright history of faith. You should be able to take any reality and, transcending the age and history, take it in, dominate it, and apply it as yours throughout eternity in complete freedom. God should be able to say that the path for the grounds of faith for humankind was laid by you.

When you can be immersed in the will of God, valuing it over and even forgetting the worldly notions of faith, action and practice, then God can finally call you, "My son" or "My daughter." Therefore, it is the sorrow of Heaven and the sorrow of humankind that no true sons or daughters could be found. That He could not relate to humankind as His sons and daughters is the sorrow of Heaven.

Even though the word "God" can be used in an absolute sense, there is no sense of emotion in introducing God like this. Where is the God we can connect to with both words and emotion? In walking the path of faith, you should tackle these problems with a desperate heart, then you should pass beyond the notion of faith and practice. Immersed in Heavenly Father as the cells of your body and your heart automatically unite, you should be able to call upon Him. Heaven is definitely searching for such an individual, whose call to Him arises from an inherent natural physiology.

Humanity today has reason to cry. Humanity has never fulfilled its responsibility. We should lament over our ancestors, who brought six thousand years of sorrow to Heaven as traitors and betrayers. Furthermore, we should lament over our selves today.

From the perspective of faith, is it proper or is it pitiful in God's eyes that we have lived without even thinking about what sort of realm of limitation we have struggled to come out of? His heart would be full of sorrow at the history of the past six thousand years. You have to acknowledge that Heaven is lamenting over you.

What flowed in the hearts of individuals who lost faith, lost love, and lost the life of attendance due to the fall? It was the emotion of sorrow. It was an inexplicable emotion of sorrow. Therefore, when an unexpected emotion of sorrow arises in your life of faith and you feel sorrow in the atmosphere without a clear reason or cause, realize that it is the presence of Heavenly Father. If one can hold onto that moment of sorrow and connect with tears, that person can be born again.

Although humankind had to make that kind of connection, Heavenly Father had to send Jesus as the horizontal champion since fallen humankind could not relate directly to Him. Fallen humankind needed Jesus as the substantial God. That is why Jesus had to come to this world.

If the Israelites, driven and chased out for four thousand years in their sad course of history, had held onto Jesus and cried with the one who bore God's sorrowful heart, their name would be celebrated throughout the world. If that had happened, they would not have become an isolated race that has lost the race, the sovereignty, and the nation.

The Life of Jesus, Whose Sorrow Was Greater Than His Joy

The Unification Church was not meant to walk a rough path. When I see you coming into the Unification Church, I feel a worrisome heart rather than a welcoming one. I am looking at you like that. I have to look at you with a heart of reservation, rather than with a welcoming heart.

When one realizes the story of Heaven and its desperate nature as God searches to bring humanity back, not only would that person be unable to think about himself; he would have to deny himself. When a person can be led naturally to the degree where he will not criticize selfishly and subjectively, the way for him to walk this course is not only to feel the sorrow of such a deep level, but to subjectively comfort and console Heavenly Father. That is the only way an individual can walk this path.

Do not follow this path if you wish to lead a comfortable life. As I walked this path, I realized it is a lonely path without a friend, without a comrade, without an excuse, and without a place on which to lean. It is a path that cannot be trusted. Having walked such a path, I certainly could understand the heart of Jesus.

If I were to introduce Jesus today, I would like first to introduce the sad side of Jesus. Who in that age ever understood his heart and became his companion as he even forgot to eat, sleep, and was chased and driven out from town to town, having only his own lonely heart? Heaven was sorrowful. Even the saints, who wanted to represent Heavenly Father, were sad offerings. Heavenly Father, holding onto the will, must have truly been sorrowful when even Jesus had to die.

Who was Heavenly Father? We realize that He is our Father. We realize now that the relationship of God and humankind is that of a parent and child. We do not realize the sadness of our Father; but it is not God who is responsible for making us realize His sorrow. It is up to us. Jesus and the saints came to accomplish this.

Jesus Is the Prince of Sadness

God has been longing and questing after humankind. Those who want to be qualified to become the children of God have to fight and become victorious in place of Jesus, who walked the course and fought the battle of sorrowful faith. Humankind has not yet embraced a joyous and glorious day in this world. You will realize that Heavenly Father truly exists when you empathize with His sadness and call upon Him.

Jesus has shed countless unknown tears. You have to realize this. Although the Bible tells of this in only a few places, Jesus has truly shed many unknown tears. He felt responsible looking at the creation, looking at the scattered people and in relating with the infinite Heavenly Father. He was truly the prince of sadness; he was sad as he saw that some of his responsibilities could not be fulfilled. He was sad when he could not comfort Heavenly Father, although he was in the position to do so. He was sad at being unable to fulfill his responsibility as the Messiah to save humankind immediately.

The Jesus we believe in is not the prince of all princes, a prince of glory, or a prince of victory. He is the prince of sadness. We should realize that he was the prince of sadness for the will of God.

Saying such a thing may brand me a heretic, but it is a truth I have realized. The only way to be connected to Jesus is for you to have an overflowing moment of emotion and exclaim, "Jesus was a prince before humanity and history, the first ever to understand and fathom the sad heart of Heavenly Father!" That was not all. Jesus was also the prince of pain.

Jesus' Deep Heart and His Circumstances

Who were the ones who betrayed God as if it were their duty? Who stood foremost in condemning him? They were the Jews and the people of Israel, the very ones whom God had asked to have faith and to follow. There is no way that God prepared the Israelites for four thousand years so they could kill Jesus. Jesus was not completely victorious. He could not win the complete victory. Do you not think so?

Had the fact of Jesus' crucifixion meant his complete victory, that day of suffering would have been most joyful. The moment of his death on the cross would surely have been the moment of final victory and celebration for all humankind. We know that it was not. That is why Jesus prevented Mary Magdalene from approaching him with a joyous heart. Jesus could not be enraptured with the joy of having brought victory to Heavenly Father with his beloved disciples. He could not realize that. That is why we should understand Jesus embraced sadness; his death was sorrowful; his resurrection also took place with misery. We have to become Jesus' companions, as he had no place for himself while experiencing the sad heart of God, forgetting his life, and being chased around breathlessly from village to village, suffering much hostility.

Jesus was mistreated by his race, by his religion, by his relatives, and even by his beloved disciples. Although Jesus experienced sorrows among sorrows, he inherited the heart of Heaven and tried to give his all to humankind, having faith in humanity.

Jesus could not reveal his desperate dream, his heart, and all the circumstances that surrounded him within his deeper self. He had no one to relate his sad heart to in the past, the present or the future. You have to understand this.

The believers in today's last days should not pretend to be a betrothed bride before the prince of heaven by the mere fact that they have the word. That is not how it is. That is not how it works.

Now you should be filled with humility and say, "Father! We fear the word, and our actions are so inadequate." You should be tearful in calling to the Father and have a heart that burns with overwhelming emotion when you think of Him. Even having to become an offering thousands and thousands of times over, you should understand that you cannot expect anything for yourself in front of Heavenly Father, who has toiled to lead history. Only by having shed tears of sorrow with a heart of gratitude and humility can you become the disciple and bride of Jesus. Only then can you understand Jesus' saying, "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head." (Matthew 8:20) or "And you, Capernaum, will you be exalted to heaven? You shall be brought down to Hades." (Matthew 11:23)

When those words are read upon the foundation of heart, they should touch you deeply beneath your skin and bone as if they were your words, not words of Jesus. You should then acquire a new ideology, a new resolution, and a new determination to aim for the age of new purpose to become the children of faith who will pioneer the environment. Only this can allow you to become an object who can stand as a bride to Jesus and qualify you as a person of faith.

While emphasizing the importance of faith, Jesus also said that God is love. He mentioned many facets of God, God of love, God of mercy, and so forth. As the conclusion which can represent all aspects of God, he taught us the notion that "God is love." In other words, he taught us that God is searching for true love.

The Meaning of the Saying "Love Me More"

What is the meaning of the saying, "Love me more than anything else"? It means "I will have faith in you and love you." God is treating us just that way. Because God has loved us so, He was unsparing of His time.

When the leaders of the churches today cannot cry tears and hold onto the lives of their distressed sheep with genuine hearts, they are violating heavenly law. If they cannot become such shepherds, they are as if they were dead.

The acts of God are unique in that His heart precedes His words. Satan is defeated by the words unconsciously uttered as His heart overwhelms him. Evil succumbs in such a way. No matter how good the spoken words are, evil does not surrender if they are not founded on heart. Restoration starts when a person becomes indignant over having his life stand at the crossroads of life and death and is overcome by the heart of wanting to hold onto and save those in need, throwing himself in for that cause in spite of all pain, not worrying over his situation.

When Jesus passed away bearing the cross, he left behind the word "love." Even on the cross, he did not resent or condemn those who had left Heavenly Father and gone over to the enemy. He was able to halt them from walking toward the enemy and even pray for the enemy because Jesus bore a heart of sympathy toward them before he thought about his own pained heart. Satan surrenders only before such a prayer.

That is why if one wants to live for Heavenly Father and come closer to Heaven, that person should be conscience-stricken even when he eats something that is better than what others have. When a person always puts forth the heart of conscience in how they dress, live and see, he will never starve or be driven away. Although the world of Satan may drive him away, he will never be driven out by people longing to find the heart of God.

Therefore, Heavenly Father has told humankind, "Love me." That is not the type of love that is limited and felt with mere emotion. It must be the love that can liberate six thousand years of heartbreak. You have to realize that such a love encompasses the sorrowful heart of having had to banish Adam from the Garden of Eden, the heart that cries with pity for all those lives headed for hell. The love of God is such that even if there is a sinner who deserves immediate punishment, He would hit him, then weep; desert him, then search for him, all so that he may fulfill the laws of condition recognized by God and Satan.

The Israelites were more treacherous than any other people, yet God took them in after deserting them repeatedly. He deserted and took back an individual, then He deserted and took back a family. He then established a family, deserted and took back hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of families to bring forth the second Israel, world Christianity.

A Starting Point which Enables One to Connect with the World of God's Love

All the believers gathered in this place should understand the heart of God. As He fought throughout the providence, God even has had a lingering attachment toward Satan and is constantly thinking of ways to forgive him. We have to realize that God is such a being.

Knowing that God has such a heart and looking back over your past lives that were deformed by the sins of betraying God, as well as your inadequacies, you should possess not only a heart of love, but a heart of unconditional attendance and service. From that moment, you will become people God loves. When even the parents of the fallen world can forget their children's shortcoming, shouldn't we who are to embody the heavenly heart try more than they?

Now you should empathize with the heart and experience of Heavenly Father so that you may eternally respect and attend Him. You should then possess the heart to say, "I am grateful," even if your whole self is taken and everything of yours is taken away. You must clearly understand that such a moment is the starting point when you can be connected with the world of God's love.

That is why Jesus emphasized love and tried to fulfill his mission as the master of love. That is why his whole life was one of service and giving. Jesus struggled because he could not give more. He tried to give his life, his words, his glory, and his throne. He even gave his body, his flesh and blood, for humanity because they did not want to receive everything else he was giving.

This was the life of Jesus, practiced standing for love. As we ourselves want to pursue such love, we should bow our heads to the ones who were faithful for a long time and attend those who have suffered for God. The bond of heavenly love will be severed when such a heart is missing in your lives of faith.

People have struggled and been willing to die to find eternal love, since the love they have known has not been eternal. When one senses the touch of love, as human love meets the heavenly ideology of love, one possesses the feeling of ownership of the cosmos. There will be no regret in losing everything if you can be touched by heavenly love. Such a world is not a delusion. It is not some made-up, imaginary world; it is an existing world of reality.

That feeling exists in the heart of today's humanity and in this cosmos. This feeling is whirling toward humanity from the unknown world of heavenly emotion. You should not deny this. Jesus came to reveal the essence of love. To reveal this and to establish the love of God, he had to be engulfed, in humanity's stead, in the heart of wanting to attend Heavenly Father, who has endeavored for thousands of years.

That has been the world of faith until now. First was the world of faith, and second was the world of love. The world of love means the world of the bride and bridegroom. The future era is an era of attendance; but the course of faith and the course of love have to be passed prior to entering the era of attendance. Christians today have to clearly understand this.

Although many have asserted that salvation is obtained by faith, no one has asserted that salvation is obtained by love. The apostle Paul said that while faith, hope and love will always be there, love is the most important. There was no place to go anymore with faith alone. Therefore, the Unification soldiers today will go forward with the motto that salvation comes by loving, instead of asserting that salvation comes through faith.

The Central Person Who Can Move the World

Love is not loving oneself; it is a heart dying to love the world and Heavenly Father, transcending race. It is a heart that wants to sacrifice and shout. It is a desire to transcend the world and connect with Heaven, and to do so as long as one has energy, strength and life.

Jesus led thirty years of his life in constant giving and attending to practice such love, in spite of hardships every day. Jesus sometimes chastised and condemned the Pharisees as "grave-like" people. That was because they did not understand the heart of wanting to give and serve endlessly.

We cannot find someone today who can truly live for others. The people of Korea have not become a race that can live for others. They do not have an ideology to exist for others. We have to realize that this race is in conflict with the will of the heavenly providence that exists for others, for the past race, for the present race, and for the future race.

You are the same. Your heart should automatically live for the sake of the past, the present, and the future. It is the path of the fall when one lives selfishly or tries to be successful for one's own sake. That is the road of the fall. When an individual is placed in a position of authority, one is not to be elevated but to live for the sake of the whole.

If this race can eat even a spoonful of meal as if eating thirty million people's flesh and blood, and wear a piece of clothing with the same heart, this race will never, ever perish. This is what Christianity today should emphasize. The race will survive when such an individual, such a shepherd, such a Christianity emerges. Looking at this reality in the realm of the grief of such sorrow and history, we should reawaken ourselves.

What can bring about the motto of love God has proposed? When an individual emerges who can fill the universe with the heart of wanting to bless those around him, even if his flesh is torn and his blood is spilled, that person will be the central person who can move the world and ultimately capture the heart of God. That individual will be the central person of heart. Even Heavenly Father, who has sought to establish the ideology of the world of the heart, would have no choice but to cling onto that person.

Therefore, Heavenly Father established a term called "love," which is a significant aspect of your course of faith. Even in the sinful world, you need heart to find love. Loving Jesus is not part of you when you cannot live for others with such a heart. What was the goal that was set to liberate Heavenly Father's grief? It was the restoration of the lost heaven. It was to find the lost true sons and daughters whom God could embrace and love forever. In real terms, it is restoring humankind back to being sons and daughters who will not lose God but will live together eternally, just like the original Adam and Eve before the fall.

The Goal Heavenly Father Wanted to Fulfill

For humankind to enter the Kingdom of Heaven after passing through all the courses of faith and judgment and emerge as children of the Father, there should be no need for the saying "Have faith" to people who are in the original Adam and Eve's position. All their actions, emotions and gestures should automatically correspond in unison with the notion of love and faith that transcends sorrow, without having to remind them in words.

Only when our heart transcends any article of law or commandment that causes us to act, and only when our conscience precedes any logic or regulation can the world of heavenly relationship be completed. We have to become noble individuals who cannot help acting, cannot help loving, and cannot help living for others in accordance with the heart of Heaven. This would be the greatest standard of faith for Christians. This has to be realized today.

You will experience the heart of Jesus as he had to block Mary Magdalene from holding onto his resurrected self. You have to go forth now through the way of practice, bearing the heart of love, and overcome trials with the attitude of welcoming even death. The heavenly life begins the moment you return glory to Heaven and are grateful for the blessing of resurrection, in spite of tribulations and difficulties. You then enter the realm of glory through a life of attendance with a loving heart.

The word "heaven" is still only a conceptual term for you today. The question is, then, when will that conceptual term be transformed into a living term? If Heavenly Father exists, He will establish the turning point for this transition. That moment is called the "last days."

God has sought us from this perspective. Please repent today for your shortcomings. You have locked up Heavenly Father, the source of all faith, under shackles in claiming that you believe and love Him. You have brought God, the greatest being, down to a small being whose purpose is to carry out what you yourself should be carrying out. You have built a wall around God, the owner of cosmic love, inside your hearts. You have asked God, the King of sacrifice, to become a mere personal friend for your sake. For all these mistakes of the past, you should reprimand yourselves and be filled with a heart of sorrow.

Not only should you be able to cry out, "Father, my Father," but in your moment of resurrection, your body should be melting in the presence of Heavenly Father. I know that we should experience what Paul experienced, reaching the state of being unable to distinguish whether he was inside or outside of his body. We must reach this to begin the life of the heavenly standard.

Knowing Heavenly Father is seeking such a state, where does He reside? What kind of place is it? The place is not only our land, my eternal land, but where we will live. Heavenly Father is our Father. Humankind did not know of such a Father, of such a land, and of such a life, as it struggled in ignorance; but they should know of this: the day of judgment is when we can sing songs of joy for Heavenly Father and charge forward toward Satan in indignation. Jesus will be able to embrace you when you defeat Satan and stand in front of him saying, "Lord, please take me in now that I have stood on the standard of victory."

Why could not Jesus welcome Mary Magdalene? It is because she had not gone through the course of winning over the battle with Satan. Mary Magdalene could not stand in front of the resurrected Jesus, not having passed the course of victory.

You can own the whole universe when you call unto the Father and embrace Him after having been victorious in the battle against Satan. You should trust the Father to the degree that you forget bodily consciousness. You will eliminate your personal emotion in such a state of thinking about Father and trusting in Him.

We will now storm Satan, the one who has made an enemy out of our Father, with the waves of judgment. We will call our Father and embrace Him as victors. I want to clearly state that only those believers who have cried in such happiness and sorrow can enter the ideological era of heavenly life.

We have to live a life of attendance in such a world. Although we have the hope of receiving Heaven, we have not yet realized it in our lives as a place of attendance and practice. In other words, we do not yet know God as the subject of our daily lives.

We Should Live a Life of Faith in Oneness with God

Jesus foretold, "In that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you." (John 14:20) These are not words of denial. This means that even though we conceptually know of God's existence and understand Him as the reciprocal subject of our faith, we do not directly know that God exists as the subject of our conscience, our bodies, our lives, and the subject whom we should find in our daily lives.

Why did we become like this? It is because we cannot go beyond the limitation of faith, and we are not connected to the heart of love. Therefore, the disciples of the last days who have the responsibility to restore all humankind must understand this. They should become a group of people who will hold up the banner of Heaven and march forward with a heart burning to resolve the sorrow and deep pain of Heaven, in spite of any sort of sacrifice, difficulties and persecution.

If these people emerge from a certain race, the era will surely come in which this race will assume a leadership role. The world today seeks something intellectual and truthful. The cause that inspires the truth has been the body. The motivation directing the body has been the mind. The substance that can move the mind is not clearly understood, but has been something of a spiritual nature. Hence, truth alone cannot settle everything. In the future, there will surely come a world that can guide our minds, hearts, and spiritual feelings in one direction.

We who believe in the coming world of this ideology and search for it must not live in a realm of concepts. We must become victors who will sing songs of victory for Heaven in real life. This kind of person should appear on earth.

If there is anyone who wishes to have that kind of faith, he should think about it even in his dreams. Furthermore, if there exists a possibility and Heavenly Father, we should at least have the sincere desire to create it to come closer to Heaven. We not only should have that kind of sincere heart, but also should be able to sing the song that was supposed to be sung in the Garden of Eden six thousand years ago. We should be able to revive the emotion of that time as the emotion of today, and to turn the sorrow that has been felt since the fall into joy today. This kind of person is the historic subject of the liberation of sorrow, as well as the subject of attendance.

Only when such a person appears can you become the victorious people who can resolve the sorrows of Heaven and earth through a relationship with him. In that relationship you will feel that God, who has a heart of sorrow and suffering, is my Father and the owner of my country and my home. You will become true sons and daughters who can remove all the sorrows of the one who comes as the bridegroom.

After seeking, we realized that the Father was the Father of sorrow. We also learned what the sons and daughters of the Father should do. We understood the indignation of Heavenly Father, who has been fighting in miserable situations to restore the Kingdom of Heaven. We understand the untold heartache of Heaven.

Therefore, you must keep indignation in your mind, vexation and animosity toward the enemy. The miracle of victory then has to happen as you establish one standard within your mind, body and daily life that will allow you to bear the responsibility for everything and to be confidently victorious under the slogan of historical victory. By doing so you can enter the realm of resurrection with your physical body. In other words, you will be able to enter the heavenly garden of resurrection with your physical body and reach the state where you can call God your Father, and He can call you His own sons and daughters.

God's Dream, the Restoration of Heaven

In that state, you who are searching for the world of the heart should not have faith for your sake. Please discard the thought of going to heaven or the thought of trying to accomplish something out of personal motivation.

Jesus never had the thought of entering heaven himself. His notion of faith was believing for the sake of the universe, the nation and God. These are not fanciful words. It was the truth. How invigorating it is to have faith in doing something, not for myself, but for humanity, the world and for the Father!

If I love something, it is not to love it myself, but to love it in the name of the nation, humankind and God, and to live for the sake of others in the name of Heaven and earth. Therefore, we should attend God in the name of humankind and Heaven. We should also have a grateful heart as we attend God and the heart to practice what we believe.

Satan will never invade you should you walk the path of faith and loving with all your heart, attending with your body and soul, and believing, loving and attending, transcending yourself, grateful for your life. No matter how strong the influence of Satan's temptation might be, it cannot affect people of such faith.

What is God's dream? It is to restore the lost heaven, the lost parents, and the lost children. Now we should restore our nation, our people, and our parents. Therefore, we should become the true children of the True Parents. We have to defeat Satan and forget about the six thousand years of sorrow and resentment, and be able to take pride in the conditions of victory and love. You must clearly know that this is the way for us to become the true sons and daughters in the presence of God, who has gone through a history of sorrow.


Father, after having expressed such serious words, I cannot help feeling humbled in Your presence. How can we, who are narrow-minded, rough and lacking, develop a relationship with the world of high dimension that is far away?

We know, Father, that to have that relationship, so many ancestors of faith had to be sacrificed. To pioneer the path of life, so many pastors will have to shed tears and blood.

We have realized today that only those who can admire the blessing of glory of the Father through finding the sorrowful side in themselves. Those who are determined to be eternally victorious and to not fall down in their fight can have a day when they can call Heavenly Father "their Father" and He can call them "His sons and daughters."

Heavenly Father! We realize how difficult it is to walk the path of faith. We understand that all humankind must walk the way of sorrow due to the sin of the first human ancestors. We realize that humankind, living with satanic thoughts, is like ghosts. The site of restoration, which we must liberate even if we have to sacrifice our lives by overcoming the hills of death, is now imminent.

Now we must become Your sons and daughters. We should be able to attend You and call You "our True Father." I desperately pray that You, Father, will guide and lead us so that our hearts may be overwhelmed with Your love for humankind, and that we may be able to overcome any kind of adversity, sorrow and discomfort.

Is there any one of us who cannot feel a heart of gratitude for the fact that we received our lives? If they felt something from the words spoken and were moved by it, please let the fire of life ignite and let the history of resurrection arise.

I sincerely pray that this time can be a time of seeking the heavenly ideology, a time of connecting ourselves to the Father's heart by pioneering the historical circumstances of today. I wholeheartedly pray that You allow these words to become the standard for our mind and life. Please inspire our hearts and flesh, and allow us to take dominion over what is unrighteous by allowing these words to become the living words and stimulating standard for our frame of life.

Please comfort those members who, even at this moment, are pleading to You with tears in a lonely environment. I ask that You stretch the hands of blessing to the multitudes who are bowing down to You. I pray in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

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