Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959
Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea

7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.
Matthew 7:7-8 Prayer

Compassionate Father, since we have again come in Your presence with wounds and injured souls from the past week, we sincerely request that You spread Your loving hands, embrace our bodies and minds, and grant Your words of love and admonition to our hearts. Father, on this third holy day of the new year, let our hearts stay in Your Shim Jung. Let our bodies be embraced in Your bosom.

Beloved Father, we sincerely desire that You allow us to share joy with You this year, to live in the realm of Your hope, and to fight against Satan, representing You. As we come to understand Your historical course as You sought us with Your ideal, love, life and glory of goodness, we cannot help confessing openly that we are a shameful tribe in sight of You. We sincerely desire and hope, Father, You will not rescind Your heart of goodness and that You come to us and admonish us. Allow us to understand that this is the time when life and death are hovering over each of our lives, and we hang in the balance.

We have realized that we should become living sacrifices who offer their minds and bodies to You. Since we know that at this time we must consecrate our current lives from our lives of the past, Father, we earnestly desire and hope that we can offer our entire bodies and minds to You at this time and receive Your acknowledgment once again.

If You look at us with great expectation, we can only disappoint You. Yet based on our historical, blood relationship with You, please forgive us and personally visit us at this time. Although our strength falls short, we have prostrated ourselves before You to become one and fight against Satan. We hope that our pleas and bows can be pleasing to You. Since we know that, unless You deal with us directly, we all will be dragged away to Satan, we sincerely desire and hope that You will directly dominate us at this time.

Please personally admonish and command Your sons and daughters who are gathered here. We know that we must take the responsibility to fight for the sake of Heaven. Father, now the beloved young sons and daughters are living together in Your presence. Please allow them to experience the Shim Jung of Heaven and to understand the footsteps of those who have worked to fulfill Your Will. Furthermore, Father, we sincerely hope and desire that by letting them see the battles Your sons and daughters have fought, You will make them the sons and daughters who can understand heavenly things, the sons and daughters Heaven cannot forsake for all of eternity.

They have the responsibility to find the brothers and sisters who are scattered in all directions. We know that many of Your sons and daughters are piling up desperate prayers upon bloody altars in hiding, yet they are being trampled upon. Please look after them. Since we know that You gathered them to bestow the heavenly mission upon them, Father, separate them eternally from the satanic world and embrace them forever. Please allow them to become complete by fulfilling the responsibility of priests in charge of Your glorious altar.

Father, we cannot repay Your blessing nor do we have anything to give You. Father, you have taught us to pity and befriend the lonely and to forgive the sinful. Please forgive us, and do not abandon us in such a position. We sincerely hope and desire this.

Father, you know our hearts. Since You know that there are sons and daughters in lonely places struggling with longing for You, have pity on all because of them. They must be hoping for Your forgiveness and guidance at this time, so we sincerely hope and desire that You grant them blessing after blessing and outstretch Your compassionate hand.

Father, bless the countless numbers of slumbering people. Bless the nation of thirty million, which is in deep lamentation. Bless the Korean churches, fighting in a myriad of factions, not knowing the correct way. Make them raise the flag of life. Make them the children who can accept heavenly admonition, even the crack of Your whip. We sincerely hope for this.

Whether we come or go, we are responsible to become sacrifices. Guide us to understand the Shim Jung with which You give us such a responsibility. With humanistic thinking, we often do not welcome such a life of sacrifice. Guide us to understand the responsibility of overcoming all such conditions and to go on today, tomorrow, ten years from now, and even up the hill of death. Please allow us never to become exhausted, frustrated or hesitant until we have walked the path to the end. Father, we sincerely desire this.

Please personally receive our bows today. Since we know that the lonely brothers and sisters in the country are deeply praying on their knees without pastors at this time, please guide us not to betray their tearful prayers and sincerity. Father, we earnestly hope and desire this.

We sincerely ask You to make us a people who can communicate heart to heart and Shim Jung to Shim Jung; who can handle everything and share Your concerns. We hope that You will fill the remaining hour with Your guidance. We pray in the name of the Lord.


Father, we know well that many people have struggled on a deeply woeful course in history to find You, even though they did not know the way. Father, Your existence seems likely, yet improbable. You seem to exist in history and yet cannot be recognized as existing for certain. We behold this Father with an intensely grieved heart. You seem to exist in our hearts, and yet You are insubstantial.

We know well that You created the whole cosmos with the ideal of goodness and gave an amazing blessing to humans in that You gave us true consciences and enabled us to experience the ideal of goodness through our intellects, emotions and wills. We know well, however, that it is undeniable that Your substantial existence is felt in the temporal limitations of the moment.

Whenever we long for Your image in our hearts, we cannot help being seized by an unknowable sorrow. We cannot help lamenting over the misery of our existence. Father, You led us to this state. We know that this is Your historical operation of the heart to lead us to eternal life.

We want to know the Father, who came to us through our Shim Jung and who was the heart behind the scenes of history, unbeknownst to us, trying to structure history into one substantial ideal. We are sincerely longing to establish Your heart as the ideal of our lives. Since we do not clearly know the value of Your substantial existence, we do not know the value of our daily lives. We are in a miserable position of having to struggle today and tomorrow. Father, have pity on us. Have pity on each of us, wandering about on the boundary of death.

Father, now we know that the time has come when You must spread Your hands of love. The wave of that love should reach our environments and our world of Shim Jung. It is time to regain Your authority of Shim Jung. The authority is Yours alone. We know that the time has come to wage a war centering on the heart. Please give us the magnanimity with which to open closed hearts. Now is the time when we should become sons and daughters prepared to bow down to You. Enable us to hear You knocking on the doors of our hearts, to see Your hands before us. We sincerely hope and desire this.

We know that we must continue through the remaining ground of sorrow and the wall of grudges, the showdown and war of the last days. Father, grant strength, ability and Your substantial presence to Your sons and daughters who know this. Allow us to cut the dashing figure of a heavenly soldier who can go through all suffering and battles. Allow us to become noble and confident sons and daughters in exercising the authority of judgment, according to Your decisions. Beloved Father, we earnestly hope and desire this.

Since You are the one who blessed the chosen people, we know that You will bring it to pass. We know that the root of our heart is goodness, and our heart moves through goodness. We know that the purpose of goodness, history and the providence is to become one, centered on You. Please allow the pinnacle of the ideal, adored by the spirit of goodness, to bear fruit. Let us establish ourselves that we may persistently continue to become the ideal itself. Father, we sincerely hope and desire this.

Please allow us to know where our hearts are and where our bodies are moving. Allow our hearts to concentrate all our energy on longing for You and adoring goodness. Allow our bodies to call out to You, struggling to grasp goodness and holding onto the hands of hunger and thirst.

We know that the 6,000 years was the process of holding onto You and pleading with You. Beloved Father, we sincerely hope and desire that, at this time, You allow us to bow to You with our honest selves, confess all, and receive Your guidance.

Father, have pity on the sons and daughters gathered here. Since this is a time to offer a sacrifice to You, allow heaven, all saints, all people, and all things to lower their heads. When the Israelites made an offering to You, You lowered Your head to look it over, and all people and all things on the earth also lowered their heads. We hope that we can unconsciously lower our heads at this time and humbly seek the grace of compassion. Thus, we sincerely hope and desire that You personally come here, accept our offering and guide us.

Since You are the one who drives us to the path that is rejected by others, the road that is difficult to walk, You become responsible for this path. We have not been moved by a human heart nor dragged along by a human situation. Rather, we have been attracted to this place by an irresistible power of the heart. Guide us never to become lax.

Since we are ignorant of Your words of urgency and advice, apply shocks of power to us hour by hour so that we may realize the Words and move in their direction. Father, we sincerely hope and desire that no one will drop out of the process of moving toward You.

We sincerely hope and desire that You allow us to yield all we have to You, never staining Your altar, bowing down to You with all our hearts in offering sacrifices to You. If we still have our own philosophy, understanding or concepts, please remove them all at this time. Allow us to be the children who can submit all our possessions to You with the heart of a child. Allow us to receive them back and boast of them before Satan on the earth. Father, we sincerely hope and desire this. Now we are about to receive the words. Please be with us. We sincerely hope and desire that since You will give many words of guidance, we will not disappoint Heaven after we hear them. Please allow the hearts of the giver and of the receivers to become one now. We sincerely ask that, at this time, we may return to the heart of a child sucking milk in its mother's bosom. We pray all this in the name of the Lord. Amen.

Human Beings Lament in Ignorance

Today we do not know clearly whether God exists or not; yet, we have a destiny which we cannot help living. As such, we always seek that which is better. This will continue until the end of history. Your descendants also will go this way. You will not be able to deny it.

If we have to go toward a certain purpose anyway, we should think carefully about in what direction we should proceed, how we should live, how we should act, and what opinion we should have concerning good and evil.

Although you may want to resolve all these complicated problems, one by one, considering the reality of the world, if there is an available road to retreat, you will feel a strong urge to take it. You will feel that, if you look at the world, it is not the environment you desire. If you look at the society in which you live, it is not the society of well-being your heart desires. As the flow of the social environment and the generations becomes more complicated, we cannot help worrying about our future in that society.

The world is complicated; yet, today the movement of religious groups leading the world of the spirit through ideals is more complex. Thus, although you feel attracted to these religions in heart, it is difficult for you to follow them.

Since we are entangled in these complicated situations, we are unable to move, although our hearts and bodies desire to do so. We come to realize that we are able to grieve over ourselves, because we cannot move in the direction of our heart's desires.

Thus, if people do not criticize themselves while they are alive, they will have to criticize themselves after death, in front of the whole cosmos. Religion explains that such a place is hell, where no one wants to go.

Since we are in a position where we cannot refuse to go, we have managed to walk this path and come to this place. When Heaven wants to see the value of your having come to this place by yourself, what do you have to show? You can only breathe a sigh of regret over your past life.

We are in such a position, whether we look at our past, present or future. Our heart is thirsty for the final ideal and the highest happiness. When will they come to pass, overcoming our contradictory selves and the world? If there are true young people who realize such facts and are shocked in their hearts, they will become consumed with a sense of mission to resolve the contradictions. They then will enter into a realm where they even lose their attachment to life.

You cannot eliminate all the sins from your body and give up your sinful body and take the lowliest position. How then will you overcome this contradiction? Something is grabbing your heart and directing it toward a certain ideal. All of humankind stumbles on this point. You should know that all of humankind and all things, all that exists in heaven and earth, are stuck in this process. You cannot deny that humankind is like this.

From the day you acknowledge this, you will hear the plea of your grieving and weeping heart, asking where you should go. Thus, the topic I want to speak to you about today is "Oh! Where Shall I Go?"

Our Ancestors' Hope in Us

We know that everything around us today has gone through a fallen course of history. The people who surround us today are living in a fallen reality. Based on the reality, it is possible to predict that fallen history will continue.

How can we explain the fall, which occurred in the past, exists in the present, and will be projected into the future? You know well that, during the long period of the 6,000 years until now, although our ancestors tried hard to avoid it through countless efforts and sacrifices, fallen history continued. You also know well that in the present age, many people are anxiously struggling to avoid the effects of this sinful world.

I have been living in such a world in the past and am living in it at present. As I reflect upon myself, I cannot deny that the resentment of my ancestors moves in my heart. A sad feeling flows due to the shock of living in the present world. If there is a connection that arouses yearning in us, what will it be?

Now is the time to yearn for our ancestors, who fought their way through the fallen course of history with sad hearts. It is time to yearn for our comrades in the present, who are struggling with sorrowful hearts to escape the realm of death, suffering and the fall. Hence, if we are to long for the past, we should not long for the historical facts; rather, we should yearn for the Shim Jung of the ancestors who were fighting with true faith against the historical tragedy.

What spirit did our ancestors possess that they could work for the sake of removing the historical tragedy? What spirit do our ancestors seek to instill in us today? Who are the comrades fighting to establish tomorrow's foundation of goodness, carrying the hope of the future and overcoming all the troubles of the present?

It is undeniable that those who cannot revive such a heart will betray the connections of history and of the age, and will destroy the future. You are standing in such a position today.

When an ancestor appears and asks you, "Do you know me?" what answer will you give? On the other hand, when you face a brother fighting against this sinful world in this age, he will ask you, "What words can you say to me?" He will say, "I am fighting under persecution for the sake of the path of tomorrow. What words of advice can you give me?" The question is, what answer will you give to the voices of the past, the present and the future? Furthermore, although I hear the ancestors' words and understand their Shim Jung, things remain for which knowing is not enough.

There are situations that cannot be resolved by the situation of the age, and there are situations that cannot be resolved by the situation of the future. In other words, the sorrow of history remains, the sorrow of the age remains, and the sorrow of the future looms. Realizing that such sorrow remains, we should keep in mind that we must speak representing our ancestors, the people of the present, and our descendants.

If our ancestors do not have a descendant who will take this responsibility, then they will lament, even if they themselves have accomplishments. The ancestors who fought for the sake of the Will, who were stricken with the Shim Jung of sorrow, who were consumed with the Shim Jung of resentment for the sake of Heaven have one hope in us today. If we fail to possess this Shim Jung, their sorrow will deepen. You should know that this will be the same in the present and the future.

Today's Believers Should Excel in Shim Jung Beyond the Faithful Ancestors of the Past

The course of restoration speaks. The sorrowful history began in Adam's family, and the ancestors who served the providence of restoration went through a woeful course. With Noah, Abraham and even Jesus going through a complicated history of misfortune, the misfortune of history has been sweeping the world.

Jesus represented Heaven, humankind, history, the age and the future to prevent such a historical misfortune. We know too well, however, that since Jesus could not complete the victorious condition to eradicate this historical misfortune and left with the promise of the day of hope, the history of sorrow has continued until now.

Where am I going today? You should go beyond the Shim Jung of Adam, beyond that of Noah, Abraham and Moses. You should go beyond the Shim Jung of any prophet or individual, including John the Baptist and Jesus. We also should go beyond the woeful Shim Jung of the Christians who were killed and martyred in the historical course of the 2,000 years from Jesus until now. We are the substantial fruit representing all this. Heaven will ask you what heartistic foundation you have to respond to the historical connection of Shim Jung.

Heaven has been fighting throughout history. Heaven will want to establish victory in the end. Hence, we should win by experiencing the historical heart of sorrow. We should restore all the conditions for heavenly sorrow in history in this age. We should be the heavenly children who can console the sad heavenly heart toward the whole of history. We need to consider that, although Heaven has not been able to embrace anyone for 6,000 years, if there are such sons and daughters, Heaven will embrace them with a joyful heart.

If you have Shim Jung, it did not originate in your individual self. There is no one who does not go through the ancestral ties and their foundation of Shim Jung. Thus, we cannot deny that your Shim Jung belongs to the historical realm.

In which world of Shim Jung am I wandering today? With what kind of viewpoint and sensibilities am I living? Before you think about this, however, you will want to say, "Heavenly Father, I want to live with the Shim Jung of Adam and Eve before the fall, the Shim Jung with which they fell, the Shim Jung with which You expelled them, and the Shim Jung with which You worked hard with humankind for 1,600 years until You established Noah. I want to live with the Shim Jung with which Noah worked hard on the ark on the mountain top for 120 years, holding onto You even amid infinite mistreatment and abuse. I want to live with the Shim Jung with which You have gone through the twisted and multifarious course of history."

The Father wants to install one person as the living substance of history and the hallmark of victory. You can pray, "Father, can you extend Your hand and allow us to travel so that we can see the heart of an individual sharing joy with You before the fall to the tragic scenes of history after the fall?"

What is the essential reason God's sorrow and man's sorrow are not resolved? It is because, although there are many people, none catch God's Shim Jung; none seize the historical Shim Jung. No one grasps the divine Shim Jung and the future Shim Jung and connect them to man's Shim Jung. Thus, you should know that among God's sighs, there is none greater than the sigh of not having fulfilled this Will.

For this reason, you should reconsider the course of finding Heaven. God has been reaching out to us in order to send us to the garden of eternal hope.

We Should Find the True Substance, the True Word and True Love

As you know through the Divine Principle, we humans lost God's Word, God's substance and His love by betraying His Word. What was God's heart like when He gave the Word, when He created the substance, and when He tried to love through this substance?

We are the ones who lost God's Word, lost the original substance and the substance of love. It is we who lost God's garden of the ideal. Thus, we should realize that we are sinners who cannot be proud of ourselves. We cannot find the ground of peaceful rest in our hearts nor can we be subject over events.

Although God wanted to come to us with the substance and a loving heart, since humankind has lost the substance, love and Word, God could not come directly as the substance. Therefore, Jesus came representing the substance, yet he left without completing the actions of the substance.

God gave the representative of the substance to humankind, who had betrayed the Word. Yet humankind betrayed this substance. God gave humans love, and they also betrayed this. Hence, today, substance, Word and love remain in name only for humankind. Humankind struggles in search of these things in reality.

Today we understand that history has come full circle. Since we have realized that we cannot be perfected by a genuine Word, we cannot be led to the substance by a genuine substance, and we cannot find eternal repose through genuine love, we should be struggling in search of this, with the slogan, "Where is the true Word, substance and love?"

Looking at humankind in this situation, Jesus said, "Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who seeks finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened." (Matthew 7:7-8)

Where are my footsteps moving today? We are walking in order to seek, ask and knock. Although humankind has been walking this way for 6,000 years since the fall, his destiny is such that he is still unable to stop.

Where will my footsteps go? There are not only good things on the earth. On the contrary, evil outweighs the good. At such a time, it is a crucial question whether our paths are directed to the left or right and whether they are going toward goodness.

You wander in search of a true teacher. What will you do when you find a good leader and true teacher? You will want to hear the word that can bring consolation and hope to your hearts. You are looking for a new teacher in order to find some new word. What will you do then, when you find the Word? You should achieve the substance by being united with the Word. This is why you are looking for the Word.

Hitherto, our ancestors worked hard to examine God's existence and resolve the fundamental questions of life. Such efforts continue today. Whether you have such a concept or not, many interested people are knocking, searching, asking and wandering today. When you see that, you should think about whether you too are struggling in such a position. Unless you are struggling, you cannot meet God, who has been ruling history. Unless there is such a person in this world today, God's Will, ideal of goodness, and the age of hope we desire will bear no relationship to heaven and humanity. We can draw such a conclusion.

Although you may not be aware of it, searching, wandering and struggling people existed in the time of your ancestors. They exist in the present and will exist in the future without end. We cannot deny this. From this standpoint, you should ask in what position you stand today.

Humanity Eventually Must Cross Over the Intricate Hill of a Showdown

These days' young students go to school carrying bags, but some of the students do not know why they carry the bags. I am going into society. Where shall I go? I am continuing with an important responsibility for the state. Since the world is there, I am going to lead the world. You say these things, but where will you go? If there is Heaven, an X is before us. We cannot deny that all affairs in the world have such complications.

The external world is the same, just like the internal world. Although we want to extend ourselves infinitely, signs of complications are blocking us every time we take a step forward. We go into the internal world to avoid this. We try to move in the direction of righteousness, morality, ethics and religion. However, all kinds of complications block us there, too.

At such a time, you will be tempted to complain, "God, have You established religion? Are You dominating history?" If God exists, why has He created such a tragic history? Why does He make us experience this? Why are we struggling without the authority to break away from all the internal domains of the world? With a desire to resolve these questions, you should fight against the power of misfortune, shaking heaven, earth, the world and your life. You should know that this is the hill of the showdown. Humankind eventually has to go beyond this.

When will these tragic complications be resolved? In the world, there are ideologies that have split into thousands of chasms. There is even more darkness in the internal world. As your truth-seeking heart becomes increasingly intense, you will forget the earth, heaven and yourself. You will desire to understand the historical Shim Jung with which our ancestors struggled, representing heaven and earth and the historical course. You will want to utter words of all the tragic complications of history with your mouth, in terms you do not even know. Yet you will not find heaven and earth. You cannot help returning.

Although you want to say, "I will believe," from the historical level of Shim Jung, you will not be able to do it. If you have not felt this moment in your lifetime, you will encounter it right before death, but that is too late. Why is humankind struggling today? If you do not want to face this trouble at death, you must have a sincere faith while you are young. This is the hope of believers.

You cannot do anything about it if you encounter it right before death. Hence, Heaven drives humans into hardships to help them establish a view of life and the world centering on goodness, that is, to provide them a point of solution from which they can resolve all their problems. Today's believers merely say, "I believe in God," and "I believe in Jesus." Fine, but any person in the street can say this. Heaven does not want that kind of faith.

We Should Meet and Serve the Messiah, Who Is the Substance of the Word

What kind of faith does Heaven desire? When Jesus said, "Believe in me," he meant to believe in him as he believed in God. He could have said, "I am God's son, and I believe in God," because he was certain that God trusted him as His son, just as he trusted God as his Father. Jesus said this from such a position.

Today we are searching for faith. We are searching for the Word and the course of faith based on the Word. In Christian terms, the one substantial center who comes to humankind with the Word, centered on true faith, is called the Second Coming.

Humanity has been upholding God as the standard of faith. Analyzing faith as it has been held so far, God has been teaching humankind based on the Word. Now another battle is coming, since religions hitherto have not resolved everything. Speaking in biblical terms, this is the age of the seven-year turmoil of the last days. You should know this.

We should meet the substance through the Word. Today, although there are many who believe the words of Jesus, there is no one who believes in Jesus himself. Although there are many who follow his words, no one utterly relies upon and follows the substance of Jesus. We must. However, when someone appears with the true Word, we do not believe him. We even persecute him.

What kind of person should we become today? We should become one with the Word. The one who comes representing God is the only one of Heaven, the model for all people, the one who represents the entire ideal of humanity. When we compare ourselves with him, we should not be any different.

Thus, following the one who is good, righteous and victorious to the highest degree, we should take the subsequent steps. This is the road humanity should follow. Although humankind on earth has struggled for 6,000 years to rely on and live by the Word, no one served and lived with the one who is the master and substance of the Word. From the time of our ancestors to now, there has been no one who authentically served and lived with such a person.

God established countless numbers of saints and gave great amounts of words during the 4,000-year providence after the fall. To have humanity find the one center, God united and led a nation in one direction and promised to send the substance of the Word. That person was Jesus. For this reason, Jesus said, "Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have come not to abolish but to fulfill." (Matthew 4:13)

Jesus had the ability to fulfill all the words given until his time and had something greater than the Words God had given in the course of history. He was the Messiah. However, the people who had been waiting for the Messiah, the substance of the Word, did not recognize him when he actually came. You should know that they became the people who lost the substance of the Word.

Jesus, who appeared unexpectedly with the Word, went beyond all the historical conditions by engaging in a confrontation with God. There remains for us a condition also to engage in a confrontation with Jesus. You should know this.

What Man Should Do after Meeting the Substance

What shall we do with Jesus? We should engage in a battle as Jacob fought with the angel. After Jacob received the right of the elder son from Isaac, he tried to establish the condition of blessing centering on the Word. After one establishes the condition of blessing, he has to restore the substance, which requires that he confront Heaven. This is the original path.

When we look at today's Christianity, it has not achieved the authority of the Word to rule over Satan. Rare is the believer who introduces Jesus as the substance of authority to truly rule over Satan and who prays for him. You are captured by the Word. The exit is far away, however hard you struggle.

Six thousand years have passed. Where shall we go from here? We should stand on the Word and hold onto the substance. As most of the New Testament books are letters, we should meet, not through letters, but through sympathetic understanding of one another's personal situations. There is not even one single person who has become one with God this way, who has gone on to the position of being the first appearance in the 6,000 years after the fall.

Let us say that there is someone who stands upon the Word and holds onto Jesus. Yet there has been no one who prayed before Jesus, "Please teach me about the power of heavenly authority you carry, your authority as the Savior, and the method for eradicating the root of all sins." No one has prayed, "Please tell me about the heavenly love through which I can eternally share joy with You." There has to be such a person.

Let us say there is someone who can meet and ask Jesus these conditions and receive blessing and benefits. Jesus cannot say, "Oh, as you wish, enjoy eternal happiness." This is how the heavenly Shim Jung is. Ever since Jesus died on the cross, the task remains for him to establish unity of husband and wife on earth, to go before God and say, "God, since You have established our substance, please give us the love hidden deep within You."

We should know that then Jesus can say, "Yes, since you have worked hard to come here, receive God's love through me as a condition." Today most Christians try to receive the love of Jesus alone.

Paul said that to be in Christ is to be in God's love. He was not talking about love within himself, but God's love within the Christ. Thus, you who are searching for the ideal of the bride, even after finding the substance through such Words, you still have your portion or task to say to God, "Father, bless us with Your love and Your entire authority of love." We should go on to this position today.

In other words, we should go beyond the Word, beyond the substance, and come before God, saying, "God! Bless me with love." What is the reason for this? God can praise the one who comes to Him in the course of winning over Satan and in the process of coming to know God. God can say, "You worked very hard, going through the trials of countless satans until you found Me." Yet He cannot bless him with the loving heart through which he can live intoxicated in the ideal garden desired by God.

Heaven will say, "If it is your desire, go out to the sinful world." He will say, "Since you are descendants of sinful parents, you should go through the process of restoration. Find the lost True Parents in order to become My true sons and daughters."

We thought that everything would be settled once we met God, yet areas of error remain. Since the human ancestors failed to become the true ancestors of humankind, we have not had True Parents and have not become true children. Thus, although you have won over Satan by knowing God as an adopted child, you should meet the True Parents to make a relationship of direct lineage. This is the way it works.

To Go Over the Whole Process of Restoration

Every brave person of faith will struggle. Finally, he will have to go to God and ask, "Are the Parents on the earth or not?" God will then say, "They are on the earth." What can you do if they are not on the earth? You should take the responsibility in their place. God will say, "You try becoming the Parents."

This courageous individual of faith will then move to another place. He will visit all the believers on the earth and ask them. You may find the True Parents and plead with them, "Oh, I have come to you, overcoming many pitfalls and hills. Please console me in all the historical sorrows I have felt so far on the road. Give us the authority to live in Your eternal blessed land and the authority of the ideal garden." That plea will not work.

The Parents will say, "A path still remains for you to walk. You must find and bring back Your brothers and sisters." The person will leave the Parents, looking for the brothers and sisters. When he encounters a brother after roaming the earth, he will say to him, "I came to you with the knowledge of the Will concerning you and in order to find a brother. Without you I cannot do well nor can you do without me. You must be my brother with whom I can live and die, who cannot be separated from me. You are a core part of my own body, sharing my own bone and flesh. If the sorrow of 6,000 years can be resolved through us, let us enjoy the happiness of the resolution together as brothers."

The true brother of faith will say, "Oh, I am grateful for your coming to me, but God's entire Will has not been completed through us. Another path still remains." What path is this? It is the path of finding a tribe of goodness. Thus, the brave individual of faith will again move on.

When he meets a tribe, he will say, "Since I have met you through such and such a historical course, I want to realize the heavenly hope through you." The tribe will say, "We welcome you, but cannot dance with joy." This is because Satan, who destroyed the tribe, still remains. There is also a nation connected with the tribe, which has been destroyed by Satan. Furthermore, there is a people of goodness, as well as a nation.

Thus, again going over the hills, the man finds the people and says, "Oh, now that I have found a people who can realize joy, happiness and hope, let us enjoy together." This, again, is untenable. There is even more to do. Joy can be realized only after we go beyond the world. Our True Parents, true brothers, true tribe, true people, true nation and true humankind will then all come together and bow down to God.

This is the accumulated sorrow in God's heart. He has been moving in the background of history. This is the purpose of history, for which we have lived. You should know that the sinful world has been tangled up in a reverse direction. Satanic works block the way of establishing the ideal. This is the inevitable path of life.

Jesus came to the earth as the original substance of the truth, the substance representing God, the substance of love representing God's Shim Jung. Above all, he came as the substance of the True Parents and the father of humankind. Jesus came as the True Father. That is why we are true brothers and sisters. Jesus also said that he would call humankind "his children," not his servants, in the last days. We are his children.

The intention was to start as brothers and sisters centering on Jesus, the Parent, and form a tribe. The basis for this was the seventy and 120 disciples. Jesus tried to move the nation of Israel centering on these people, but in vain. As a result, the first Israel was shattered, and the history of the second Israel was launched. This is the history of Christianity.

Christianity has been forming a worldwide nation, centering on Jesus. As for humankind facing the last days, unless they make a victorious connection in going over the tragic hills of history, they cannot join the 144,000.

It says in Revelation 14, "there was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion! And with him were 144,000 who had his name and his Father's name written on their foreheads." (Revelation 14:1) Ladies and gentlemen, have you received the seal of Jesus? You should first receive the seal of Jesus, then that of the Father. Do you think it is enough just to have the seal of Jesus? No, you should receive the seals of both Jesus and the Father. This is the why fallen people have been seeking the completion of their repentance.

What Jesus Must Do after His Return

The purpose of a good and unfallen individual who can receive God's love is to be sealed by God and then to seal his brothers and sisters. Furthermore, he should be able to seal the tribe and nation. Considering this, you should understand how great was the heavenly woe. You have never heard about such sorrow of Heaven in any dream, from any friend, from any teacher or from any religious individual. This is truly serious.

Where will your footsteps lead tomorrow? Are you in the realm of God's love now? Are you in the realm of True Parents' love? Are you in the realm of true brothers' love? Are you in the realm of the true tribe's love? Are you in the realm of the true nation's love? Are you in the realm of love where, when you unite heaven and earth and bow down to God, He embraces you? There is not even a single person like this, even Jesus has not been able to do this. This is why he is in Paradise in a state of waiting.

What must Jesus do when he returns in the last days? He should restore these matters. Jesus has already stood upon the Word. Yet Jesus, who was resurrected after the cross, had to turn Mary Magdalene away as she tried to hold him. He was not in a position to say, "Bride, let us go to the Father together." He has been working hard for 2,000 years, looking forward to the day when the ideal of the bride could be realized. Originally, Jesus was to go before the Father with a rejoicing bride, be blessed and become True Parents. He was to embrace true children and a true tribe, and build a true nation. God wanted to bless Jesus to become the true ancestor of heaven and earth.

Jesus left without receiving the blessing from the position of the true ancestor of humankind. You know this well. This is the sorrow of God and Jesus. Now this tear-provoking, woeful shock of Shim Jung should be aroused in your hearts: "I have betrayed the heavenly Word, the heavenly substance, God, and my heavenly brothers, tribe, nation and people. Furthermore, I have abused the heavenly sovereignty. How can Heaven forgive me?" Heaven desires for many young men and women to appear who realize that they are unforgivable sinners and who struggle anxiously.

Having realized this, our Shim Jung cannot help burning. Affections will come through, and hearts will move. The desire to express anger against history and the age will well up in our hearts. As the anger becomes stronger, you will wonder how it can be resolved. Since this historical sorrow was caused by Satan, we must wage an intense battle against Satan. You should know that we can restore the parents, brothers, tribe, nation and heavenly sovereignty only when there are many young people with such determination.

The Final and Inevitable Destination of Fallen Humankind

We have been living a comfortable life thus far. Although we have had a consciousness of existence, we have had no value. Unfeeling as worms, we walked a tragic route; yet, we are shamelessly proud. At least at this time, we should recognize that we are sinful. Those who do not know this deserve to receive heavenly punishment and be thrown into a pit of fire on the judgment day.

Realizing this, you should not be afraid of receiving judgment. You should know that Heaven has a more sorrowful situation. We should know that the footsteps of our ancestors were more rueful than ours, and that the true determined people of this age are in more pain and shedding more tears than we. We should, at least, become people who can understand this.

We should go on today and tomorrow; if not while alive, then even after death. We cannot complain about such a hill of fate and about such miserable intricacies. Heaven is looking for the young men and women who can shout commands to heaven and earth as brave soldiers who fight violently against Satan, the one who caused these complications. We long for the people who cry out with the Shim Jung to run headlong into battle.

Now you should now be able to connect with the Shim Jung of God. Furthermore, we should become children who receive blood from the True Parents; the nation and people who are connected with that blood. Through our unity with the Parents, their joy should become the joy of the whole. The joy of the whole should be my joy. In this way, all people should be able to sing and bow down before God. You should know that this is the inevitable, final destiny of fallen humanity.


Father, we have realized that there are incredible walls and hills of sorrow such that we must find You through a historical course of humiliation and suffering. Father, please allow us to understand this sorrow of history and Your grief, the root of history.

Beloved Father, we sincerely hope and desire that You allow us to march in an orderly line as we move in search of Your eternal garden of happiness. Allow us to realize in what stage we are living. Father, we have been living irresponsibly. Do not let us take the course of traitors. Allow us to become sons and daughters who can fight repeatedly with Satan, until the day when we can serve and bow down to You in the garden of the ideal, harmonizing with the whole. We sincerely hope and desire this.

Father, as Your sons and daughters have listened to Your Word, we sincerely hope and desire that You can cause a transformation whereby they see their course of life from a new perspective, and they run toward their destination, relying on heavenly law. As we ask You to rule over all of today's affairs, we pray in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

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