Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

God and Humanity Should Live Together

Sun Myung Moon
January 11, 1959
Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea

6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7 If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him." 8 Philip said, "Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us." 9 Jesus answered: "Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, 'Show us the Father'? 10 Don't you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. 11 Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. 12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.
John 14:6-12


We cannot help thanking You, Father, for having brought us before the Will and taught us the duties of children and our original value. Please do not let our hearts be our own. Connect them to Yours and make them hearts that can represent Yours. At this time, grant us the ability to feel everything in Your place and to experience the heavenly nature, beyond human nature. Beloved Father, we sincerely desire this.

Father! Having been separated from You, we must meet You again. Make our paths desperate ones. Let us forget all we have and struggle to find the lost Father. We know that we must have an earnest Shim Jung, earnest loyalty, and perform the actions that arise from such. Please forgive us our shortcomings. Father, please forgive us that, although we should offer utmost loyalty to You, we have not been single-minded enough.

Father, today is the second holy day of the new year. Allow us to start with a new determination. We have realized that our hearts must become one before You. Father, we must be grasped by You. Please come and soothe our hearts and embrace our bodies. Father, we sincerely desire this.

Since we know we must be offered as a living sacrifice before You, from this time on, please allow us to be offered as such. Today is a holy day. Please bless all the people on the earth, the thirty million people of this nation and the numerous churches. Please specially embrace the lonely brothers and sisters across the country who must be making tearful pleas with heavenly sorrow on this day. They are in lonely places because of the heavenly Will. Since they know the heavenly Shim Jung and situation, they are fighting for the sake of that. Hence, please embrace them with the same grace at this time. We sincerely desire it.

Father, since Your sons and daughters who have been fighting across the country are gathered this Sunday to make a new determination and resolution, to take up arms anew, please allow them to experience the traces of Your glory in this workshop with their bodies and minds. We sincerely pray that You will bless us to possess the heavenly staff to bear witness to the value that has manifested compassion before the whole of creation.

We are trying to gather our hearts and bow to You at this time. Although we are unworthy, please come here, receive it, and embrace us. We sincerely pray that You will admonish us with the hidden grace of life. Since we have the responsibility to save the people moaning under the forces of darkness, Father, please guide us to embrace them day and night and to struggle against the forces of darkness. We sincerely ask You to allow us to realize the responsibility to offer life and become sacrifices for their sake and to inherit that mission with our pledge to You. We entrust everything to You. Please lead us as You wish. We pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.


Father, have pity on the people of the earth. We know that the day is approaching when the Will is to be completed. We know that day is the day of Your liberation, the day of Jesus' hope and the day humankind so desperately awaits.

We know that the time has come when we must serve the Father with our hearts on the glorious day, the time when we must not become part of the sinful history, lest we receive the fearful day of judgment. Please recreate our hearts and give us characters pleasing to You. We sincerely desire that You recreate our bodies and give them a form with which You can work. Allow us to become Your true sons and daughters, who can sing of Your original hope with minds and bodies You can possess.

We sincerely wish that the day of Your hope, the day of Your glory, and the day of Your joy will come soon upon the earth. That will be the day when we become one in glory, when Your joy becomes our joy, and our joy becomes Your joy, as well as the joy of all the saints in heaven and the joy of all things.

If someone's heart is immature, allow him to grow according to Your original heart. If someone does not have the original human form that resembles Your inner character, please subjugate his body and remove all the elements of evil.

We deeply long to be heavenly children who can move when You move, their minds and bodies harmonizing with Your Shim Jung. Father, if our mind is unable to resonate and move with Your original mind, please change it. If our body has not resembled the original form and is unable to resonate and move with Your Shim Jung, please subjugate this body and make it one that can appear as beauty itself, with the original form.

We sincerely pray that You not let even one of Your sons and daughters gathered here today fall into Satan's bosom. Please embrace them with love and consecrate them. We sincerely pray that You will shape us so that You can dwell in this temple, You can move our bodies, directly and freely dominating us.

Father, today is a holy day. Please have pity on the miserable thirty million people of this nation. Many of Your sons and daughters are wandering in search of the way. Please embrace them. We earnestly desire this. Please quickly grasp and consecrate Your sons and daughters who have been seized by the forces of darkness and who are struggling, unable to find the path of life. Please make them Your children who can align themselves with the ideal. Bless them and guide them in the direction of making offerings upon the altar of the last days.

Please accept and guide us as we offer our minds and bodies. Eliminate all elements through which Satan can enter. Make this a gathering where You can directly dominate and give commands, a gathering which can manifest the harmony and glory of goodness. Please allow us to pour out all we have in our hearts at this time, to go back to the children's heart and make a thorough response to Your commands. Beloved Father, we sincerely desire this.

Father, please do not withdraw Your loving hand wherever lonely hearts pray. Dominate and embrace our entire minds and bodies at this time. Please make this gathering a sacrifice in which we return glory to You in Your holy of holies. We pray all this in the name of the Lord. Amen.


Father, please enable us to understand the grieving heart of Jesus, who had to speak to the beloved disciples about the imminent end of his own earthly life and his departure to the Father's land. In a temporal sense, we are separated from Jesus by 2,000 years; yet time can be transcended in the world of Shim Jung. Hence, please arouse the fire of direct experience where we can envision Jesus with a disheartened countenance and saddened heart as he earnestly admonished his disciples. This is a scene for which we humans cannot help yearning.

Who on earth understood the heart of Jesus? Since there was no one who experienced heavenly sorrow in seeing his careworn figure, a sorrow which struck to the depth of the heart, we know that Heaven could not help lamenting over those people. Please enable us to sympathize in our hearts with the sorrow of Jesus. Without even one disciple who understood the heavenly Shim Jung and who called out "Lord!" He had to live under constant suspicion and thus ended his woe-filled life.

Although Jesus came to humankind with the heavenly Shim Jung and on heavenly business, people treated him according to their whims and persecuted him. They drove him into extreme loneliness. In spite of this woe and anguish, however, Jesus could not abandon the people. To pioneer the way to the garden of life, he was willing to go to Gethsemane and go the way of the cross at Golgotha. Please enable us to understand the sad truth that there was not even one trustworthy disciple who could truly merge with Jesus' miserable heart.

We know that when Heaven comes looking for us in the last days, we should become the heavenly children who can carefully uphold the final Shim Jung of Heaven and who can connect our mind and body and experience the Shim Jung in heart and Word. We know that past sorrows are because our ancestors were at fault and did not understand the heavenly Shim Jung. Please enable us to treat Heaven with these thoughts in mind and plead, "Father," with the orphan heart of Jesus. Please enable us to connect with the Shim Jung at that time. Make these people the disciples who can be trusted with an open heart, who can bear witness to Jesus. We sincerely desire this.

Thomas said, "Lord, we do not know where you are going" (John 14:5), and in John 14:8, Phillip said, "Lord, show us the Father." Please let the people here feel how grave was Jesus' sorrow when he heard his disciples demanding that he show them the Father.

Teach us to sympathize with the Shim Jung of Jesus, who had to conclude his life and leave behind disciples who did not know that Jesus lived with God. Teach us to sympathize with the heart of Jesus, who lived all his life for the sake of humankind, unable to see the fruits of his life, consoling God while his heart grieved.

Father, Your sons and daughters have prostrated themselves in Your presence here, so please bring their hearts together. Although they have nothing, please guide them to experience the Shim Jung You have given them, a desperate Shim Jung You tried to manifest through Jesus.

Make us the children who can represent the entire Shim Jung of Heaven, children who long for the heavenly Will and the world of heavenly Shim Jung. Allow us to appear before the creation without shame. We sincerely pray that You allow us to understand the heart of God and Jesus, who are waiting for the sons and daughters of whom they can be proud in front of the whole of creation.

Father! Please lead the thirty million people who are asleep under the deep wave of death. Guide the churches You have established to unify to fight against the powers of darkness with the authority of life. Although we are following the Will, we do not know what is the Will. Although we are trying to follow the heavenly path, we do not know what that path is like. Father! Please grant us the power to realize all this. Please bless us.

Father, please guide these sons and daughters of Yours to realize the desperate Shim Jung of Heaven on behalf of the nation. Allow them to stand closest to You. Father, we sincerely desire that You allow us to bow down before You with impassioned hearts that can listen to Your admonitions and cry out, "My Father, my Father," embracing Your desperate situation.

Please help us understand that Satan is covering our eyes even now, by all cunning means, to abuse the world of Shim Jung. Please allow us to be offered to You as a living sacrifice by bringing our hearts together as one.

We must find Your path of life at this time. We must make a relationship of life with You and hear Your words of life. As I try to convey Your words with this understanding, please let the hearts of the speaker and those of the listeners become one, seized by a Shim Jung of earnest longing. Father, we sincerely pray You allow us to experience Your original ideal of creation with our Shim Jung, to receive Your Shim Jung as ours, and to be re-created through being moved by Your Word. We entrust You with everything. Please realize Your desires and embrace our lonely brothers and sisters. We pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The Motivation and Purpose Behind God's Creation of the World

The title of the speech I would like to share with you today is "God and Humanity Should Live Together." I will speak upon this topic. God's motive and purpose in creating this world were to live together with humankind. God created us that we might live together with Him.

You know well that all beings, from the smallest to the largest, were created as beings of joy to move with God in the realm of His love. Humanity, especially, was created with God's utmost effort. That is, humanity is at the center of God's thoughts, of God's Shim Jung, of the ideal of creation. He is the center of the substance of creation. For God, to possess humanity is to possess the universe; to dominate humanity is to dominate the entire creation; to share joy with humanity is to share joy with the entire creation. You should know that God installed humanity as the representative of the purpose, upheld from the ideal to the result of creation.

God created the world to live together with them, yet neither humanity nor all things are living in the realm of God. What is the problem? We know well that this happened because of the fall. Because of the fall, the foundation for God's dwelling disappeared.

God has been searching for humankind, for us, ever since Adam and Eve were lost. Why? Because if we human beings become God's temple and God's body, one with God, substantial beings who represent Heaven and earth, our joy will become God's joy, and God's joy will be connected to all things through us. In other words, we human beings are the mediator linking God and all things.

Yet in spite of our destiny, we have never felt this joy; we have never built the original temple God desired; we have never possessed God's Shim Jung, heart and ideal. This has been the reality of humankind's situation until now.

We must acknowledge that no matter how great a saint or wise person might have been, one praiseworthy before all things, no one could become the temple of the ideal. No one could become the substance of the ideal whom God could visit, having the true form representing God's Shim Jung.

Where have we been heading through the long period of 6,000 years? Where are our destiny and realm? Human beings are in search of the ideal, longing to live today and tomorrow, yearning for eternal life and deeply attached to life. Where are their hope and dwelling place? What would God's Shim Jung be like as He looks down upon humankind, searching for, yet not knowing, the One who created them, not knowing the Master of Shim Jung, not knowing the Master of original true love?

If the ideal and the results of the creation did not exist, it would be a different matter. Since all things exist as a result of creation and the ideal of creation remains within God, someone must appear who will perfect and complete this ideal and result.

Whom? The time has come for us to see that it will not be the world of creation. It will not be God. It must be a human being. We must become such a person. This is why God has been reaching out to us for 6,000 years. He has been searching for us, to use us as the foundation and move us into His realm of possession.

Had human beings not fallen, they could have completed all the conditions and connected to the entire ideal of creation in daily life. He could have perfected himself within the realm of the ideal and could have become the perfected substance of the ideal before God. Through the fall, however, God had to leave us. The relationship with all things has been severed, and the relationships between people have been cut off too. This is a matter of utmost sorrow and causes us to heave our most grievous sighs.

The Results of the Fall

We are not alone in our sighs. When we look to either side of us, we hear the sighs of our brothers. When we lift up our eyes and look at the world, we hear the sighs of humankind. Moreover, when we behold all things, we hear all things sighing. When we lift our heads and see the world of Heaven through our hearts, we hear the sigh of Heaven. Have you ever felt such an amazing thing?

Have you ever cried along with this sighing, holding onto that lamentation with both mind and body? Have you ever had a Shim Jung such that you could embrace all the lamenting things of creation, seized by a higher sigh as you worry about the sighs of our Creator above all things? Have you ever desired to cry with Heaven, people and all things? Although we do not have such a heart, we should at least recognize that as Heaven searched for us with a lamenting Shim Jung, we were the most undutiful sons, the greatest traitors before Heaven. If Heaven exists, all of humankind are unforgivable traitors.

God has been wandering until today, looking for the conditions to re- create such unfaithful, treacherous and frustrating human beings. The Creator searches for an individual to bring him from the position of fallen Adam and place him on God's side, to equip him with God's character, from God's ideal to God's hope, and to live and confer with him. If there is anyone who feels this, God could not be more appreciative.

We know well through the course of restoration that until today, without humankind's knowing it, Heaven has been preparing the environmental foundation of the providence through the individual. He has been preparing the worldwide foundation of the providence through the environment. Why has Heaven been fighting throughout the 6,000- year history without anyone knowing, trying to make a relationship with our ancestors and with our nation, our country, and the earth? What is the purpose?

God's Word was not revealed only to our traitorous ancestors. During the 6,000 years of history after the fall, God revealed His Word in every age and time. Although there has never been a time when God's Word has not appeared, humanity has failed to plant it in their hearts and produce fruit. This is humanity's sorrow of sorrows. Our ancestors betrayed the hope of God countless times. He wanted them to plant His Word in their hearts and bear fruit. Will there appear a true descendant who will have antagonism toward the ancestors who left behind the fallen lineage? Ladies and gentlemen, you need to think about this.

Will there be true sons and daughters who can feel anger at the ancestors who inflicted sorrow on Heaven through betrayal and who built up the wall of sin? Can they come forward shouting before heaven and earth with a burning Shim Jung of protest? Heaven will look for such people.

God intended to plant His Word in Adam and Eve's bodies and to establish them as the original, substantial human beings. What did God want to bestow upon their minds? He wanted to put His heart, His ideal, His life and His love in their minds.

Due to our ancestors' betrayal, however, the ideal of creation, God's Word, and original humans as the substance of God, as well as God's heart, life and love, disappeared without a trace. There is no greater sorrow in the world of creation. Faced with such a woeful fact, we should be able to cry with a Shim Jung that penetrates our bones and flesh. Since we have lost these and become victims of the fall, people long for the original self from before the loss. We long for the original self. We do not long for any material on the earth. Even though all things are there, they have no relationship with us. History and the world have no relationship with the world of my heart. They cannot console the inner me; they cannot give me any stimulation. They are unrelated to me. How did this come to happen?

The Original Self Must Be Restored

The most precious thing for a person is the original self, which possesses all the characteristics of God. Since the most precious thing has been lost, there is no happiness or joy for a person until it is found. Thus, fallen humans in every part of the world wander about in search of their original self.

What must be found first? We cannot dominate all things today. Although we have our minds, we do not understand God's heart. Although we have our Shim Jung, it has no relationship with God's Shim Jung. Although I search for and talk about ideals and love, I have fallen into a position where they have no relationship with God. We should know this.

This is the sorrow of humankind, the sorrow of God, and the sorrow of all created things. Therefore, those of us who have set out to find God, His goodness and love, and to resolve God's sorrow have the destiny to go toward God's Will, even through persecution and beatings.

Thus, when God strikes humanity, He strikes from the individual to the tribe, the nation and the world. God does not strike a person to destroy him, but to remove the elements of evil within him. You should know that this is why He strikes humanity.

Until today, the unprincipled master, Satan, has been abusing us, abusing our families, abusing our societies, and abusing our world of the ideal of creation. Satan and the sins resulting from him have been dominating our lives and have become the center that controls the world. We must turn our hearts around and long for God and the original self. You should know that, since Satan has been dominating my body and all the created things, we can never make an original relationship of creation with God, unless a condition stronger than this is explosively produced in our hearts.

We have come to the final age of being struck by Satan. Now is the time when God's hope of 6,000 years begins to appear, Satan is destroyed, and the hope of humankind begins to emerge. These last days are days of infinite grief for Satan, days of infinite joy for original humanity, and days of infinite glory for the God of the providence. We have the destiny to become the saints of the last days, setting out to welcome the last days.

What has God been doing for the last 6,000 years? What did He want to instill in us, through His effort over such a long period? He labored to use us as His foundation and plant His Word. After humanity lost His Word in the Garden of Eden, God tried to reveal the true Word through which a person can know his relationship with God, God's existence, and God's Shim Jung, ideal and love.

Such a Word, however, has not appeared thus far. You should know that God worked hard for 6,000 years to recover the Word for us. Analyze yourselves. Is God's Word within your character? After God's hard work of 6,000 years to spread the Word, are the Word, the fruit of this blood and sweat, within your heart? God will ask you this.

The Order of Restoration

God must come to us, unite with us, and establish the garden of His ideal within our living environment and this world. Only in this way will God's providence of restoration come to an end. For this reason, to stand before God as His possessions when He comes to us, we should possess the God-given Word, which is greater than any word in the satanic world.

God created all things through the Word, and He comes to us through the Word. Thus, if you say that you have come from God, since He has spread the Word, you have the responsibility to reap the Word and return it to the Father as His own.

What are the last days? It is the time when one must reap the Word and become the very incarnation of the Word. The incarnation is created through the Word. Finding the incarnation created through the Word has been the history of God and the purpose of Jesus' appearance on earth.

God showed fallen humans the Word first, not the incarnation. This is because restoration must proceed in a reverse way. It must be restored in the order in which it was lost. As God hopes for the incarnation or substantial being, after first spreading the seed of the Word in the hearts of fallen human beings, He creates the substance of life based on this Word. When this substance comes into being, He will blow the breath of life into him as it says in the Bible: "then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being." (Genesis 2:7)

After becoming the substance with God's breath of life, he will become the living spirit. What is the living spirit? The living spirit is one who can feel that God is my father; one who can experience the world of oneness with God, that he is the inseparable, eternal, substantial object of God. God has been working hard in hopes of humans being perfected as a living spirit who can feel that value and come before Him.

What will God do with the Word spread on the ground of our heart? He will re-create the image of Adam and Eve, lost in the Garden of Eden. You should know this. Thus, the one God sent at the end of 4,000 years of history as the substance of the Word, representing the Word of the 4,000 years, was Jesus.

What was Jesus to do on the earth, he who came as the substance of the Word? He had the responsibility to claim the people who had received the Word promulgated in the Old Testament Age. The people of that age who followed the Old Testament law should have received the representative of the Word in their hearts. They should have held on to the body, mind, ideal, life and love of Jesus.

The incarnation God had promised through the prophets of the 4,000 years and to whom God had witnessed through the Old Testament Word was Jesus, who appeared on earth as the Messiah. Yet where did Jesus go? His appearance had been prophesied through countless words and sent via God's infinite pain. He was the incarnation of the Word. This incarnation of the Word could be seen with the eyes, heard with the ears, touched and grasped with the hands! Where did this Jesus go? Jesus came as the perfect incarnation of God's Word of 4,000 years, the substance of God's sad Shim Jung, the mouthpiece of the invisible God to the Old Testament people. Although Jesus came to unite with humans by giving them the substantial Word in the position of the substantial God, humans denied his need of him, and abused and mistreated him at whim.

Jesus came to the earth to harvest the Old Testament Word. Along with harvesting the Word, he had to win the trust of the Israelites and gather them into his heart. The people, however, killed Jesus, citing 4,000 years of Old Testament history. They asserted, "This law, established 1,600 years ago through Moses, is God's Word! Who is this Jesus?" We should know this clearly.

The Purpose of Jesus' Advent and the Disbelief of the Israelites

Although the Word must succumb to the incarnation or substance, and the substance should succumb to God, humans killed the incarnation, Jesus. Jesus tried to remove all the historical conditions for resentment over the 4,000 years by uniting with God. What was the historical condition for resentment? It was the betrayal of God's Word over the 4,000 years. This grudge would have been resolved by the Israelites' trusting and uniting with Jesus. Yet they killed the substance, deplorably using the Word of 4,000 years as their justification. This is the sin of the Israelites.

Therefore, the Israelite nation had to be trampled upon and receive contempt from the people of the world, wandering the world and becoming the servants of servants. The nation that was supposed to build the country of utmost glory wandered about on a path of pain and of the cross, longing for the glorious country. Why? It is because of the sin of having murdered Jesus. Today's Christians are ignorant of this.

Hitherto, we have had semblances of God's Word, but never the true Word of God. The New Testament is the Word of promise, like the Old Testament. It was left by Jesus, who was supposed to establish the Word of substance on the earth, representing God. Thus, people have been struggling, trying to find the substance from the New Testament Word. Even if one reads the Bible, however, he does not understand what is the center of the Word. Jesus departed the world without sharing all of his words, saying, "I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now." (John 16:12) Where is the word of daily life by which a human being can live as the perfected substance with a complete foundation on the earth? Nowhere, it is not in the Bible. It does not exist. We should clearly know that Jesus has to come again, because he did not fully speak this Word. If you cannot believe it, pray about it. Prayer will teach you.

What are the last days? It is the time to meet the substance of the Word, the master of the Word. To meet the substance of the Word, however, one must achieve unity with the Word, possessing the Word which God tried to reveal to people for 6,000 years to save them. Only then can one make a relationship with the coming Lord.

Jesus came to convey the complete Word, yet he could not. He promised to reveal the complete Word through the Holy Spirit. For this reason, we can know the Word which Jesus tried to reveal in the last days through the Holy Spirit, who has worked for 2,000 years. We can also know the one who will appear as the substance through this Word. At that time, we should recognize him, serve him as the bridegroom, and make a relationship with him as his bride.

Since Jesus, who came as the substance, could not give the Word to complete humanity as the substantial temple, only when we come forward as beings of value representing the Word and as second substantial temples can God dwell in our bodies. The heavenly kingdom on earth is the place where such people live.

Has anyone wept over the Bible? Since Jesus, the perfect substance of the Old Testament, was murdered, the Bible does not contain all the words Jesus would have spoken as a perfected substance. Even though Jesus was sent to replace the invisible God, who relates to humanity only through the Word, with substance, he died and thus could only leave the Word in a form similar to the Old Testament. This is the New Testament. Now we should believe the substance of Jesus, rather than his word. The substance! Now is the age of substantial faith.

The Age of Substantial Faith and the Age of Resurrected Faith

Peter, special among the twelve disciples, could freely listen to and believe the words of Jesus. Yet he failed to advance to the stage where he could receive Jesus into his heart without hesitation. Likewise, since the substance of the Word could not be embraced, when Mary Magdalene tried to hold the resurrected Jesus, she was prevented from doing so. Humanity has been unable to embrace the substantial being. This is the second tragedy of humankind.

The first tragedy was to have lost Adam in the Garden of Eden. The second was to have lost Jesus, who was the perfected substance of the Word. This is why he has to come again. This fact, when understood, is a matter for endless weeping. For people living on earth, there cannot be anything more sorrowful.

God had been going over hills of tears, grief and wailing for 4,000 years, hoping for the day of liberation. He installed Jesus on the earth as the substance of hope. Yet the nation of Israel sent him to his death. He sent Jesus to Israel as the Messiah, representing the life of God and the promised ideal. He told them to prepare themselves to follow and serve the Messiah. Yet where did Israel go? They should have cried and wailed with Jesus. Where did the nation of Israel go, the nation that had served God for 4,000 years after the loss of Adam? They became victims of Satan. Israel became a traitor to Heaven.

Today's faithful people believe that Jesus came to die on the cross. This shows ignorance of the purpose for the appearance of Jesus. You should believe in the way of resurrection, rather than the way of the cross. You should know that the cross came about because of Israel's sin of having abused Jesus' body. Orthodox Christianity believes in the descending of the Holy Spirit, which occurred forty days after Jesus overcame the cross and resurrected, and they believe in the resurrected Jesus. This is the correct faith of Christianity, but Christianity says that Jesus came to die. If he had come to die, would God have led the Israelites in such a way that He struck them when they did not believe, made them suffer and shed tears in Egypt? Would He have desperately admonished them when they were exiled to Babylon? Was the 4,000- year history one of preparation for the killing of Jesus? It is time to re-consider.

Christians are scattered all over the world. Who can guarantee that they are not the second Israel, just like the first Israelites, who abandoned and betrayed Heaven? We must know this grave fact. Jesus should have spoken God's Words as the substance who perfected God's Word. That Word is not something Satan can test. Satan cannot test the one who believes the Word and comes forward. Among those followers of Jesus, has there been anyone who was not tested? No, everyone has been subjected to a test.

What we need is the Word that Satan can never test, no matter how many times he tries. However, since the Christians are going by the word Jesus gave while being tested by Satan, Satan can attack them. When will we become the substance and go past Satan's test? That is the day of the Second Coming.

We should plant in our body the seed of the Word that Satan can never invade and reap God's Words. We should plant in our body the substance of the Word and reap God's substance. We should become the perfect substance with united spirit and flesh, whom God can embrace and love with delight. Such are the ones who can become the brides and bridegrooms of the last days.

The work of the Holy Spirit is present in the last days. Thus, there should be saints among us who can press the Holy Spirit to work with us one hundred percent. Do you understand this? What is the standard of ideal by which the Holy Spirit will work for us? We should ask the Holy Spirit. This is one of the tasks of the faithful in the last days.

Is God So Dignified that He Cannot Make a Relationship with Us?

After the departure of Jesus, the Bible came to contain 66 books. The New Testament has many books, in addition to the Gospels. It has the Book of Revelation, which was written last after Jesus' departure from the earth. This word was what Jesus wanted to say while on the earth. It was revealed after his death by the spiritual world.

To conclude the work of the Holy Spirit on earth, one should appear who thoroughly understands the true meaning of the Word at the time Jesus died and the Holy Spirit was sent. He should also understand the situation of the substantial being so he can go beyond the position of substance. Thus, the Will of God's providence is to reap the work of the Holy Spirit on the earth and to establish a representative on the earth to inherit her work.

Thus, God's work was transferred to Jesus as God's representative, and the work of Jesus was transferred to the Holy Spirit. Now God wants to transfer the work of the Holy Spirit to the faithful believers. Only then can the Trinity rest.

Without going to that position, we cannot find God's Word. Although we have planted the Word in our body, we cannot become the substance who has fulfilled the purpose of the Word.

After the resurrection of Jesus, Mary Magdalene was in the position of the bride. Yet when she tried to touch him, Jesus could not help stopping her. This was because she did not have the bridal qualifications through which Jesus could receive her. Satan's accusations will be dropped only when the bride stands in the position where she indemnifies all the historical grudges and speaks the Word of perfection while alive. The providence will end only in this way.

After Jesus left, God and Jesus did not want to wait for 2,000 years. Why, then, did God have to wait so long? The 2,000 years had to go by because there has not been a substantial being who could say, "Such is God's 6,000-year history"; that is, one who could speak the Word that Satan could not oppose as the perfect substance representing God. We should know that the providence was extended in this way for as long as 2,000 years. This is the sorrow of God and the sorrow of Jesus.

In the last days, what shall we do after penetrating the word of Jesus and taking hold of his substance? We should do the job which Satan cannot invade and speak the Word which Satan cannot attack. What is this Word? It is the Word by which we can hold onto the body of Jesus, and receive his heart and love. Only after becoming the substance who can penetrate the word of Jesus, after preparing the heartistic foundation to enter into his Shim Jung, will the promised love of God be given to humankind. This is restoration.

If Adam had stood as the perfected substance of the Word without falling, God would have dwelt in Adam. Adam would have become the substance of God and the incarnation of the Word. In other words, God would have dwelt in Adam's body and Adam's heart; his Shim Jung and feelings would have appeared as God's heart, Shim Jung and feelings. This was the purpose of creation. You should know this clearly.

Is God too dignified for us to relate to Him, as the Christians believe? No, the Bible clearly explains: "On that day, you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you." (John 14:20)

What shall we believe? Only in the shell of Jesus? No, we should be able to believe Jesus as the substance of the Word, God's Shim Jung and God's heart. Thus, by receiving God's Shim Jung, ideal, life and love in our bodies, we should be the ones who can move when God moves and stop when God stops. The purpose of creation was to create a person such that he can move and halt along with Heaven, a person who has an inseparable relationship with God.

It Is Time to Abandon Conceptual Faith

The time to have a merely conceptual faith, saying "Oh, God!" like today's believers do, has already passed. Such a God contributes no value to today's developing society. We do not need such a God. In the last days, if there are true sons and daughters of God who trust in and search for God, they should be able to have God as the center of their daily lives. Only when a person finds such a God will He breathe a sigh of relief. At that time, the person with whom God can breathe a sigh and confer can never be invaded, even by a myriad of satans. Why? It is because no one can take away the one who has penetrated into God's Shim Jung, heart and Word, the one who embraces God's situation and love. There is no one.

Although Jesus has been to the earth, God has never been able to say to Jesus, "You are my true and eternal son who has thoroughly subjugated Satan." You should know that God has been unable to give Jesus His full love. If Jesus had received the complete love of God in spirit and flesh, he would not have to pray in Paradise. What is the sorrow of Jesus? It is not to have made the relationship of bride and bridegroom.

Had Jesus received God's love as an individual who could penetrate into God's Word, had he stood in the position where he could reveal, in God's place, the Word which can never be accused by Satan, as substance with a united spirit and flesh, and had he established such a Word at that time, Satan would have surrendered himself to the Christians who believed in Jesus. Due to his death, however, Jesus could not complete the ideal of creation, which must be completed in substance. Thus, Jesus is doing spiritual work in the spiritual world. Although he is doing spiritual activities through the Holy Spirit, the task of the flesh remains. That is why he must find the flesh. This is the situation of Jesus.

Satan, who struck the flesh of Jesus, has the condition to challenge today's humankind on earth through the flesh. We should know this and fight this condition. The Holy Spirit also needs our body. It cannot be done without the body. The body is the temple, God's dwelling place. Since God created our bodies as the temple, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can engage in the providence of salvation only through the temple. What is salvation? It is to multiply children of goodness. Is there any being who can multiply without the substance of spirit and flesh? There is no such created thing.

Hence, God wanted to indemnify the historical sorrow that had accumulated for the 4,000 years after the fall by establishing Jesus on this earth. For this reason, Jesus was the one to fulfill God's Word, the original second Adam with whom God could dwell, the one who carried God's Shim Jung, situation and hope. He was the one who appeared with God's ideal, life and love. We should know this clearly.

What was God's sorrow after the human fall? It was losing a person with whom to speak freely and the substance who could multiply life. Where did the nation with God's lineage go, the nation where God could dwell? You should know that, as the center of life, God is looking for the object of the Word and the clan which has the living being who can represent the Word. Next, He searches for His ideal. Only then does He grant love. We should know that this is God's Will and the ideal of creation. Those who are listening to this for the first time may not understand the content well.

The Necessity for the Appearance of the True Religion to Lead the New Age

What kind of age are the last days? Since there is no one on earth who can represent God's Word, humankind has had to search for the substance of the Word, scattered in all four directions, and going through countless difficulties. Thus, after the age of war that claimed materials, we have entered the age of ideological war. After this age of ideological war, there will come the age of the war of the conscience. That will be the age of religious war.

After such a time, what kind of age will have to come? The age of the competition of Shim Jung and love should come. There should come an age when God's love and satanic love will compete. This is the course of destiny through which fallen humankind must go. You should know that this is a necessary and inevitable course.

What is to be done in this age? It is the time when the world of spirit, rather than the world of ideology should be formed. In the future, the ideology of the heart should appear. When the heart ideology appears, your hearts will be pulled in by its ideal. When the heart ideology appears and secures the foundation, heavenly feeling and human feeling will move. An ideology should appear such that one cannot help living within its realm of ideal.

History struggles upward from the lowest level, that is, from the material stage. Thus, the vertical history of 6,000 years moves from the world of material to that of the spirit, to that of the heart. On the contrary, satanic authority goes through a history that descends from the top. It descends from the upper class, which claimed the best, to the middle and lower classes. These, however, will all disappear because they are under satanic authority. As for the process of historical development, through the war centering on materials, that is, the First and Second World Wars, now we enter into the age of ideological war. Yet, again, these will all pass away. Next, there comes the age of heartistic war and the age of the ideology of the heart.

The upper class and middle class have dominated the world in the historical course until now. Now the lower class will dominate the world. Considering the process of historical development, humankind has gone through the age of material-centered battle. Now is the age of spirit-centered strife. In the future, there will come the age of conscience-centered struggle. It is religion that moves, centering on conscience.

Thus, the age of religious battle will come soon. In the future, there should appear a religion with the truth which is centered on the heavenly heart, through which we can share heart and affection with the whole of heaven and earth and conclude: "God and I are one." Such an age will come. Wait and see.

In the past, religious people renounced material things. This looks most foolish, but they are most wise. Religion has prepared the foundation through which it can escape the condition of historical war. The followers of Jesus believed the religion with the safest foundation, through which they could avoid the hell into which the people of the history of war fell.

Nowadays, young men and women who insist on their own way scorn religion. Such an age will pass. Wait and see. If you have such an obsolete idea, you will be hit by the communists in the future. There will come a time when they will say, "Alas, I did not know." The fortunes of heaven and earth go through such processes.

What ideology will remain in the end? It is the ideology that cries out the slogan, "All people of conscience, be mobilized." This is the ideology that can represent the Word for which humankind hopes, represent the substance through the Word, and represent affection through the substance. If you did not know this, you may now look forward to it.

Hitherto, has any spiritual person of conscience ever held sway over the world in the course of history? Even though Jesus said, "The Gospel will be spread to the poor," spiritual people have never held sway over the world yet. 

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