Sun Myung Moon's Words From 1959

Please Let This Become A Day Resolving The Sorrow Of Jesus

Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 1959
Prayers: A Lifetime of Conversation with Our Heavenly Father -- Sun Myung Moon

Sun Myung Moon and US President Dwight David Eisenhower June 25, 1965

Father! We know that in order to recover Adam and Eve who were lost, after you worked for 4,000 years you sent Jesus to this earth as the person with the external form of Adam. The greater your work was until the birth of Jesus, the greater the source of pride for heaven Jesus should have been, who was born due to that work, and it would not do unless he became the pride of humankind and of all creation. Heaven knew that kind of truth, but the earth was ignorant and did not know; heaven welcomed him, but today we cannot help but be ashamed that not knowing, the earth did not welcome him.

As we reflect on the sad truth that the hopeful gaze of our Father, who had worked so hard, had to rest upon poor Jesus, who was lying in the manger, we keenly feel that our ancestors did not have faith, and our ancestors did not have loyalty. Because we know the fact that the mistake of the fall of Adam and Eve was demonstrated by humankind once again in that place, today we cannot help but be extremely sorrowful and feel that sad historical truth in our hearts.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to be able to comfort your sorrow, Father, in place of the chosen people, the people of Israel, who were not able to comfort you in the past.

Since Jesus came and went, two thousand years or so have passed without our knowing it, but we know that the world of heart transcends tine. Oh Father, who transcends history, please allow us at this time to become able to hold and embrace the heart of Jesus Christ who went to heaven with a sorrowful heart.

We earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow this to become a time when we are able to honor in our hearts the appearance of Jesus at the time he was born, by our knowing the enmity that penetrates and remains on the earth and in heaven until today, and the anguish of the 2,000 years after Jesus came and went.

Father, please bless this moment today, when we are celebrating that day, and please allow the sorrow of Jesus who came and went 2,000 years ago to be resolved through this one day by revealing the glory of the joy Jesus had hoped for. Since we, who know all the innermost hearts, want to celebrate this day, please allow all the anguish of the past which humankind didn't know about and left behind to be indemnified because of this time, and we earnestly hope and desire that by allowing us to be able to stand before you, Jesus will be happy, and you will be comforted, Father.

We earnestly hope that you will allow this to be a holy time when we will be able to find the source of happiness by resolving through us the grief left by thousands of years, and that you will allow what we are offering with united minds to you, Father, to become a historical offering which resolves grief.

We have prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

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