The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1958

Humankind Wanders In Search of the Truth

Sun Myung Moon
December 21, 1958
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 5
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Haj Ja Han, April 2011

Your mind commands your body to seek true beings. Its command is to find a true body first. Humanity today is wandering about seeking that which is true, without knowing what it is. Because we are living in this world, which is soaked with the bitter resentment caused by the fall, we are fated to be drawn to look for what is true without awareness of it.

Now you must know that you cannot simply enjoy your life, for you are destined to find your original selves. You must know you are placed in a position to grieve over this fate. Yet you are not to feel sad in looking at this world. Even if you feel pain, you must not feel pain from relative things that happen in the world.

If you are to feel sadness and pain, you must feel the sadness and pain of not having been able to find your true selves. You must realize that even though there is so much sadness and pain in the world, there is no greater sadness and pain than that which is caused by being unable to find our true selves.

Whom has God the Creator been trying to find until now? He has been looking to find you. That is, the true "me." For that reason, you must determine that true "me." If not, you cannot make a connection with a true family centered on one substance, nor with a society, a nation, or one world centered on true families; and furthermore, you cannot connect with one cosmos made of worlds. Becoming a perfect "me" is the fundamental standard for all the other stages.

God has been feeling immeasurable sorrows in relation to humanity for 6,000 years. In other words, there is nothing more mortifying and regretful than having lost His beloved sons and daughters. Having lost Adam and Eve, the entire universe turned into a world of pitch darkness. Ever since then, God has been feeling infinite bitter pain and sorrow.

What must men do to recover their lost selves? They must think back to God's Shim Jung (heart) at the time of the loss. Otherwise, there is no way to restore the original "me." In the same manner that you can recover what you lost only when you go back to the place where you lost it, you must recollect God's Shim Jung at the time of losing "me" to find yourself. Without this effort, human beings cannot restore their original selves.

That is why Heaven has been looking for us, human beings, for 6,000 years. In other words, God has trodden the 6,000-year historical course to find me, the individual. That 6,000-year historical course has been full of blood and tears, on trodden paths of persecution and death.

Walking such a course, God has fought to look for me, this one individual being, for He cannot forget the heart of pain or the tears of sorrow He shed after losing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden 6,000 years ago. Feeling the 6,000 years were like a day, with the Shim Jung of the time of loss, God has come forth fighting to recover humankind. You must understand such a heart of God.

Because the sorrow had to start from God's heart 6,000 years ago, history until today has remained sorrowful. We were born as the fruit of the sorrow. Therefore, humanity's sorrow cannot be resolved unless we dissolve the sorrow that penetrated the depths of God's heart. You must realize this.

The tangled thread will have to be untangled where the tangling occurred. It must be restored to its original state through indemnity. This is the ironclad rule of the providence of salvation. If this is the ironclad rule, we, human beings today must realize that the conclusion of human history, namely the last days will come, when we must look for the lost heart in order to find and establish ourselves.

Then, what is going to happen in the last days? Judgments will be made based on the heart, after having decided upon a standard of the heart.

Looking at yourselves today, you must know that your bodies are stained with the tears of God's sorrow of 6,000 years and with the blood of God's pain; moreover, your very bone marrow is pierced through by the bitter resentment over having been invaded with evil. What is more, you must know that God's sorrow and pain in regard to eliminating this condition of bitter resentment has soaked through our whole beings.

When they were cast out of ancient Eden, the first human ancestors grieved centered on themselves, not knowing God's heart. Thus, forgetting our own sorrow and pain, now you must first liberate God from sorrow and pain. Unless you do this, you cannot dissolve the historical bitter resentment and go beyond it.

Therefore, you must now feel that you are a crystallization of God's tears of 6,000 years. You are not only the crystallization of God's tears, but are the crystallization of God's bitter pain. Only after you realize these, will you be worthy of being called to sacrifice for God. 

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