The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1958

Let Us Seek and Establish the Blessed Land God Wants to Administer

Sun Myung Moon
December 14, 1958
Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea

24 And God said, "Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: the livestock, the creatures that move along the ground, and the wild animals, each according to its kind." And it was so. 25 God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good. 26 Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground." 27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. 28 God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground."
Genesis 1:24-28


Please allow us to feel and experience through our minds and bodies the heart, situation and image of the Father in this hour. He has come forth through the sorrowful restorational course to find His lost, true children.

Please allow us to be Your sons and daughters who can feel and experience Your heart, You who have hankered for love for 6,000 long years, unable to love Adam and Eve with affection deeply penetrated by Shim Jung. Please allow us to be Your ardent children who can offer comfort, embracing the sorrowful heart of the Father.

Please allow us to offer these minds and bodies as the Father's now. We ardently wish You will lead us to be the sacrificial offerings who do not think of their minds and bodies as their own, but who pride themselves on belonging to the eternal Father. By doing so, Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You will allow us to be Your blood relatives who can ease the Shim Jung that could not express love for the past 6,000 years, embracing You with a true heart of love.

Although so many people live on the earth, we know that there are no sons and daughters You can love as Your own, whom You can embrace and excuse in the presence of Satan. We also know that You could not express Your love personally, holding Jesus as he walked the course of struggle on this earth 2,000 years ago for the sake of saving all humankind.

We know that absolutely no one can take away the children You love. Although Jesus touched Your heart, we know that he could not receive Your total love. Since You could not love us, please give relief to the deeply hurt Shim Jung by setting up a day of glory and raising heavenly sons and daughters to whom You can unburden Your heart, expressing love and embracing them. Please allow us to know that it is the Father's wish for such heavenly sons and daughters to emerge on this earth. Although we have lost everything and have nothing today, we desire to be sons and daughters who can receive the Father's eternal love, embraced in Your bosom of love.

Beloved Father! Please bless us. Please sanctify us by extending Your hands of authority. Please allow our minds and bodies to be free of blemish, belonging to You, having eradicated the evil elements. Allow this to be such a gathering. Father, I sincerely wish and desire this.

Father! You know our minds and bodies. If there is something insufficient in those of us who are prostrated before Your dignified presence in this hour, please manifest Your ability, Father. By Your competent hands, please bring about the miracle of re-creation. Please allow us to be sanctified figures. Beloved Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You will allow this to be the hour in which only You can operate, only You are in charge, and only You give counsel.

Even though so many people live on the earth, You chose unworthy us from among them all and called us, even though we are of no significance. Since we are fearful of not being able to fulfill the responsibility and mission in the presence of the Father, please, advise us in this hour. We know that the Red Sea waters were divided when Moses struck them with his staff. Beloved Father, I ardently wish and desire that You become our staff, and that You allow us to be the heavenly rods that can move according to the direction of the Father's hands.

Father, please personally supervise Your sons and daughters who are gathered here this day. The last hour, when we are compelled to march toward the battleground, has already arrived. Please allow us to discern where we are, having taken a good look at us now. Please guide us to be offered as the Father's. Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You allow us to be the sons and daughters who are offered as sacrifices before the Father in all our unique situations and positions.

Since we have decided upon, expect and are eagerly looking forward to the day of battle on behalf of the thirty million people, please, Father, bless this day. Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You allow those who were dead to be restored to life by us. Throw us like a bomb of new life. We pray that You will allow the day of happiness in which You can rest in an earthly settlement, in the midst of this nation, to dawn as quickly as possible.

Since we now desire to bind our insufficient minds and bodies together and offer them to the Father, please bless us to discard all elements of sin of our accord. With pure minds and bodies, may we be offered as the Father's alone. Please allow there to be no satanic invasion. I pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.


Father, please rule the minds of these people. Even if the spirits of these children, who are prostrated here, take various forms, I sincerely wish and desire that, in this hour, You allow them to be the children who can minister to the Father as one sacrificial offering, having a unified disposition according to the movements of the Father's life.

Since we understand that today is the day when all sorts of people come forth in the presence of the Father and sing His praises, please extend Your hands of love everywhere Your name is sung. I pray from the bottom of my heart that You will bestow the grace of Heaven.

I know there are lonely families beseeching the Father in this hour, so please listen to their pleading voices. I earnestly wish and desire that, by treating their earnest Shim Jung with pity, You will fulfill the Will for which they wish and the hope they cherish.

Since I want to deliver a word to Your sons and daughters gathered here now, please guide the mind of the giver and the mind of the receivers not to become divided. I pray from the bottom of my heart that You allow this to be an hour in which we can feel and experience the joy of the original garden, which You created together with the Father, and the heart of grace. May we do this by becoming blended into the Father's incarnation, participating in all aspects of You, whether You are at rest or in motion.

Please allow us not to have any faulty, self-centered thoughts or doctrines, assertions, concepts and formalities or a Shim Jung that saddens Heaven. Please allow this to be the hour in which we can reveal everything. With a heart of selflessness and a child-like mind, let us offer ourselves to the Father and submit to Your Will. Ardently soliciting this, I pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.

"I" Am to Be Restored

The word of the text we just read is the word of blessing God bestowed after He created Adam and Eve. It is the word of blessing of God after creating a man and a woman in His image, telling them to multiply and have dominion over all of creation, as well as the earth.

The title of the sermon I would like to share with you today is "Let Us Seek and Establish the Blessed Land God Wants to Administer." I will speak upon this topic.

God created the world of creation centered on a lofty ideology we human beings have yet to comprehend. God created the world of creation thus to live together with human beings in the realm of eternal love.

However, human beings could not become united with the Will of the Father; that is, the Will of the Creator God. For that reason, the ideology God wished to manifest before human beings has remained unfulfilled; His administration has remained incomplete as well. In the meantime, the sad condition called "restoration" or "salvation" came to stand between God and human beings. We understand very well, from the Principle, that God has been relating with human beings under such conditions.

If this is the case, the fallen "I" of today should go back to the original "I" before the fall. This is the unavoidable duty of human beings and the inevitable responsibility God must carry out. For that reason, God has struggled until now to seek human beings on this earth. This is also why human beings have striven to seek God.

It is our life of faith to go forth seeking the footprints of God, who likewise comes seeking us. You should not forget that God and the prophets and sages, as well as our ancestors, have walked a course of laborious effort, a sorrowful, bloody course, to restore us.

What then is the terminus both we and Heaven seek? It is "I." Accordingly, we should become the "I" whom Heaven can recognize, the "I" who can represent history. Now, in this providential final age, such a person inevitably must appear. Should such a person not appear, you must understand that the providential course God has walked for 6,000 years, as well as the religious course of humankind's striving in search of the Will, will result in failure.

What kind of "I" does Heaven and humankind need? It is the "I" who has the Shim Jung, the situation and hope to equip himself with the ideology of creation which God could not manifest. It is the `"I" who can sing for all creation after equipping himself with the heavenly Shim Jung that has thus far been incomprehensible to humankind. It is the "I" who has equipped himself with the heavenly value and glory of one who can dominate the universe. You must become such a one.

Human beings today must find such a person and form a connection with him. If they do not form such a connection, they cannot be saved; nor can God's providence of salvation be accomplished; nor can the goal of history meet any standard of completion. That is why, until today, human beings have been aiming for that ideological target.

We know that human beings are fallen. What is the fall? We can consider the fall to be that human beings lost the position of being a master. In other words, they lost the position to step proudly forth as dominators of the whole universe. Originally, God created human beings to raise them up as His embodiments, such original beings as to make all things in the universe follow the dictates of their commands. However, because human beings fell, unable to fulfill this original Will, we are as we are today. You must understand that it is the course of restorational history to wander about searching for the original "I" to restore this.

To Restore the Word, the Love and the Substantial Being

What have human beings lost through the fall? They have lost God's love, they have lost God's Word, and they have lost the substantial incarnation of that Word. What must we, who seek our original selves, inevitably do? We must regain what has been lost. That is, because God's love, God's Word and God's person have been lost, we cannot help wandering about seeking them. God has unfolded the providence of salvation until today trying to regain these things.

Human beings have lost the love, the Word and the incarnation. What could have caused them to lose the love, the Word and the incarnation? They lost them because they did not have faith. For that reason, for God to seek human beings, people must set up the condition of faith. God relates to human beings through the condition of their faith. Furthermore, He unfolds the salvation providence for human beings on the condition that they have faith.

In the course of restoration, in which we go forth seeking the incarnated being, the Word and God's love, what must we seek first? We must seek faith. This is an important matter for us. Before faith, God's love has been introduced, God's Word has been introduced, and the substantial being that God wishes to find has been introduced.

What is complete faith? Although we believe in Jesus Christ today, we must be completely united with him. At the same time, we must possess God's love, God's Word, and God's incarnation. This kind of faith is the inevitable condition in the course of restoration.

If human beings become substantial incarnations with the Word and with love, love and faith harmonize so that only love remains. That is the essential part of the restoration which God has been leading human beings toward, to return that love. It is absolutely inevitable that such a thing occurs in the course of the restorational providence.

When we look at ourselves individually, each of us has a body, a mind and a spirit. However, since we could not have faith and fell, we lost all of creation, along with our bodies. We lost God's Word, and we lost God's love. These are the consequences of the original sin. Therefore, for us to restore these as individuals, we must eradicate the collective sins in the course history.

How must we walk the course of restoration today? This fallen world today is wandering around seeking succor for the body. In other words, we lead a life centered only on the body. Since we need material things for the body's succor, humankind has struggled for material things.

My body has to rest. My mind also has to rest. Where is the garden of rest for my mind? Human beings have wandered, seeking that place until today.

After finding the blessed land for the mind, what must we seek? You must seek the eternal blessed land for the spirit and the eternal blessed land for your life. Accordingly, after you have found the blessed land in which the body can rest, the blessed land in which the mind can rest, and the blessed land in which the spirit can rest, you must link it up with God's love. That is the completion of your faith.

When you look carefully at the course of historical development, before World War II, history was a struggle for material things. Humanity played the game of wandering around seeking economic foundations, seeking the place of rest for the body. What kind of history followed World War II? The spiritual sphere, that is, the phenomenon of human beings seeking their original minds, has taken place. Phenomena occur centered on thought and doctrine, yet no thought or doctrine has discovered the blessed land of rest for the human mind. They have not fulfilled their responsibility. You must know that we are stymied now.

The Course of Restoration We Must Go Through

Because human beings fell, they lost their bodies, their minds and their spirits. Human history is the history of humankind wandering around seeking the restoration of these things and the place of rest. Having passed the stage of wandering in search of material things, history has now reached the stage where human beings seek the conscience. What is more, you must understand that the world is standing in a face-off between two camps divided by thought and doctrine.

Since we are in a position where we must go through the course of restoration, we must seek the ideology centered on the mind, rising above the ideology centered on material things. You must understand that this is a necessary concluding point in the course of human history.

What then must we do after finding the blessed land of the mind? We must find the eternal, blessed land of love. What is the one condition of victory that can endure until the very end on this earth? That is a doctrine based on a love that transcends the heavens and earth, a love that can stimulate a person's mind and set the universe in motion as well. This universe will never be put in motion by any other force. You will understand, through your conscience, that even God is seeking an ideal world filled with such an ardent feeling of affection.

The age of capitalism has passed, and the age of thought has also passed. Now the age of conscience will have to come. What is more, beyond the age of conscience in the future, the age of Shim Jung centered on eternal heavenly love will have to come. You must know that it is the fate of fallen human beings to go through these ages.

We must now seek the place of eternal rest for the spirit, for the mind, filled with a feeling of affection centered on God's love. You must understand that this is the fateful path human beings cannot help walking.

Standing in such a situation, what kind of authority must we restore? We must restore the authority with which to manage heaven and earth. This is the original authority human beings must come to exercise deservedly. Human beings must manage heaven and earth, representing them. By uniting heaven and earth, we must seek and establish the ideal world of one Shim Jung. We are entrusted with this kind of responsibility. In addition, we must realize that, even though such a world was the original place of rest for human beings, because they fell, they lost that original place of rest. The course of restoration came into existence because of that.

Through what kind of course must we go? We must go through the course of the individual self, the family, the society, the nation and the world. These are the steps in the course of restoration.

If human beings had not fallen, their minds and the original ideal would have made everyday life harmonious. However, because of their fall, the ideal remained on its own, and their minds went a separate way. You must realize that this distance between the ideal and the fallen human mind has stood as a point of suffering for humankind.

What caused this? It was Satan, who betrayed God and violated the law of heavenly principles. How much of the blessed land of the ideal has Satan ruled with regard to human beings until today? He has ruled this land mass, this earth, the visible substantial world only.

With the original blessed land of the ideal in such a state, God has been fighting against Satan by loving all humankind on this earth, which Satan rules. This is restorational, providential history. Now a new world will have to unfold in sight of humanity, a world that can connect to God's Shim Jung. The day when such a world can come about is the day of the Second Advent, in Christian terms. It is the day of judgment about which some religions talk.

Human beings have fought against one another since ancient times. As they fought against one another from the clan level through the tribal level, the level of a people and the level of states, nations gradually became united, and now they have formed two worlds.

Humankind had to go through this process because we could not shake ourselves free of the fate of restoration. That was how such phenomena came into being on this earth. God and Satan are still fighting on their respective sides of these two worlds.

The Age of Material, the Age of Thought, the Age of the Conscience, and the Age of the Religious Ideal

If we look at a human being, we see that he has not yet been able to restore his body. The history of struggle to restore the body was the history of struggle before World War II. Before World War II, the history of struggle centered upon material/that is, it was concerned with economy. Until World War II, the sovereignty of whole states and the whole world were affected by materials and economics. Only after this age passed, after World War II, did the age of thought come. This was the natural flow of historical development. Now the age of doctrine and thought centered on the spirit has arrived. What kind of thought will reap a victory? It will be the thought system that controls materials. As the mind must control the body, so the thought and doctrine have to control material things. All the sovereign states of the world today are established on an economic foundation. Yet, if an ideology is to achieve worldwide stature, it must transcend materialism.

Various nations of the democratic and communist camps are in a face- off. Which camp is going to win? What will determine that victory? This hinges upon which camp first shares its materials with smaller and weaker nations. This is how victory or defeat will be decided.

Although the democratic camp should support smaller and weaker nations economically, there has not been any noticeable result regarding this. Exploiting this weakness, the Soviet Union has been on the offensive. While she supports nations like Egypt economically, the Soviet Union is launching military maneuvers to take advantage of the weaknesses of the democratic camp. Yet the democratic camp is not aware of this.

In order for a doctrine or thought to spread through the entire world, it must be able to control material. What is more, such a thought system must be able to sacrifice everything to spread throughout the world. There is no other way.

What is the last path human beings must seek? They must continue with the world of the conscience in mind. To do that, something must emerge that can make human beings go beyond the age of doctrine and thought and go on to the age of conscience, ultimately with a view toward the world of eternal life, the ideal world, which is filled with the love of God. Human beings today have not been able to perceive this.

If God exists, for what has He been aiming and proceeding toward, having mapped out a plan of action? God has continued with the age of the conscience, preceded by the age of thought, in mind. God's operation and plan will go into action then.

Now we have the Arab bloc, which is equipped with a form of religion, confronting the two great camps of democracy and communism. What does this signify? They have formed a bloc with a religious ideology, an Islamic civilization modeled after the ancient Saracen empire, God's providential purpose of bringing humanity into unity through a religious ideology is thus revealed. In the end of this restorational providence, this sort of operation will inevitably take place.

If the communist camp breaks down after having fought with the democratic camp, what is going to happen? There are more prospects for the various nations in the communist camp to be absorbed into the Arab bloc, rather than the democratic camp. We must realize this.

A united world centered upon one purpose and ideology must be built upon this earth today. What, then, must happen in the democratic camp? A religion equipped with an ideology centered on God's Shim Jung, a religion of love for human beings, who are God's embodiments, must emerge. This religion must represent all doctrines and assertions. Human beings today are not aware of the fact that the last days are approaching, when such a religion will come forth. When will a religion appear with a Unificationist ideology that will enable the democratic world to embrace the Islamic camp?

The Human Mind Longs for the Ideal Land, The Developmental History of the Sphere of Civilization

Unificationist ideology is the historical standard, the universal standard and the macrocosmic standard which must appear in the new age without fail. You must realize that this is the standard upon which the unification of religion will take place. In this sense, the name "Unification Church" makes sense. No crowd of people has appeared until now who are being hounded yet who are ceaselessly progressing toward a Unificationist ideology, asserting that ideology and fighting at the forefront of this world.

What must we seek and establish in the age of thought, the age of doctrine? Human beings have always longed for the original homeland in their minds, eagerly desiring and dreaming of the garden of love they can enjoy, centered upon God's Shim Jung.

When we look carefully over the course of historical development, the first human civilization was the Egyptian, a watercourse civilization centered on the Nile River. In other words, the Nile River was the cradle of Egyptian civilization. Yet how did Egyptian civilization develop? They were curious to know, "What is on the other side of the river?" They wanted to go and see. This became the spiritual background of the development of Egyptian civilization. After the watercourse civilization age had passed, Mediterranean civilization was established. Human society has come to develop stimulated by the ardent mind which looks at the other shore, the heart of hope. What is more, you must understand that the ardent Shim Jung toward the other shore caused the revolution of civilization.

During the age of Greece and Rome, civilization was established centered on the Mediterranean Sea. The people who took an interest in the other shore beyond the Mediterranean Sea reigned. By the sixteenth century, Mediterranean civilization had weakened, and the Atlantic Ocean civilization circle came to be established. After that, traversing the Atlantic Ocean through their will and laborious efforts, the people who had wished to see and cross the Atlantic Ocean arrived in America. Now a new Pacific Ocean civilization that connects America with Asia is being established. Such a time is almost near.

Now human beings live freely on this earth and have fulfilled the cherished hope. They are trying to move into the cosmos, stepping out to seek another new shore. Therefore, the cosmic age will open in the future. Human beings will land on the moon, just as they have wished, "I will go to the moon."

Will the climate of man's mind, the hope for a new ideal homeland that made him pioneer the course of historical development, ever change, even after he conquers the cosmos? No, it will not.

The mind's longing for the ideal homeland will end only after having found the garden of the mind beyond the cosmos, the garden that can govern the minds of all humankind of the world. Beyond that, it must enter the world which has formed one body with God, in God's world of ideology. Needing nothing more, man's quest for the ideal homeland will then end.

Scientific civilization is only four hundred years old. Only since the latter half of the sixteenth century have we been singing the praises of science. However, for 6,000 years of human history, humankind has yearned for the ideal homeland, the heavenly kingdom, and sought God. It is an undeniable historical fact that humankind has come forth wishing to form a connection with God according to the heavenly principles.

You have not seen many books denying man's mind or conscience. There is no doctrine on this earth that denies the mind. There is no doctrine that denies that human beings entertain a high regard for and have the eternal world of ideology in view, the world of feeling and experience that can connect with man's emotion.

Since numerous churches and numerous religions have taught humankind about this world of the mind, have they taught them useless things? No, not at all. Even if you study tens of thousands of books, you will never find any that deny that ideology.

Yet in spite of the fact that the ideology of religion is right, why has that ideology not come to pass in human reality? It is because human beings fell.

Now human beings will have to march, breaking through the world of the mind, the eternal spiritual world. You will certainly understand that this is the most important matter of concern for human beings today, faced with the last days. God is looking forward to the time beyond the world of doctrines and assertions to a religion and the truth.

The Necessity of a New Word Which Can Cause a Revolution in Shim Jung

Although communists today are advocating a materialistic revolution, this is not enough. A materialistic revolution is not the answer. A revolution of conscience is what is called for. Where will be the one doctrine that brings forth a revolution of conscience? Will there not be a doctrine that can cause a "heartistic" revolution? We need to think about this. Until this sort of doctrine comes forth, this world will not be united. If such a doctrine comes forth, that doctrine will have to be based on materials, and it will have to be based on the Word.

Because of man's fall, he lost faith, love, the Word, and the incarnated being. That is why human beings have first gone through the age of materialism and are now going through the age of ideology and thought. In the future, the age of sentiment will come.

Emotion is what makes a person believe in the Word. We speak of intellect, emotion and will; however, emotion comes first. A great artist must emerge who can detonate man's original emotions and sing in praise of all creation with the sentiments of original emotion. A great scientist of emotion and religion must emerge.

What have human beings wandered about seeking until today? Human beings have not found satisfaction in doctrines nor in faith. We have sought the true Word, the truth. What are we going to do with that truth after finding it? We mean to usher in a spring garden that can be vibrant with life. Only that which can make human beings full of life and energy will be the true truth. Don't you agree?

God has introduced the Word of truth through Christianity. Although God gave human beings the Word for the sake of restoring the incarnated being, history has been flowing onward without the mission of the Word being concluded.

Although Jesus came to this earth 2,000 years ago and tried to fulfill the mission of the Word and bring about a revolution in mind and emotion, human beings did not believe and minister to him. Therefore, none of this happened and these things remain to be fulfilled today.

It is not only the Christian believers who are eagerly awaiting the true world; numerous other people are eagerly awaiting it too. If the mind and body come about which can restore fallen human beings, restore emotion and the Word of truth, the world will be united naturally. While there has to be the restorational providence to save fallen human beings, there must be an internal revolution that will recover those lost things from the fall. The people who must carry out this internal revolution are the Christians, the religious people, and the individuals of conscience of the last days. In fact, the individuals of conscience do not render significant services to God's restorational providence. No matter how much hardship they go through, the end of the world will still come.

We should be very grateful for the 66 volumes of the Bible. However, it is difficult to call upon and create the original mind of a human being and induce the original Shim Jung through the Bible. Therefore, we must seek a new Word that is equipped with this two-fold power.

If we cannot find such a Word, God's 6,000-year providential history will result in failure. Given the historical trend of the cultures and thought of the world and how they rallied the world, what we definitely need now in the last days is the Word that can move the original mind and the original Shim Jung, in order for God's restorational dispensation not to result in failure. This is the matter for concern.

When he came 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ could not say all that he wished to say. What was more, even though he wished to love human beings, he could not do so to the fullest extent. This was the great sorrow of humankind. It was God's sorrow, too. It was God's sorrow, as well as Jesus' sorrow, that Jesus was unable to introduce the world of the mind and body, the world of emotion, and God's Shim Jung to the people who were in the course of restoration.

We Must Know God's Shim Jung and Jesus' Shim Jung

God does not exist higher than the cosmos. No created thing can achieve completion without having a connection with God. When we build a house, we must link up all the materials and have them relate to each other to be a complete house.

Now we must seek God's and Jesus' mind and Shim Jung in the 66 volumes of the Bible. Only when we get to know God's and Jesus' mind and Shim Jung can we know our minds and Shim Jung. Yet God's and Jesus' mind and Shim Jung are not completely manifested in the Bible. It is written in the Bible that the Kingdom of Heaven is in your mind. Yet how many people are there who can indeed say, "The Kingdom of Heaven is in me"?

Where are such people? There are many people who have memorized good scriptural passages, wonderful, celebrated verses. Yet in order for us to know Jesus' mind and Shim Jung, we must know why Jesus, the Savior of all humankind and the True Father of all human beings, grieved on this earth. What caused him to grieve the most? We must know these things. Only when we know these things can we say we have come to know Jesus' mind and Shim Jung. We must know what the most unjust, vexatious, and painful thing was to Jesus, and the reason for it.

By doing so, we must be able to comfort Jesus, saying, "Aren't your heart and mind in such and such a state? I understand your heart and mind." Only then will we become true human beings for the first time. You must know this.

You must know that to restore one human being, God has gone through the vicissitudes of history, grieving and suffering. You must understand the content of the current age. Furthermore, you must understand the hope for the future. Because they do not know this, the people of the world today are struggling hard.

Jesus received the joyous day of resurrection only after having walked the path of sorrow, the path of suffering, the path of the cross. Jesus could feel joy toward Heaven, yet he could not feel joy on earth. You must know this. How could this be, that while he felt sorrow facing earth, Jesus could feel joy facing God, calling out, "Abba"?

Jesus knew God's mind and heart. That was why he was able to express his gratitude and joy, holding onto God's heart and mind and shedding tears. Yet there was no one on earth who felt similarly toward Jesus. That was the reason Jesus could not feel joy in relation to human beings. If human beings had been able to feel joy with Heaven in the glorious realm of resurrection, the 2,000-year historical course of sorrow would not have taken place.

Jesus resurrected, bearing the heart of these vicissitudes. Having seen Jesus' resurrected appearance, Mary Magdalene tried to grab hold of him, saying, "Oh, my Lord!" Yet Jesus said to her, "Do not lay hands on me." What does this mean? This showed us decisively that no matter how much human beings desire to grab hold of Jesus, they cannot become one with him without knowing his sorrow and pain, without knowing his mind and heart.

Now the time has come for human beings living on this earth to discard the material things and doctrines to which they subscribe and step forth. What kind of people opposed Jesus? We must know Jesus' heart, even if we have to abandon our ideology, and all that we have. Jesus' heart was not for his good but for the good of God. He tried to remember God's heart to attend Him constantly.

In Order for God and Jesus to Feel Happy

God's heart had gone through a course of turns and twists. Shedding light upon this, Jesus uttered, "God, now I know. I have come to know the final meaning of Your having unfolded the dispensation and what kind of heart You had as You did it." Jesus then grabbed hold of God and rejoiced, shedding tears, forgetting his dignity and image. You too must be able to rejoice, holding onto Jesus and shedding tears. Only then can the ideology of the internal world be manifested as that of the external ideology. You must understand this.

The very core of faith, what is left after human beings believe in the Lord with uplifted hands, put the Word into practice with love and restore the incarnated body with faith, is for their minds to become united with the minds of God and Jesus. Beyond that, the love of God, Jesus and human beings must become united. This is the last, emotional problem to be solved for religious people. For that reason, Christianity, the religion of love, will survive to the end. People in the heavenly kingdom are people who strive for the sake of giving. They are people who strive to give their bodies and minds and all of their things. Most people of this fallen world, on the other hand, strive to live centered on themselves. Only when they can bring about a revolution in their minds can people like these become God's sons and daughters who can receive the love of God, the Creator of humankind and all creation, who tries to embrace them in His bosom.

Not once has God found a person whose flesh and spirit are united, whom He could totally love. Not once could Jesus find such a person. That is why Jesus is still praying in paradise.

Therefore, we must yearn only for the love of God, who tries to embrace our spirit and flesh. We must receive God's love, compared to which the love of parents for their children is insignificant. Within such a realm, we must be able to govern all of creation, having justified ourselves as God's children for the first time. You must understand that such a world is the world of dominion and the garden of rest God is trying to restore.

Going back to the issue of our individual selves, what are we, fated to go through restoration, to do? We must wander about seeking a new ideology. The time has arrived. In the future, the problem of a true viewpoint of life, of the universe, will arise. Any view of the universe based on the visible substantial world will miss the mark. Through the perception of the world of the mind and the feelings felt, the invisible world will be utilized.

If a macrocosmic ideology, a doctrine that can unite the world of the mind, appears on this earth today, that doctrine will be the last one. Only love is after that.

Today, scientific civilization is extremely well developed. Yet, in order for individuals to be able to govern in a scientific civilization, they must improve the level of spiritual civilization. They must definitely find some particular doctrine that can govern the world of the mind and, beyond that, the world of the spirit. It is our fate to find this doctrine. You must understand this clearly.

After that, you must be connected with God's love. Since God's love includes the universe, if you grab hold of that love, the whole universe can come into you. You must become sons and daughters who can feel such a universal feeling, who can sing before Heaven, representing all things in the universe, who can live happily with Heaven. Going further, you must be the sons and daughters equipped with the dominion by which they can govern all things. Only when you become such sons and daughters will you be acknowledged for the first time as sons and daughters who can live in God's ideal garden of creation. You then will be able to become sons and daughters whom God can embrace and love. You must know this.


Father, although human beings do not comprehend the flow of history, we know that You personally have been operating the will of the providence. Your sons and daughters have come here today. Please allow us to reflect honestly upon ourselves to see what kind of circumstances we are in now. Is there a person who lives for the sake of succoring his body? Is there a person who lives for the sake of his mind's rest alone? Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart You allow us to be Your sons and daughters who can attain rest through the Father's love, after our restorational course is completed.

We have come to know that this is the inevitable restorational course human beings must undergo. Please allow us to stand proudly in front of human history. We have wandered around seeking what we lost due to the fall, faith, the incarnated being, the Word and love. I sincerely wish and desire that You allow us to be Your sons and daughters who can step forth with stately dignity before all creation on this earth with a heavenly heart, heavenly love, and heavenly hope.

Father, ardently soliciting that You embrace our minds and bodies forever with Your eternal life, I pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

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