The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1958

Let Us Be the People Who Attend God

Sun Myung Moon
February 2, 1958
Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea

1 "Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. 2 My Father's house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? 3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. 4 You know the way to the place where I am going." 5 Thomas said to him, "Lord, we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?" 6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7 If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him." 8 Philip said, "Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us." 9 Jesus answered: "Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, 'Show us the Father'? 10 Don't you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. 11 Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. 12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. 15 "If you love me, keep my commands. 16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever -- 17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.
John 14:1-17


Father of love! Please allow this hour to be a time when these sons and daughters who are lying prostrate before the dignified presence of the Father can have the sanctified minds and bodies the Father wishes for.

When the Father is in charge, please let there be no one who has a mind and body unable to feel His presence. Allow each of us to offer his or her mind and body to the Father. At the same time, allow the Father's heart-warming Shim Jung to be transmitted through our mind to our body.

Since Heaven is so sincere now, please let us be just as sincere. Allow us to become the holy temples in which the Father can dwell.

Please allow us to be the people who can shed tears, holding onto the Father who has trodden along for the long period of 6,000 years seeking unworthy man. Please let us shed all false sins. Allow our bodies and minds to be full of love so that we can be embraced in the Father's bosom. Let us experience His piercing, sincere Shim Jung.

Although there are many people on this earth, no one knows of the Father's Shim Jung. Although there are many people who love their own children, no one knows of the Father's Shim Jung toward all His children. Father, please look with compassion upon all the people on this earth who don't know You.

Please look with special compassion upon the thirty million people of this nation of Korea. Father! Your hands of compassion are extended to the people of this nation, although this nation has nothing to boast of, nothing to offer to the Father. Yet since these people are so worried about the Father's difficult situation and path that they really don't know where to turn, Father, please come visit this nation and guide this people.

I sincerely wish and desire, Father, that many proud sons and daughters of the Father will emerge from among the people of this nation, sons and daughters who can unify the minds of humanity around the world, and who can uphold the will of the Father and build the Father's altar.

We know that the Father is eternally concerned about us. If there are children who have a feeling of impatience for the sake of the Father, if there are denominations like that and a nation like that, then the Father's ardent Shim Jung wishes to seek them and rest with them. Please allow us to be the children who can offer our bodies to the Father and whose minds can console You.

By Your presence with us, I sincerely wish and desire, Father, that You will allow this hour to be one in which You will personally and with compassion show us the way to walk, what to do, and the way to fight for the Father.

Since we wish to receive the Father's words today, please do not allow us to remain stuck in any of our own doctrines, assertions, or concepts. By letting us be immersed only in the Father's words, and by allowing those words to become the soil and water that give rise to the works of re-creation, I sincerely wish and desire that You will allow this one hour to be one in which we can be molded into the Father's hyung-sang.

Please allow us, as obedient and humble sacrificial offerings, to have the Shim Jung to eagerly await the Father's commands. Then, my Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You will allow the works of re- creation to appear in this hour so that we may be reborn by the words into resembling the Father's hyung-sang and sung-sang.

Please do not allow the mind of the deliverer and the minds of the receivers to remain as two in this hour. Let this hour be one in which we can live and die together for the sake of the one will. Let us listen to the words with a happy mind for the sake of the one will. Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You will not allow any room for Satan to take pleasure in.

Father, I ardently pray that You will give rise to the miracle of re- creation in this hour, so that we may experience that fretful situation in which Jesus had to walk the road of the cross, leaving behind the beloved disciples and humanity. By experiencing with our minds and bodies the Shim Jung of our ancestors, even though their time has long come and gone, let us be able to carry out the responsibility in response to their Shim Jung.

I believe that numerous believers are lying prostrate before Your knees, insisting upon themselves, unaware of this hour of opportunity. Father, please guide them to be able to share in the providential grace by lowering Your hands of love wherever they gather. Allow them to reap a victory. I sincerely wish and desire this.

I believe that the family members scattered in solitude throughout the country are making an appeal before the Father on their knees in this hour. I ardently solicit that You will bestow upon their minds and bodies indiscriminate grace and the hands of sweeping love. Earnestly soliciting that You will allow us the grace of compassion by which we can be embraced in the Father's bosom as living sacrifices in this hour, I prayed all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.

Humankind, All Creation and the Center of God's Hope

I will speak briefly centering on the words, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." The topic of my sermon is "Let Us Be the People Who Attend God."

There are many people living on this earth today. They live with individual visions and opinions, with various doctrines and assertions. However, there is no one who can step forward with pride before Heaven and earth, bowing respectfully with a truthful mind and body. There is no one who insists upon God and who was sent by God.

Many people on this earth today live according to their own individual visions and opinions. However, if their assertions and actions do not correspond to the will of the heavenly principles and the providence of the heavenly way, then at some time they will surely end up being subverted. We have witnessed this numerous times throughout the course of history.

What must we human beings ultimately seek for? The numerous people who left after having come during history are said to be hoping for a person to emerge on this earth who can step forward insisting that his mind and body represent God and that all his actions are for God's sake. He has given up all of his own doctrines, opinions, and subjective actions. In addition, wishing for this kind of representative to emerge, Heaven has been unfolding the dispensation for a long time, enduring limitless toil and suffering. You should understand this well.

What is the source of sorrow on the earth? It is not because there are no doctrines or men of action; it is because there is no doctrine that can be asserted which represents God's Shim Jung and will. No one takes action representing God. That is the cause of sorrow and sadness.

In order to eliminate the lamentation and suffering which are spread throughout this earth and the human world and all of the bitter resentment that is piercing to the marrow, doctrines and opinions that can represent God must emerge. One person who can represent God must emerge. Therefore, you should realize once more that the time has come for you to understand that this one person is the purpose of the providence. This person is also the purpose of history.

The ideology of creation that God wanted to enjoy centering on human beings, that of living with all creation in Heaven and on earth, was not realized on this earth due to the fall of Adam and Eve, our progenitors. God created all existence in six days through the word. All things were the objects of accomplishment of the word. In other words, all of creation is the substantial object of God's word.

What, then, would all creation hope for after they appeared as the substantial object through the word? They could have hoped for one mediator, one center that would enable all of creation to move if God moves and rest if God rests. If human beings had become such a center, the chaotic history that has unfolded on this earth would not have taken place.

God's hope is to see one existence emerge who can represent Him and who is able to take action on His behalf. God not only wished for this in the course of providential history after the human fall; it was the center of hope that God wished for from the time of the creation. You should know this.

Jesus Came as a Substantial Being of the Word

What is this center of hope like? He represents the word. He is the embodiment of the word. At the same time, centering on God's love, he must become the embodiment of life. This is the problem. Only when he becomes the embodiment of life will he become for the first time the substantial being who can represent God's hyung-sang and the one doctrine which can represent God's word. You should understand this.

In the Bible, there is a verse that reads, "I am the way and the truth and the life," (John 14:6). Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. What did this foreshadow for all mankind? This foreshadowed that, although God's word has gone back unchanged to God's spirit without being attained due to the fall of Adam and Eve, because man lives on this earth, God will again bestow this word upon humanity.

Because the word God spoke at the time of creation is connected to humanity, humanity has cherished that word as the one unchanging goal, the one hope. For that reason, a substantial being of the word must come in order to attain it.

Where must the substantial being who can represent God's word go? You should know that the course of the providence is the 6,000 years of God's toilsome efforts to look for this one person. Although all of creation created in five days are equipped with a substantial body of the word, human beings, created on the sixth day, have come along until today not having a substantial body of the word. This is in spite of the fact that they were present before the word. You must understand this. To find and establish a substantial embodiment of His word has been God's fateful course, the course of restoration, and the course of history.

That is why Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth (the word) and the life," (John 14:6). This explains that Jesus was the substantial being of God's word whom God had been hoping for.

What kind of word was the word of Jesus? It was the word Jesus announced by appearing as the one fruit of the heart-warming Shim Jung of God, who had wished to speak to human beings during the course of history for 4,000 years. It was to demonstrate God's fretful Shim Jung before humanity and all creation in place of God. The one who came as the hero of the word for the accomplishment of this was the very Jesus you believe in today.

Likewise, Jesus appeared as the substantial being of the word for whom God had searched for 4,000 years. The word that was buried in God's bosom should have appeared through the world of creation, but that didn't happen. However, with the appearance of Jesus, the word that had been buried in God's mind could be transferred to Jesus' Shim Jung. You must know that this is the most joyful good news for humankind.

What must Jesus have felt when, after appearing as the substantial being of this historical word, he announced the word? In short, what kind of Shim Jung could he have had? Jesus knew that his word represented the will of the historical providence. What's more, he felt the Shim Jung that his word represented what was hidden in God's mind. He understood that his word was the word that could repeat the history of re-creation representing God until God's will was attained on this earth for the whole of eternity.

For that reason, in order to receive Jesus' word today, we must know that Jesus is not someone who simply went through a life time of thirty-odd years. Jesus' word is not a word to explain life in that era. Jesus' word represents the 4,000 years of history, the world of that era, and human history up to now. At any rate, there was no one at that time who understood the value of Jesus' word.

What was the cause of God's lamentation? The cause of His lamentation was the fact that all that was created by the word did not appear as the embodiment of the word. Jesus came as the incarnation of the word of re-creation representing God's Shim Jung. He propagated the word to initiate the work of re- creation. However, there were no people who would come forth before that word. You must know that this was the source of Jesus' sorrow.

The Word and the Incarnation

You must realize that even now the word of God is being conveyed to each one of you. God appeals to you with a heart-warming Shim Jung. For that reason, the heavenly principles get connected to our minds without our being aware of it. Therefore, our minds come to pursue Christ.

That is why numerous people have appeared trying to discover truth, constantly asking, "What is truth? What is the true word?" throughout the long course of history. Likewise, you must know that it is no exaggeration to say that human history is none other than the course of discovering the truth.

Therefore, when Jesus' Shim Jung representing God's Shim Jung, the word that substitutes for the sorrow, comes to appear on this earth, all people must accept that word. It can demonstrate the power of re- creation. Otherwise, the will of Jesus Christ, who toiled for thirty or so years after he came to this earth and for 2,000 years from the time of his death until now will not be attained.

What is the cause of God's sorrow? The purpose of the providence is to find the embodiment or temple of the word through Jesus, who is the embodiment of the second word and who represents God's word, which is the first word. The fact that there is no substantial representative of this third word is the cause of God's sorrow. You should know this.

Jesus, the incarnation of the truth, said, "I am the way and the truth." What was the purpose of these words of Jesus? The purpose of the 4,000 years of preceding history was the embodiment of Jesus. Jesus spoke in order for human beings to become substantial beings of the word like him. This was to be attained only if people came to believe in Jesus' word. Because human beings did not believe in Jesus, Jesus' life came to an end at Golgotha.

What God wanted and what God wished to find was one substantial being who possessed His word, one who could inherit the will from God and to whom God could entrust the will. Jesus was that substantial being. He was united with God's word. That is why Jesus' incarnation was the purpose of the whole history which God had unfolded in the providential dispensation. Then God stopped in His footsteps. Taking Jesus as His holy temple, He was able to hand over the will to the earth for the first time.

How did Jesus see himself? Jesus knew he was the holy temple that God could operate through. If God wanted to operate, Jesus knew that He had to do it through him. Because Jesus sensed this, Jesus realized that he was the holy temple God had been seeking for 4,000 years. He was the foothold upon which God could operate. He was the substantial being who represented the numerous prophets and sages who had toiled to fulfill this one will.

Because Jesus was this kind of substantial being, he realized that as long as God did not change, he could not change. As long as God did not move, he could not move. For this reason, even if all people tried to push Jesus away, he wouldn't be pushed away. In other words, you must know that Jesus appeared in place of Adam at the risk of his life to restore what Adam could not become. On this foundation, Jesus' disciples realized that Jesus' word was the word of God's re-creation.

In the same manner as God operates through Jesus, Jesus operates through a person who resembles him and who walks the way Jesus walked in his place.

God does not belong a certain era; God is historical. He is the God of the period and at the same time, He is the futuristic God. Since Jesus was the holy temple with a substantial body God could operate through, if humankind had become united with Jesus, the whole providence would have been accomplished and humankind could have been united with God.

What takes the lead today in the course of history? Because Adam lost the word owing to the fall in the Garden of Eden, the word takes the lead. The substantial entity appears after the word is found. Then, equipped with a substantial entity, the life of God will move. Where does God's life move? God's life moves in that center where, having found the word, unification is accomplished relying upon that word. Furthermore, God's love will begin to bud after love relations are formed. Only then will the substantial entity of God's life come into being.

The Purpose of Jesus' Coming

Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life." This was meant to show us God's word personally and to show us God's substantial entity. It was to show us God in person. Jesus Christ's was not a life that simply passed through thirty years or so. He was the embodiment of life who appeared resembling the Shim Jung of the love of God, who had loved humankind throughout His toil of 4,000 years.

What was Jesus, the central being of the word, to do after having come to this earth? God had toiled for 4,000 years to establish Jesus instead of the lost word in the Garden of Eden. He was the second Adam, the incarnation of the word. After attaining the word and the substantial entity centering on God's eternal love, God tried to form a love relationship with human beings. Even though God and Jesus were able to be united centering on eternal, true love relations, human beings could not form an eternal love relationship with God.

God's love appears centering surely on the word. Jesus, who was God's word and embodiment, appeared. Yet while the word has remained, the substantial being, Jesus, has left for good. That is why we ended up living in a sorrowful world where we must live centering on the word.

In the end, what do human beings wish for through the word? It is to find Jesus again. Having the word in our possession will not be enough. We must attend the substantial being. However, because there is no substantial being to attend people yearn for that. The earth is to be moved by finding and setting up the one person who is one with God's word. History has flowed forth to look for this substantial being of God's word.

What is the purpose of Jesus' announcing the word? It is to see the emergence of people who can represent God's and Jesus' word. The word that God and Jesus spoke will bear the fruit in the final days. History up to now is the history of the process of re-creation. Therefore, the focus of the word Jesus spoke at the end was, "I am the bridegroom and you are the brides." Yet the person who possesses the word of immutability, who can represent the word of Jesus, the bridegroom, has yet to appear. You should understand this.

God's hope was not for Jesus simply to leave after having come to this earth; neither was it for Jesus simply to propagate the word. God hoped for one substantial being who could represent God's and Jesus' word by qualifying, through the word, to be the bride.

Jesus came to this earth as God's body. Centering on God's life, he was to accomplish the garden of God's love. This was the purpose of Jesus' coming. Jesus' body was the substantial being in whom God could rest. For that reason, just as God loves Jesus and Jesus loves human beings, someone was required who could love.

Because Jesus came with this understanding in his heart, he opened the way for the faithful believers in later generations to be able to become his bride. Jesus is the bridegroom of humankind. Humankind must come to be the bride of Christ. For that reason, as Jesus was so sincere toward God, human beings have to be very sincere toward Jesus. Jesus was to have found a person like this.

Owing to the fall of humankind, the word was lost in the Garden of Eden and so was the substantial being. Human beings should have found the word and the substantial being in Jesus when he came. Yet because humankind killed Jesus, we experienced only the grace of being able to receive the word.

It is a blessing for you today to be in a sphere where you can recreate Adam's hyung-sang before the fall by relying on the word.

The Faithful Believers in the Final Days Should Possess the Word

The one who will come as the substantial entity is the Lord of the Second Coming. Because this is the principle of creation, the Lord of the Second Coming cannot come on a cloud. The principle of the rule of Heaven cannot be reversed. Human beings have longed until today for a substantial being of the word since Jesus left. This is the ideal of a Second Advent; it is the hope of the 2,000 years of Christian history.

Jesus stopped Mary Magdalene when she tried to grab hold of his resurrected being. Human beings cannot grasp Jesus in a substantial way. You should understand that Jesus did that because he could leave behind nothing but the word.

Therefore, now you should become the second Christ incarnate who can represent this word and be a representative of Jesus' mind, Jesus' sense of responsibility, and God's Shim Jung. Humankind, including Christianity, living on this earth today can find the word in place of such a Shim Jung. Relying upon that word, they can find a substantial being of that word. Yet they don't know or appreciate this.

This time we should march forward, regardless of life and death, holding onto the word of God. Ever since receiving the fallen lineage by running counter to the law in the Garden of Eden, we have lived in sin until today. However, now we are able to live in joy relying on the new word. All mankind should now march forward toward that world in which they can live realizing the value of eternal life holding onto and standing by the word. You are living in such a time. Do you want to walk this road later? You can't. You should realize that you are living in this kind of fateful, historical moment.

Representing God's word, the collective Shim Jung of God's 4,000 year providential history, and the will of God, Jesus had a Shim Jung of love. He lived centering on God's will and formed a love relationship with God. For this reason, he was able to resurrect even after he died on the cross.

God's love is eternal. God's life is also eternal. Because Jesus was the united being of the word and its embodiment and represented God's eternal love and life, no death or tribulation in this world could affect Jesus eternally. In short, Jesus already had the power of resurrection.

What shall we do now? If there are doctrines we can stand by and actions we can follow, what are they? They are none other than the word Jesus Christ spoke and the evidence of Christ's actions. You should understand this for certain. You should ask yourselves whether you have become a possessor of the word who can represent God and Jesus. You should ask yourselves whether you can be acknowledged on earth and in Heaven.

Because human beings fell, the word of promise could not appear as the word of fulfillment. That is why it is said to be the Old Testament and the New Testament. The word of promise must appear as the word fulfilled. In spite of this being the most serious matter facing humanity today, they don't realize it. This is a matter for the faithful believers seeking for Heaven to solve in union. This is Christianity's problem and it is the problem of the union of all branches of religion.

This world today is a world in which disintegration and factional fighting are taking place. Why do these phenomena occur? When Jesus came to this world, this world was disintegrating. Therefore, Jesus delivered the word to settle this disintegration and factional fighting. However, because human beings at that time did not believe in Jesus' word, the factional fights and disintegration could not be completely resolved. That's why factionalism and disintegration are taking place in the world today. Now the word of completion has to emerge that can get this chaotic world under control; the word which can unite all doctrines and thought.

You should seek for the truth. If you look over the course of the history of this world today, there have been numerous races and many different religions. However, they are marching forth toward one unitary point, toward the goal of unification. Through what kind of word would this goal of unification be achieved? Unification will be achieved by the word of God's promise. Human history cannot free itself from the foundation that God established by the word of His promise. That's why world history has developed centering on Christianity. Now the time has come to unite into one. Accordingly, a new word will emerge full of the wisdom that can unify everything.

Jesus' Shim Jung

Do you have any idea how lonely Jesus was? When you think about his saying, "Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head," (Matthew 8:20), we can understand how lonely Jesus was. Jesus demonstrated his tragic feeling through a figure of speech, through symbols, but now the time has come for us to know the meaning of his words. Now the time has come for Jesus to rest. God will rest in Jesus, and Jesus will rest in us. Therefore, you should understand that now the time has come for you to take charge of all creation in Heaven and on earth.

Relying on the word of promise, we will be able to go anyplace. Relying on the word of promise, we will be able to become one and meet the promised Lord. We will be able to live happily in the midst of God's word, having love in its center. That is why it is said in the Bible that faith, hope and love will remain, but that the greatest of those is love. Now the time has come to find the word that God and Jesus expressed, embracing us in love.

Now if that word appears in reality, all will have to accept it. If you act against the word, you won't be able to feel God's love. However, if God's word, which Jesus spoke from the bottom of his heart, appears in the final days, the person who listens to that word will be able to feel God's love. The person who can feel the love of God will be the possessor of God's love. You should understand that God's word is not to establish a certain principle; it is to create His life and ideology.

Although there are doctrines and principles of numerous religions which profess the truth on this earth today, none of them, even if practiced as professed, will comfort our minds and bodies and allow us to be steeped in the word eternally. Since the love of God, the origin of life in the universe, has moved our mind and body, if the true word of God is revealed, it will be able to settle the fundamental differences in all doctrines and opinions.

What is the word of Jesus? The substantial being, the love of promise, and the life of promise was to be found through the word of promise. By adding the word of truth to this word of promise, Jesus' word enabled the substantial being of the truth to be found. It enabled true love and true life to be found.

Jesus is still praying, even after going to paradise. The reason for this is that he could not fulfill his earthly mission when he came. Originally, Jesus was not to go to paradise. That is why Jesus cannot rest before a hero of the word, a substantial being of life who can represent God's one ideology on this earth appears. Centering on God's love, he will start building a world in which to rest eternally. You should know that until that time, God cannot rest either.

What should we lament about now? We must lament that the word of Jesus cannot come out of our mind and body unconsciously. We must lament that in spite of the actions he took, Jesus could not come into his own on the earth. We should lament that, ignorant of all this, we could not shed tears of pity.

You should become a person who can let Jesus rest. You should become a cell that is one with Jesus. Originally, the Israelites and the world's humanity of the time should have become the limbs of Jesus. Through that, Heaven and earth should have been united into one. You must understand this.

Jesus was a pitiful man. Christians today think Jesus is sitting on the right hand of God on a throne, but Jesus was a man to be pitied. Jesus came with the cosmic mission to build the one ideal world. He came with the word of hope that could move the world and connect it to the top of Heaven. Yet mankind on the earth did not trust him. Therefore, he could not finish speaking what he wanted to say. He could not finish everything he wanted to do. You should understand the Shim Jung of Jesus, who was in this kind of regrettable situation.

To put the will into practice, Jesus propagated the word from district to district. However, people did not trust him. For that reason, God, the angels, and the whole universe grieved in sorrow over the case of one man, Jesus. Yet in spite of the fact that we today are the descendants of ancestors who committed the historical sin of not trusting Jesus, people do not know where on this earth they stand nor where they or this world are going. Seeing this, we today should be able to feel sorrow the way Jesus grieved 2,000 years ago over the Israelites, who were on the brink of ruin.

What is more, you should become a substantial being of the word that is God's last hope. Through the Shim Jung of the heavenly principles, you should become a substantial being who can represent the collective historical substantial being. By doing so, you should be able to say, "Oh, God, who unfolded the providential dispensation for 6,000 years! Please see me and send the Lord here!" Furthermore, you should understand that the question of where God should allow Jesus to actualize his Second Coming is a matter of concern for God.

The Responsibility of the Third Israel

The Korean people today must open their eyes. We have nothing. We are abused by others, and we live in a difficult environment. Yet our minds will have to represent Jesus' Shim Jung and God's love, and our bodies will have to become substantial beings of Heaven. Where would a person who can do so be found? In the long history of 6,000 years, God has not sought you, one individual being. You should understand that God has toiled to restore the whole Korean people, the whole of humanity.

You should become a substantial being who can represent God's Shim Jung when He grieved over the fall of humanity. You must represent Jesus' sorrow and the ancestors' Shim Jung.

The Israelites should have attended Jesus, but they did not. That is why Jesus went looking for Judaism. In other words, Jesus tried to transmit God's word using Judaism as a foothold. However, Judaism put up opposition so Jesus went looking for a family. The family too rejected him. That is why he had no choice but to look for disciples. You should understand this.

Because the chosen race did not attend Jesus, the grounds of God's hope, the road that the world was to take, were broken up. Because the family did not attend him, the road that the denomination was to take was broken apart. Everything was broken up. Who is to know Jesus' sorrow about this? God had established Joseph's family by toiling for 4,000 years. Joseph was a direct descendant of Abraham. Yet where did that family disappear to? Where did Joseph and Mary go?

When the foundation of restoration based upon the Israelites fell through, the foundation of restoration based upon Judaism fell through and so did the foundation of restoration based upon a family. Then Jesus had no place to go. In the end, the twelve disciples also rejected him. Even the three disciples chosen from among the twelve rejected him. Therefore, Jesus could not but be hung on the cross.

Today, you too must experience being pursued, expelled, abandoned and rejected. Through that you will learn about God's grievous situation and Jesus' sorrowful Shim Jung. Being crushed by the race, expelled by the denomination, driven out by the family, forsaken by the parents and rejected by the disciples, you will understand God's mind and the minds of our ancestors.

Although we are a pitiful and lonely group of people the word of God that others are ignorant of abides with us. We should feel this. Then we will be able to represent Jesus, who was fighting for the world, and be able to practice the will. Therefore, don't be discouraged because it is difficult. Since this word you are listening to is the word of God, where that word is present, God's love will move and life will put forth buds. Then you should attest to that word.

Now you should have the love to love the human world, to comfort Jesus who died on the cross and to fulfill the mission of the second Israel.

In order for us to remain as ancestors of the third Israel, we cannot escape the road of the second Israel. In order to save the world, Jesus let the second Israel take the road of the cross after their calling. Jesus' disciples crossed that road and the hill of the word that the faithful believers walked. We are faced with a common road of fate that we cannot but cross.

Faced with this kind of situation, what should we do? Jesus left without being able to express all of God's internal Shim Jung. Therefore, with the foundation of this one Shim Jung, no matter what kind of difficulty comes our way, no matter what kind of rough road lies before us, we must march on with gratitude. In short, we must become heavenly soldiers.

You have to be the ancestors of the third Israel. You are placed in the final days and should understand that the word of the last days is the word of Heaven's love. Therefore, you must understand that if God's word stays on one side and you on another, that is not an acceptable scenario. We will have to become visible substantial beings of God's word. You have to let God's internal Shim Jung become your internal Shim Jung. You must become a substantial being of the original mind.

You must carry out the mission of the Second Lord of Creation to propagate the word of God. You must be a propagator of the word, a propagator of life, and a propagator of the substantial being. Only when you become united centering on love can you attend God eternally.

This is the standard of the third Israel. Only when this happens can you implant the word, the substantial being, and the life.

You must fulfill the mission of being able to recreate the second Israel by becoming a substantial being of the word who can attend God. You must feel the word upon seeing it and become a substantial being of life and one who represents the Shim Jung of 6,000 years. Only then can you be the sons and daughters who are fully connected to God's internal Shim Jung. Only by becoming such children of God will you will be able to live in eternal glory centering on God's love. You should bear this in mind. 

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