The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1958

Let Us Climb Over the Hill of Historical Misfortune

Sun Myung Moon
January 19, 1958
Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea

27 "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness. 29 "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You build tombs for the prophets and decorate the graves of the righteous. 30 And you say, 'If we had lived in the days of our ancestors, we would not have taken part with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.' 31 So you testify against yourselves that you are the descendants of those who murdered the prophets. 32 Go ahead, then, and complete what your ancestors started! 33 "You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? 34 Therefore I am sending you prophets and sages and teachers. Some of them you will kill and crucify; others you will flog in your synagogues and pursue from town to town. 35 And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar. 36 Truly I tell you, all this will come on this generation. 37 "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing. 38 Look, your house is left to you desolate. 39 For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, 'Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.'"
Matthew 23:27-39


Please forgive us for not having felt the love when we came before the Father's throne. Please forgive us for not have exerted ourselves for the sake of the world.

Please allow our hearts to feel sorrow when we fathom the Father's course of tribulations. Please allow our hearts to feel hardships. Please let us become the sons and daughters who can feel the pain.

We know that we have not become these sons and daughters. Father of love, please allow us to possess the life of Heaven in this hour. We are sons and daughters who have survived and gathered here in search of Heaven. Even if we cannot stand before the Father because of all our sins, we have fallen down prostrate, observing the blessed grace of the Father who built the altar of blood while fighting for 6,000 years. Please forgive us.

Based on this, my beloved Father, I pray earnestly that You will allow our minds to bring joy to the Father. Allow our bodies to bring joy to the Father. Please let us offer all of this hour as the Father's own.

Please penetrate into each of our hearts now, and allow us to search for the purpose of the demand and center of the desire found deep in our hearts. If we have some selfishness, please allow us to be awakened to ourselves and realize we have not established the center of Heaven before the will of the dispensation. Please guide us so that we can examine ourselves and not violate the will of Heaven.

Please let the desperate heart of adoration be the only thing that fills the minds and bodies of Your sons and daughters who have gathered here. Let this be the heart which will enable us to admit we are sinners, to prostrate ourselves before You and to report everything frankly. Let us repent in tears before the Father.

My Father, I earnestly wish that, by doing so, You will let the work of resurrection take place centering on that mind. We have prostrated ourselves before the knees of the Father, Who has been guiding us until this hour today. We know that the conditions of the appeals we make here are not all conditions of loyalty. Father, please let us open the gates to our hearts and be immersed in the will of Heaven. Please allow us to be embraced in Your bosom of love. By doing so, we wish that You will let us experience the Father's heart and emerge as the glorious ones for which the Father hopes.

Although we have come together now as individuals, the whole gathering must become one live offering before the Father. Even if our historical enemy, Satan, envies us and is obstructing us, Father of love, we earnestly beseech You to protect our sincere hearts, which long to be the Father's children.

Today is a holy day, so please bless these people. Drive us on, we who have come forward to save these people who are so ignorant of their path. Let us win victory in the last battle of restoration in the Last Days and become the central people who fulfill the will of Heaven.

Father, please take charge of everything this hour. Is there something about which we are knowledgeable? Father of love, we pray You will let us forsake everything this hour and offer all as the Father's own.

We know that today there are many sons and daughters who are making lonesome appeals to the Father in the countryside. Wishing that You will work with them wherever they are with equal grace and bestow a great blessing, I pray all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The Destined Path of Misfortune We Must Cross Over

The title of the speech I want to briefly reflect upon with you is "Let Us Climb Over the Hill of Historical Misfortune." I will speak briefly on this topic.

You know very well that although many people are living in this world today, a destined path of misfortune lies before them that they have no choice but to cross over. Even in Christian thought, there is judgment in the Last Days. You know very well that, consequently, many Christians have lived their life with the concern of how to cross over this hill of death.

When we examine ourselves, who are living in the present era, we find that the more we recognize the fact that we have a sad fate we do not even understand, the more we feel that grave problems can be found in the path before us, in our surroundings and in our minds and bodies. This mission to break through this unfortunate environment lies with us today. This is the mission for the rest of our lives. The day you can overcome this sad environment and step over the unfortunate history of the past is the new day when you can greet the garden of hope.

When we, who are in this point in time, look back at history, we can see that the hill and environment of misfortune that we now face are not just the current situations. You have to understand that through the 6,000 long years of history, our ancestors also walked the course of misfortune.

You must trace back in history and feel that our ancestors could not escape from the position of misfortune. At the same time, even in their relationship with the Creator, people could not escape from the position of misfortune. While you feel this kind of urgency in your heart, on behalf of history and the ideology of creation, at the same time you must one day possess the day of joy in which you have won the victory on behalf of history. Otherwise, hope and joy both will be cut off from human society today.

Because people have passed through this kind of historical course, God has been feeling responsible for the task of getting rid of the curtain of misfortune that covers the human spirit and life, the curtain of misfortune passed down through history. People who have been seeking the way also have felt a sense of responsibility to solve this one problem for the sake of humankind. If the countless religions that have come into being until now have left behind an unsolved task, it is our mission to solve this problem.

You know that Heaven was mobilized to break through this barrier of misfortune that remains with humankind. You must understand that, at the same time Heaven is mobilized to remove this fate of misfortune, the spirit world also has been mobilized. Moreover, people on earth also have been mobilized.

Humankind must search for the one historical time to climb over the barrier of misfortune. Because they could not find that time, today we have again inherited the history of misfortune. Therefore, we must now become united to step over all barriers of misfortune. If we cannot step over them, your descendants will have to climb over the barrier of misfortune. There will be no way for them to avoid the path of death, grief and tears our ancestors walked. When we think about this, we can see that you today are not a simple being. The pleas of Heaven and the pleas of humanity are vested in you. Furthermore, you are in a position to resolve all the pleas of the past, present and future. If you cannot pioneer and overcome all the barriers of misfortune through your daily life in a whole lifetime, then the historical, providential hope of the whole which is vested in you will be shattered. The hope of the spirit world, who looks toward you and hopes to climb over the barriers of misfortune with you will also all be shattered. When you consider this, you must realize you are not simply an individual.

There are many people today, but we must reflect upon how many of them are leaders who can fight against the invisible Satan and the forces of evil that are blocking us. Who can fight on behalf of the heart of the misfortune of God, the angels and even on behalf of the humanity of the future?

When we reflect upon this, we can understand that we are not the only ones who are faced with this kind of position. The countless prophets and patriots who have been associated with the dispensation of God until now also have been in the same position of fighting to solve this one question, even as they were abandoning their lives. You must feel this deep down to the core of your bones.

The Miserable Fate of Noah

Please look back at the Old Testament again and consider Noah. Noah was the one person God finally found from among many people, after He had worked hard for the 1,600 years that followed the tragic fate of the first human ancestors. What kind of person was this Noah? He had to possess a heart that could feel Heaven's heart of misfortune on behalf of the countless people of that time. He could comfort God on behalf of the heart of misfortune that the people of that time felt.

Noah shouldered this historic mission and conducted the conflict from the distressful position of misfortune. He was trampled upon, ridiculed, driven out and chased around for the sake of humankind and Heaven. You must never forget the kind of life of Noah.

What appeared in front of the life of Noah? Since he was the central figure of God's dispensation, whose purpose was to establish the principles of indemnity, the ark appeared representing the sad and unfortunate situation of the 1,600 years. The ark that Noah was faced with represented the historical misfortune.

Noah felt a sense of mission to climb over the hill of the 1,600 years of misfortune. Because of this, Noah who shouldered the responsibility, and God, who gave the responsibility, became one in heart. You have to understand that because Noah knew that the ark was entrusted to him as a historical indemnity condition, he had to lead a life of all kinds of misfortunes and walk a thorny path for 120 years.

Noah received the prophecy that there would be judgment of the earth by water 120 years later. He began to pour out all of his heart to build the ark from that day. However, it was not just for one year. He persevered in building the ark for 120 years. Noah's attitude as he was building the ark was that he was not doing it for the sake of his own family nor was he building it for his own descendants. Moreover, he certainly did not do it for the sake of the evil world. He built the ark only for the sake of accomplishing the will of God and nothing else. You must reflect back upon Noah, who embraced all the sorrows of God and the countless prophets and patriots of the 1,600 years and continued the battle. Although the ancestors who had served the will of God in the past had walked a sorrowful path, Noah conducted endless internal conflicts of mind and body to drive away and overcome the sad and difficult environment that rushed toward him.

He continued this fight for 120 years. While there was no one who sympathized with him, Noah remained loyal with all of his heart for the sake of establishing the will of God. When we think about this, we can see that the heart of Noah was truly a distressed heart that had no precedent in the 1,600 years. Because God recognized Noah only after he went through that kind of process, the day that the promise of Heaven was fulfilled, the judgment took place that could get rid of the grief of misfortune.

The more Noah shouldered this great providential mission, the less he could lead a comfortable life. He could not live a joyful and peaceful life. His body suffered pain, his mind suffered pain and persecution came from the environment. As you can see, Heaven could stand on his side only after he was put through a difficult crisis in which there was no one on his side. Only after he persevered through 120 years of persecution, sorrow and an indescribable fate of misfortune, was God finally able to emerge as his friend, consoler and leader, Who could lift the misfortunes away from Noah.

However, you have to understand that during the accomplishment of the promise, Noah had to struggle with all his might and carry on a merciless conflict in an environment of misfortune. Both in his internal and external life, he could not find a place of rest. Noah did not know that there were both the barriers of internal misfortune and the barriers of external misfortune. The providential will of God was not completed when the external ark was built. After building the ark, there was the judgment of God. After that, he had to build a new family in the restored garden. Noah thought that everything would come to a conclusion after the ark was completed. He did not know that after crossing over the hill of external misfortunes, there remained the hill of internal misfortunes. Eventually, due to the mistake on that day, Noah's family fell.

Abraham and Moses Were Responsible for the Misfortunes of the Whole

It was the same for Abraham. Inheriting the will of Noah and being chosen as the ancestor of faith, Abraham also shouldered the mission to climb alone over the barrier of the misfortunes of Heaven and earth. This is the reason that Abraham could not avoid the path that Noah walked.

From the time Abraham left the homeland he loved, in other words, from the moment that he received the order from God to leave Ur of the Chaldeans, he had to lead a life of misfortune such as he had never experienced. After leaving Ur of the Chaldeans and coming back to the land of Canaan through Egypt, until he went to visit Lot to set the condition of the restoration of all things, Abraham had to feel the sorrowful heart that no other seekers of Heaven could experience until then.

He did not have any relatives there. He did not have any comrade. He did not have any friend. Even then he had to be responsible for the heart of all the misfortunes of humanity from a position of responsibility for the whole history of restoration. You have to understand the unfortunate life of Abraham, who had to overcome everything with the mind-set that no matter what kind of misfortune, tribulation, sorrow, difficulty and pain came his way, he would fulfill the will of God.

Although Abraham greatly exerted himself until the time he built the altar and offered the three great sacrifices, he did not even know that the internal sorrow centering on the sacrifice would confront him. Thus, we must reflect upon the position of Abraham. He was in an environment of misfortune. Feeling that he was confronted for the sake of others, he should have known that he was representing a historical mission and the mission of the age. He should have known that he must also represent the mission of the future generations and the mission of Heaven. However, his thoughts could not reach that far.

He thought that by climbing over the hill of external misfortune, everything would be resolved. He did not know that he had to resolve not just the misfortune of that time, but also the misfortune of the future. Abraham should have set the one standard point of restoration in the eternal history of humanity, but he could not accomplish that. Therefore, although he overcame the life of external misfortunes and went as far as offering Isaac as the sacrifice, that alone did not put the matter to rest. The internal misfortune has been passed down until today. Abraham, who was responsible for the historical misfortunes, was in a miserable situation.

Possessing the heart of misfortunes that people could not feel before then, how often did Abraham make a pledge and determination before God that he would take on the responsibility? He was concerned that, asleep or awake and in every moment, if he neglected the fact that he was the sacrifice centering on the will of God, then God's will could not be realized. Furthermore, he mourned for Heaven, and he decided that he would offer himself for the sake of Heaven. You have to understand this unfortunate heart of Abraham.

When we look at Jacob, from the day he inherited the foundation of Abraham and received the mission to realize the blessing of Heaven, he led a life of misfortunes. He not only led a life of misfortune in Laban's house in Haran for the long period of 21 years; he also had to bring Isaac to internal submission. You have to understand that in the path Jacob traveled, there were always conditions for sorrow.

Why Moses and the Israelites Could Not Overcome Misfortunes

The path Moses walked was the same. Moses had the mission to restore, through indemnity, the 400 years since Abraham on the level of the people. The 40 years of his life in the palace of the Pharaoh when he was preparing to serve the will of God was a period of misfortune. The 40 years of his life in the Midian wilderness, when he was carrying out the will, was a period of misfortune. The 40 years of the wilderness course, when he went toward the land of Canaan guiding the 600,000 people, was also a period of unspeakable misfortune.

Moreover, there was a time when Moses alone possessed the heart of misfortune that the people did not understand and went up to Mount Sinai to fulfill his responsibility as the representative of the people. You have to learn to experience the sad heart of Moses who abandoned the crowd of 600,000 in the wilderness, forgetting everything of the eighty years of his life and the sad environment he was suffering through, and went up to Mt. Sinai for the sake of the will of God.

There was no one, among the Israelites, who understood the tragic heart of Moses as he climbed Mt. Sinai. Forgetting eating food and wearing clothes, Moses poured out all of his heart and mind and appealed to Heaven out of desperation.

When we fathom this, we can understand that no one understood the heart of the ancestors who shouldered the mission of restoration from the time of Noah until now. No one appealed on behalf of their sad and unfortunate life. Thus, the prophets and patriots in Heaven are lamenting whether someone can take responsibility for the misfortunes and grief they left behind as they fought on behalf of Heaven. If you do not take responsibility for the unfortunate fate, they will accuse you.

Although the people as a whole had the mission to enter the blessed land of Canaan given by God, they complained and wanted to quit in the wilderness. The people did not know that at that time Moses tried to raise one life and use that life as a living sacrifice to save the lives of the whole people. Only God understood this. Only God was his friend, and God related to him as his Father.

Because Moses knew that God was like that, he felt a sense of responsibility to eradicate the sad and unfortunate heart of the Father, even if it meant not eating for forty days. By making the appeal with all of his heart, he could receive the words that could resurrect the Israelites.

This was a happy event. However, the Israelites did not know there was someone who became a sad, unknown sacrifice in the background for the sake of introducing this joy. If they had understood this, then the multitude of 600,000 would not have fallen down in the wilderness. Even after that, if they had the unyielding faith to uphold the Ten Commandments of Moses and become sacrifices for the sake of alleviating the sorrowful heart of God, they could not have fallen in the wilderness.

Although Moses received the external tabernacle, he did not know he had to uproot even the internal misfortunes of his ancestors. This was the case with Noah, Abraham and Jacob. Although the living environment they found themselves in was unfortunate, even Moses did not know that he had to take charge of the internal misfortunes of his descendants. Thus, when Moses struck the rock twice, the 600,000 Israelites, who were led out of the palace of Pharaoh with the help of God, fell in the middle of the wilderness.

What was another reason they fell? It was their ignorance of the heart of Moses. Because they did not inherit the loyalty of Moses, they fell in the middle of the wilderness.

When you think about this, you must come to the realization that the place you are standing on right now is the place where Noah was building the ark, where Abraham was offering the sacrifice, and where Jacob was raising the sheep for 21 years. It is where Moses exerted himself for 120 years and offered 40 days of fasting and prayer.

The Attitude of Jesus Who Suffered Misfortunes

The Israelites had been promised the garden of hope by God and were offering the joy of glory as they left the palace of Pharaoh. Yet when they neglected the heart of God, that joy disappeared and became enmity and was targeted toward Moses. When this took place, we have to understand that Heaven had to strike them.

What must we Christians possess today? We must possess the mind-set that we will fight against the forces of Satan, who tampered with our history and our path. We must possess enmity toward Satan. That kind of person will not perish. However, you must not possess a grudge or enmity directed at each other on your own side, rather than at the satanic forces. You have to understand that if such people are in a religious group, it will surely be shattered.

Considering this, we can see that those who understand the will of God have been praying with concern that the people might stand in the right position. If there are those who have the mission to guide the people and the world on behalf of the will of God, then when the time comes and the environment permits, they will liquidate many enemies of the people.

The people who have much and are thinking and acting selfishly will perish, but the people who have a sense of mission to fight against the enemies of the people and sacrifice their minds and bodies will not perish.

What kind of position then do you who are living in the Last Days occupy? If you have come forward on behalf of all the ancestors, you must pass through the course from Noah to Abraham and walk the course that Jacob, Moses, Jesus and all the ancestors walked while fighting the enemies. You must follow the example of how they suffered and took on the mission. If you do not have this kind of mind-set in this hour, you cannot be sure who will surpass you. You have to take note of this.

Moses fought on while feeling the loneliness of Elijah, who appealed to Heaven, "I am the only one remaining." Moses' heart for the Israelites and his urgent yearning for the one day when he could alleviate the bitter grief of the people were constant. Even if he fell down repeatedly, he could continue the mission of guiding Israel. He lived like this, not out of the desire to live for his own sake. His life was for the sake of the will and for the people.

John the Baptist was born six months before Jesus came to the earth and fought for the sake of the will. When he emerged to take on the will, his living environment was miserable. He could not avoid the environment of misfortunes. His thirty years of preparation in the wilderness for the sake of the Messiah, for whom God had been prophesying for 4,000 years, was indeed a difficult life that no one understood. Only he could understand it. However, although he lived through thirty sorrowful years with this kind of heart, John the Baptist did not know that Jesus was the teacher who had experienced more miserable internal misfortunes.

Matthew and John also walked the path of misfortune. However, there had to appear one person who could represent the 4,000-year history. On behalf the misfortunes of Heaven, earth and all of humanity, feeling the most miserable heart experienced in history, that person had to defeat Satan, who had caused this history of misfortune. Heaven had to raise this kind of person.

The person who came with this responsibility is the Jesus of which you already know. While feeling a heart more miserable than anyone else in the 4,000 years of the history of the restoration, Jesus was capable of winning the victory in the fight against Satan, who had caused the history of misfortunes.

Although it is not written in the Bible, Jesus himself walked a path of unspeakable misfortunes during his thirty years of private life in the family of Joseph. This was for the sake of embracing the people and representing the heart of God. It was for the sake of embracing the religious sect and the tribe in God's place.

The Responsibility of the People of Faith in the Last Days

However, although Jesus had the desire to embrace his family, the tribe, the religious sect and the people, he was persecuted by the people, ridiculed by the sect, chased out by the tribe, and in the end betrayed by the twelve disciples. When we think about that, it is an extremely sad thing. He could have easily cursed humankind. On the contrary, however, Jesus overcame any feeling of hostility toward his enemies. Instead, Jesus understood that his path had been blocked and he was concerned about who could inherit the heart of historical misfortunes to comfort the internal heart of the Father on behalf of Heaven.

The countless people who were following thought they would be given the blessing of Israel and that the blessing of Judaism would be fulfilled. They thought Jesus would build a historical kingdom of Heaven centering on them, but he died on the cross.

Jesus was in the position to walk through the formula course of the ancestors. He walked the path of the cross, knowing that the greater his mission on the earth, the higher his ideology. He knew that the greater his sense of responsibility, the more his gospel would spread to the world. Although the people were opposing him at that time, he felt that the enemies in the world would submit in the future. He chose the path of the cross, thinking that he must not stand in a position on the level of the people, but must step above it and subjugate the enemies on the world level. When we look at the verses in the Bible about the thirty years of Jesus' private life in the family of Joseph and the three years of his public life, we can see that he represented the historical and heavenly misfortunes.

The countless people who were following Jesus believed he was the Messiah and the Savior of the people when he showed them the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Yet when Jesus passed away, all the people abandoned him and went away.

If the people who were following Jesus had understood the internal heart of Jesus toward Heaven, if they had understood that he possessed a deeply penetrating heart toward God and that he came to take responsibility for the whole history of the dispensation, they would have realized his situation and followed him. Furthermore, following them, the whole Israelite people also would have followed Jesus.

However, the works of Jesus' gospel, which should have decorated the 4,000-year history of restoration as the one glorious page, was recorded as a history of tears on an altar of blood. Because Jesus knew that it was inevitable that this would not end with him but would continue repeatedly, he prayed, "My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:46) He did not offer this prayer because he was concerned about himself. You must understand that he offered this prayer out of concern for the people and the innumerable future generations.

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not despair because you do not have anything. Do not lose hope because you do not know anything. If you are to despair, it must be about the fact that you have not felt the heart of God, Who has been fighting on in the course of history. Moreover, you must become concerned about your failure to feel the heart of the prophets and patriots who exerted themselves while building the altar of blood. Furthermore, we must feel distressed about the fact that we could not have a firm resolution and feel enmity toward Satan, who envied us that we could become the true children of God and the true friends of Jesus and who has been tempting us.

When we look back at the course of history, we must realize that our countless ancestors had to climb over the hill of misfortune on the level of the family and the people with this kind of heart. We who must climb over the barriers of misfortunes on the world level must not repeat the mistake of Noah's family. We also must not repeat the mistakes of Abraham, Moses and John the Baptist.

If today, 6,000 years after the human fall, there is no one who has felt the totality of the sorrowful heart of God, then you should pray, "Father, please raise me up so that I can represent the heart of Abraham, Jacob and Jesus and feel the whole heart of the Father. Let me feel the heart of love toward Adam before the fall, and even the penetrating heart of grief that could not be revealed to the people after the fall." You must be able to pray, I will become a historical and universal sacrifice.

Who understood the sad situation of God, Who from the time of the creation until now could not raise His hand? People have understood God only as the God of love. They did not know that God is also a God of indignation and righteousness. Although God deals with men with love during the process, in the end, He must judge and strike. You must clearly understand that God is both the God of love and the God of righteousness who has a heart of indignation.

Only those who can understand this can drive out the seven Canaanite tribes and build the blessed land of Israel. You who have been called as the faithful people of the Last Days today, you who have come following the will, unlike other people, you must understand that although God is a God of love, He relates with you with the idea that He must judge you with righteousness. You have to comprehend the situation that forces Him to do that.

We who are living in the Last Days must understand the historical heart of the Father. At the same time, representing that heart, we must fight to fulfill the wishes of the Father, Who has deep grief in that the will has not yet been realized on the earth. The person who comes to complete this mission from the position of a true son of God is the one who is called the Lord of the Second Advent.

The Role and Mission of the New Religion

At the time of Noah, God struck, centering on the ark. At the time of Abraham, God struck, centering on the altar. At the time of Moses, He struck Pharaoh, centering on the Israelites. He could not succeed in striking the satanic world, centering on Jesus. This is the reason that Jesus passed away leaving behind the term "judgment."

How are you going to climb over the historical hill of misfortune that lies ahead of you? This depends on each of you. You cannot force your way into the gates of Heaven. Therefore, you must climb over this hill of misfortune by yourself and break down the barriers of misfortune. Only when you can alleviate the deeply-rooted grief of the Father and become the brave soldiers who can fight with the hope of Israel moving toward Canaan can you completely cross this hill.

If you carefully examine your life course based on history until now, you will find that in the end of time in the future, you must cross many hills of misfortune. At that time, you must pass through the individual gate. After passing through the gate on the individual level, you must then pass through the gates on the family, national and then world levels.

What kind of mission have you taken charge of? You are either in the position to take responsibility for the misfortunes of the ancestors of the past or to take charge of the mission of the period. If you are not in a position to take charge of the mission on the world level, you are in the position to take responsibility for the eternal will of the dispensation. You must keep this in mind.

What direction has history been pursuing until now? World history has been moving toward the heavenly Messiah. Therefore, the history of misfortune will now pass behind us. The era of faith will also pass behind us. Until the time of the Messiah, who comes with a new mission to solve all the misfortunes of the world and bring an end to the misfortunes that have penetrated all areas, you must have courage and march forward.

Among you who are living in the last era of the dispensation of restoration today, there are those who have the fortune of the time, one period or those who represent the fortune of the world and of Heaven. All the indemnity conditions which have been passed down in history must be horizontally restored through indemnity at once.

How can one connect all of them and rally them? This is the very mission of the enlightened and religious people. Moreover, it is the mission of religions to actually bring this mission to a conclusion.

From the birth of the universe until now, on what have human beings centered themselves? Until now, people have set the love of parents, couples and children as the goal. In other words, through this and that kind of religion and ideology, history and time have been in flux, but the way and the laws of the parents, couples and children have never been trampled upon even once.

What must people of the Last Days do? They must be able to transcend personal emotions. While searching after the way began by first cutting off their personal emotional attachments. This is the battle on the way to Heaven.

Although the issue of human emotion has been the purpose of the historical religious faiths, this cannot connect with the vertical ideology of the heavenly principles. Although the 6,000-year history of humanity has progressed to establish this one thing, because this alone cannot solve all the problems of the universe, there must come forth a religion with the one ideology that can institute the laws of heavenly life.

At the time when we can soon enter the time of heavenly fortune, what kind of person can be raised as the true parents, true children, and true husband and wife? These people are linked with human emotion and the heart of God. They are the people who have experienced the universal hardships found deep inside the heart of God. They are the people who, centering on the love of God, have felt something based upon which they can say that God is their Father.

Throughout the passage of the 6,000-year history, people have failed to solve the vertical and horizontal human problems. This is the reason people have been seeking the religion that can solve these problems. At the end of time, we must climb over all the hills and barriers that come our way.

The Path We Must Travel

We must understand that God is the True Parent, Who in the long course of history has been persevering through everything concerning humankind. What kind of person is Jesus? Jesus said, "I am your bridegroom and you are my bride." In the same way, the religion that solves the problem of the bride and bridegroom, in other words, the problem of heavenly emotion (love), is the one that can climb over the last hill. In this sense, Christianity is the central religion.

Jesus said, "I have become one with God; I am the only begotten son of God." Moreover, Jesus said to humanity, "I am the bridegroom and you are my bride." For a long time, God hoped to climb over this barrier of misfortune on the world level centering on this kind of standard. The person in charge of this task was Jesus.

Now, what must you do? You must become the people who can embrace the heart of Jesus, who had the heart of the misfortunes of the bridegroom for 2,000 years, and the heart of the misfortunes of the countless prophets and patriots. Only if you are this kind of person can you be called the children of God and brothers and sisters before Jesus Christ.

If you try to become this kind of person, Satan will attack you. This is the purpose of Satan's attack. However, if a new ideology, doctrine or some new religion and new central figure come forward to confront this, even the attack of Satan can be warded off. If done, Satan cannot drive you away. There cannot be any more revolution and change. At that time, the eternal ideology can finally be unfolded.

You must not think that you will go to Heaven. You must think that you will construct the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Before building the Kingdom of Heaven, you must first become a citizen of the kingdom. To become a citizen of Heaven, you must become one in heart with the Father, to the point where you can confidently say that the Father's heart is your heart and your heart is the Father's heart. Having done this, you must represent the heart of God and represent the hearts of the Lord and the ancestors on the earth. Only then can you solve all problems.

The spirit world has been mobilized and is trying to climb over the barrier of the historical misfortunes. We who are living on the earth also have the mission to carry out this task. Now if you want to possess this sense of mission and be able to penetrate through the last historical barrier of misfortunes, you must understand the unfortunate heart of God, the unfortunate heart of history and the unfortunate heart of the present and the future. We must feel a sense of enmity toward the enemy of the True Parents who is blocking our path, the enemy of the true children, and the enemy of the true bride and bridegroom. If you have not become sons and daughters who are burning with this kind of enmity, you cannot climb over the hill of the last judgment.

You must fulfill the historical mission, the mission of the present era and the mission of the future. Which era are you living in now? You have to understand the problems that concern your era. In the future, the era of the ideology of the Creator God is coming. In the future, someone will come forward to restore this world who has the heart toward Heaven and feels enmity toward Satan that people ordinarily do not have or feel. It is the mission of Christianity to attend and assist that person at that time.

Each day must be lived for the sake of the Father's will. Your whole life course must also be for the sake of the will of the Father.

You must walk the course that your ancestors walked. We are in the same position as the Israelites who came out of the wilderness. Moses and the Israelites were chased out of the wilderness and suffered tribulations. Jesus also was ostracized by the people and the church, and his family members did not believe in him. You will also have to experience this kind of sad and distressful situation, but do not lose hope. If you have to do something in this unfair situation, then you must experience the heart of the Father, who has been afflicted throughout history. Thinking that the sorrow of the Lord is your own sorrow and the pain of the ancestors is your own pain, you must unite your hearts and remain unchanging for thousands of years for the sake of that will. You must feel a sense of enmity toward Satan. Heaven is demanding young men and women who can do that. The will cannot be entirely entrusted to the ministers and the elders. If they fail to accomplish the responsibility, the deacons must do it. If the deacons cannot do it, the young people must rise. If they can save the church and the people, then they must rise. Heaven has been searching for sincere young people who are overcome by the misfortune of Heaven.

If this mission is entrusted to us on behalf of the people, we must become the elite troop who can feel the bitter heart of the Father, embrace the sorrow of the Father in our bodies, and march forward toward the enemy. To do that, you must unite your life and ideology.

You must fight to uproot the sorrow of Heaven, the sorrow of Jesus, the sorrow of our ancestors and the sorrow of our descendants.

The history of misfortune is coming your way now. Therefore, you must exert all your heart and will, offering all of yourself. Even if you are suffering mistreatment and grief, you must make the determination to become the sacrifice before the people and the world on behalf of Jesus. You must be able to raise your hand and pledge before Heaven. 

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