The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1958

Where Is the Refuge in Which Heaven Can Dwell?

Sun Myung Moon
January 12, 1958
Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea

18 When Jesus saw the crowd around him, he gave orders to cross to the other side of the lake. 19 Then a teacher of the law came to him and said, "Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go." 20 Jesus replied, "Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head." 21 Another disciple said to him, "Lord, first let me go and bury my father." 22 But Jesus told him, "Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead."
Matthew 8:18-22


Father of love, I have come with words of truth in this hour. Please let the heart of the giver and the hearts of the receivers become one. Father, we wish for You to allow us to become one in heart and will so that when the Father stops, we stop. When the Father moves, we move.

Please allow us to feel the heart of Jesus, who was concerned about the faithless land of that time, comforted the sorrowful heart of God and felt heartbroken himself. On that foundation, please let our minds not stagnate in this hour. Let us act after connecting with the heart of the Father and the historical heart of Jesus.

Please allow us to feel the distressed heart of the Father. Let us experience the heart of Jesus Christ, who felt distressed for the salvation of humanity, so that the beloved brothers and sisters who have gathered here can cleanse all the sins of darkness that remain inside their hearts. Beloved Father, we ardently wish and hope for this.

We know that the work of Satan, who is trying to block the grace of the Father, is ahead us. Father, please allow us to escape from the invasion of Satan and be embraced in Your bosom of eternal love by understanding when and from what position comes the grace of the Father. Beloved Father, we sincerely desire and want that even just for this hour You will allow us to feel Your hands of compassion that have not forsaken foolish and inadequate us. You have sought for us while You were leading the dispensation for 6,000 years.

We have entrusted everything in this hour. Wishing earnestly that the Father will personally govern from the very beginning to the very end, I pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The Will of God Toward Adam and Eve

You know very well that when God was creating all things of Heaven and earth, He began with the intention of finding eternal, peaceful rest in the created world. However, you also know well that this foundation God created was handed over to Satan because of the fall of man.

Consequently, although a long period of 6,000 years has passed, you must clearly understand that in not even one small corner of this earth has a nest, a place of rest, been secured. You have to fathom the aching heart of God that came into existence because of this.

What did God use then as the basis to create all things? He began to create all things through the eternal and unique words of truth. The purpose of God's creation of Adam and Eve was His hope that they would perfect the purpose of those words and become the substantial bodies in which He could substantially dwell. Furthermore, when God blew in the breath of life, He tried to create a place of rest in their minds by dwelling there as the eternal subject of life. God created Adam and Eve after establishing this great purpose of the heavenly principles.

To put it another way, after creating Adam and Eve, God tried to establish the laws of life in the Kingdom of Heaven with words. Through their bodies, He tried to form the altar in which He could personally dwell. In their minds, God tried to build the holy temple where He could directly settle down.

However, the laws of the heavenly principles, which can act on behalf of the words of truth, also disappeared from human beings due to the fall of Adam. Adam was created as the body of God. When he fell, the temple in which God could live also disappeared from the human world. The basis of the mind where the invisible God could dwell, sitting on the eternal throne as the substantial hero, also disappeared.

The laws which represent the words, the ideology of creation and the body (the holy temple of all things) all went out of line with the original will due to the fall, so did the mind that can represent the holy of the holies in the invisible world. The sorrow of God began from there. Therefore, the minds of men, who were created for the sake of Heaven, also became sorrowful. The body that must relate with that mind also became sorrowful. The result was that the laws which represent the words of truth, based upon which the mind and body could move, also disappeared from human beings.

When we examine the standard and content of the basic principles of Heaven, where, among the innumerable people on this earth, would the laws of the words of truth that Heaven is seeking emerge? Where would the substantial temple, where God can dwell, emerge among those who were born of the sinful lineage due to the fall? Where on this earth would the temple that will become the holy of the holies, where God can dwell, instead of the infinite invisible world, emerge? Countless people throughout the course of history have tried to solve these things. Today, in this hour, you must realize that countless prophets and patriots have walked through a course of shedding blood and tears while offering many sacrifices, all to accomplish this purpose.

Therefore, there must now appear on this earth the person who possesses the words that can be considered the best in Heaven and on earth. A person must appear who can build the substantial temple of the invisible God to bring Him joy and give Him support. He must possess the cosmic value that represents Heaven and earth. The basis of one power which can represent the spirit world and the throne of the Father, which can also attain the substantial ideology to be able to move the world of creation, is the hope of God, the hope of humanity and the hope of all people of faith who must receive salvation today.

What have we humans lost? Looking at it centering on ourselves, we have lost the laws of the words based upon which we can stand before Heaven. We have lost our bodies where God can dwell and the temple of the mind that can represent the center of the throne of eternal life. Similarly, because people have lost all right of possession, they are endlessly struggling in search of something. Consequently, today you must consider the search for the words of God that can represent the heavenly principles as your own hope. Today and tomorrow, you must dash forward at full speed.

The Words of Truth for the Sake of Building the Kingdom of Heaven and the Restoration of the Substantial Body

After passing through the era of words, what kind of era will come? The era when we must pass through the substantial body will come. Consequently, the greatest purpose in twentieth century civilization today is actualizing the substantial realm, connected to the words of the basic principles. You have to understand that this is the reason that people in the Last Days today long for the appearance of the embodiment of the laws of the heavenly and human principles which God originally proclaimed to humankind.

If the words and the embodiment become one, people no longer remain at the level of materialistic animals, but are put in the position where they can perform the duties of the heavenly principles as the beings who possess the internal heart. You have to realize that their heart is stimulated by actions which can transcend the living environment and head toward the eternal ideology. When you think about this, if you do not set the standard with which the forces of your minds and bodies can relate, you can only recognize the existence of God as some conceptual deity. You cannot feel Him as a substantial deity.

Therefore, after connecting with the words and the substantial embodiment now, you must end the period of history centering on the will of the invisible sin that you have adored. If you cannot do that, there is no way for you to be in accordance with the purpose of the great dispensation of the heavenly principles. Furthermore, you will fall into a miserable situation where you cannot exist in this substantial world that we call the realm of the ideology of the creation.

You must realize that this kind of historical fate lies before you. Therefore, you must now connect with the words and move forward to connect with the one embodiment which can stand as living proof of the words. You must search vigorously for the place where you can solve all the problems.

If God were to come seeking us in the midst of all things of Heaven and earth, with what is He going to come? God will come with the laws of the words He spoke. This is the word of God for which all of humanity has hoped, the words that are greater than any other thought or words of any individual on this earth. Accordingly, it is your fate to restore the words established at the time of creation as the words that can govern your life. In other words, you must restore them as the words that can save your life.

Only after crossing over this can you form the one family, society, tribe and build the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth, using God- centered individuals as the foundation. Therefore, until the time that you fully digest the words as your own, you must overcome any kind of hardship and sorrow. You must feel that the course of conflict still lies before you. When we look at reality today, religion represents the field of metaphysical truth and the natural sciences represent the field of physical truth. Where would all these go? We have lost the word due to the fall of Adam and Eve. By losing the words, we have lost the substantial embodiment. By losing the substantial embodiment, we have lost the ideology. Therefore, in the Last Days, we must restore this centering on some person. Therefore, one person who stands on the cutting edge of scientific civilization must appear today, in the concluding era of human history, as the embodiment who represents all physical ideologies.

When we look at ourselves, where must humanity head? Our bodies must be in a position to connect to the ideology of the natural sciences. Our minds must be in a position to connect with the world of the metaphysical and supernatural sciences.

However, although our minds try to perform goodness and live for Heaven, our bodies try to carry out evil and head toward the world. Living in this confused situation, divided into two, is the reality of human beings today. Therefore, people have been seeking endlessly, until now, for the master who possesses the words of Heaven that can unite these two and the laws of heavenly truth. People have been longing until now for the emergence of the new words, which can truly transcend the world of our minds and connect with the spirit world, but can also connect to the field of natural science.

Accordingly, if you possess these words today, you will live with more confidence than anyone else in the world. You will be overwhelmed by the joy of possessing the highest ideology that no one else in history could possess. Therefore, today you must at any cost find the laws of God's words lost in the Garden of Eden.

Jesus Came to Restore the Laws of the Heavenly Principles

The history of Christianity, up to now, has been establishing the words. Christianity has been trying to find and install the words of Heaven's laws through the one substantial being who represents the heart of Heaven. It has not been able to establish that completely. Therefore, in this era of the end of history today, you have the mission to build the nation of God by finding and establishing the new words of truth that can penetrate into the infinite spirit world and the natural sciences.

God must help people cope with that kind of mission to establish His own victorious will on this earth. This is the reason that God sent the one subject figure who can claim back the words that He gave to Adam in the Garden of Eden, "... of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall die." (Genesis 2:17) God sent one person to the earth who could represent the heavenly principles, the hope of the universe and the hope of humanity. Not only that, he could also represent the internal heart and the external substantial body of God. That person was Jesus, whom you believe in today.

Jesus came with this kind of will. What were his mind and body like? Jesus' mind was not his own. His mind was the mind of the Father. Jesus' body was not his own; it was the body of the Father. Moreover, the words Jesus wanted to speak were not his own words; they were the laws of the heavenly way that represent the will of God. They were the words of hope for all humankind. Through those words, Jesus appeared on this earth as the substantial temple of Heaven, the representative of the throne of the substantial God.

Jesus had the mission to restore all people and raise the people with the words which included both the heavenly and the human principles. This was so God could recognize them as the substantial beings who possessed the value of the words. Possessing the 4,000-year-old will of the internal dispensation of God, Jesus felt irrepressible pain in his heart as he watched the people of this earth. The heart of Jesus was incredibly sorrowful as he watched the people who were living according to the laws of the fall based on bodily enjoyment, the people with fallen minds and bodies in which Satan could reside.

Because Jesus had the mission to achieve the orderly purpose centering on the laws of the heavenly principles, every one of his words, steps and actions was concentrated on testifying to the heavenly principles. On the contrary, because people who live within the realm of Satan are moving according to laws which are not in line with the heavenly principles, they do whatever they please.

Therefore, Jesus had to fulfill the mission to make these disorderly people live according to the conditional words of Heaven and to expand that from the level of the individual to the levels of a society, a people, a nation and the world. However, before he could do that, he died on the cross. The people of that time should have revered the words of Jesus as the unique and unchanging words of truth, the words of God the whole universe had been awaiting for 4,000 years. If they all had become the embodiment of those words, then Jesus could have created a place of rest where he could dwell in place of God. However, because their ignorance led them to become faithless toward the words of Jesus, Jesus could not create that kind of environment.

The Mission of the People of Faith Who Are Living in the Last Days

In the original Bible verses, a scribe came before Jesus and said, "I will follow wherever the teacher goes." Jesus replied, "Foxes have their holes and birds in the air have their nests, but the son of man does not have a place where he can lay his head." What Jesus meant by those words was that because there was no one who could receive his words as the words of hope, he could not find a place of rest for his heart.

Furthermore, only when a person comes forward who can understand the words of God and represent the heart of God centering on those words can Jesus establish the heavenly laws, live a heavenly life, and discuss the heavenly ideology. There was not even one such person. Accordingly, the heart of Jesus in looking at this world was indescribably distressed and sad. You must learn to feel the heart of Jesus, who was mourning because he could not find a place where the precious words of Heaven could rest.

In the Last Days today, what kind of mission then must you shoulder? You must become people who can possess the words of God in your minds and bodies. In other words, you must come to possess the words of God, which no one else could possess until now, completely in your minds and bodies.

Moreover, when we consider it from this position, what was the fall in the Garden of Eden? It was the failure to unite the mind and body as the place where the words of God could dwell. Therefore, now your minds and bodies must become the resting place for God. You are living in this kind of time. Therefore, you who are living in the Last Days must clearly understand that Jesus left without finding a person who could inherit his words on this earth.

What did Jesus then leave behind on this earth? Jesus left behind the words that came through his mind and body. Therefore, your first mission today is to alleviate the grief of God that came about because of the fallen people in the Garden of Eden, and also the sorrow of Jesus, who was pleading desperately to awaken the ignorant people 2,000 years ago.

If the words that produced the miraculous works of creation were to appear on the earth again, human minds would have to move according to those words. Although humankind has fallen, this must be so because they still have the original heart. Therefore, in this historical, concluding era, you must now find, during your life, the words that can move your original hearts and bodies. You have to clearly understand that if you cannot find these words, there is no way for you to form an eternal relationship with God. You will be enslaved by lamentation and grief.

What must you do for Heaven now? You must mitigate the sorrow of Jesus, who said, "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head." (Matthew 8:20) You shoulder the historical mission to alleviate this grief of Jesus today.

You must realize the words Jesus spoke then were not meant only for one young scribe. Those words apply to everyone in any period during the thousands of years of history. Therefore, the desperate voice of Jesus calling out to you is still heard in your ears today, in this moment. You have to clearly understand this.

What then is the central purpose of God doing away with the mistakes of the first Israel and unfolding a new movement by raising the Christians, the second Israel? He was trying to establish the temple of the words that Jesus was trying to build. Therefore, you must now recognize the words that God is conveying to you as the words of the eternal laws. You must think, These are the words of life for me. You must not only receive those words; you must also see them as the words with which He created humankind at the time of the creation. If you do not possess these words and cannot substantially feel these words of God through your flesh, you cannot become the sons of God.

The Human Mind and Body must Become the Resting Place for God

Consequently, God has been leading men to sacrifice their bodies and cultivate their minds to pursue goodness. Moreover, when the minds of people are near truthfulness, if the words which fulfill the purpose of that truthfulness emerge, God made it so that people will be pulled by those words. In this way, God hoped people's bodies would also move harmoniously with their minds. You have to understand that God had this earnest and desperate heart that longed to reveal the words people could understand through their minds and bodies.

If in your course of seeking Heaven in your life of faith, you have not experienced your minds and bodies being governed by the words, then you can never escape from the realm of sorrow and mourning. You have no other choice but to remain in that state forever.

If, on the contrary, you have felt or experienced that the laws of the heavenly principles that represent your body and life, and your substantial and mental self has become one, you will not fade away from this earth for eternity when you go to the spirit world. Therefore, you must secure the one nucleus that will never disappear in your minds and bodies. You must establish the laws of the heavenly principles that can never be separated from your minds and bodies so that you can create the place of rest where God can dwell in person.

Thus, you must now reflect upon yourself as to whether you are capable of receiving the words of the laws of the heavenly principles. Now that the Last Days have come, everything will come to a conclusion. Philosophy will come to a conclusion, science will come to a conclusion, and the world economic system based on material will also come to a culmination point. At one point in the future, due to infinite progress in science, scientific research will invent improved food.

Furthermore, you who are living in the last concluding era today must repent about your faith until now and try your best to live according to the words Jesus gave us. Therefore, you must find the words of the Heavenly Father. If there is someone who is not trying to seek these words but instead forsakes them, they will surely be judged. Those who are avoiding or blocking the words that seek them to realize the holy of the holies of Heaven will surely perish. Because Jesus understood this, he could not speak all the words he wanted.

The more you feel a sense of mission to establish the laws of the heavenly principles, the more you must make your best effort. You must liberate the grieving heart of Jesus, who said, "If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?" (John 3:12) You must understand that in the concluding era of human history today, the historical sorrow is implanted deeply inside Heaven and the earth. Accordingly, even in this moment, God is watching over all human beings today with concern for how they are living and how the faithful believers are conducting their life of faith.

Therefore, you must have room in your heart to cherish the words which represent the infinite universe, the words which represent the eternal laws. It will not be acceptable for you merely to have the vulgar hearts and vulgar emotions with which you have lived on the earth until now. You must come to possess a new heart that can receive the new words. Therefore, in this concluding era, when the temple of the words is sought, it is a great fear that you might become the heir of Adam, who betrayed the words of the heavenly principles.

Where did sin begin? It began from the point of not being able to receive the words of God. It was human responsibility to receive the infinite words, but that responsibility was not fulfilled. Therefore, the place of rest where you must welcome the words now must be your mind. In this manner, you must realize the substantial body centered on the words.

Those words are linked to the sphere of your character. In other words, your words must become the words which represent the laws of God's heavenly principles. Your actions must become one with the words of those laws. Just as you come to know things through the Principle, when the substantial being who represents the words appears, God's heart will dwell there. Therefore, those in whom God's heart dwells move toward the direction where they can be connected to the eternal ideology. Their minds and bodies can live a life on behalf of the ideology of the Father in the actual sphere of life.

It is our hope to enjoy that kind of life. The place where the will is actualized is the ideal garden of Canaan and the lost original Eden. You have to clearly understand this.

The People of Faith must Become the Brides of Jesus

What was the grief of Jesus? It was the sorrow of not having a place of rest. Moreover, his sorrow was not having even one believer who could inherit the will of his mind and body. Not only did he have no one who could inherit his words, it was Jesus' sorrow that he did not have even one person who could attend his body as the body of God. This was the sorrow of God and the sorrow of all humanity.

Consequently, God and Jesus have been saying in the 2,000-year course of history since then, "I am your bridegroom and you are my bride," and he has been entrusting his body to you who are like the bride. Jesus is hoping to usher in the one day of peaceful rest. You have to understand that, to found this one day, God and Jesus have been fighting from the background with concern.

If you live by the words of God, what must you do? First, you must create an environment in which you can become intoxicated with the words of God. You must then attain the qualifications of the bride who can relate with Jesus, the bridegroom. Even in this moment, right now, God is longing for the appearance of someone who can become Jesus' spouse.

God is trying to entrust Jesus to you, the prince of Heaven, the master of all things, and the Savior of all humankind. At that moment, you must stand in the position of the bride who can attend Jesus as the bridegroom. Only if you connect with the ideology of Jesus, the life of Jesus and the historical will of Jesus in this way can you become completely one with him.

Moreover, if you now shoulder the historical mission to realize the substantial being through the words, you must possess the words of Jesus as your own. You must consider the body of Jesus as your own. Not only that, the desperate heart of Jesus, who lived for all the humanity of the world, must rise in your minds and bodies. This is why for 2,000 years until now Jesus has been looking for the bride who can represent his ideology and attend him as the bridegroom. You have to understand that, even in this hour, Jesus is searching to find the true brides who, as the substantial beings who represent his will, can overcome everything about which he is concerned and can comfort Jesus.

Are you aware of the fact that Jesus, who lived the thirty years of his life to give everything he had, shouldered the cross and traveled the path of Golgotha from a position of being betrayed by the nation, the people, his tribe, his family and even by his beloved disciples? Do you understand Jesus' heart? Do you understand that situation? Moreover, do you understand the hope of Jesus? Who understands?

Jesus remained unchanged toward Heaven, even in the position of death. Bearing the cross on his back, he crossed over the path of the world Golgotha for the sake of the people. If you are ignorant of this Jesus, you cannot meet the one who is coming again with the ideology of world salvation.

Jesus went the path of Golgotha on behalf of the people. Jesus should have lived peacefully in the environment of the people, but because they were faithless, he had to walk the way of the cross for their sake, instead. Jesus should have reaped the victory of Heaven, but because the people betrayed him and he was driven out from the sect, the society and the family, he did not have any place to turn. He came with the hope of Heaven toward the earth, but all of that was undermined, and he was in a sorrowful situation. The result was that he had to walk the way of the cross alone on behalf of the people.

Therefore, you must understand now that the fate of the 2,000-year history since Jesus was to pioneer the path of Golgotha on the level of the world. You must also understand that Jesus has been struggling to cross over the path of Golgotha on the level of the world through the second Israel on the world level, as the bridegroom whom you long to meet.

The Qualifications of the Bride and the Mission of Christians

Where do your hearts lie today? Where is your body today? The position that you are in is the environment of the cross. You are facing the course of Golgotha on the level of the world on behalf of Jesus Christ. Because we have inherited the path of Golgotha on the world level, when Christianity today goes forward with the Gospels, no people or environment can avoid the path of Golgotha. The conflict of Golgotha on the world level centering on the Christian nation will take place. You have to understand that such a time is the Last Days.

Now you who are living in the end of the 6,000-year history must learn to fathom the heart of Jesus, who has walked the path of Golgotha on the world level until now. You must experience the heart which allowed Jesus to sacrifice his own body and mind and forgive his enemies. In this way, many true believers must emerge on this earth who can truly attend Jesus, who set the standard of loving his enemies.

At such a moment, the substantial foundation where Jesus can rest in peace will finally be realized on this earth. Where are you dwelling now? Just because there is individual persecution or the persecution of the family, have you tried to make preparations to leave? Because the people and the nation persecuted you, have you made preparations to leave? If there are such people, how would the heart of Jesus feel as he looks down upon them? You must have the mind-set, I will go forward toward Heaven even if the whole world, Heaven and earth were to oppose me. Although it is not clear how many people can be found on the earth who have such determination, which is the qualification of Jesus' bride, you must clearly understand that Heaven is looking for precisely this kind of person.

Because Jesus understood this heart of God, he could give up everything and sacrifice. Accordingly, now you must reflect upon the footsteps you are leaving behind. You must look back and see where your footsteps are. In doing so, you have to understand that the place of rest for Jesus, who is walking the path of Golgotha on the world level, is nowhere other than with you.

What mission did Jesus have while he sought his resting place on the earth? He had the mission to become the bride of God. If there was a disciple on the earth who attended him, then it was his mission to become one with him and become the bride of God. However, Christians today do not really understand this.

Christians in the world today are looking for Jesus, the bridegroom. Searching for Jesus, the bridegroom is to search for the Father, who is the master of that bridegroom. If you look at Revelation 14:1, it is written, "Then I looked, and lo, on Mount Zion stood the Lamb, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father's name written on their foreheads." In other words, to become the chosen child of the Father, it is not enough just to have the name of the lamb. The name of the Father must also be included.

Who are the 144,000 who will enter? Jesus' seal alone is not enough. Even if Jesus the bridegroom calls you the bride, the Father must bless you. Therefore, only when the Father can raise His hands and bless you as the eternal hero of humanity who has not fallen in the Garden of Eden can you be part of the 144,000. At that time, you can usher in the one day when you can set the eternal ideology of God as the center and feel the infinite love of the Father.

Moreover, because you have to become the holy of holies and the resting place of God, you must become the bride who can serve the body of Jesus and at the same time inherit his heart. Only when you enter the last stage where you can take charge of the heart of God through this process can God finally find peace through you. Not only that, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and we ourselves can also find peace. Yet people today are not well aware of this.

The Mission of the New, Young Believers

Among the people of faith today, there are those who are seeking a place to rest because they have received the blessing of God and are happy, but they must not do that. They still have the path of Golgotha before them. Therefore, you must now make the effort to follow the example of the life of Jesus, who crossed over the path of Golgotha. You have to clearly understand that in you lies the will of the heavenly principles by which you must stand in the reciprocal position to fulfill the will of Jesus and bring him peace and comfort.

Furthermore, when the words of Heaven and the embodiment of those words, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, as well as God, the subject of the words, can dwell in you, the purpose of the dispensation is finally realized. Only when you stand before Heaven as the representative of the value of the creation can God finally entrust all of His remaining tasks to you and rest.

When we think about how it is the course of the Christians to shoulder this amazing and gigantic universal mission, the people of faith must not just remain sitting down today. They must bring a movement of new life on the earth. However, you must understand that if in your progress on that path there is someone who tramples upon the holy of the holies of the words, in other words, the resting place for the words, then that person is your enemy.

Now you young people must go forward to fulfill what the ministers of the Christian churches are not able to accomplish. Many ministers today are guiding their flock to the wrong place. I am not saying this just to criticize the ministers and elders of the Christian churches.

This is the truth. Since they have misunderstood the will of God and have been trampling upon the flock of sheep, now the sheep are not to follow them. They are to seek other flocks of sheep and unite with them. You have to understand that it is the Unificationist ideology that has understood this mission and has been conducting this kind of gathering and movement.

Are there young men and women among you in whom life is throbbing? If there are, then you must attain the qualifications to go before the Christian ministers and elders today to testify to the heavenly principles. You must criticize their characters and judge them before the heavenly value. When you do that, Christianity today will be revived. You must have the uncompromising mind-set that whatever violates the heart of God, whether it is someone on earth or in Heaven, you will not tolerate it.

If you have entered the Unification Church today, you must transcend the religious concepts of Christianity. You must step above the skeptical concepts of the Christian faith. The position of the concepts of faith until now could not provide a place where God could rest nor a place where the substantial body of Jesus could be attended. You must have the audacity to step over them mercilessly and go beyond them.

You must not become like the young scribe in the Bible who came with some worldly conditions and tried to satisfy his own ambitions and greed. The position of Jesus who said, "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head," (Matthew 8:20) is the way that Heaven takes and the path that the heavenly principles move along. You must abandon everything and follow that path. Only if you take these steps can you become the sons and daughters of the Father who can inherit the unfinished task, the representatives of the heavenly will.

When you look back at all the ancestors during the historical course, Noah suffered for 120 years, Jacob suffered for 21 years, and Moses wandered for 120 years. Moreover, Jesus wandered for the entire 33 years of his life. If you are already trying to rest and enjoy yourselves, you are robbers and thieves of Heaven. If we rest before Heaven does, we are thieves. Therefore, you must sympathize with the heart that cried out, "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head." (Matthew 8:20) When you do that, Heaven will sympathize with you.

Moreover, you must feel the heart of Jesus who stayed up at night to pray for the sake of the Israelites and cried out that only God was his resting place. You have to feel deep in your bosom the heart of the bone- melting and blood-boiling pain of Heaven, which cannot be described in words. You must feel the heart that looked at the people and the world and shed silent tears.

The Eternal Resting-Place of God

If there are those among you who have been chased out as members of a cult and were derided as doomed, you will never perish. Jesus has been searching for this kind of person until now. Jesus has been looking for this kind of person as his resting place. Therefore, you must understand that before fallen humanity now is the fateful course in which they must find the subject of the words and the substantial bride and stand as the substantial body of God.

In setting the laws of the words, what must you do with your body? You are to reflect the unlimited light of God. When we examine this from the standpoint of the ideology of the creation, if our minds symbolize the sun, our bodies symbolize the earth. All things symbolize the laws of God's words. In other words, all things symbolize the words of God. The earth symbolizes the human body. The sun symbolizes the human mind.

In this way, the creative powers of the eternal God form the sun. Centering on the sun, the earth circles. According to the movement of the earth, all things grow through the one set of orderly laws. They are passing through this kind of process without contradiction. Likewise, centering on the love of God, you must move when God moves and halt when God halts. You must maintain a relationship of the heart which will make it impossible for God to leave you behind, wherever He goes. By establishing the eternal ideology of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, when you stand in that position as the resting place through which the laws of the words can pass, then you can finally emerge as the representative of God, the lord of all things.

However, you have failed to become dignified before God, the earth and all things. You who have failed to cope with this historic mission cannot dare to open your mouth and utter any words. Accordingly, you must make note that this kind of universal mission lies with you.

Jesus knew that if someone interfered with him in the course he was traveling, it was not simple interference. He knew that even the enemies who blocked his way were, as it turns out later, in the position of doing it for his sake. This is why Jesus could forgive and love them, and in the end, even wish them blessing.

Therefore, you must realize that when enemies appear in the middle of the path you are walking, their purpose is to set you straight on the course from the deviation you have made to the side path. Thus, you must have the attitude to wish blessings for those enemies, and pioneer the path of Golgotha on the world level. In this way, you must cross the path of Golgotha on the world level and build, in your minds and bodies, the garden of rest where God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can dwell. By winning all the battles with Satan, you must become someone whom even Satan can bless as the son of God.

Furthermore, only if you can become someone who can drag Satan before God and request a trial, saying that this Satan is the enemy that has been trampling upon humankind for 6,000 years, can you stand as the ruler who can govern the universe. For 6,000 years humans have been dragged before God, where accusations and charges were made. Now you must drag Satan before God and press charges against him.

Now you must possess the heart that can connect with the heart of God and the body that can connect with the laws of God. If this takes place, there cannot be any mistake or friction there. There will only be the unification of the ideology, action and life. Moreover, when this is done, God can dwell on the earth to find the eternal resting place and rejoice for eternity with humankind. You must keep this in mind. 

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