The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1957

Let Us Restore God's Kingdom And His Righteousness

Sun Myung Moon
October 13, 1957
The Blessing and the Curse Which Come According to Our Attitude about Material Things
Chung Pa Dong Church
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon teaching, 1960

Today, you are struggling in a battle centering on how to deal with materials. By relating to God, you are able to feel and say, "Father, is there another son or daughter who can better reflect Your heart, of wanting to bless all children through receiving this material, than I? By knowing that Your heart is manifested in all materials, who can love this material more than I can? I know that this material does not belong to me, but to You. Please use it as You wish!" You must have a humble heart, knowing that you are receiving materials that should have been offered to God. Then, your original nature, hidden deep inside in you, will appear and you will be able to enter into the realm of eternal hope. For this reason, Jesus talked about the proper attitude in using materials. You should understand this.

What is it then that you must consider as your enemy? It is the self-centered mind that thinks materials are given to you just for your benefit. For example, if you have a piece of bread, you should represent God's heart, which desires to share it with all humankind. To overcome selfishness, if you see any food, you should develop your mind, to first willingly offer it to your family, and to the society, the people, the nation and humankind throughout the world. Once people can possess this kind of mind, they will reach perfection through the restoration process. However, most people today live without ever thinking about this. You should feel heartbroken about this and understand that this is the real situation of fallen world.

Through what then can Satan, an enemy, invade you? The enemy invades through conditions of materials. Yet, God's blessings also come through materials. You should, clearly, understand that through materials, God and the enemy Satan can visit us, simultaneously. You must become a person who knows how to establish the center of solid faith, through materials.

Whatever a thing may be, once a center is established an object will, naturally, come into being. It is a principle of the universe that if there is a perfect plus, there will, naturally, appear a perfect minus. You must search and establish one standard that conforms to the principle, which is the responsibility of your faith. You should, clearly, understand that because Jesus knew this principle, he declared we must first seek God's kingdom and His righteousness.

What would be the next thing you should know about? You should know the fact that the quarrels amongst family members are fought over foods to eat. You should understand that because of things to eat, a fight between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, an elder brother and a younger brother, will take place. A fight between relatives and between nations will also take place. Knowing this human condition -- and to go beyond this limitation, with a sorrowful heart -- Jesus lived for the family, the society, the nation and the world. He cried out with heart-broken Shim Jung for he was unable to build the kingdom and the righteousness. Therefore, today, you should inherit and master the heart of Jesus and take after his character.

Next, fights over what to wear will break out in front of you. This means that during your life of faith, you must go over a course of resolving the problem of what to wear. Therefore, today, you should be able to freely resolve such problems, without being restricted by any of Satan's accusations.

You should understand that your problem of what to eat and what to wear will become Satan. At the same time, it will be the practice field for which Satan can act. Therefore, you should know that Satan always has an eye to invading everything you do. You must become the people who do not provide Satan with any condition for invasion.

Thus, today, you should not live only for yourself. You should live for a greater purpose.

Suppose you belong to a family. If you live for the family, it will be the same as living for your own sake. If you belong to a nation and you live for the sake of that nation, it will also be like living for your own sake. What is more, when you come to live for Heaven, you will be in a position of truly living for yourself. Thus, you should keep in mind that all facts of this kind are being realized and revealed through your own living environment.

In order that you go forward for God's will, for inheriting God's Shim Jung, and for building God's kingdom and His righteousness, what should you do? You should become a person who has a heart to give out all food for people who are in a worse situation than you are, if you have something to eat. Moreover, you should have the heart of wanting to give the most precious food to people who persecute you. Thus, you should become a person who always reflects in your life, asking the question, "Am I living a life with a heart that is filled with a genuine desire to give and practice a lifestyle that is overflowing with the philosophy of serving others? Then, am I striving to realize the ideology of that kingdom, having overcome the realities of today?" 

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