The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1957

Jesus' Bride and Jesus' Enemy

Sun Myung Moon
October 13, 1957
Let Us Restore God's Kingdom And His Righteousness
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 3
Seoul, Korea
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon, Hyo Won Eu, and Won Bok Choi with the first Divine Principle books.

Was there anyone who understood Jesus' Shim Jung1 at that time? Was there anyone who, as God's true son or daughter, felt sorry upon seeing Jesus being chased away and rejected by his own race? There was not even one person. If there had been even one person like that, he would have carried out an amazing mission of testifying to Jesus representing all of the 4,000-year history. If there had been a man who could represent the sorrowful Shim Jung of the love of Jesus, he could have fulfilled God's will by attending Jesus from the position of a bride.

However, because there was not even one person who could manifest the garden of love and the righteousness of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, God still stands in the sorrowful and grieving position where He needs to beg you today to build that kingdom and righteousness that He has been longing to see. For that reason, you are destined to walk this path in order to fulfill this will.

Even if great numbers of Christians of the world would come to unite together today, you should understand that God's Will still cannot be realized. The question is whether there is one person who can be one hundred percent in accord with God's essential love and whether this person can become a bride who can completely resonate with the loving Shim Jung of Jesus, -- this desperate desire to give. Jesus is looking for one person who represents the life of sacrifice and service that he practiced. You should also keep in mind that not only is Jesus seeking such a person, but also God is looking for this one person.

Until God's providence for the universe is consummated, a certain standard should be established on this earth in order for you to become such an individual. Unless you can set up this standard, you will have nothing to do with the true purpose of the words Jesus spoke, with such a heartrendingly sorrowful heart, "Do not worry about your life… But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness."

What is our sorrow today? What is your grief? What is the anguish of Christianity? What is the sorrowfulness of the world? What is the grief of this earth and what is the sorrow of Heaven? Where is the love that Jesus wants to give blocked? You should understand that the fact that we still have not been able to solve all these problems is the cause of God's lamentation.

When looking at human beings living on this earth today, there is no one who can answer to these questions. For this reason, God is grieving and lamenting even at this hour. Furthermore, you are faced with a historical fate which you should overcome. That is the fate to go through the process of judgment.

While going such a road, God feels sorrow, not because you do not have Heaven's love or righteousness. God's sorrow is because there is no one with a Shim Jung to conform to the law of nature to relate to Him as His object, and because there is no one with the value of eternal existence, transcending humanistic ideology and concepts.

Humankind should naturally be able to feel God's love and naturally live a life with a heart of service that is the essence of that kingdom and that righteousness. However, they are not able to live like that. Therefore, you must practice God's love even if you are going through a period of confusion, contradiction and struggle in the course of your faith. You must struggle to lead a life of service.

Who then is your enemy? Who is the enemy of your race? Who is the enemy of this world and Heaven and earth? The enemy is this entire universe where billions of invisible Satans reside.

However, you don't need to worry about such enemies. The problem is you, the individual. The pressing question is how you can eliminate the enemy hidden inside yourself. Who was the enemy of Jesus when he came to this earth in order to save all humankind? His enemy was the group of people who recognized him not as someone with absolute value but as someone with relative value. For this reason, Jesus painfully longed for one person, who would emerge from among many, and to whom he could say, "Your heart and my heart are one and the same." If such a person had appeared, even if Jesus had died on the cross, his love and ideology would have been firmly established on earth. However, it did not happen that way. That was the cause of Jesus' bitter sorrow. You should understand this.

What is the world like where that kingdom and righteousness have been attained? This is a world of love, where each person enjoys giving to and receiving from one another. It is a world in which the life of serving and sacrificing for the sake of God will be glorified. You should understand this. Thus, that world is not like this world in which we live today.


1 Shim Jung is a Korean word that is roughly translated as Heart in English. Heart (Shim Jung) is the essence of God's personality -- the essence of his original nature. Heart is the most vital part of his nature, such that all other attributes in him are what they are and do what they do solely because of the attribute. Heart is the impulse to love and to be united in love with the object of its love. For this reason, Heart is said to be the source of love, and at the same time is the chief motive behind love. 

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