The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1957

The Life That Demonstrates the Essence of the Kingdom and His Righteousness

Sun Myung Moon
October 13, 1957
Let Us Restore God's Kingdom And His Righteousness
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 3
Seoul, Korea
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Unification Church members
celebrate the purchase of their first fishing boat – circa 1960

What then should you do, being faced with this period where everyone talks of today being the Last Days? This is the age of the worldwide conclusion. It will be the end of history, science, ethics and religion.

According to the words that Jesus cried out, to seek that kingdom and that righteousness, you must become the people who devote unchanging service to establish God's kingdom and His righteousness on this earth. You should not think about your interests alone. By doing so, you can be proud of yourself before the entire universe and become a person who fulfills the mission as a representative of God.

By applying the essential ideology of that kingdom to your own life, you should form the substantive value of life, and you must realize the one day of hope to promise an eternal future. Unless you become such people, you will have nothing to do with the will of God that Jesus was to fulfill -- Jesus, who was sent by God after His having toiled for 4,000 years since the fall of Adam and Eve. You will have nothing to do with the will of the Trinity -- God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

From this viewpoint, what should you look for now? You should find the conditions of unrighteousness that make it impossible to establish that kingdom and that righteousness; that is, which make it impossible to establish the universal ideology. You should then win the victory after struggling in your own life, becoming a representative of Jesus, God's son.

If you want to become a righteous citizen of that kingdom, you should not be so foolish as to fight over what to eat or what to wear. You should become people who lead a life that rises above the problems regarding what to eat and what to wear. What is more, if you were given a little bit of such things, you would rather distribute them to people who are naked and hungry then use them for yourself.

Members of the congregation! Do you know what God's heart is like? If there is a piece of bread, it is God's Shim Jung1 that He would not eat it all by Himself but share it with as many people as possible. Although Jesus represented this Shim Jung, the people who appeared before Jesus at the time were not like that.

What are the causes of family discords and quarrels? It is because each member of the family thinks the family exists for his or her own sake alone. If there is some food, because the member thinks it is for him or her alone, fights and discord break out. You should engrave in your hearts that this attitude is the very arrow of sin and Satan.

Therefore, today you should resolve the problems with regard to the food you eat and the clothes you wear. You should break down this self-centered desire which leads to conditions of disharmony in the family. You must overcome this historical contradiction. You should not forget that you are to emerge as a true victor before God, by transcending all the problems of food, clothing and shelter.

What position was Jesus in when he cried out that people must seek first that kingdom and that righteousness? It would be lamentable and sorrowful if the minds of God and man were different over even one simple thing. Because of this reason, Jesus whose mind was completely one with God wished for the minds of men to unite with his. However, people disbelieved and betrayed him, and could not be united with Jesus. For that reason he could not express his heart, which was filled with indescribable sorrow and grief, to anyone. You must know this.

Suppose you have food. What should you be thinking of while eating it? You should eat it with a heart of love that longs for the essence of God and the essence of the kingdom. You should eat with a heart that you will sacrifice and serve for the sake of others. When you become a person who bears this heart of love, even if you happen to acquire a large quantity of treasures, you cannot deal with them as you please.

Therefore, you will become a person who feels that the Heavenly Father's loving heart is reflected in even a small piece of bread that you eat. You should eat with concern about God's will being attained on this earth and the many pitiful people who are in difficult situations. When you become a person like this, you will be free of material deprivation.


1 Shim Jung is a Korean word that is roughly translated as Heart in English. Heart (Shim Jung) is the essence of God's personality -- the essence of his original nature. Heart is the most vital part of his nature, such that all other attributes in him are what they are and do what they do solely because of the attribute. Heart is the impulse to love and to be united in love with the object of its love. For this reason, Heart is said to be the source of love, and at the same time is the chief motive behind love. 

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