The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1957

The People Who Seek and Establish That Kingdom and That Righteousness

Sun Myung Moon
October 13, 1957
Let Us Restore God's Kingdom And His Righteousness
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 3
Seoul, Korea
Unofficial Translation

You must become people who deny themselves and live for the sake of that kingdom and that righteousness. No matter how hard and difficult situations you are in, you should win a victory confronting any harsh environment, always remembering that God has hope in you. Only when you become like that, can you call yourselves God's true sons and daughters for the first time.

What kind of people can build the kingdom of God? They are the ones who deny themselves and live sacrificially for the sake of Heaven with an agonizing heart. The people who deny themselves and live for the sake of the society, the people, the nation and the world are the ones who can truly build the kingdom of God. Furthermore, the people who deny and go beyond the nation and the world will be the ones who can build the Kingdom of Heaven. Even when faced with a sorrowful situation, without feeling sorry for themselves, they will feel sorrow for the sake of the society, nation, the world and Heaven. Such are the people who will then be able to build the kingdom of God.

You should not work hard to satisfy your own desires. You should lead a life of faith in which you sacrifice and serve for a greater purpose. By so doing, you should develop your heart to reach the standard of Jesus, who strived and gave himself totally for the sake of God's will and humankind. You should reach the position of God's true children, who comfort the grieving heart of God who has been toiling throughout history.

For that reason, with a heart that becomes indignant over unrighteousness and with the heart of the love of God, who wishes to give more and more, you should toil to seek and establish God's kingdom and God's righteousness, even going to the ends of the earth. Furthermore, you could comfort the heart of Jesus, who has toiled until now to save all humankind, even in the midst of sadness.

You must not be defeated, but win victories in the battles against Satan in that process of seeking and establishing God's kingdom and His righteousness. Through these victories, you should connect all, from the individual, family, society, race, nation, and world into one. No matter where you are situated, you should prevail in battles against Satan. In the society you are in, you should win in a fight against Satan under any circumstances. When you go to a nation, you should become a person who wins a victory in the battle against Satan while taking the responsibility for the most difficult problems of that nation.

If such a person appears, although from our humanistic viewpoint he may seem to perish at times, you should know that he will prosper in the end. And, he is the master of any family, any workplace, any group and any nation. The person who fulfills the duty of filial piety toward the parents in the family at the risk of his or her own life, who fulfills the duty of fidelity as a husband or wife respectively, and who fulfills the duty of the patriot toward his or her king will become the master of that very family and that kingdom.

Thus, you must become such a person. By representing the purpose of the 6,000 years of providential history until now, as well as representing the cosmic ideology that corresponds to today's reality, although you face many obstructions on the way, you must courageously walk the road to Golgotha saying, "Father! Thank you." Consequently, by having a commanding presence spring up from the bottom of your mind and transform into your external appearance, when Satan comes to respect and follow you, you will finally be able to step forth as a member of the race who finally seeks and establishes that kingdom and that righteousness. You must engrave this in your hearts at this hour. 

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