The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1957

The Companion of Jesus' Grieving Heart

Sun Myung Moon
October 13, 1957
Let Us Restore God's Kingdom And His Righteousness
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 3
Seoul, Korea
Unofficial Translation

You must understand that you are entrusted with the mission to search and recover the value in entirety of human life. Not only must you feel this mission deep in the core of your heart causing intense desire to give, but also you must know clearly that the reason Jesus came to this earth 2,000 years ago, as a substance of hope, was to fulfill this mission. Yet, people today do not know that Jesus was a man whose heart was overflowing with the intense desire to love and give for the sake of others. You are going about your way without knowing the fact that the bread you eat and clothing you wear are stained with God's heartrendingly sorrowful tears. This is the very grief that God endures and the very condition causing His lamentation. You must understand this fact clearly.

The question is, what kind of a man is the Lord -- the Lord who is to come again -- as he appears before you? The Lord will appear as a central character of the ideology of giving ("living for the sake of others") in order to establish God's Kingdom at this time. He will return to be devoted to humanity with the parental love given to children, while standing firmly on eternally unchanging heavenly principles. Through the returned Lord, you must inherit the grief-stricken heart of God, who has guided the dispensation for 6,000 years until now, in order to restore the value of human beings lost due to the Fall of the first ancestors. By so doing, you must reach the position as the companion of Jesus, who had to depart from this earth as the sacrificial offering with a sorrowful and grieving heart.

If the believers today cannot reach this position, even if there are so many Christians on earth, Christianity will never flourish, and even if there are great masses of people in a nation, that nation will never prosper. Thus, by inheriting God's will that is prophesied, you must embody the heart of Jesus, who grieved over this earth, in your daily life.

Even at this hour, God hopes to see the appearance of a man whose heart is overflowing with the intensity for loving and giving. Also, Jesus yearns to see the appearance of a man who can overcome all the powers of evil on this earth, which killed him. If such a man appears, he will be the central character of this society and this nation. You should know the tragic fact that God has not found such a man. This has been the heartrending sorrow of God and Jesus.

Although there were many prophets and sages who came to this earth to be such central figures, our ancestors throughout history persecuted, ridiculed, killed and finally buried them all in the grave. Therefore, God's hope is to cleanse all the historical wrongdoings for you by raising up the central character today.

What should you do to fulfill God's Will today? First, you must become a person who follows Jesus Christ, who persevered walking on the bloody road of the cross for the sake of God's kingdom and His righteousness. Second, you must follow the path that the countless prophets and sages walked by forsaking their own personal desires for glory, suffering throughout their lives to fulfill God's Will throughout the 6,000 years history of restoration.

If you avoid walking this path, to follow another path for your own glory, how can you stand proudly before God or the countless prophets and sages? When you enter the spirit world, you will neither stand before God nor be embraced in the bosom of His love. In other word, if you believe in God for your own sake and die only for your own salvation, you will never be able to stand proudly before Him. You must engrave this on your heart. 

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