The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1957

The Condition of Victory that One Attains as True Sons and Daughters

Sun Myung Moon
September 15, 1957
Let Us Become The True Sons And Daughters Of The True Father
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 3
Seoul, Korea

Teenage Sun Myung Moon with Sunday School Class. (He is in the back row wearing a students blouse with shiny buttons.)

Those people who have not reached the position to call God, "Father" must cause His loving hands to reach out to them before they can call His name. Without passing through this course of salvation, one cannot stand in the position of a true son or daughter, who can call God, "Father" representing all humanity.

All human affairs that are governed by humanistic ethics such as religious affairs and affairs related to family and lineage should be governed by the heavenly principles. For this purpose, you must secure within yourself the value, which can pass judgment on all earthly affairs based on that ideology, and usher in the day when you can be proud of that value before all people. Only after seeing this to take place, can you help end the history of struggle for which God has been leading until now.

Until now the fight has been between God and Satan. However, from now on, the fight is between people centered on earthly things. There must appear a central character who, on behalf of Heaven, can take responsibility for this battle.

In that course of conflict, what can we establish as the condition of victory? If you know whether you belong to the original Heaven, to earth, to sin or to goodness, and if you are connected with the heavenly lineage, then you must in reality live a victorious life of Heaven. This becomes an important condition for victory.

If you cultivate your character through living a heavenly and victorious life, then you can foresee your own future. You can harmonize with people who have heavenly character. If God sets up one person whom He can entrust, then even Satan cannot reject it.

Who will truly worship God? They are the saints who live in the Last Days, today. Who are the people that will make it possible for God to rest? They are you who look miserable and unworthy. As you can see, you have to understand that the liberation of God rests on your shoulders and in your minds and bodies. The pivotal condition of human history lies before us. You are entrusted with the amazing mission of Heaven and earth. Despite the fact that you do not have any place to rest securely, you should not anguish over problems of the earth. You are still in the middle of the course, during which you cannot seek your own comfort.

After introducing the Heavenly laws to earth and winning the victory, you can take a rest. Today, you are in the middle of this course. Where would this take place? There are advanced nations that boast of racial and national superiority, but, what matters most is which nation is closer to God.

What you must understand today is if you live with the qualifications reflecting, "I belong to the people of God; I am Heaven's citizen; I am a child of Heaven," then, you will certainly go through a course of conflict and struggle. Because this world is evil and because this society has an evil history, this world will not readily welcome such people.

Therefore, you must obtain the compassionate feelings of love which can unite things that are difficult to unite, like water and fire. In other words, you must obtain the heavenly content that can move your physical bodies, attain the truth and then achieve living environment and character. Then, with the love that can connect with the ideology, you must penetrate this world of evil. These conditions are the conditions of the judgment of the universe. They represent the heavenly principles in the Last Days.

Have you completed your responsibility and the mission of the direct line, now? Have you obtained the truth that is the agent of the judgment of God, the character that can connect with the philosophy of life, and the love linked with the ideology of God? Then, you have to think about whether you are qualified to assert the power of life before the whole universe.

If there is such a person, when he moves, all things will move with him. When he mourns, all things will mourn with him. With this realization, you must stand before Heaven in awe and state, "Father, please eliminate the bitterness of the 6,000 years through me on this day. Please let me subjugate Satan, who has been opposing you for 6,000 years." 

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