The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1957

The Road Humankind Must Travel

Sun Myung Moon
September 15, 1957
Let Us Become The True Sons And Daughters Of The True Father
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 3
Seoul, Korea
Unofficial Translation

After creating man, God gave His words of Blessing to man saying, "Have dominion over all things on earth" in front of all creation in the Garden of Eden. Yet, God has not witnessed the day when His will is realized. We must fulfill these words. Once they are realized, everything will glorify the Father. From this point on, a man will start anew as a child of the new lineage by obtaining new love stems out of the new ideology, new character based on this new life, and new words of truth.

Considering where you are now, you are living in the present time when you will be sought by the ideology of hope and the historical ideology. Even though you are now visited by the ideology of presence -- a day when you will witness the glory of a son and daughter of God's direct lineage in Heaven and on earth -- you are unaware of this reality and your proper position regarding it. Moreover, you overlook the environment in which you should live and the hopeful environment where you should carry on the struggle.

The road you must travel is the road which will establish the glorious Heavenly foundation, where God can take Sabbath, by realizing the total ideology of God; and at the same time, is the road which will end all strife and wars on earth.

To do this, you have to fight on with love. You who are to obtain this ideology must possess the love that represents the universe. Also, you must obtain the practical philosophy of life and the ability to execute this philosophy in your life. When you practice your love and philosophy of life, Satan who has opposed God will naturally surrender to you.

Today, you must know God's will that hopes for the appearance of children who cherish His desire. You should feel God's tragic sorrow and suffering as well as His frustrations and indignation. Then, you must invest all your efforts in order to liberate God from these same sorrows and suffering as well as frustrations and indignation. In so doing, you must be able to march forward toward the will of hope. You must become leaders who can represent the 600,000 Israelite people who headed toward the blessed land of Canaan.

Humankind must fight to restore the position of God's children, sacrificing a living environment that is calm, tranquil and free. They must go out to the wilderness and combat the seven faithless Canaanite tribes. You also have to pass through this kind of course of conflict.

Now, Heaven is thinking about each of you, asking whether you are a historical criminal, an apostate, an opportunist or a leader who can take responsibility for history, the present and the future. You have to know that Heaven is dealing with you conditionally.

What then should you do now? You have to become a sacrificial offering that can be offered to Heaven today. What is a sacrificial offering? It has to be cut. Historically, there were those that were divided and those that were not divided. The ones who were not divided could not become sacrificial offerings. From now on, there will be sacrificial offerings on the national level and on the world level.

People who live with the idea of becoming the sacrificial offering must not live for the sake of their individual selves. They must live for the sake of the society, the nation and the world. You must not be defeated in the place where you offer yourselves as the sacrifice. Even though you are ripped in the place of conflict, you must be able to shout proudly, "O! Hallelujah! Glory to the Lord! Today, God is liberated from His bitter grief of 6,000 years. Amen!"

You must boldly step forward in place of Joshua and Caleb of the past. You must be the victorious chosen people of Heaven without losing the standard of faith in the wilderness, like the first chosen people of Israel. Having done this, you must endure while following the will and then enter the blessed land of Canaan. Heeding the heavenly principles, you must stand in the position of Joshua and Caleb who will have completed their responsibilities and bring the victory. By doing so, you must become true sons and daughters who attend the Father eternally from the position of the victors. 

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