The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1957

Mission of Moses and Jesus and the Faithlessness of the Israelites

Sun Myung Moon
June 23, 1957
Let Us Be Strong and Bold and Restore the Lost Land
Chung Pa Dong Church
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and members planting trees to reforest Korea,d 1960

You should understand that in order to to accomplish the providential will, God worked vigorously for 2,000 years and restored one person, Jacob. After Jacob, through the course of 400 years, God called Moses, a central person on the level of the restoration of a people on the foundation of restoring one generation by Jacob. Moses was found and chosen to be the fruit of God's entire dispensation, conducted through a long history. Consequently, if Moses had fulfilled his responsibility, the grief embedded not only in the human heart but also in God's heart would have been dissolved. Under such condition, Moses was chosen to be the representative of the Israel people.

Moses was the fruit of God's entire dispensation and was irreplaceable for the Israel people. Chosen as such, Moses recognized that he was responsible for indemnifying the historical grudge, and he stood to resolve God's sorrow and carry the burden of the grievances of the Israelites.

For this reason, during the forty years of life in the palace and the forty years of life in Midian, a total of eighty years, Moses maintained an unchanging fidelity with all his heart without losing his right to the chosen people of Israel, inherited from the ancestors.

Moses maintained the integrity to be related only to God's will even while he was fighting the Pharaoh. Moses also possessed all the qualifications that were irreplaceable to the Israelites and that could confront and fight against Satan's side. However, the Israelites did not become the kind of people who could embody and represent Moses.

Then what kind of hearts should the Israelites have had toward Moses? They should have recognized him as the one central person who was found and chosen at the price of God's 2,000 years of perseverance, and for all the sacrifice and suffering invested through those thousands of years endured by their ancestors. Because the Israelites did not understand that God found Moses at the sacrifice of everything, a crowd of 600,000 people had to die in the wilderness.

If they had known the value of Moses not merely as an individual, but as the one who was chosen as the representative of the nation and all humanity, and if they had united with him, the Israelites would not have fallen down in the wilderness.

Since the time of Moses, throughout many thousands of years, the purpose of many prophets coming to the earth, even Jesus' coming to the earth on behalf of the world, was to take on the labors and lamentations of God, human beings, and the creation. However, who knew that Jesus, under such condition in his background, came to the earth as the representative of the world? No one knew that Jesus made a triumphant condition against Satan on behalf of God, who had been lamenting during the past 4,000 years.

Then whom must you look for today? You must seek and find one person who can liberate the lamentations of God, human beings, and the creation. You must unite with that person. Neither hope nor God's glory be found in you, unless you become one with him.

Jesus is the one who came with such a mission. However, what did the Israelites and believers of Judaism do to him, even though God had prepared them for 4,000 years through His constant endeavor and endurance? You should understand that those who claimed to be living for God by calling frequently the name of God were not only faithless to the Messiah, the central person who came to liberate humankind from the lamentations of heaven and earth, but also revolted against him even raising a banner of evil.

Had they been the people who should have known God's sorrowful history until Jesus and understood their responsibilities, to resolve and liberate the sorrowful history, they would not have crucified Jesus. Also, when Jesus was hanging on the cross, instead of the thief on the right witnessing to Jesus as the son of God, the saints who had followed and attended him should have testified and assisted Jesus. However, because there were no disciples who could have taken such a responsibility at the time, today you must take on the mission.

Until today, God has been persevering to send one person on earth who could liberate the lamentations of God and human beings. Human beings have been longing for the arrival of such a person. This is the providence of God and human history as well.

When viewed from this providential perspective, Moses was destined to lead the Israelites from Egypt into the land of Canaan and destroy the seven tribes of Canaan. You must understand that on that people level foundation, Jesus came to fulfill the purpose of the dispensation for the restoration of the world.

Today, it is the time when Jesus' will is revealed even in the land of the desert, the wilderness, or the satanic world, as in the palace of the Pharaoh. Because the Israelites could not follow Moses as their leader completely, although they were destined to cross the Jordan River with Moses, destroy the seven tribes in the land of Canaan and build the kingdom of Heaven with God's mighty power, they had to remain in the land of the wilderness. By the same token, today, those who do not sufficiently fulfill their responsibilities to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth cannot enter the land of Canaan but must remain in the wilderness. This is what Christians do not realize.

Then what was the condition of resentment that led to a crowd of 600,000 Israelites in the course of the wilderness being disunited with Moses? You should not be ignorant of this today. It is because among the Israelites, there was a group of people who longed to return to the life that they had spent in the shadow of the enemy in Egypt. They blocked Moses' path that was the heavenly destiny. 

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