The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1957

Be Bold and Strong

Sun Myung Moon
June 23, 1957
Let Us Be Strong And Bold And Restore The Lost Land
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 2
Seoul, Korea
Unofficial Translation

House where Sun Myung Moon was born and grew up in North Korea.

If we say that we are willing to take on such a responsibility and mission, what would God emphasize to us? As God told Joshua, who took over the mission of Moses in the wilderness, "Be bold and strong." He would stress us to be the same.

Now you have to understand that you are in the wilderness, gazing at the blessed land of Canaan on the worldwide level, with hoping to enter the land. You should maintain your mind and body like Joshua and Caleb.

Then, how should Christians throughout the world live today? They must be pleading to Heaven for someone like Joshua and Caleb to appear on the earth to lead Christianity. In the wilderness period, when chaos and confusion are prevalent because the center was lost, the time has come when someone like Joshua and Caleb must appear to show the direction to follow in order to resolve the problems they face. Christians should clearly understand this. For this end, the denomination that you belong is not important. Do you follow?

In the Book of Revelation, Chapter 11 prophesied two olive trees. What does this mean? It means that someone like Joshua and Caleb will appear, before the start of the worldwide course to restore Canaan. Just as Joshua and Caleb, who in place of Moses, led the Jewish people to the land of Canaan, today someone like Joshua and Caleb, who upholds the gospel of Jesus, will appear and lead the people of God to march into the new blessed land of Canaan on the worldwide level.

Furthermore, just as the Israelites who entered the land of Canaan with Joshua and Caleb destroyed the seven tribes of Canaan, you must be also take responsibility for destroying Satan. You must become heavenly warriors, responsible for completing this course. You must engrave this in your hearts.

No matter where this person, this Joshua or Caleb who speaks the new words of truth, appears in the world, you should become great witnesses and teachers, helping people open their minds and hearts, listen to the words, and dedicate their lives for God. The path Joshua and Caleb walked was full of adventures. Their path was a difficult and pioneering one, as well as one that led to many battles. Wherever they went, they had to face hard tasks to fulfill their missions as pioneers. Sometimes they faced personal tests and trials, and other times they had to deal with challenges caused by the environment. Their course was filled with all kinds of tribulations.

When Moses was about to commence the journey to lead the Israelites into the blessed land of Canaan, Pharaoh attempted to kill him, and many among the Israelites distrusted and opposed him. By the same token, Joshua and Caleb faced similar challenges. Since God knew this so well, He told Joshua and Caleb, "Be strong and bold." What does the word, "Be strong and bold" mean? This means to transcend all the human conditions ("You must go beyond all the humanistic conditions").

For the same reason, Jesus was triumphant in overcoming (over) all the humanistic conditions through his three temptations. Accordingly, even 2,000 years later, today, you should also be strong and bold in overcoming all the human conditions.

Joshua was placed in the position of Moses where he must walk the course from the battle at the individual level to the battle of his last moment, victoriously. For this reason, upon entering Canaan, along with the words, "Be strong and bold," God also advised, "Consider the individuals whom you are dealing with to be your enemies, any tribes and races to be your enemy, and any land to be the land of the enemy."

Today since you stand in the same position as Joshua, you will also meet your personal enemies wherever you go. Your environment will attack you. Our race and our nation will attack us as well. However, if we who are chosen are united together and committed to be second Joshuas, who fight until the end at the risk of our lives, and if we become saints who can take responsibility for the worldwide Christianity, following Jesus Christ at the risk of our lives, we can win any battles ahead of us. This is the reason why God wants us to be strong and bold.

What should you do with yourselves, then? First, you must evaluate and examine yourselves correctly as you stand in the position of being strong and bold. You should be able to critique yourselves if you have any faults. 

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