The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1956

Let Us Claim Back the World of God's Dominion and Offer It to Him

Sun Myung Moon
June 27, 1956
Headquarters Church, Seoul, Korea

15 Then the Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap him in his words. 16 They sent their disciples to him along with the Herodians. "Teacher," they said, "we know that you are a man of integrity and that you teach the way of God in accordance with the truth. You aren't swayed by others, because you pay no attention to who they are. 17 Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay the imperial tax to Caesar or not?" 18 But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, "You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? 19 Show me the coin used for paying the tax." They brought him a denarius, 20 and he asked them, "Whose image is this? And whose inscription?" 21 "Caesar's," they replied. Then he said to them, "So give back to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's." 22 When they heard this, they were amazed. So they left him and went away.
Matthew 22:15-22


Beloved Father, we pitiful ones have come, longing to be embraced in Your bosom. Please govern our minds and bodies. Please govern over our whole being. Allow us to realize the minds and bodies about which You can be happy. Please allow this hour to be immersed in the glory and righteousness of the Father.

Beloved Father! Please have sympathy for those who have gathered here longing for You. If the Father is not present in them, then they are the most pathetic and lonely people. Father, please have dominion over them all. Beloved Father, I honestly hope and desire that You will be at work to make them become the heroes who can fulfill their wishes.

We have gathered our scattered hearts in this hour and are bowing down before You to offer gifts to Your sacred image. Father, I wish that You eradicate, from the beginning to the end of this hour, all the elements in us that are not acceptable to You and move our hearts.

We know that in this day, Father, there are many who have gathered here to seek blessing, so please work a miracle with the grace of the Trinity wherever they gather. Beloved Father, we pray that the time will come in the near future when the same grace can be given to every one of them who praises Your glory and to every place they gather to take charge of the responsibility given to them in the last days.

Isolated members have gathered on this day to build an altar undisclosed to others and they are bowing down, so please appear as the master of life for the whole, and appear as the spirit of resurrection for the whole. Please do not let their work of life and resurrection cease on the earth, and allow this place to be filled only with the honor to return joy to God by bringing harmony to the countless saints in heaven and to all of creation.

From the beginning to the end, please do not allow Satan to invade. Sincerely wishing that the victorious Father of glory will protect us, I prayed in the name of the loving Lord. Amen.


Beloved Father! We brothers and sisters who do not possess anything have come before the Father's knees. Please do not let them feel self- centered emotions. Please let them not possess any valuable thing centering on themselves without first living for the sake of Heaven and the Father. Let everything be offered as a sacrifice for the sake of the dispensation of God.

We are pitiful ones whose minds and bodies are under the dark shadows, so Father, please have sympathy. We are stretching our weak and powerless hands toward the sky, so Father, please extend Your hands of compassion. We who used to be dragged toward Satan are now stretching our arms toward Heaven and crying out, so Father, please embrace us. Even if we stand on this perilous earth that Satan governs over, beloved Father, please raise us to become the shield of Heaven who possess the eternal heart of God, the valiant soldiers and children who can become the pride of Heaven.

Father, Your beloved children have gathered here now. Although the natures of those who gathered here may differ greatly, they earnestly wish to take after You, so please receive them with a single heart. Giving them commandments, please allow them to obey Your directions and to testify to the heart of Heaven.

Those children whom the Father has called upon have gathered here in this hour, so please lead them to fight against the enemy, Satan, who is spread out all over the world, and to become capable enough to block off all approaching crises with the shield of victory. Please let us stand in the position of ones who give rather than ones who take, and please allow us to bring out our full value and become sources of Your glory.

Father, these beloved children of Yours who are tired from difficulties and surrounded by disaster, if You do not grab hold of them tight they will become the most pitiful ones. There are trials, crises and grief accompanying every step they take and in every environment they dwell in, so please guard them and protect them.

We could fight until now because You have toiled and been concerned about us. They are experiencing Your tribulations and shedding Your tears, so Father, please protect them eternally. Please defend them until the day when they can return the glory of Hosanna to the Father, representing all things that come with the joy of happiness, and offer bows of gratitude in the garden of the ultimate victory.

I am trying to convey the message that You have permitted this hour in Your place, so please remove all of their wrong thoughts and concepts, and please let the inspiring works of recreation and harmony pour forth. Please allow this hour to be a time when our minds and bodies cannot but be moved and intoxicated in Your love, that we may offer bows, submit and repent. In this hour, please allow them to receive the heart of Heaven without any hindrance. Wishing this earnestly, I prayed in the name of the beloved Lord. Amen.

The Task of Finding the Governing Lord, God

The topic I want to speak about, centering on the Bible verse I have recited, is "Let Us Claim Back the World of God's Dominion and Offer It to Him." I will speak briefly on this topic.

All the things God created in six days have been in a state of sorrow and difficulty until now, for they have not been able to serve the governing Lord, God. This remains before us as the fate we must resolve in the course of restoration. Accordingly, if we want to be elevated as the sacrifice that can pledge before Heaven and bring the victory, then we must bring the restoration of the dominion that God desires to a conclusion. Without doing that, we can never stand on firm footing as the victorious sacrifice. The reason that such a course lies before human beings is that after the fall, a world unfolded that nobody wants, a world Satan that dominates.

God, who had created all things to obtain joy through Adam and Eve, lost everything He had created because of their fall. He lost Adam and Eve and the creation. What is more, to everyone's surprise, Satan has taken over the position of God, the Creator, and has been dominating all things. This is the grief of God and the grief of the conscientious people and saints who have longed to take after the heart of God during restoration history until now.

If you bring created beings in front of you and ask what their wishes are, what answer would they give? Every one of them will answer, "Finding the governing Lord, God." Although God understands well that this is what all things seek, He cannot directly govern over them even if He wants to. You must understand that this is the lamentation of God.

What is the wish of men, who are part of the creation that God lost? It is to be governed directly by God, who used to govern according to the wishes and longings of every created being.

Today the mission lies before us to fulfill this; we are given the royal summons to carry it out. Therefore, we must restore God's dominion and at the same time restore the dominion of being the master of all things. Moreover, we must return the glory of gratitude for the grace that God reigns over. Today this kind of responsibility lies not with the creation, not with the soldiers and angels in heaven, but in us, we who amount to nothing.

Accordingly, if we fail in our responsibilities once, then we will lose dominion over the whole of Heaven. If we lose the original Heaven, then we will lose the whole hope of all things. Therefore, if we cannot fulfill the responsibility in our life that decides the historical fate, then we cannot stand before God, and we cannot emerge as the master of all things.

You are the center of the whole world of creation. You were endowed with creativity and were created to be the center of the internal world. The course you must walk is not to remain constrained within you.

If you live a life for the sake of the universe but only think about yourself, then God's ability to dominate and create will be undermined. You must understand that then the hope the creation has in you, that you may govern over it, will also be shattered.

Consequently, you must bring out the full value, which represents the position of Heaven's dominion over all of the creation. By doing so, you should be able to utter with your own mouth, "God, I have fulfilled all the purposes that You intended for me when you raised me up as the one You have sought, the original lord of dominion who represents the whole. God, please give me the command." This is the person God has longed for during the 6,000 years of the dispensation. Accordingly, the mission we share in common is to fight through the tribulations of God's 6,000 years and restore humankind by defeating the enemy, Satan.

As the representative of the whole, we must find the authority to govern. What specific things should we look for today?

Due to the fall, humankind lost God, who governs over the whole. We have lost God who governs over and is the root of the whole. Accordingly, today we must find the God who has created all things. In this way, you must obtain possession over all the things God has dominion over.

The Result of Losing God

What are our grief, sadness and lamentation? What is the sincere hope and wish that has been hidden deep within the course of dispensational history for 6,000 years? It is finding God, whom humankind, the universe, heaven and earth have lost. God is the hope we must seek and He is the root of the glory that represents the value of the whole. Therefore, to restore the dominion of God over the whole, you must be able to possess God. You must become people who can greet God.

What kind of being is God? You must understand that He is the God who created all things and who has been working hard to have dominion over the whole creation. Accordingly, if you come to possess God now, because that God is your God, if He is eternal, you also will become eternal. If He gains dominion over the whole world of creation, you will be able to stand in the position of the incarnation of God who can govern over all things. If you cannot raise yourself up, then you cannot say you possess God.

The reason there is so much sorrow and death on the earth is because we have lost God. What is more, by our losing God, Satan came to fill the role of the master. According to the principles of creation, humankind originally should have served God as the only master, but because of the fall, they have come to serve Satan as the master in place of God.

Before you lies the fateful responsibility to repossess the love of God. Yet who is blocking the path? Who opposes the will that the created world of all things serves God as the one center? It is Satan, who is inducing sin and evil in you today. Hence, if you cannot pull out the root of sin and evil implanted deep in your mind today, and if, representing humanity, you cannot build the world of God after defeating Satan, the betrayer of Heaven who has been fighting for 6,000 years, then you cannot exercise the dominion of God on the earth.

You are seeking freedom in your minds, but the question is what kind of freedom you are pursuing. If you cannot find God, you will become the servant of Satan. Accordingly, if you cannot possess God but instead possess Satan, you will become a traitor who violates the universal principles. You must understand this.

To Possess God

For what reason has God taught us the universal laws? It is to teach us the way to find and understand God. What is more, He carried on the 6,000-year course of history to teach us that way.

Today you realize that God exists because of your faith. All the members know that the nature of God is manifested as the essential nature of the creation. You must build a relationship with God for eternity that no one can sever.

When this happens, whether you are dashing east, west, south or north, no matter what kind of course you find yourself on, as long as God remains unchanging, your right to possess God will not be affected. If you cannot stand in such a position, then the expectations and hope that God has toward you will remain incomplete and unfulfilled. If that happens, then Satan has the condition to invade because of you, and God's sorrow will not be removed. You have to understand this.

What do we have to do in this position? First, we must cast off the accusations of Satan. We must be recognized just as Jesus was acknowledged: "Indeed, you are the son of God who is qualified to possess God and build a relationship of oneness with God." You must realize that if you cannot restore this kind of day, you cannot step forward as the master of the creation before God, who governs all things.

Due to the fall, humankind lost God and lost the original nature. Moreover, when we analyze ourselves, we can see that when we lost God, we also lost our original mind. You must rely on your mind. If you cannot control your mind as you will, then you cannot possess God, and God cannot build a relationship with you.

When your mind establishes the eternal standard of reciprocity with God, you can possess God, and God can dominate your mind as He wills. Therefore, just as God and Jesus became one in mind, you must become one with the mind of God to be in the state of having attained oneness with God. If you cannot stand in such a state, then your mind will not cannot rid itself of the conditions of Satan's accusations.

Originally, humankind should have lived according to the purpose that the mind desires, within the limits of the will that God demands. By doing so, humankind should have represented the whole ideology of God and entered the position of being the second God. However, due to the fall, humankind lost the original mind that can achieve this. Consequently, the condition is such that human beings today must suffer grief in order to find this original mind.

Therefore, we must purify our minds through Jesus Christ. Although our minds are trapped in sorrow, we must give rise to a new mind when we face the universe and rectify the original heart that can find its way through the darkness. By doing so, you must link with the heart of God and connect with the minds of humankind who are stranded in the realm of death, and create the mind that can revive them. If you are unable to do this, then you must realize that you do not possess the heart that can eternally possess God, and at the very least, must repent.

When we offer ourselves fully to God, we do not do our utmost just for a certain time period. As long as God remains unchanging, you are to secure the unchanging heart toward God during your life. In other words, you must lay the foundation of heart that Satan cannot invade with any kind of condition. This must be built the immutable system in the future. It must become the fundamental principle for walking the path of the universe.

Now, you must understand that if you do not possess the heart that God can take pride in, you cannot be in the position to win the sympathy of God.

Jesus, Who Possessed God

When humankind restores its dominion over the whole by finding their original hearts, then they will be granted the authority to command any being in the creation through the activities of their minds. Thus far, no one has perfected the mind's ability to dominate like this.

Moreover, we still stagnate in the sorrowful state where human beings cannot assert their authority to act systematically according to the will of God. Satan has much cause to rejoice due to this. As long as humankind remains stagnant, this condition puts God into a state of anguish. You must clearly understand this.

What was the wish that God wanted to realize through Jesus, whom He sent after 4,000 years of preparation? Because in the course of 4,000 years, there was not even one person who gained possession of the God who was lost, Jesus wished that humankind could possess God through him.

Consequently, Jesus arose as the perfected possessor of God. What is more, Jesus was the person who was sent to represent the mind of humankind in the human world and the external aspect of God's heart.

Two thousand years have passed since the coming of Jesus. What is the condition of glory that every people, tribe and individual must come to possess? It is none other than possessing God. It is the hope of Jesus and God that such a person will come forward.

Jesus came to the earth and possessed God. Furthermore, as his mind established the base of reciprocity with human beings, his body represented the body of God.

Jesus emerged after setting the standard to own the mind of God and the creation. He came bodily with the principled right of possession. Therefore, the day he appeared was the day of God representing the whole universe.

Suppose the saints of today, believing in Jesus and understanding God, obtain God's comprehensive right of unchanging possession. What would they do? You must join the standard of value centering on that right of possession with your mind and your physical body and present it before the whole of heaven and earth. This is what Jesus left behind on the earth. You must understand that the ideology of the Second Advent of today longs for that day to come.

What is the mission the Lord of the Second Advent must do after he comes to the earth? What is the ultimate purpose Christians must fulfill in the last days? No matter how much Christians have come to possess God with their minds, or no matter how much you have come to possess God with your minds, there still remains one condition (of accusation) and that is the fact that you have failed to own your body. For this reason, you must complete your right to possess your body now and emerge as the embodiment of God's love and the incarnation who can testify to the original nature of God. When will such people emerge? You must understand that Jesus came to raise such people.

The Restoration of the Body and the Comprehensive Right of Ownership

After Jesus passed away, the Holy Spirit was sent to the earth in order to complete that task. Therefore, you must now become one with the subjectivity of mind that Jesus has and the comprehensive subjectivity of God. Then, having become one with the rights of possession of yourself and God, you must appear and bring out the value of the Holy Spirit with your body. Jesus could not thoroughly manifest the value of the body because his spirit was separated from his body. You must display the aspect of Jesus' mind and the value of the Holy Spirit, who has become one with God.

Therefore, the purpose of the 4,000-year history was to transfer the right to possess the mind of humankind in the conventional realm to the natural right of possession. This task is not that difficult. Nonetheless, the difficulty in the course of the dispensation lies in that it must be materialized in the body. The value of that concept must be manifested in a relative value, which is the body.

In his life of thirty years, Jesus came to possess God and that mind for the sake of this task, but he has not been able even now to escape from the realm of Satan's accusation in the 2,000 years since. He has not been able to be ensconced in an impenetrable position that is not subject to the trials of Satan. Jesus has been accused by Satan in the spirit world, and the Holy Spirit has been accused by Satan in the physical world.

There still remains the unfulfilled course of going over the three stages in the physical realm, which is the principle of creation. Because of this, Satan retains even today the condition to fight with Jesus, and he can even present conditions to fight with God and the Holy Spirit. This is what you must understand. Moreover, you must know that although you have possessed God in your minds on the foundation of Jesus' thirty-year life course, because you could not possess God in your body, until now God could not govern over our bodies.

Humankind today is in the position to have to strike their own bodies. What is the purpose behind that? The reason that one strikes the body is to eliminate Satan. Furthermore, by striking the body, the Holy Spirit can conquer it. Thus, the reason that we strike our body is to set the condition for the Holy Spirit to occupy our body. To strike our own bodies is to strike Satan. By striking Satan, the Holy Spirit can occupy what had been previously conquered by Satan. Because of this, one can possess God, possess the original conscience, and possess the body. When this takes place, we can claim the merit of having finally brought to completion the eternal and unchanging right of possession, which represents all the creation in heaven and on earth.

Accordingly, if that state is not established, you cannot say that you have struck your body. Only after you find it can you erect the subjective standard of the whole and receive glory in the place of God. Moreover, because there is this will in the background, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been laboring even after Jesus' death, until now. Therefore, for anyone who has the spiritual and physical, even for someone who is in the satanic realm, the 2,000 years of the mournful dispensational history of God was the time when the providence was being carried on with the hope that the Holy Spirit would one day take over.

Now we must look back at our past with this perspective. As long as you still have the (unclaimed) right to possess God, there will always be sorrow for God, who is the Lord of Dominion. Accordingly, when you think about the fact that the sadness incurred in God and the world of creation is because of you, you must repent for your sins today. The reason you repent for the sins you committed is so that you can establish heartistic merit. We must make a worthwhile repentance in which we can say that we have come to possess God, who is the Lord of Dominion over the whole.

The Reason You Must Repent for the Sins You Have Committed

Until now, faithful believers have led a life in which they struck their bodies, but this must not continue forever. The purpose of striking the body is to help the Holy Spirit occupy the body and make it possible for it to receive the love of God. Christians today completely forget that they have the responsibility to do this. They have forgotten it for 2,000 years. Where the godly love of the physical body is neglected, the love of the spiritual cannot be complete.

The reason is that when the mind becomes one with God and the body becomes one with the mind, then the body will move naturally. It is a universal principle that progress will occur through the complete giving and receiving action between the mind and body centering on God. It is the law of the creation that wherever there are unity and good giving and receiving action on a reciprocal base, the creation of one demonstrative, substantial body will take place. Only then is it complete.

The reason that God created all things is that He Himself wanted to be happy. When one does one's utmost to forge unity between one's mind and the mind of God, you can become one with God. Furthermore, the foundation will be laid to become one with humankind on the earth, so the dispensation of heaven on earth will unfold in a new way. Accordingly, when mind and body become one within you and you build a relationship with the Holy Spirit, we can restore God's victorious subjectivity over the whole. This is what you must understand.

What we find is that in walking toward the will of God, there is more than just one way. There are front, back, left, right and all four directions. Nonetheless, human beings today are left with the direction heading toward Satan. Consequently, when you try to find the body and mind, and when your mind and body try to improve their horizontal and vertical aspects, Satan is encountered in all four directions. Furthermore, in all six directions, front, back, left, right, up, and down, Satan has set up an encampment of darkness. Therefore, you are to penetrate through the tents and raise yourself up. You are to unveil your true merit before all things, proclaiming, "God is my eternal possession. My mind is the possession of God. My body is also the possession of God, and that very person is I." The substantial embodiment whom the Trinity is seeking in heaven and on earth must quickly step forward.

Where in the world of creation can one find such a valuable being, with whom the Holy Spirit can go and dwell, as well as Jesus and God? You have to understand that such a person is the substantial embodiment of the ideals of the restoration that God has desperately longed for and sought after for 6,000 years.

The Substantial Embodiment God Has been Desperately Seeking for 6,000 Years

Consequently, when such a meritorious being appears on the earth, God will not allow any condition against him. God and even Satan will hold onto him and shed tears of comfort. Accordingly, today we must understand what kind of environment in which we are living. You must not disregard yourselves, you who bear this kind of responsibility for the whole. You must supervise that great responsibility.

Now, if you can possess God freely, then you can say that you have come to possess your mind, which you can elevate as the eternal center. What is more, if you bring the body to perfection as a substantial entity that can create eternal life and possess it, then no matter where you go, east, west, south or north, no matter where you dwell, the victory song of Hosanna will be sung there. What will unfold is that all things in the creation will submit naturally to you, saying, "You are indeed the son of God who dwells in the glory." You must understand this.

Moreover, today, such an event should not occur in just one dimension but must unfold everywhere. However, because there is not one being who has fully resolved all the basic problems of possession and appeared before the creation in the full honor of merit, becoming such a person remains as the hope you are to fulfill.

You and I, as well as God, are all sad about such a state of humankind. Today we must be in the position of possessing such value. Representing all things and the whole, we must obtain the glory of Heaven and offer the victorious song to God. When this is done, the heavenly soldiers and angels in heaven, as well as the countless saints, will greet the day of happiness and joy. What is more, we will return glory to God. Unless this task is completed, humankind will walk this path for many trillions of years.

We have not fully brought this to a conclusion. Who was the main cause of this situation? This is, of course, partly because we ourselves are unworthy, but more important, it is because there are satans who are making accusations to Heaven.

If there was someone who was the master and the governing lord of the whole and the whole creation could be dominated because of that one man, then even if he could not complete the restoration of the whole, it is all right. Using the power of the whole, we can focus our efforts and carry on a new task. Similarly, although God has tried to lead the whole of history toward one direction, because of Satan's existence, that task could not be fulfilled.

Therefore, to bring Satan to an unconditional surrender and to allow the countless imperfect spirits in heaven to proceed toward perfection, God promised to send one person. That one person is none other than Jesus.

When you think about how you stand in the position to pursue the glory of God, what is it I have brought? Originally, the ideal that God held for men was obtaining the right of possession of heaven, mind and body. Therefore, if you have failed to reach the realm of such ideals, then you must have the eyes to discern the right of possession of evil and the right of possession of goodness. Going one step further, you must possess all of the five senses. Nevertheless, if in your life one day you could not prevent the accusations of Satan, then you will not recognize the Lord of the Second Advent even when he comes.

Faith that Can Distinguish and Discern

When you hear the words "The Lord of the Second Advent," you blink your eyes and express joy. What is so good about it? The Jewish people, in other words the priests, could not recognize Jesus. The Roman soldiers did not see him, and his opponents could not see him even if they tried. Only the person whose nature is connected to the mind and the body, the person who has established the standard of value that represents the whole, can see Jesus. There is a dimension in our seeing and hearing ability that depends on our nature.

Consequently, now you must go before humanity with the value of goodness and righteousness. The body resists this. This is the basic nature of Satan.

Where is the person who possesses God without appearing in public or having anyone know about him? Where is the person who possesses the original heart without anyone being aware of it? Where is such a person? The eternal God will accompany those who seek such a person.

Therefore, if we cannot enter such a position today, then we must at least be able to distinguish the evil sphere of dominion and the good sphere of dominion. You must not only be able to distinguish this with your mind and body, you must also be able to discern without even thinking about it. If you cannot awaken to the value of Heaven, then you have no vertical relationship with Jesus, even in the slightest degree. Hence, you must be able to distinguish and recognize everything about Satan. Unless you are someone who can discern all the subjective elements of evil that is left in heaven and earth, you cannot completely set the condition of victory before God.

If you can set such a condition, you will not suffer any pain while you are living on the earth. This is because one who possesses God has his mind held tight by Jesus and his body held firmly by the Holy Spirit.

Nonetheless, now these two have come together, so the spirit world is coming toward the physical world, while the physical world is coming toward the spiritual world to work in full cooperation. Furthermore, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all working together. Consequently, in such times, you must not only be able to go before Jesus and the Holy Spirit to offer a bow; you must also be able to go before God.

Furthermore, you should walk the fundamental course of distinction in your life of faith based on experience. As the unchanging victor representing eternity before all things, you should set the standard of which you can be proud. If you cannot set the standard yourself, then a condition for sorrow will remain on the earth. What is more, as long as conditions for sorrow remain, even when you go to heaven, you will have a difficult time finding the internal heart of God. Therefore, you must reveal yourself as the being of life born through Jesus of the heart and the Holy Spirit of the body, and emerge as the substantial embodiment of glory. When this takes place, you will finally become the embodiment of faith.

Thus, if you can restore your glorious self and take on the work without the help of the Trinity, just as laws run this universe, a joyful mind will dominate the whole of you. That kind of life is not momentary, but eternal. So you should be able to proudly step forward before the creation as the lord of dominion, pronouncing, "God is my possession. The Lord is mine, the Holy Spirit is mine, and I, also, am mine." You should be able to say to Heaven, "Oh, Father! Thank You."

There are no contradictions in the law of Heavenly fortune. Because humankind has been elevated as the representative of the subjectivity and ideology of the Creator, since they have minds and bodies, they cannot exist without the relationship between the two. Therefore, you must never forget that only when you build a world of dominion on the earth that can connect all things in heaven and earth, can the Lord's glory be unveiled.


Beloved Father, when we realized that the fateful path that lies ahead of us is this difficult, like steep mountains with thick forests, we find that the scope of our belief is so narrow. Because we have been following the path of the will too narrowly, too passively and too inadequately, we have to make a frank report to You.

Father, from this hour, please allow us to be governed by God, who is guiding the whole dispensation of the universe. Please grant sympathy so that we can look up to Your image. Jesus, please hold us firmly. Holy Spirit, please lift us up. My Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You will raise us up so that we can be capable enough to adequately represent the creation on the earth and grow as the original substantial being who can naturally distinguish good from evil. Please let all your children who have gathered here this evening forget all the concepts about themselves, Father. Please remove Satan's right of possession from our bodies. In this way, please guide us to be restored as the unchanging individuals whose minds possess only God, call out only to God, and are proud only of God.

We know that Satan will submit naturally when we return glory to the Father, when all things and the countless saints in heaven join in harmony and cry out in one voice, and when the singing of Hallelujah in gratitude echoes in heaven and earth. Lead us to make this come true.

Please let the whole subjectivity of the Father bear fruit in us, and please allow us, who have been called upon to represent the whole, to sing the victorious song of Hosanna before the Father. Amid the harmony of all things, please allow us to become the children of victory who represent Heaven and the center of testimony. Father, as we wished for and desired these things, we prayed everything in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

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