The Words of the Sun Myung Moon after 2012

Hak Ja Han's Hoon Dok Hae selections

Sun Myung Moon
May 2013
Excerpts from the multi-volume "The Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon"

True Mother asked members to read these excerpts during Hoon Dok Hae as preparation in the days leading up to the May 5, 2013 Joint Sunday Service.

Inheriting True Parents' Victorious Authority

If the True Parents had not appeared on earth, God could never have his children in the spirit world. For the first time, sons and daughters of the original nature can be born through me. Through me, God's royal family will come into being. You should have that pride. It is up to us to link all nations to the original Eden. That is why I laid a victorious foundation reaching beyond heaven and earth. True Parents built such a foundation. And True Parents' achievements must be bequeathed to the True Children. (218-200, 1991.7.28)

True Parents' Victorious Authority

The victorious authority of the True Parents refers to their victory in battle against Satan. It means that True Parents gained complete victory- on the individual level, on the family level and on the levels of the tribe, people, nation and world. It was always a harsh, challenging course. However, we overcame all the difficulties and gained victory. We offered the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God, thus even bringing about the miracle of God's liberation. The True Parents are forgiving even the collapsed communist nations again with true love and embracing them as we move forward. (421-17, 2003.10.15)

The victorious authority of the True Parents means recovering the individuals that have been lost and whom Satan has taken away. The individual level was lost. Because of Eve, even Adam was lost. Since Adam has been found, he must recover the women of the world. Therefore, on April 10, 1992, I put Mother forward and am recovering women through a movement for their liberation. We are entering the age of the Mother. This is the age of the Mother. (266-247, 1995.1.1)

When we say that True Parents have been victorious, we mean that all things which were lost due to the false parent have been recovered. There is now a true son, a true daughter, and a true husband and wife. The True Parents are the root through whom a clan can be established in which, through a true husband and wife, thousands and tens of thousands of generations of descendants will be composed entirely of good people. (266-252, 1995.1.1)

The victorious authority of the True Parents is not limited to individuals. It leaves a mark on the history of the universe. In order to inherit this, you have to settle accounts over what Adam and Eve lost, over staining their lineage, over their failure to have absolute faith or to become one through absolute love. Since, for this purpose, I have already achieved supremacy based on victory, what you need to do is ascend and descend beginning at the individual level, according to the original orbit. You have to come and go freely. When we look at God and human beings from a two-dimensional viewpoint, God has been separated from human beings and banished to the far ends of the world. That is why Parents went there and brought God back to our family. It required eight stages vertically. We overcame everything both vertically and horizontally and escaped the realm of Satan's accusation, so we are now in a time when we can freely attend God in our family and in our nation. (266-284, 1995.1.1)

Based on what can I take pride in the name "True Parent"? It is on account of the fact that the internal realm of Shim Jung, which can bring down barriers blocking the way and open the gates through all horizontal and vertical stages and spheres in history centering on love, has been laid down. Not only I, but also heaven and earth, history, and this age should rejoice over such a victorious foundation. It is only at that level that we can rejoice; we should not rejoice while denying history and the past. We should keep this as something in which to find joy in the past, present and future alike. (174-190, 1988.2.28)

A model of Cain and Abel should be made centering on the family that practices absolute faith, love, and obedience after hanging its lineage, changing its ownership and entrusting its realm of Shim Jung to True Parents. Through the victory of the family that achieved triumphant supremacy, "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" and "The Safe Settlement of the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" came to pass. Because everything reached settlement on the family level, we were recognized as complementary subject partners in front of the families of the world and thus True Parents' victorious authority could be inherited. In that way, the formal foundation of the realm of the four-position foundation of Adam and Eve will expand through the levels of individual, family, tribe, people and nation. This expansion does not occur all at once. The nation centers on the world. The nation's destination is the world. The nation is the starting point of being able to reach to the world. (270-152, 1995.5.29)

You must be proud of and love the True Parents. It is True Parents and the Completed Testament Age -- the safe settlement of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. The True Parents settle and bequeath to us the True Parents and the victorious authority of the True Parents. Since they have settled, they can give us the Blessing. This is a global settlement. They bequeathed it to us. Because of this bequeathal, fallen people should be grateful. They must praise the True Parents and love the True Parents. In giving you the blessing, Heaven's Parents were proud of you and pledged to love you. In return, therefore, you must praise and be proud of those Heavenly Parents. That is the way to alleviate the sadness of the Heavenly Family. (281-282, 1997.3.9)

Adam's family was lost but that lost family grew to global proportions. Thus, the True Parents must bring it together and turn it back to how it should have been. Since things became as they are due to the love, life and lineage of the false parents, the True Parents must take every individual, family, tribe, people, nation and the entire world to return them back to God's side. Everything has been completely turned upside down in this way through the false parents, and the family is not the only thing True Parents will restore. All the perfected realms of heaven and earth have to be restored through indemnity, reorganized centering on the family, and all the eight stages including tribe and people, and so on, all need to be dealt with. The family was lost due to the false parents, but what was dealt with in this family cannot be returned back to God. It can only be dealt with when all the victorious realms in heaven and earth have been attained. (439-27, 2004.2.19)

I am presently making many proclamations, such as the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth, the founding of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and the Declaration of the Resolution of Indemnity. This is inevitable as the path to liberation must be paved, leveling mountains to build it according to the standard of the original world. Were I someone without such past accomplishments, I could not be the True Parent, I could not be the Messiah: nor could I be the returning Lord. (289-64, 1997.12.30)

The Way to Inherit the Victorious Authority

The settlement of the Completed Testament Age means that centering on True Parents' family we have become one great family, like a positive charge. All of humankind is a negative charge. All the families will become the counterpart families to the family with a positive charge. If, in the position of perfect negative charges, they just become one with the Parents' family, then they will all rise to the same position. This is the formula of the universe. In order for that to happen, three important conditions are needed. First, the lineage must be changed. Second, ownership must be changed. Next, the realm of Shim Jung must be changed. The realm of Shim Jung is on three levels: individual, family and tribe. This forms one category. It cannot be divided. Therefore, the tribal messiah must connect these three stages to one single category. You can therefore go to the national level when you rise above this. (268-80, 1995.3.5)

Purity, pure lineage, and then pure love will be positioned where true love and true life are perfect centering on unique, unchanging, and eternal love, which is the mainstream of God's love based on his ideal for the creation. You have to receive your inheritance after establishing a family from the position of the family of dutiful children, loyal patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters, from the position where everything under heaven is unified to form an equilibrium, and from the position that can represent all supremacy based on victory, a position in which one can smell the fragrance of flowers. (410-55, 2003.6.30)

In order to become the first son, and in order to inherit the right of the first son, you must be better than Satan. You have to be God's representative in all areas, and say that you will stand in the position of taking responsibility in accordance with God's laws and principles. This means that the person who loves God more will receive the prize. Because this is true, God can carry out the providence of restoration. You are to receive your inheritance centering on love so it is in accord with this principle that you can seize the birthright of the first son. The sons and daughters on I leaven' side must be more dutiful to their parents than are the sons and daughters of Satan's world. The people on Heaven's side must love their families, their nations, the world and all humankind more than the people of Satan's world do. They must be superior in all aspects. This must be done voluntarily rather than by force. (102-182, 1978.12.24)

Inheriting True Parents' Tradition

Because the seeds for these things were sown in the Garden of Eden through the Fall, such phenomena will arise across the world and the time will come to reap the fruits of the Fall. Such a time is now. Since this world cannot be allowed to go on as it is, the time for harvest has now come, we have reached the time to reap the fruit. The world has become the way it is through receiving a tradition that deviates from God due to its relationship with the fallen parents. Thus, True Parents must come and establish a new ideology. What kind of ideology should that be? Should it be an ideology based on the world or on the cosmos? It is the ideology based on the true family. Without its appearance, a world-centered ideology cannot emerge. The representative of the ideology based on the true family must be God's true son. He should be the internal heir who inherits everything related to God's heart. He should also be his external heir, the heir of the ownership of all things. In other words, he has to be someone who can inherit God's heart, inherit God's body and inherit all things. Only such a son can stand on God's behalf. God's kingdom will finally be realized only when that son comes. (21-49, 1968.9.1)

True Parents' Tradition

How will history unfold from now? When True Parents' tradition appears, then the lifestyle centering on the True Parents will remain as the standard of actual traditions throughout the rest of history for all eternity. If we walk on for a thousand more years, people will not be looking to the future for hope but in the opposite way, they will model things on this present time, which will be a thousand years in their past. Up until now, fallen people have been seeking for a unified world, but if the True Parents, who can be determined as the center of the world, appear, then all people will perfectly emulate the tradition of the True Parents and uphold them as the center. Therefore, as time goes, the domain that has that center will continue to expand. Therefore, True Parents family is the foundation that can represent the tradition of the future and the entirety of the history that people hope to see. It is also the foundation that represents the entire central history of the future era. True Parents' family is the foundation that can represent the central history in the future. The six thousand years of God's history was to create True Parents' family. Why are people going through struggles in the present time? It is so they can meet True Parents' family. (44-134, 1971.5.6)

What is the love of the True Parents? We did not have true ancestors who could do this, so at some point the Messiah must come to stand as the True Parent and establish such a tradition of love from the level of the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world. Only when that is realized on the level that transcends one people can heaven and God's museum be established on earth. I am saying that we should establish the tradition of love that we can share with him while rebinding with him in the present time centering on all individuals and families, rebinding everything that was disconnected centering on families. To prepare such an amazing foundation is the mission of the True Parents, and to uphold and actualize that purpose is the mission of the Unification Church. (107-161, 1980.4.20)

You become an owner only when you act with the Shim Jung (heart) of a parent and the body of a servant. This is God's unfinished work. You can only attain that if, with the Shim Jung of the Father, you shed tears and sweat and shed your boiling blood. In order to become a true leader, you have to receive true leadership. You must inherit the tears, sweat and blood of the True Parents, who are going the way of Heaven. You have to shed tears, sweat and blood and that is what you will leave behind as your tradition. (11-155, 1961.5.18)

What is the tradition of God and True Parents? First, it is to live for the sake of others. Second, it is to invest, invest and forget. Third, it is to pray and offer Jong Song on the path to perfection. You cannot do this alone. Why do you need to pray? It is because you have to receive the help of Heaven, which is in the subject position, and because Heaven needs to be aligned with you. Then, why do you need to offer Jong Song? It is because you need to carve out the path that will allow you to accept your circumstances. Prayer is to create a bond with Heaven as the subject partner, and Jong Song is to expand horizontal relationships. (219-216, 1991.8.29)

What kind of family is the family of True Parents? The family of True Parents is the fruit of history, the center of this age, and the starting point of the future. Hence, in the future, when the world we live in becomes the heavenly kingdom we have hoped for. True Parents' whole lives will be the tradition there. This tradition is the mother of a national ideology. Also, this is the original point from which to construct that world. Based on the relationship that makes you children of True Parents, you should always establish the three-generation realm together with True Parents. The three generations are God, the Parents and you. Horizontally, there are also three generations: I, my own children, and you. Heaven and earth will not be unified until these three generations have been completed. (44-169, 1971.5.6)

Tradition, education and practice are education in the tradition and the teachings centered on True Parents. You are to inherit everything that True Parents won through battle. True Parents must bind all things, all sons and daughters, everything that is of the Old, New, and Completed Testament by the love of Parents, without any discrimination, and which Satan cannot accuse, and then offer them to God. True Parents will offer God the entire world that has unified based on the UN and then inherit it back. In so doing, True Parents' right of ownership will begin. (417-124, 2003.9.5)

The six thousand years of God's history was to establish True Parents' family. Why is humankind is going through difficulties today? It is in order to meet True Parents' family. Our descendants in the future will be there so that True Parents will have descendants. It is not so that there will be True Parents' nation or True Parents' world; when True Parents appear, True Parents' nation and True Parents' world will naturally appear. It is so that there will be descendants of the True Parents. The nation is not what is needed. The time of our ideal is the time when we need to live centering on Parents. At that time, heaven and earth will already be governed under the authority of the Parents. At that time, you will not just be ordinary citizens. The tradition that has been wrought centering on the True Parents will therefore remain forever as a historical tradition. There is no greater tradition than this. (44-134• 1971.5.6)

Originally, had Adam and Eve not fallen, human history would have begun from the Parents. The Parents' words would have become their descendants' words, the Parents' way of life would have become their descendants' way of life, and the environmental reality felt by the Parents would have been felt by their descendants. History starts from the Parents. (26-280, 1969.11.10)

Receiving True Parents' Tradition

Fathers and mothers want to bequeath everything they have to their beloved sons and daughters. Inheriting the universe can be fully achieved with ease of mind when those who are involved find the position of equal value in love according to the tradition of love. This is why parents want children of filial piety. Who are these children of filial piety? They are those who, as co-participants in their parents' eternal love, will continue the tradition of bequeathing love. (140-235, 1986.2.12)

Who do you want as the head of your family? What kind of person would the father, the grandmother, or the whole family want as their heir? It is the one who loves the most. If the grandfather is the one who loves the whole family the most, the family members will report to him rather than to the father. This is inevitable. Therefore, the one who can be the head of a household is the one who serves others with the most loving heart. The one who serves others more, with a heart of love, will inherit the tradition of love and of family. You should know that only such people will participate in the line of inheritance that will continue for eternity. (141-292, 1986.3.2)

In order to inherit the providence of God in its entirety, we have to be loyal to that tradition. Remaining loyal to the tradition, we must take responsibility. After taking responsibility, we must carry out a revolution. If the social environment is not according to the tradition in the eyes of the Father, and, if we are to allow that tradition to be passed on to everyone, we must fight to eliminate all that is wrong within the social environment. Otherwise, there will be no improvement. (152-197, 1963.5.10)

In order to inherit the ties with providential history and fulfill the responsibilities of a pioneer in this age, you must inherit the historically pure tradition of God's providence of restoration, take responsibility for that in the current environment of daily life, and struggle to build the foundation for a new ideal in the future. (152-198, 1963.5.10)

The kingdom of heaven is where people who live for the sake of others can go. Those who have communicated with and embraced the world while investing themselves in it, and who have wandered about seeking the place of the global ideal and the love with which to serve God, will be the owners of the heavenly kingdom. You should take pride in such things. You should take pride in your mother and father, your wife or husband, your sons and daughters, and your siblings. You must expand such a tradition and apply it to the nation. You must apply that formula to the world and to heaven and earth. Such people can have the right of equal participation, the right of equal position, and the right of inheritance wherever they go. (175-139, 1988.4.10)

What I will bequeath to you is the family-level realm of victory. What kind of family am I talking about? A family that represents the world. The family that fulfills a messianic mission is a family that represents the world. As such, it is the family that, representing all the peoples of the world, can embrace and manage all things and allow all people to come and go. I want you to become such families. When all five races want to find their way into that family, when they try to make relationships with that family, the family should not block them or say that only some people may come in. Just as all force and action must go through this point without exception, the principle is that the Shim Jung of all people expands in all four directions through that central point of Shim Jung. The family is the center. Therefore, even the kingdom of heaven can never be realized unless there is a core true family. (100-309, 1978.10.22)

The family is the base through which we can seek out the homeland and hometown and settle there. How should you live in such a family? You must meet the Father, become enraptured in tears, then live with him. This is for the sake of your nations and for your families. You need to find your families, and hold on tightly to the tradition of tears, the tradition of blood, the tradition of sweat, the tradition of water running from the nose, the tradition of the whole body, and thus leave behind purity, pure blood, pure love and pure nature that will not change in the second or third generations, nor change over the countless generations of your bloodline. The upper and lower, front and back, left and right must be clean. Only then can you have the pure blood and pure love of a clean lineage. You have to plant pure seeds through the gate of pure nature centering on the pure love that consists of true love, true life and true lineage. (484-84, 2005.1.20)

You must suffer more than others for the sake of the Will. When you do so, everyone will follow you. Who has suffered for the sake of the church? Who has sacrificed his own family for the sake of the church? Who is suffering more and is closer to the Shim Jung tradition? When someone of the lowest rank prays night and day for the sake of the Will, sheds his blood and sweat in striving to realize the spirit of love, then whether that person is a woman or a man, Heaven will continue a new history through that person. The Unification Church has already established that kind of tradition. Who among my sons and daughters will become my heir depends on who suffers more for the sake of the Will and who fulfills their filial duty. It is the same for each of them. It is the same in the family and the same in the church. Everyone must follow such a tradition. (113-47, 1981.5.1)

Inheriting the Teachings of Our True Parents Your mind and body are split apart and fighting every day within your individual self. It is something that you must resolve with God's word. You have to handle this problem through God's character and Shim Jung. You must reach the point where God likes it when you love yourselves, where God recognizes you when you establish yourselves. You must get to the point where God recognizes the things you say as true. The following are the issues most urgent to address in order to become such substantial beings: how to create a unified self within your realm of life, and how to construct a unified front within yourself. In order to know whether you can become such a substantial being or not, you must go out and spread the word with utmost devotion. When you do so, you will realize that God is always with you through your connection to the word. God will always be with you when you are connected to the word. (27-337, 1970.1.1)

The value of the Principle and of the word

We are connected to God through the word. Without the word, we cannot be connected to God. Without the word, we cannot find a connection to God. Without a substantial being that will proclaim the word, nothing works out. God's purpose in connecting to human beings is so that they will connect to his love. The one who proclaims the word that can connect human beings to God is a person living on earth. However, the words conveyed by that person are God's words. It is through those words that people are made anew. (27-337, 1970.1.1)

The Fall was brought about through the failure to uphold God's word. Therefore, on this path that we seek out centering on the word, we are the body of people saying that we will absolutely establish God's word. Then, what kind of people rely on God's word? They are the people who are the most public, the people who serve the world and humankind and the people who serve God. From God's viewpoint, this is not saying that we will stand in the position God is currently in, but that we will stand in the position of God's ideal; it is not saying that we will stand in humankind's current position but that we will go beyond the current position of humankind and stand in the ideal position that is being sought by humankind. It is being a person that lives within the ideal of God, lives in God's tomorrow and lives in the tomorrow of all humankind. So imagine how difficult this may be! I'm saying that we should become the group that speaks out about building the world of the future. When we are that kind of group, then whenever God thinks of the future, he will think of me and of the Unification Church, and whenever people think of tomorrow, they will think of the Unification Church and think about me. That is the conclusion we arrive at. (88-304, 1976.10.3)

God is calling us with his words. Therefore, we must go in response to his words. Through what route can genuine parents and genuine children meet each other? It is through genuine words. Those words are the words of the Father. You cannot become children unless you know the Father's words. If it is true that the Father's words are absolute and genuine, it means that you won't feel tired even if you listen to those same words for a thousand or ten thousand years. The Father's teachings have no end. You have to search for them. It's not enough to find words that tit the constraints you impose with your own logic. The Father's words are such that they not only express the greatest principles but they can give life to the listener no matter how many times he hears them, even if it is for all eternity. (10-131, 1960.9.18)

The words of loving parents are eternal; they transcend time and space. Therefore, God's words transcend history, eras, principles, and ideologies. They are more precious than the words of others. These words, whether you listen to them at night or during the day, or read them at night or during the day, endlessly flow into your heart. (10-132, 1960.9.18)

The words that Jesus said to the Jewish people and all the things he showed them were not based on his own will. They were from Heaven's will. Jesus embodied the will of God's providence. However, a clash arose between the people within the realm of the Fall who were meant to relate with God's Will through Jesus, and Jesus himself. The Jewish people did not know that when God's word appears in the fallen world, it can revolutionize an individual when it appears to an individual, that it can revolutionize a people when it appears before a people, and that it can revolutionize the world when it appears before the world. Moreover, it will appear as the word that can revolutionize heaven and earth anew. (1-230, 1956.11.11)

I am the owner of the word. I have lived according to the word so I became the owner of the word. Someone who could not become the owner of the word could not become the True Parent. I became the True Parent, therefore, becoming a substantial being of the word and offering those fruits to God in order that there could be advancement to a time of liberation and complete freedom for the ideal of God's purpose of creation. (524-252, 2006.4.15)

No one will erase my words. When I hear the words I spoke fifty years ago, I myself bow down to those words. When I spoke in those days, I did so from such a serious position, speaking with the urgency of determining to leave behind for others Heaven's valuable words. Actually, those words are those that would allow me to rule the world even if I died. When you read the volumes of my sermons you have to be moved to the degree that you come to that realization. You need to have spiritual experiences. Of course it can be precious to play and dance and so forth, but getting enraptured in my words and growing spiritually is precious -- a blessing among blessings -- both for the heavenly world and for your earthly descendants. (309-190, 1999.5.1)

You can read many newspapers' worth of content after a thousand or even ten thousand years if it is saved on a computer. Even though I have spoken about many things, those words can be used on computers in countless worlds if we put them on a CD. That is the kind of time that we are in. Therefore, you cannot hide falsehoods. There is nowhere to hide them. The words of Heaven, the words of Heaven's love are shining brightly throughout the world, such that the dark forces will self-destruct. They will be forced to flee farther and farther away. When the light begins to shine, darkness cannot rule within the realm that is touched by that light. (342-22, 2001.1.9)

Will the words of the teacher of the Unification Church disappear within a thousand years, or not? When you think about it you realize this is a major question. My words must not only remain within your bosom, they must flow and become healing waters -- not spring water -- so that everyone can drink those waters a thousand years from now and be proud that the words are medicine that can cure any disease. I am offering my Jong Song hoping that my words will remain such words of life. (340-64, 2000.12.23)

The truth in the Unification Church is not truth that was revealed due to the course of battle within the history of the Unification Church. It is the truth that was within God's ideal of creation. his ideal to establish a true family, a true tribe, a true people, a true nation and a true world centering on the coming of the True Parents destined from before the Creation. It is truth that also includes within it the ideal of God's providence of restoration. (30-318, 1970.4.6)

The True Parents are the ancestors of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute wisdom. Since the words of the Principle were discovered through absolute belief, absolute love and absolute wisdom, they are a shield that permits you to take a dominant position, a shield that will allow others -- whether you are relating with Heaven, Satan or history -- to affirm and not deny those principles.(277-152, 1996.4.7)

Things that are explained in the Unification Principle are connected by the laws of nature. That is why it is called the Principle. It is heavenly principle. It is eternally unchanging principle. The Principle is not a doctrine. It is not the doctrine of the Unification Church. True Parents are not teaching a doctrine. Doctrine is something by which fallen people seek out Heaven, but what is doctrine to people who live with God? It is heavenly law. (301-34, 1999.4.16)

My words are such that you will not understand them right away. However, if you read the books that contain my words many times, without fail you will come to understand them. I have a mind that can distinguish, compare and contrast the entirety of this wide world and arrange it so that I can handle this world's entire sphere of knowledge and perfect a theoretical system centering on a traditional standard known as the Principle. It will require thousands or even tens of thousands of scholars to recognize the value of the Principle. The Unification Church has such a formidable weapon. (228-149, 1992.3.27)

My teachings represent an ideology that will forever remain at the highest point as the mainstream ideology, even if the Unification Church disappears in the course of history. Even if you fail to make this happen, it will still be done at some point. A time will come when many nations will compete to accomplish this. When that happens, you will be turned upside down. The one who was first will be last and the one who was last will be first. It will be flipped over. The person who loses that opportunity will not remain in the archives of history. (390-314, 2002.8.16)

True Parents' teachings are the true words that allow you to connect with eternal value. In the course of seeking the True Parents, have you felt the value of those words? if you have never felt that value, you would not recognize a father who came to give you true words of value. You must pray in order to deeply understand the value of these true words. People on earth must seek the teachings of the True Father, the true words. Those are the words that move Jesus' Shim Jung and words that move the Shim Jung of God, who has carried out his providence for six thousand years. Moreover, when those words appear on the earth, they will reveal the history of six thousand years of ups and downs, and they will reveal God's fury, victimization and bitterness. Thus, God's heart is always moved by my words. (10-133, 1960.9.18)

God's word does not establish some sort of rules; its purpose is to create his life and ideology. There are many religious doctrines and ideologies on the earth today that advocate truth but there are no teachings that put our mind and body at ease when we practice them; no teachings in which we can dwell for eternity. If the love of God, who is the source of life in the universe, moves our minds and bodies, we can fundamentally resolve all ideologies and claims with God's true word. (3-327, 1958.2.2)

You must establish the tradition related with the word. And you need the character that will allow you to attain oneness with the word. In the judgment of the Last Days, there are three great judgments. The first is the judgment by the word, the second is judgment by character and the third is judgment by Shim Jung. This is already an absolute standard. The Fall occurred when people could not unite with God's word. Adam and Eve should have treated God's commandment to not eat the fruit as absolute and thus established the right tradition. But Adam and Eve did not do that, but instead fell, so the people who walk the course of restoration have to establish a tradition of becoming one with the unique words of truth that will appear in the end. In heaven, such a tradition has already been established, but it has not yet been established for people on earth. if this tradition is not established, there is a possibility that, like Christianity, the Unification Church will split into numerous denominations. (21-326, 1969.1.1)

The question of how we will establish a tradition of becoming one with the word is an absolute issue. We should not allow the word to be separate from our reality. You must become people who can raise yourselves and move forward centering on the word. You have to establish the tradition by centering on the word which is the absolute standard. You must understand the standard I had in my mind when I established the word. Even if you learn the word, it is so that you can have faith at the standard of your learning; your understanding is not yet perfect. There is a time-honored standard hiding behind those words, so you have to experience that standard through your own body. Therefore, you must continue to work hard to establish the tradition of the word. (21-327, 1969.1.1)

The Sermon Books Are a Treasure Store

How numerous are the volumes of my speeches! Up until now, you have not been interested in the books of my sermons. No matter how many books you may find in a library, they are of no use from God's viewpoint. Think about the remarkable books of my sermons. The content of those books is for the purpose of saving the sons and daughters of this world. The books of my sermons are original works. If you buy them, they will become your pride for generations. If you think about this from God's viewpoint, you will realize that the books of my sermons are the most precious things. There will never be a second set of True Parents. The True Parents are eternally only one; they are absolutely one. You must learn what kind of person the Father is. I don't think you know how deep, high and broad he is. You can know the Father's character through the books of sermons. Those books are like lamps on a dark night. (309-167, 1999.5.1)

Many books of my sermons have been published. I read them every morning. From now on, I have no need of big meetings and the like. I have already taught everything. I have even spoken to you in detail about tribal messiahship. These are not ideas 1 came up with as I developed the church. I made a detailed program in advance and have been teaching you on that basis. That is a great thing. I have said many things that sounded like idle fancies, but those were all things that I had already made real in my own life. Once you own books of my sermons, preparing sermons and similar talks will be no problem. Those books are a vast treasure. You cannot buy that with money. (192-110, 1989.7.3)

I usually rise at 3:30 in the morning. When I get up, I read words I have spoken in the past. It is wonderful content. Since it was I that spoke those words in the first place, I know all of the content; yet when I read it, somehow I start crying. People who hear such precious words and then, just float away will have no way to be forgiven. These words are more precious than your homes and more precious than your land. (269-318, 1995.5.1)

About how many of my sermon books have you read so far?

This is a serious question. The more you read, the more you will shine and the greater your value becomes. You have to know everything I have taught. Suppose there is a king who makes his nation great, understands the world and knows the truth; to such a man the books of my sermons are a treasure. Even now, I am reading my words for the purpose of learning. I have to organize them all before I die. If there are any mistakes, I must fix them. It will be a problem if there are any errors. (228-148, 1992.3.27)

How many books of my sermons have been published so far? If we go somewhere and give these moving speeches, there will be many scenes of people shedding tears. Even nowadays, I read my speeches for two hours a day. While I read them. I find that the realization of the Completed Testament Age in the present day is expressed in my prayers of many decades ago -- to the point that they resonate to my bones. There is no way to express how wonderful these prayers are. This is not to boast. When I think back on those days, these prayers are full of stimulating impressions. That is a great treasure chest. (260-220, 1994.5.19)

Now there is no need for sermons. Don't preach. Instead, find a sermon title from among my sermons that is appropriate to the present time and use it in an appropriate way for your circumstances. Create an independent volume made up of speech titles and three-line summaries of each speech. Then, after you have determined what you will give your sermon on, all you will need to do is find a portion of my speech that matches the sermon you want to give. When you feel that you should speak about some specific topic, based on that idea, you should read from the collection of my sermons and then give your sermon. Also, for the prayer, you should pray using the content that I prayed. There is nothing Heaven likes more than that. This is how you should always give sermons. (212-119, 1991.1.2)

Disseminate My Teachings and Practice Them

My teachings must last for eternity. They are teachings that transcend our living environment. The evil living environment cannot swallow true teachings. True teachings cannot be restrained by anything in the evil world. You must use the word to induce within yourself the heart to repeatedly overcome your evil surroundings. It is because Christianity throughout the world cannot do this that it is in confusion. Then there must be a place where the Father that is coming with a loving heart will be able to give his beloved children his genuine teachings. You must find that place. If you can Lind such a place and listen to those words, you will hear those teachings anew even when you listen to them for the thousandth time. They will be the teachings that can last for eternity, reflecting true values of goodness. If you cannot find such teachings, you cannot become true children. (10-132, 1960.9.18)

The flavor of what Father says will never become bland, even if you hear it repeatedly for a thousand years. The same words will comfort you when you are sad and congratulate you when you are joyful. Depending on the state of your mind and the emotions experienced in your life, my teachings function with the value of being your wonderful object partners. (10-141, 1960.9.18)

The number of church members increases in proportion to how much you have conveyed what is written in Divine Principle. The question is how devoted you are to the Divine Principle. There is no other way. Human beings were created through the word. They lost the word and so they must be re-created through the word. The word of God's love, the word of God's life and the word of God's lineage are the three main elements of the word -- love, life and lineage. Love, life and lineage must convulse in excitement. Only upon breaking out of the three layers of formation, growth and completion does the mature person emerge. (198-30, 1990.1.20)

The whole world must learn the things I have said. That is why, with the coming of the Completed Testament Age, I am conveying my teachings. I gave to the entire world my words, the holy scripture of the Completed Testament with the proclamation of the new Completed Testament Age. That is I why I am telling you to read and study them. You must also unite centering on the word. Before you become one with me, you must become one based on the word. (291-217, 1998.3.13)

A person who cannot understand the word as it should be understood will receive judgment by the word. Even though our earthly life will end, we must leave these teachings behind for the unending line of our descendants. As long as the fortune of restoration remains and God's providence remains unfinished, we must work through these teachings. We must take care of these valuable teachings. God had been anticipating the day when all the people of the world will kneel before these teachings. God has been enduring a history of great suffering and hardship until now in order to bring the world's people to their knees in front of these words of truth. (64-256, 1972.11.12)

God gives his words of love to Satan's world. From within Satan's world, someone must appear who has absolute faith in God's word. This means there is need of a body of people that believes in God's word more absolutely than Adam did. They must do work through which they gain greater trust from God than he had in the angel who caused the loss of faith in God's word. You have to listen to God's word and then snatch your body out of Satan's realm. You have to recover your body and then come to God. (53-40, 1972.2.6)

It is not enough to merely know in your head the words of truth that you learned from Divine Principle after meeting the Unification Church. At the same time that you know those teachings intellectually, you must also know them in your heart. In this way, when you come to know the teachings with both your mind and your heart, you will have no option but to go to fulfill the purpose of those teachings. And you will have no choice but to fight with Satan. Moreover, you will never be able to open your mouth and speak poorly of the Father or turn your thoughts around and stand in a position to betray Heaven. (3-99, 1957.10.4)

Food tastes good even though you eat it every day. Food that connects you to the truth tastes good even if you eat it every day. Words of life tastes good even if you eat them every day. People who enjoy hearing the words of the Principle until

the day they die will absolutely not go to Hell. You may say, We know all these things! but you only know them in your heads; this has nothing to do with the realm of Shim Jung. The more you hear these words, the more the heavenly realm of life will come to you. (239-145, 1992.11.24)

The substance that nurtures life is the word. It is a grave error to think that someone has become a member of the Unification Church just because he has received a twenty-one day workshop and a forty-day workshop. You have to study centering on the Divine Principle book. What you feel and see when you treasure the Divine Principle book in your heart can always take the place of your personal testimony. You will be conveying the grace you received from the Divine Principle book. (261-257, 1994.6.20)

All of you now living in the Last Days have to become the ancestors of the third Israel and understand that the final teaching will be God's words of love. Therefore, you should not let God's word remain as God's word and yourselves as yourselves, having nothing to do with one another. Instead, you must become the visible, substantial embodiments of God's word. God's innermost heart must become your innermost heart. In other words, you must become the embodiment of the original heart. All of you must carry out the mission of a second creator that can disseminate the word of God. That is to say, you must become propagators of the word, propagators of life, and propagators of its substance. Only when you become one in love can you attend God eternally. Such is the standard of the third Israel. Only in this manner can you plant the word, the substance, and the life. (3-331, 1958.2.2)

You should not become people who follow the word blindly. First, through the word, you should become its substance with the character of a subject partner; that is, you must become a subject partner of the word and have the character through which you can create. However, when I look at people in the Unification Church that are studying the Divine Principle, I can see many that cannot find the standard of Shim Jung or the standard of character, but only work and move according to the word. This will not do. If you learn the word, then you must be able to express the word as your own words. You must speak about the Principle, but not as some principle taught to you by some teacher; you must speak from the perspective of having a bond of life with the Principle in your own hones and flesh. Unless you become a person who can speak with that kind of original subject nature, the people who connect through that word will have nothing to do with you. Thus, you must perfect a substantial character based on the word. (19-133, 1968.1.1)

Father's Prayer, March 15, 1959
Please Let Us Move Only As Yours

Please do not allow us to become people who think that we belong to ourselves. Our minds are not ours, and our lives, which are in motion, are not ours; and as the desires we are longing for are not ours, please do not allow us to relate to heaven with minds that consider things centered on ourselves. Since we began as yours, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will allow this to become a time when we are able to move only as yours.

Since we know that our minds must become yours, and our bodies also must become yours, and our ideologies and opinions must become yours, please do not tolerate anything that is not yours. If there are elements of evil which you do not want in our minds and bodies, please eliminate them, and we earnestly hope and desire, O Father, that you will allow this to become a time that moves as yours alone through your having eliminated all the ideologies and opinions that are not yours.

We know that uncountable satans are stalking our minds and our bodies. If the bitter root of sin, which you cannot tolerate, remains, 0 Father, we earnestly hope and desire, Father, that you will bring about heavenly acts that will give us the ability to subjugate our minds before you, and that you will appear and bring about heavenly acts of re-creation through the authority of your power.

We know the fact that when heaven moves, the earth cannot help but move, and when the earth faces heaven and requests something, heaven cannot help but accomplish it for the earth. Today are there sons and daughters of heaven who are struggling with sincere minds and true hearts in order to grasp heaven as their own? Is there any person who has lived his or her entire life thinking of all of heaven's situations as his or her own situations, thinking of heaven's work as his or her own work, thinking of the ideas of heaven as his or her own ideas, and struggled while seeking to grasp this, been treated contemptuously while seeking to grasp this and been driven out while seeking to grasp this? If we have not been in that kind of position, please allow us to be able to report truthfully that we are criminals who cannot be tolerated by heaven.

Now we have realized that heaven exists, and we have realized who our heavenly Father is. Since we know that there remains the necessary condition that we must form a certain kind of destined relationship between you and us, Father, today please allow us to form a destined relationship with you, our heavenly Father, through this kind of heart, and to feel your anguish as our anguish and your deep regret and sorrow as our deep regret and sorrow. Please allow there to appear before this people and please allow there to appear in this land a heavenly march which goes forth to fight a fierce battle against Satan.

We earnestly hope and desire that you will allow us to be able to drive out from the earth the enemy satans who have faced heaven and accused it for six thousand years, in order to resolve your grief and to build as soon as possible the ideal garden you have sought.

We have humbly prayed all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

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