The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

I have been fighting alone on a worldwide level

Sun Myung Moon
December 7, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung on 11.13 by the H.C.

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. - Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

Ms. McDevitt read Father's speech from his speech book #36, titled "Time to Harvest."

Right after the reading, Father told two participants to come to the front to sing songs, saying "You look similar to each other." The first person sang one of the holy songs said "On the way to this place, this song repeatedly came across my mind." Father told him to say something after the song, and he said he had been Blessed in 1970 and then was mobilized for witnessing activities for restoring the nation. He said 95% of the Blessed families had joined it and remembered Father had said "If 100% were mobilized, the spirit world wouldn't have been still."

When the second person came to the podium, Father said "You are even at the same height." He sang the same song but in Japanese. Father asked him if he is Japanese and he replied "No, I am not. I was a missionary in Japan and so I learned it in Japanese." When he was told by Father to say something, he recalled his childhood when he had heard that in Guri city (where our church has a training center) near his hometown, there was a fearful person called "Moon Jesus."

The following are some of Father's words.

"I have been fighting alone on a worldwide level. I have no friends, no colleagues, and no parents. In the spirit world, the God of Night and the God of Day have been separate. On earth, Adam and Eve, brother and sister, were told by God, the Creator, not to eat the fruits of the tree of good and evil, but that has remained unaccomplished. Then what does the restoration through indemnity mean? If humans remain in normal blood for a thousand years, there will be no term 'restoration through indemnity.' The term 'providence of salvation shouldn't exist. The fight between good and evil should be gone.

This fundamental problem hasn't been clear and so I, as a child, had so many experiences that you will never know and can't find them in this speech. Even in my sermons, I didn't mention them. Why? I keep them for the future. Only 500 books of my sermons have been published but there would be more than 3,000 (if all were published).

Why do I have so many speeches and complicated contents? You have to know this. I am not a scarecrow.

So many people came to and left the Unification Church. Thousands and thousands of people left. They later tried to oppose our church substituting their race and nation through the representatives of the ruling and opposition parties. They wanted us to disappear, hoping our church would disappear within 10 years. But 10 years later, they found that we were advanced connecting all layers of the world while they found themselves living in a separate world. We are now in the time when we discuss the unification of the cosmos. They will say I am lying but I won't give any excuses. You wait and see.

What the Unification Church is famous for is there are many members who know things like PhD holders. They don't actually hold PhDs but there are many members who are beyond that level. How could it be? If you know me for more than 20 years, you could know enough to be a professor. I am in a position of parent and school teacher, but what happened to you?

I am a person who pioneers to establish schools, and actually made junior high and high schools, and universities. However, you are still on the level of a junior high or high school student (spiritually). If you can't fill the gap, my all efforts will come to naught. You will be pushed away by those who believe in Buddha, Confucius or Mohammed.

We are now in the Last Days. All the four great sages (Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed and Jesus) are in paradise in the spirit world. But Moonies, though there is not Substantial God, they are standing close to God. There are the tradition, blood lineage and the model history of resemblance, not in the tombstone nor the earth but in sons and daughters. Rev. Moon... to my grandchildren... When I see you, I want to wipe out all of you... (I will say) those who follow grandchildren will take over the world.

I have secrets that only I know, and have been thinking about whether I should teach them to you or not. If I explain them you will know them clearly." 

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