The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2011

All assets should be returned God

Sun Myung Moon
November 29, 2011
FFWPU International
Translation of notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 8, 2011

[Mrs. Wonju McDevitt reads chapter four from the Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong and chapter three from the Cheon Seong Gyeong.]

Summary of Father's words:

If you rearrange the Chinese characters for the word 'family' you get 'a house with affectionate people.' All assets should be returned to the nation and ultimately to God. A seed should be formed along with the air and sunlight centered on Heaven.

'Divorce', 'prodigal son' these words should not exist. In Alaska the flowers bloom in just thirty days. Otherwise it won't be able to bear fruit. How busy the flower must be!

Morning pertains to spring; noon to summer; evening to fall; and night to winter.

In the family you should be with your father more than your grandchild but you should be with God more than your father.

Even a person like Confucius didn't know about a personal God.

If the members of the Unification Church immerse themselves in the Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong, they should be able to rise to a position of a king. But they don't read it!

The universe refers to a house -- a home that houses the heaven and earth. Those who are centered on themselves cannot prosper. There is a saying that a person cannot live apart from the land of his hometown. If you go out to a foreign country and live there for twenty or thirty years you will fall ill. If you go back to your hometown and eat the food that you grew up with you will regain your health.

Everything about the weather is scientific. Koreans can endure any weather. In the past the temperature fell down as low as –17 and even –23 degrees Celsius. The climate is different depending on the time of the day -- whether it's in the morning, noon, evening and night. If human beings hadn't fallen you would know in advance if you are going to fall ill.

Those who think they are alone are foolish. If you go up you should have a place to come down. Jesus had twelve apostles and seventy-two disciples. When he sent people out he sent them out in pairs.

When you look at a person's face you would check to see if his or her forehead is wide or narrow. Then you would look at his or her eyes whether they are balanced. Nobody looks at a person's nose or ears first.

I've dealt with so many people in my life that I've seen them all. It's a miracle to have a man and woman that don't know each other come together and live as a couple.

The best place that people like to be is in their mother's bosom. Everybody loves their mother. Why? It's because they grew up feeding on her breasts.

When I left for America, why did I gather all the women and what was it that I instructed them? I told them to head each county, town, village, province, and nation. I told them to be the head of the family of the president.

In the west, they consider the number thirteen unlucky.

You have to build your own houses. Do you have your own house? That's why the word 'cosmos' is amazing. You are not to sleep just in your house. In the summer, people like us go out to the fields to sleep. You have to know God, you have to know your house. My time is near. I try to forget everything I did while on earth.

I haven't prayed for twenty-four years. God is so meticulous. You cannot deceive the Father. He finds out somehow.

I did not wholly approve when people who thought they were the best joined the church. approved

They claimed that I was John the Baptist and that they were the messiah. If they keep to those claims and seek profits for themselves, they will block the path of their descendants.

I prayed for the sleeping children whether it was ten, twelve at night or even one or two in the early morning. I began [my mission] when I was 27. I had all the details of the principle in my head. There were many thinkers of their time at Waseda University. All the smart ones came to meet me. When I asked them a question they couldn't answer. Yet, I was able to answer all their questions.

When I was deep in study I didn't meet anyone even if they came to meet me. I was deep in my studies of the Bible. Yet, people think that the Rev. Moon of the Unification Church doesn't know the Bible. There are many secrets in my words -- much more in the Cheon Seong Gyeong. Mr. Moon Do Huh said that he read the Cheon Seong Gyeong three times. What's the conclusion that you reached? (It is to do everything centering on the family.)

Everything I planned materialized. I was slandered much by the world. I knew however that when I rectified the fundamental problems and found my place, there wouldn't be a better place to be than that. I was serious.

Children who come from poor families are better than those who come from rich families. It will be reversed. When we read these words, I remember those times when I was saying them. I wish to go to that place again and see how much it has changed. The people who came to Hoon Dok Hae this morning can come to the blessing ceremony on the 4th. Now is the time for religious orders to join. It's time people marry someone from their enemy nation. That's how to mix things up. In this jubilee year its time to marry nations across borders.

Summary of Dr. Chang Shik Yang's report:

The True Children are taking the lead on many fronts. Hyo-jin nim has been addressing the members every Sunday at Belvedere. His sermons are based on the essentials found in the Cheon Seong Gyeong. The members are greatly moved by speeches.

Hyun-jin nim brilliantly introduced True Parents in all the recent events.

I was very happy to hear that Hyung-jin nim was appointed to be in charge of the Headquarters Church in Korea.

I understand that Kook-jin nim is doing a great job in leading the Foundation. Let us completely unite with the True Children and work to fulfill God's dream before the year 2013.

[Dr. Yang then briefly reported on True Mother's twelve-city tour and about preparations for the 33rd MEPI to be held on December 4th.

[Hoon Dok Hae concludes at around 8:40 a.m.] 

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