The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Are all Blessed families doing Hoon Dok Hae?

Sun Myung Moon
November 28, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung on 11.4 by the H.C.

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han November 14, 2011

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

It is the time to decide with your tribe whether you die or live.

(To Rev. Seuk) Are all Blessed families doing Hoon Dok Hae every morning? (Yes.) Leaders must know if members are really doing it. (I will check it.) I don't think it is the case that all are doing it every single day. It is pitiful. One shouldn't be absent at Hoon Dok Hae. I will not be on earth for a long time.

There are things accumulated in the spirit world that should be done, and you have your own responsibilities on earth, not only for Korea but also the world. In one's life, they should be growing up, and shouldn't drop off and go down.

In school, those who missed class many times, can't pass because of their absence in class. Hoon Dok Hae is not something I am playing with. I am 93 years old and am still doing it and I have lived that way. There has not been even a single day that I wasn't busy. How many days are there left (before D-Day)? (452 days.) During this period, your nationality should be changed and you should be changed as well. There are many things to be done during the period, and do you know how complicated they are?

Hyoyul (Dr. Peter Kim)! How long did it take to change your nationality again from the US to Korea? (It took 6 months.) It should take more time like years.

It is not that the Unification church is always necessary. It is necessary when I am on earth, and when I go to the spirit world...

How huge True Parents' responsibility is who must bring all 7 billion people to heaven. Do you know True Parents? Have you smelled them? When I talk to you, you are just sitting there every day with no clue on what I am saying. But you say 'I am a citizen of Cheon Il Guk,' and it won't work that way. I am the person who doesn't know such a way of thinking. If there is a responsibility, you should do it first.

Sun Jo Hwang! (Yes.) Have you provided the registration forms? It's your responsibility to distribute them. We should have test of ... Report to me about the results.

Jeong Og Yu! ('Yes.') Will you follow me? (Yes.) Do you know what directions I gave when I was in Las Vegas? I talked about it for almost 30 minutes.

When will Kook Jin come? (Mother said 'He will come today.) What is he saying about Korea recently? (Strong Korea.) Korea can become strong without doing anything?

Today is the 4th day of the 11th month and I had been thinking of what I should do today, and when it was around 2:00 a.m. I was thinking whether or not I would have Hoon Dok Hae today. I wouldn't have had it today.

Even you sing my favorites songs, they are not yours. You should like them more than I do.

(Talking to the sisters sitting in the front) You sitting in the front, are you famous members? Call out your husband's name. (To the sister who said her husband's name first) Where did you have Hoon Dok Hae yesterday? (I joined it at the church.) Did you go to the church early in the morning? (Yes, to join the prayer meeting and then Hoon Dok Hae. Our church is always doing it.) Then do you always read the same speech that I read here? Sun Jo Hwang! (Yes.)

All members in the world must have Hoon Dok Hae at the same time as I do.

After the meeting Father went to Jeju Island by helicopter. 

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