The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

We are passing through a new age

Sun Myung Moon
November 25, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae

True Parents greet veterans of the Korean War onstage after the Little Angels Children's Folk Ballet -- on the last leg of their Korean War sixtieth anniversary tour -- had performed their grand finale for 3,000 guests at Caesar's Palace Hotel in Las Vegas on February 11, 2012.

We are passing through a new age. Therefore, the spirit world is also changing. Just wait and see.... The True Parent will speak to all of you standing here. Now you have to adjust your life. You must teach your children. The Heavenly Parent and the True Parents on earth... I am the True Parent who has united mind and body. There is the Creator who is the great master of heaven and earth and there are True Parents. Since Adam and Eve did not become the True Parents, everything was broken apart. The True Parents have now entered the age when everything can be completed -- the time of regaining. Please be aware and believe that the foundation for new life and resurrection has arrived in the universe. The families of those of you who maintain that faith will be blessed....

The original creator of the spirit body and spirit mind completed everything in the Garden of Eden and told Adam's family that the one who ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil would surely die. We have gotten beyond that age. Now that you are in the realm of such influence, please live with one heart and keep in your heart what I am saying to you now.

We enter the age when you will be able to experience firsthand and know that what I say is being fulfilled. This is the age when your mind and body will be able to frequent places of another, higher dimension, different from that of the past. So, you should become families that are humble and can be entitled to this grace. It is time for you to fulfill this. True Parents are aligning everything that has been divided -- heaven and earth, the God of Night and the God of Day -- in one direction at this time.

When you wake up for morning prayer and sit up straight, if there is a table three meters in front of you, there should be a point a meter and forty centimeters from the table. You must offer the same full bow there. People in the spirit world are united, because they all keep this practice. If you keep doing it at least for three months, your mind will take its proper position.

If you actually felt that what True Parents have taught is not false, we could see a unified world in less than three years. You would automatically be able to make a leap to a world of another dimension -- a wonderful, unimaginable, original world. But before you feel this and move there, you should receive the blessing with the True Parents.

Rev. and Mrs. Su-won Chung (blessed among the 36 couples) -- the parents of Jin-hwa Chung, who is currently lecturing internationally on the Providence for Foundation Day -- sing at Hoon Dok Hae. November 25, 2011

I made royal seals for the Father and the Mother. In your families, you should attend photos [of True Parents] that have those seals on them. I Always pray before breakfast and lunch and offer your sincere devotion. If you hang up a photograph with those seals on it, lay a copy of my speech in front of it, and offer a prayer that brings unity, Satan will leave the earth.

Satan is now helping us. If he doesn't, your ancestors will not just quietly accept that. Up to MA, he could do whatever lie liked -- killing someone or letting him live -- but now things are turning around. We have to restore all that Satan was trying to destroy in history. Only then will we move into a future when we thrive and prosper. If you don't keep pace, you will be taken away. Your ancestors may simply decide. We had better quickly remove this family from this earthly world. You must know that such a fearsome time is coming. Please offer your sincere devotion.

I lived up to this standard, so both the earth and the other world alike are under my governance; I am like a secret inspector for the king. We are entering the age when Heaven will surely intervene with people who violate the principles of the spiritual and physical worlds.

What I have said today is that in order for your families to receive benefits granted to you, you shouldn't tell lies as you come in and out of this place. Your ancestors will check on you so don't do anything that would put you on the wrong side....

So, when you are pregnant with a baby son or daughter, you should follow instructions from the spirit world on what to name the child.

Adjust already from the time of pregnancy. The Creator said in the Garden of Eden that eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil would surely bring death; now we must get past a similar obstacle. Not just one family, but seven billion families are crossing over into that realm of grace. This is not a lie....

Listen to what I say to you today. The words of Hoon Dok Hae! I am aware that I'm instructing you according to the historical time through what I say during Hoon Dok Hae. Even I feel awe toward this speech book. Even if mistakes occur, please broaden your tolerance and quickly go over to the world where you can live with no memory of satanic concepts. There is a saying "Utmost sincerity moves Heaven."... The time is upon us. Not much time remains until D-day. How many days remain? [455]... We are on the way there. Today is one day.

We are in the month of November. What's the title [of today's Hoon Dok speech]? "The Way of an Unificationist Believer." This is the way members of the Unification Church are to go, the path believers should follow. This is the way to go for people who live in the realm of God's word. To become Unificationist believers, to have your name included on the list of God's children, you must unite your mind and body. You must resemble [God].

Unificationists are responsible for what the children of families in the Unificationist community believe, whether they are still in their mother's womb or have already been born and have grown up. They could have stood against you. Being centered on the body, an enemy might appear and everything be turned upside down. For that not to happen, I have offered my devotion today and brought us past that point.

Our great universe is the realm of the ideal of love, the physical realm. The force of gravity differs depending on an object's mass.... To move that physical realm, True Parents give Hoon Dok teachings from within that same realm....

You should feel how precious it is to be in an environment where you can believe in Heaven and be trusted by Heaven. Once you become unclear about this, it's difficult to escape from that situation....

You have to adjust the degree of your devotion. No family other than Adam's' has become one with these teachings and has aligned with them in the center of heaven and earth. There is no such family, other than that of True Parents. If you don't unite with True Parents' family, your ancestors will be reluctant to appear to you. They will make it so they cannot come....

We have to reach Heaven's grace, based on the standard of our heart. If we don't do that, we've got problems. Your children's families and even people living far away can enter this realm after cleaning themselves up.

People who have been practicing free sex, families that have disregarded absolute sexual ethics, people who have opposed the nation and street women will all disappear. If you behave with such a mind, intoxicated by concerns for your personal benefit, your actions will harm others....

I overcame all difficulties. There is the expression for perseverance -- chil jeon pal gi. Fall down seven times, but get up eight times. I have walked down a hard path of death, a deep path of resurrection that would bring all people of the world to weep. God was dormant, as if he had disappeared, yet He can re-create Himself and revive. That is falling down seven times but getting up eight times.

Our son Hyung Jin has termed it the "seven deaths and resurrections." Who resurrected? Was it Adam and Eve's family? No. It was the father and mother -- the king of kings, the father and mother of all parents, the father and mother of tradition, the father and mother of lineage, the father and mother of resemblance [to God]. How great this is! We'll enter the age of justification by attendance when, over the course of thousands of years, people will offer their bows in attendance of God. In the age of attendance, the melodies of the joyous songs of the kingdom of peace will fill the universe. 

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