The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

My relatives in the Moon clan

Sun Myung Moon
October 30, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae
10.4 by the Heavenly Calendar

Father and Mother in a coffee shop in the picturesque village of Yangsuri, South Korea, in November 2011

Hoon Dok Hae was attended by many Women's Federation (WFWP) leaders from around the world who were in South Korea for the annual WFWP convention.

Among my relatives in the Moon clan, when I was a child, my mother's mother came from the Kim clan in Gyeongju and her father came from the Kim clan in Yeonan. I asked how it had been possible for two people with the same family name to marry. My grandmother and grandfather on my mother's side replied, "That was our error." When I was young, they took care of me without question. I would go to my grandmother on my mother's side and my uncle and his three siblings would make such a fuss, as if an earthquake had struck. If I visited them, even the daughters-in-law would ask if "Moondong-i" was coming. (Moondong-i: Father's nickname) They would say that they wanted to see me even if it meant missing their birthday celebration or any other celebration. "Our favorite day is when Moondong-i comes." That's how my grandmother and grandfather were. If I went there, all the royalty and those in uniform among the ancestors of the Kim clans in Gyeongju and Yeonan would appear and greet me. You will not find these words in the Divine Principle book....

In February, when I was seventeen, Jesus appeared. I knew that when he was young, he was driven away when he should have been welcomed. That's why he came to me. Jesus had much pain in his heart for having died and for the fact that his wedding ceremony had not taken place. He told me that I was the person who would make Jesus' wedding happen. This is what he told me to my face. Jesus was in the prime of his life. He told me "Yong Myung Moon, you have to prepare the venue, take the lead and bring me to it. Yong Myung Moon, you have to help me get married." Why? "Because, Yong Myung Moon, you are the ancestor."... You should make a signboard and put it up announcing that among the citizens of a nation, Rev. Moon is the king of fighting spirit who digests the world.

[To Shin Joon:] You should listen to your grandfather's instructions. You mustn't leave without listening to my instructions, don't you think? What would you do if you broke your leg? [Laughter] Come here. The three of you. Three musketeers. [Having the children stand in a group:] You should go to the east. You, at the center; and you should go behind them. Behind them. Shin Joon, you, too. Sing "Old Flower in the Backyard" for me. [Laughter]

During the October 30, 2011 Hoon Dok Hae, Father arranged his grandchildren in a group and asked them to sing; in front are (left to right) Shin Goong Nim and Shin Joon Nim (Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim's daughter and son), Shin Whul Nim (Heung Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim's daughter); at back are Shin Soon Nim and Shin Yuh Nim (Hyo Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Choi Nim's daughters), and one unidentified boy.

You should listen to your grandfather. Should you or should you not? [We should listen.] You should, right? You must. Let's begin and you have to do it. Otherwise, something serious may happen. Well then, stand up straight!

Even if you do not follow, I shall be the True Parent of the chiefs of the young children for billions of years. [Aju!] [Applause] Your children were unable to follow, but by the tenth or by the 210th generation, the children will all follow. Have you completed the spiritual marriage blessing of couples to 210 generations or not? [We have done it.] There are those who have finished in Korea and Japan, but the rest of the world has not yet begun....

One lineage that resembles the traditional lineage of heaven and earth in the Unification Church shall be formed on the earth. Then it would not be a problem were the spirit world to disappear.

It might actually be a blessing. Heaven will disappear. It must be created on earth....

President of Sun Moon University! [Yes (Ms. Kyung Joon Lee answers)] Didn't you have one older brother and one younger brother? [Yes.] Did you bless them? [Yes.]. You should quickly gather the Lee clan... The time has come where your mother and father can enter with True Parents. Even a grain of sand belongs to heaven....

You should become parents who can shed more tears than their sons, and love. You cannot go to heaven without becoming an owner.... You have to follow me there, otherwise we will be parted. It's a problem if you cannot bring twenty-one generations with you. Do you understand? [Yes.]

You have lived without knowing how to liberate your ancestors, right? Hoon Mo Nim! Where is Hoon Mo Nim? You should listen to her and quickly liberate twenty-one generations. You should do this for the former Soviet Union nations and other nations, and take part in the ceremonies here. You should quickly establish the conditions to liberate your ancestors up to the 210th generation....

I maintained the life of the Unification Church through a campaign of selling air rifles. Now the people of the Unification Church survive by selling the true original copies of the Divine Principle and the textbooks and teaching materials.

You should memorize all seventy-four pages' of my text within a single week. You should memorize it in a week and live according to what it says. You have to know to what level you have risen. Through the loving and affectionate relationships with your siblings, find many spiritual children who can make commitments. You should do this within your clan, do you understand? [Yes.] [Applause] [True Parents thank you, we love you.] 

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