The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

No one knows the time!

Sun Myung Moon
October 29, 2011
October 3 of the 2nd year of Cheon-gi (heavenly calendar)
24th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World
Cheon Jeong Gung, Korea.

Sun Myung Moon, November 4, 2011

Whenever you gather on such a day, it is a question whether or not you are unchangeably the central group in front of the nation and the world.

You always have to think that unless you can be united with God, you cannot establish the unified world, not only in the present nation and the present time we live in, but also in the past we passed through and in the future world we are facing. Without being united with God, you cannot establish it eternally even in the spirit world because there is still a problem or assignment left to be solved.

In front of such a big assignment of the cosmos, we have to fulfill our responsibility, being united in mind, gathering our determinations, overcoming the boundaries of village, Myeon, Dong, nation and the world even though we are a small group. Except for us, no one knows that our responsibility is still unfulfilled.

Only we know it, but it is not sure when we have to carry out our duties. No one knows the time. Then, do we prepare for it? No. It is the reality that we also cannot prepare for it. Those who cannot prepare for it are always miserable people.

When we hurry to prepare for it, we have to show the purpose of the preparation and how valuable the preparation is. We have to possess the value and open up a new way for brothers and sisters in the future and in the spirit world. Without having a bursting spirit to be loyal to such a world, we are eternally unable to overcome the world.

Tomorrow should be more joyful than today. We should inherit today's joy and hand down more joy to all our descendants. Please be determined that today's gathering should be such a gathering and that we should become such a group in the cosmos.

Such a determined heart is a flower of heart. When such a heart flowers and wells up in your heart in front of the nation, world and cosmos, you can listen to God's joyful voice in your life. It is possible to experience such a time in the cosmos. Don't forget it. You have to become people who commit themselves to being loyal to the world. I wish you now would make more determination.

I pray that this meeting flowers and shines and that the world becomes God's unified kingdom where God can dwell and we can live together in the original garden of the family. 

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